Weekend Read 23 October 2021

Weekend Read 23 October 2021

Quite recently one of my closest friends bought me a sculpture of three people entwined in each other’s arms.  Named ‘The Protector’, this beautiful work of art was gifted with purpose and statement.  I really don’t need to explain the reasons why, I think that much is obvious.  But it leads me in thought about each of us.  And the protection that is so paramount in order to feel safe, with a particular emphasis on our health and wellbeing.

So let’s begin with the news that Triple Flu Defense+ for the 2021-2022 season has now flipped into a wait list.  I thought this may happen, as I wrote last week, but as I also wrote, we have another consignment on the way and I believe it should be with us within the next few days, all things being equal.  Furthermore, I revealed that this is the product that I dole out to many of my friends each year to help protect them against the symptoms of cold and flu, except I haven’t done so yet.  And I won’t until we fulfil all outstanding orders.  They are standing in line and trust me, Shabir and I are also in that line.  Right at the back.  Let it be said.
Triple Flu Defense+ (2021-2022) by Dr Nenninger £27 for 30 ml

The protection theme continues with Shabir’s article, Astaxanthin Protects The Whole Body.  In various laboratory tests Astaxanthin has been shown that it could be 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 800 times more powerful than CoQ10, 500 times more powerful than Green Tea and 75 times more powerful than Alpha Lipoic Acid.  This powerful antioxidant exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and with inflammation being the root cause of ageing, Astaxanthin will help protect your skin and it also has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect the nervous system.

As ever, all Astaxanthin supplements are not created equally and it is important to ensure that the Astaxanthin you use is derived from algae and not fungus.  It is also important that the chosen Astaxanthin contains some sort of oil or Essential Fatty Acid within the formulation, as this enhances absorption.  Shabir always recommends Astaxanthin with Phospholipids, so with that recommendation I am taking the price of this chosen supplement down from £14 to £12 across the weekend, or whilst stock lasts.  Additionally, rather a lot of you take Astaxanthin in conjunction with Hyaluronic Acid, so let’s take the price of that down too, from £35 to £30.  And move on.
VH Editorial: Astaxanthin Protects The Whole Body; Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid; Astaxanthin with Phospholipids by Life Extension £12 for 30 Softgels; Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £30 for 30 Vegecaps (Offers end at midnight BST Sunday 24 October)

And we may as well move on with a new article from Shabir.  I think he may have written this in bed, but never mind that because in this article he takes a look at the benefits of Soya Lecithin.  I will of course leave you to read this yourself, but just to say that Lecithin is a general term that is given to a group of naturally occurring fatty compounds that are found in specific plants, including soyabeans, and is composed of choline, phospholipids and triglycerides.

There have been many studies carried out on the benefits of Soya Lecithin for specific health concerns, including cholesterol levels, memory, menopause and anxiety, the latter of which indicates that Lecithin may help dampen stress-related symptoms.  In this instance the combination of phospholipids, such as phosphatidylserine found in Lecithin, was shown to help lower cortisol levels, as well as other adrenal hormones.  It occurs to me that you may wish to sprinkle this onto your breakfast cereal.  Actually, I would quite like to sprinkle it onto Shabir’s head.  Purely for my own amusement.  I have a weird sense of humour.  I was born with it.
VH Editorial: Is Soya Lecithin Beneficial; Lecithin Granules by Lamberts £13.95 for 250 grams (Caution: If you are allergic to soya, please do not use this product)

In full transparency, I will go on to say that I get a particular kick when I take the price down of any of Shabir’s formulations.  So I have a great big smile on my face as I take the price of Mankai Duckweed down from £22 to £19 across the weekend.  Shabir loves this supplement.  Of course he does, he formulated it, but he did so because Mankai Duckweed contains 38% protein content, which is extraordinarily high, and it also includes all nine essential amino acids as well as the six conditional amino acids. 

Given that conditional amino acids are not essential except at times of stress, trauma and illness, this formulation is, perhaps, conducive to ongoing circumstances.  Additionally Mankai Duckweed contains very high levels of Vitamin B12, which is rarely produced by plants and is a key nutrient that cannot be manufactured by the body.  Mankai Duckweed has often been referred to as a true superfood because it is also rich in Vitamin A, Fibre, Polyphenols, Iron, Zinc and Calcium.  And just maybe Mankai Duckweed is on its way to some form of super-stardom, because it has been reported that the Harvard School of Public Health have added Mankai smoothies onto the cafeteria’s menu.  Food for thought.
VH Editorial: Mankai Duckweed, The Smallest Vegetable Big On Vitamins; Mankai Duckweed Powder £19 for 500 grams (Offer ends at midnight BST Sunday 24 October)

October is World Menopause Awareness Month and all I really want to do here is to link you to a video where Trinny was discussing menopause with Shabir.  This was recorded a couple of years ago, but the information remains the same, and although you may have watched this before, it is always good to watch these things again because they contain so much information.  So two things, our bestselling supplement to help alleviate menopausal symptoms, Sage Complex, drops in price for one day only, today, from £25 to £20 and the second thing is that I have also linked all of the Trinny & Shabir 'Lives' which you may wish to scroll through at some point.
Trinny & Shabir Live: Menopause; Sage Complex £20 for 90 Capsules (Offer ends at midnight BST Saturday 23 October); Trinny & Shabir Live: The Library

And from supplements to beauty we go.  So before I go on a roll with a few treats, can I just say that I am now on my second bottle of Everything Serum from Non Gender Specific.  I knew it was extraordinarily special when I was first testing it and I still get excited every time I use it.  I think that’s the thing really, you really have to love the products you choose to put on your skin, well at least I do.  I just feel so, so bad that Everything Cleanser is still out of stock and on a wait list.  I am waiting for further information from NGS, but I hope it arrives soon because this really is an exceptional cleanser, but then Everything Mask is also exceptional.  And that is in stock.  Thankfully.
Everything Cleanser by NGS £25 for 237 ml; Everything Serum by NGS £49 for 50 ml; Everything Mask by NGS £34 for 50 grams

Here comes the roll.  And if you love Weleda products, I think you will love this.  Encompassing the power of Weleda’s classic Skin Food formulation, Skin Food Body Butter has been formulated for very dry and thirsty skin.  It has a whipped texture and it’s scented with Lavender and Sweet Orange.  You can read the rest of the information on the product page, if you get that far, because in a very limited edition offer, I am taking the price down from £19.75 to £10.  We do have quite a high volume of stock, but the last time I wrote that, the offer ended at around 10 am on that Saturday morning and I received a whole load of abusive emails.  I might publish them one day.
Skin Food Body Butter by Weleda £10 for 150 ml (Limited Edition Offer)

This next treat is a very rare treat.  It is rare because it comes from Temple Spa and Temple Spa run a very strict non-discountable policy, which I completely understand.  But every so often I am able to share and so that is exactly what I am going to do right now.  Moisture Matte is a Mattifying Moisturiser which has been specifically formulated for oily and acne-prone skin by using micro-sponges that work throughout the day to absorb excess sebum. It is a water-free gel lotion loaded with Vitamins A, C and E and it also has anti-viral properties.  The price of Moisture Matte is £40 and it drops by 50% to £20 whilst stock lasts.  Which won’t be long, I guess.
Moisture Matte – Mattifying Moisturiser by Temple Spa £20 for 50 ml

Spreading the treats across brands, this next treat is from Green People.  The efficacy of the brand is well-known and so all I really need to say here is that Green People’s Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam is a scent-free foaming micellar face wash which is rich in antioxidant cranberry extracts and apple cellular water.  It is suitable for all skin types, most especially for those with sensitive skin and I am now taking the price down from £19 to £12, whilst stock lasts.  It’s a Saturday jamboree. 
Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam by Green People £12 for 150 ml

Back to health we go, as Sarah and Shabir put together a natural medicine chest.  Sarah investigates the so-called ‘super-cold’, which is a particularly nasty cold and cough.  Many of the symptoms are similar to Covid, including fatigue, but apparently it's not testing as such.  Anyway, the thing is that in each and every year certain bugs always fly around, so these products are mostly the products we tend to recommend at this time of year in any circumstance.  And if you do succumb to a horrid bug, you know what to use.  The heroic Triple Flu Defense+.
Treating The Super-Cold by Sarah Stacey

Right, two new product launches.  One health and one beauty, so we’ll start with health and it comes from Bare Biology, a brand which Shabir and I both respect greatly.  I really don’t need to tell you that it is estimated that one in five adults and children in the UK are deficient in Vitamin D.  Deficiency signs include aches and pains, frequent or recurring infections, low mood, depression and anxiety, tiredness, fatigue and hair loss.  But we are not talking straight Vitamin D3 here, because fish oils and Vitamin D are naturally meant to be together as they nutritionally complement each other.

As a food, oily fish provides a rich source of Vitamin D, yet during the gentle and careful extraction of omega-3 oils for nutritional supplementation, the Vitamin D gets left behind.  So please allow me to introduce Rise & Shine, which in its most simplistic form reunites these potent and powerful nutrients that play a pivotal role in our health and wellbeing.  Let’s shine.
Rise & Shine Omega-3 & Vitamin D3 Capsules by Bare Biology £29.50 for a 30 Day Supply

And the new beauty product is from Willowberry.  It is called Indulgent Hand & Body Lotion, and it’s the first-ever body care product from this brand.  It is enriched with soothing Aloe Vera, nourishing Shea Butter and a nutrient-rich blend of Sweet Almond, Pomegranate, Kahai and Rosehips oils.  It is scented with Geranium, which I absolutely adore, but all I can do is smell the product (because of my allergies) and I will tell you that the fragrance is divine.  And I know the product will be too, it’s just that I can’t test it for you.  If only.
Indulgent Hand & Body Lotion by Willowberry £29.99 for 200 ml

With both launches done, you know how sometimes your mind gets jolted, well that’s just happened to me.  As I was writing about Rise & Shine, I suddenly remembered two products that I haven’t written about for a very long time.  They are both from Annee de Mamiel and they form part of her Sleep Series range.  There are two elements to her Sleep Series, the first is Sleep and the second is Awake.  And behold, if you will, the two products in the Awake element are Rise and Shine.  Rise was formulated to revive tired energy, and Shine was created to help radiate happiness throughout the day.  That will do.  Nicely.
Rise by de Mamiel £37 for 10 ml; Shine by de Mamiel £37 for 10 ml

One more thing to say before I head into this week’s feedback and it’s just a reminder to tell you that aside from the products I have written about today, there are two products that are on special offer spanning the month of October.  These are Cysticlean, which I wrote about on the 2 October and YourZooki, which I wrote about on the 9 October.  In the case of Cysticlean, I dropped the price from £39.99 to £29.99 and I also reduced the price of YourZooki’s Liposomal Vitamin C Watermelon from £39.99 to £35.  Oh wait, there are three products, I have also dropped the price of YourZooki’s Gut Biome from £44.99 to £40.  Perhaps my brain cells are diminishing.
Cysticlean 240 mg PAC £29.99 for 60 Capsules; Liposomal Vitamin C Watermelon by YourZooki £35 for 30 x 15 ml Sachets; Gut Biome by YourZooki £40 for 30 Servings

And so the feedback.  I absolutely knew that demand would be extraordinarily high for Organic Icelandic Angelica Leaf Extract because so many do suffer from an overactive bladder.  I also wondered if we would have enough Night Time Immunity Drink and Ionic Shot by Lixirskin.  We didn’t.  At this point I would love to blame Shabir, but I can’t, it is completely my fault that I under-estimated the demand for each of these products.  Maybe it’s further proof of my diminishing brain cells, but nevertheless if I get things wrong, I will always put my hand up.  So I’m putting my hand up and I’m so sorry for the wait, but everything is now back in stock.  And I’m still breathing.   
Organic Icelandic Angelica Leaf Extract by Viridian Nutrition £31.60 for 30 Capsules; Night Time Immunity Drink by Tonic Health £7.99 for Seven Sachets; Ionic Shot by Lixirskin £27 for 12 Sachets (Including Free Electrogel)

I think I had better do the Saturday only treat now.  And having written about Temple Spa once, I am now going to make it twice as with every order for £30 and above, excluding p&p, you will automatically receive Temple Spa’s Quietude Calming Mist (30 ml).  Quietude Calming Mist is a room spray that soothes all senses.  You may wish to use it as a pillow spray, but however you use it, I hope you enjoy it and full product information below.
Quietude Calming Mist by Temple Spa £25 for 100 ml

As I end this Weekend Read, there are so many words I could write about helping to protect each other.  Yet, I think I will just leave you with a song.  In part it talks about my own experiences and how certain individuals tried to destroy my life and my dreams, mostly through the unregulated spreading of lies on social media.  And although I, and we, nearly lost VH three or four years ago because of this, I am still here.  And unafraid to tell the truth.  In the hope that our collective experiences will help protect others.  In future.   
I Dreamed A Dream by Ruthie Henshall (Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert – Royal Albert Hall); The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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