Weekend Read 24 April 2021

Weekend Read 24 April 2021

I would like to begin this Weekend Read with yet another thank you for the love and support you continually share.  With that said, we are heading straight in today because I have rather a lot of things to tell you about, so all I really want to say before any of this is that everything in life is, I believe, a process.  I do not seek overnight miracles in the words that we share or the products we endorse and recommend, but I do believe in having the strength and courage to stand up for everything we believe in.  No matter what.  And, actually, I do believe in miracles.  If we open our hearts and minds to all and any possibility.  Dosed with a touch of patience.

And with an open heart and mind, I am going to lead this newsletter with the profound work of Poppy Delbridge, who is a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Many of you will have read Sarah’s article about Rapid Tapping, which we published in January, but if you missed it, I am linking it below.  At that time Poppy was offering free Rapid Tapping sessions by way of an introduction to energy psychology.  Given that this therapy can help calm a frazzled brain, soothe anxiety, help reduce signs of depression and generally ease uncomfortable emotions, such as social angst, the response was, understandably, overwhelming.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve, I am so often moved to tears when I am told that a treatment, or a product, has been life-changing, and Rapid Tapping most definitely falls into that category.  That much I know from so many of you.  I also believe that heart-led initiatives carry their own distinctive energy, which sets them apart from those that prey on the vulnerability we are all experiencing, in varying degrees.  In demonstration of those words, I would like to invite you to a Free Live Rapid Tapping ‘Tapalong’ tomorrow evening, Sunday 25 April, at 6 pm BST.

In a guided interactive process, Poppy will lead each of us towards a sense of calm connectivity and wellbeing.  The session will last for 30 minutes, followed by a 15 minute session where any questions you may have will be answered.  In order to participate, click on the ‘Free Rapid Tapping’ link below to register.  You will then receive an automatically generated link and password to attend.  And with that written, may our collective energies join together once again as I thank Poppy for the love, help and guidance she offers as we are each invited to seek the balance and equilibrium that is so needed at this time.  As we heal.  In tandem.  And safety.
Rapid Tapping by Sarah Stacey; Free Rapid Tapping (click to participate)

Right, let’s do the products and I am throwing the first focus on cardiovascular disease.  It is thought that cardiovascular disease is the biggest cause of death in the Western Hemisphere, with heart disease and stroke being the main cause of death and disability among people with Type 2 Diabetes.  In his article about Cardiovascular Disease, Shabir takes a look at how you can lower your cholesterol levels, which in turn can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.  It should be noted that the symptoms of high cholesterol are rarely seen until significant damage has been done, so if you are concerned, it would be advisable to have regular blood tests.

With that said, the ingredient Red Yeast Rice has been shown in various studies to help lower cholesterol levels by as much as 20-25%.  It is just one of several ingredients that are present in a rather immaculate, in Shabir’s opinion, formulation, which all have a role in maintaining health cholesterol levels.  That formulation is Cholestsafe, it also includes Policosanol, a compound that is thought to help lower cholesterol by approximately the same amount as Red Yeast Rice.  And just in case you needed to know, other ingredients include Chromium, Phytosterols and Co-Enzyme Q10.

The balance between good and bad cholesterol does need to be addressed, so in order to help address it, I am lowering the price of Cholestsafe from £25 to £20, across the weekend.  This offer will end at midnight tomorrow, Sunday 25 April, at midnight BST, or whilst stock lasts.  And just perhaps it is in the lowering of the price, that we can help to lower our cholesterol levels.  Which can only be a very good thing.  Right now.
VH Editorial: How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally; Cholestsafe £20 for 90 Capsules

After last week’s full-on Fulvic treat, I am here with another one.  Never let it be said that I have ever held back on my passion for all things Fulvic, so let us continue.  And I will continue with Fulvic Body Lotion, which, as so many of you know, Shabir formulated for me and you.  Of course it’s amazing, and it’s amazing because Fulvic Acid is joined by two revolutionary skincare technologies, Synastol TC and HydroSynol DOI, which deliver super hydration to our skin cells.  This is all rather good, not least because it deals with ‘crocodile skin’ legs rather magnificently.  After the hibernation.

So the treat.  With every Fulvic Body Lotion sold over this weekend, we will automatically gift you a tube of Fulvic Acid Face Cream.  This will be the 30 ml size, it is worth £15 and this offer will end tomorrow, Sunday 25 April, at midnight BST, or whilst stock lasts.  So many of you use Fulvic Acid Face Cream, so in all its glory, this is the face cream that I dose with my favourite serums, and I think you know what they are.  In case you don’t, Neurophroline leads the way.  For me. 
Fulvic Acid Body Lotion £20 for 200 ml; Neurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £18 for 30 ml

Which, in turn, all leads in a rather neat way to Prickly Pear Seed Oil.  With a wry little smile on my face, it has become apparent over the recent past that Prickly Pear, as an ingredient, has gathered momentum.  In other words, everywhere I look it is making an appearance in so many formulations.  The same can be said for Neurophroline, but I don’t think I will dwell.  I suppose this could be one of those classic ‘read between the lines’ statements, so as you do that, I will go forth and tell you that we are about to do a Prickly Pear celebration.  Not least because it remains one of our bestselling products, and has been so for over two years.  Or more.

At this point I will refer you to Shabir’s article, The Beauty Benefits Of Prickly Pear, and as I do that, I will simultaneously reduce the price of Prickly Pear Seed Oil from £20 to £17.  I will extend this offer over the weekend, ending tomorrow, Sunday 25 April at midnight BST, if stock lasts.  Additionally I will tell you that Weleda has just launched a range of Prickly Pear skin products.  And Weleda is another one of those brands that I respect deeply.  So you may wish to check them out.
VH Editorial: The Beauty Benefits Of Prickly Pear; 100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil £17 for 30 ml; Weleda Cactus Skincare: Hydrating Facial Mist £16.95 for 100 ml; 24h Hydrating Facial Cream £14.95 for 30 ml; 24h Hydrating Facial Lotion £14.95 for 30 ml; Hydrating Eye Gel £14.95 for 10 ml

I am about to write about this week’s ingredient focus.  It is Chlorophyll, but before anything I will just say that I do schedule varying aspects of this newsletter ahead of time, so I was somewhat bemused that Chlorophyll started to trend in a dramatic kind of way over the past days.  I couldn’t work out what had happened and my initial thoughts were that I had written about Chlorophyll, and released it, in a dream state, ahead of time.  And then we discovered that a certain celebrity in America had said she was taking it, it went viral and we sold all our stock within about twelve hours, which thankfully has now been replenished.  But replenished restrictively.

Notwithstanding any of the above, Shabir has been a huge advocate of Chlorophyll for many years, so I’m sticking to my schedule as I tell you that Chlorophyll has been considered important for the alleviation of many common health concerns since the early 1900’s.  It is in fact quite a fascinating story, and one where Chlorophyll has gone in and out of favour.  It is, most clearly, back in demand and this is primarily due to the explosion of green superfoods over the past few years.

I have linked Shabir’s article below, where he takes a look at the numerous benefits of Chlorophyll.  With that done I will tell you that I may well have been hallucinating about writing in my sleep, but I’m not hallucinating after having been told that we have wiped all available stock of Shabir’s chosen supplement, Ultra Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll.  As ever, all Chlorophyll products are not created equally, so with a certain famine about to descend, we are fully stocked of the 59 ml size at the moment, but once those have gone it will only be available in the larger 118 ml size for a few months.  This consignment will be arriving within approximately ten days, but on a positive note, it is better value for money.  By £8.  Actually. 
VH Editorial: Go Super Green With Chlorophyll; Ultra Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll by World Organic £24 for 59 ml; Ultra Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll by World Organic £40 for 118 ml

One of the most important aspects of the work that we do is in the acknowledgement and support of like-minded people.  With so much of this work being done behind the scenes, I will just say that it remains my total privilege to be surrounded by some rather special people, brands and products.  It is in respect of these relationships that we are able to do what we do, without the need to stray from the very core of our universal belief system.  So in love and support, in this week’s Health Notes, Sarah writes about a new initiative from Margaret Dabbs.

So over to Sarah we go, where you will read that Margaret Dabbs is the inspiration behind Sole Potential, the UK charity she has just launched to help equip underprivileged children with their own, well-fitting sports footwear.  In her role as one of the UK’s leading podiatrists, Margaret knows only too well the importance of good footwear and in a world where it is thought that nearly one third of children in the UK, 4.3 million, were living in poverty according to the Child Poverty Action Group (2019-2020), there is little chance of many of these families being able to afford extras like good sports footwear.  Please read.  Thank you.
Sole Potential by Sarah Stacey

As ever, when I write about a profound truth, it is difficult to know where to go from there.  My emotions always seem to get the better of me and there are times when I just sit staring at my computer screen in deep thought.  And having just done that, I think I now need to whack out another one of those special Temple Spa treats.  It is, in fact, Exalt.  Exalt is a firming neck gel, it has won numerous awards, notably Beauty Bible awards, which is where I’m going soon.  But for now, and you will need to be quick, I am reducing the price of Exalt from £40 to £20.  This is a limited offer and once they are gone, they are gone.  Amen and off you go.  To your keyboard.
Exalt – Neck Firming Gel by Temple Spa £20 for 50 ml  

Back to health we go, and it needs to be said that Sinus Congestion is one of those very common health concerns that aggravate so many of us.  Shabir goes big on Horseradish and Garlic Complex as he does an in-depth on the subject, and I go big on dropping the price of Horseradish and Garlic Complex, from £23.70 to £20.  This offer goes across the weekend ending, in line with all other caveats, tomorrow, Sunday 25 April at midnight BST.  Read all about it.  With a touch of relief.  Perhaps.
VH Editorial: How To Relieve Sinus Congestion; Horseradish and Garlic Complex by Viridian Nutrition £20 for 90 Capsules; Sinuforce Nasal Spray by A. Vogel £7.95 for 20 ml

More relief.  This time in the form of colon cleansing.  I do think it is a very good thing to do this once or twice a year, provided we do it in the most effective and natural of ways.  I do not like the harshness of laxatives, so Super Cleanse For Colon is, I believe, the way to go for not only cleansing the colon, but it can also be used to help alleviate constipation, which is another one of those very common health concerns.  Especially in women.  Please don’t ask my why, because I do not understand it and what I also don’t understand is why when we travel, we get badly affected.  Anyway, we are still not travelling, so no need to overly fret about that.  Yet.

So Super Cleanse For Colon is the bowel cleanser that was formulated to ‘jump-start’ the often sluggish colon and it has thirteen powerful cleansing and nutritive herbs.  In a sense colon cleansing is vital to optimal health, which you can read all about on the product page.  No need to dwell really, so instead I will just tell you that I am taking the price down of Super Cleanse For Colon down from £20 to £17, with this offer ending tomorrow, Sunday 25 April at midnight BST, or whilst stock lasts.  And they may not. 
Super Cleanse For Colon by Nature’s Secret £17 for 100 Tablets

I have news.  Beauty Bible Awards news.  It is well documented that Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley (the Beauty Bible girls) have taken a unique approach to helping steer each of us towards beauty products that really deliver.  On from that, the Beauty Bible Awards are acknowledged as powerful endorsements for brands and products, with the results uniquely based on real-life, in-depth testing over a period of months.  This year alone, over 1200 women took part in testing products for these Awards, which continue to be the biggest-ever independent beauty trial in history.

With an emphasis on the word ‘independent’, you may know that I will neither recognise, or endorse, most other awards.  I have had several rants about certain awards on previous newsletters, so just to be clear, I find it totally unacceptable that a brand has to pay rather a lot of money to actually win some hyped recognition.  Never mind that we, the consumers, are duped into thinking that such paid-for product award winner is best-in-class.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  And I will remain vocal on this until the day that this form of corruption is exposed.  Don’t care what I write.  As long as it’s the truth.  And this is.

Right, with my rant over, all that remains is for me to tell you that the Beauty Bible Awards will take place this coming Wednesday, 28 April.  The Awards are split into two sections and you can follow these live on Instagram.  The first, which throws the focus on skincare, begins at 12.30 pm, followed by the make-up awards at 6 pm.  I suppose in some way it is a miracle that these Awards can take place at all, so with the challenges of the pandemic overcome, I will be watching with, or without, a tiara plonked on my head and I invite you to join me in supporting Sarah and Jo. 
Beauty Bible Instagram

Just a couple more things to say before we head into the Saturday only treat.  The first is a new product launch from Mini Bloom.  Toot Toot Balm is an ultra-rich nappy rash cream that will instantly calm irritated skin, as well as acting as an effective barrier to help prevent and protect against nappy rash.  Secondly, Shabir is rather taken with Viridian’s Essential Vegan Multivitamin.  So taken in fact, that in this final moment I am reducing the price from £14.60 to £12 across this weekend, in line with all other caveats as above.  I think I had better stop.  Now.
Toot Toot Balm by Mini Bloom £20 for 60 ml; Essential Vegan Multivitamin by Viridian Nutrition £12 for 30 Capsules

And here we go.  In this week’s Saturday only treat, with every order placed for £30 and above (excluding p&p) we will include Biobelle’s Vitamin Sea Facial Mask, whilst stock lasts.  Seaweed contains many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are powerful antioxidants and the extract of Freshwater Pearl is used to help give skin a bit of a glow.  I hope you enjoy using it.

If I may, a few words before we sing together.  I have received so many emails about the songs chosen each week, so from next week I will be sharing some of the songs that you have chosen, often with many of your words, which are so incredibly poignant.  So as they touch me, they will touch each of you and in every sense of this being a collective platform, I will just say that in line with data protection, these contributions will remain anonymous, but the sharing is, and will always be, absolute.

Finally, I have chosen this week’s song, not only for its words, but because I have observed, over many years and experiences, that when you are going through trauma the love, help and support will often come from a totally unexpected source.  Without any expectation, these people arrive to give a safe haven when we need it the most.  The song is True Colors.  Dedicated.  Because True Colors Are Beautiful.  Like A Rainbow.   
True Colors by Cyndi Lauper

Love always.

Gill x



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