Why Are Bioflavonoids Important?

Why Are Bioflavonoids Important?

There are more than 4000 bioflavonoids found in the plant kingdom; bioflavonoids are essentially a group of plant pigments designed to give fruit, vegetables we eat and flowers their wonderful vivid colours.

Scientists have discovered that bioflavonoids are very important to the overall health of our body and offer protection against free radical damage to skin, our organs, arteries, veins and other structures. They are often collectively referred to as vitamin P.

Bioflavonoids are added to some vitamin C supplements because they complement each other; bioflavonoids are found in the pith of oranges and other citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, but there is much more to bioflavonoids than just being added to vitamin C supplements.

Bioflavonoids are potent antioxidants and play an important role in protecting the body against free radical damage, which is one of theories of how we age. Two of the best bioflavonoids, hesperidin and rutin, have some intriguing research indicating their abilities to help prevent wrinkle formation, help reduce the appearance of age spots and help fight spider veins.

Whilst anti-ageing topicals and supplements, such as hyaluronic acid, concentrate primarily on reducing wrinkles and plumping up skin, there is another factor that plays a significant role in how old you look. This factor is the evenness of your skin tone. The ability to lessen age spots as well as providing a brightening effect for sallow, age-damaged skin is central to achieving this goal. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of Hesperidin.

Hesperidin has a similar structure to hydroxyquinone, a chemical that was used topically to brighten skin, treat age spots and hyperpigmentation. Unlike hydroxyquinone, Hesperidin is without any side effects and works to prevent excess pigment formation whist also protecting the cells against free radical damage from both the environment and from those produced within our bodies as a result of the metabolism of food.

Age spots and wrinkles are not the only visible signs of ageing. Spider veins and varicose veins are also often associated with ageing. Spider veins and varicose veins occur as a result of the weakening of the arteries, veins, valves within veins and the capillary networks. Capillaries, being so small, are extremely vulnerable to free radical damage which leads to visible broken veins. Scientists have found that the bioflavonoid rutin helps fight spider veins and varicose veins through a multi-modal approach. Firstly, rutin helps to thin blood slightly enhancing circulation in both the major arteries and veins as well as the capillaries of the body. Rutin also helps to strengthen these blood vessels making them less susceptible to damage. Finally, rutin also helps to enhance microcirculation which helps to feed all the skin cells with vital oxygen and nutrients necessary for radiant looking skin.

Bioflavonoids such as rutin and hesperidin also help to enhance general circulation. By maintaining healthy blood circulation, bioflavonoids may be of great benefit in protecting against many cardiovascular diseases most of which are related to poor circulation.

Bioflavonoids, due to their antioxidant property, may also help to protect against eye disorders particularly cataract formation. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, it is thought that bioflavonoids may be of benefit for allergic rhinitis which is why vitamin C with bioflavonoids are often recommended for hay fever sufferers.

Besides making arteries more flexible and less liable to damage, bioflavonoids also help to protect the breaking off of small capillaries in the abdomen which may help reduce blood loss in women suffering from a heavy period or those with endometriosis.

This same property is also very useful for the elderly or for those who bruise easily. Taking bioflavonoids strengthens the outer cell layers and the blood vessels under skin.

These are just some of the benefits of taking bioflavonoids which are completely free from side effects for the majority. Given that bioflavonoids cannot be manufactured by the body, it is essential that we eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of all different colours to get the widest spectrum of bioflavonoids. If your diet does not incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables, and some people cannot because of allergies and intolerances, then you may wish to consider the use of Lamberts Rutin and Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids with a dose of one or two tablets daily.


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