Mankai Duckweed, The Smallest Vegetable Big On Vitamins

Mankai Duckweed, The Smallest Vegetable Big On Vitamins

What is Mankai Duckweed?

Mankai Duckweed is the world’s smallest nutritionally dense vegetable. It is a proprietary strain of duckweed also referred to as water lentil, a plant which has no roots and simply floats on water. Duckweed has been eaten for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia often used in soups or salads as a source of protein.  

Nutritional content of Mankai Duckweed

With an astonishing 38% protein content, Mankai Duckweed contains one of the highest amounts of protein in the plant kingdom. But that’s not all. According to researchers, it is the quality of the protein that separates this vegetable from all other plant sources of protein. It contains the complete protein profile found in eggs containing all the nine essential amino acids as well as the six conditional amino acids.

Essential amino acids are those that the body cannot manufacture and must be obtained from our diet and these include histidine, tryptophan and lysine to name a few. Conditional amino acids are not essential except at times of stress, trauma and during illness when these amino acids become essential and often our diet cannot provide sufficient amounts to enhance recovery.

Another unique property of this vegetable is Mankai Duckweed contains high levels of vitamin B12 which is rarely produced by plants. This is not the only nutrient; Mankai Duckweed also contains vitamin A, energising vitamin B complex vitamins, minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc as well as flavonoids and dietary fibre.

Is Mankai Duckweed a superfood?

Aside from its ability to supply our bodies with high quality protein and nutrients, scientists believe that Mankai Duckweed protein powder may be called a superfood for several reasons including its ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

In a study carried out at the Ben Gurion University in Israel, twenty participants with a greater than average abdominal fat levels, and an average age of 51, were given either a Mankai shake or a yoghurt shake both containing the same levels of carbohydrates, fats, protein and calories. After two weeks, participants who drank the Mankai shake showed lower glucose peak levels, lower fasting glucose levels and faster removal of glucose from the body than their counterparts who drank the nutritionally equivalent yoghurt shake. This is significant because the metabolism of sugar results in products called AGES that damage our whole body including glands & structures.

Another study carried out by Alon Kaplan, a Ph.D. student in the same university showed that the absorption of amino acids in duckweed was similar to that of soft cheese and peas – this shows that the amino acids are biologically available to the body.

The results of a study published in 2019 in the Journal of Nutrition indicated that a Mediterranean diet with Mankai elevates iron and folic acid levels, despite the low levels of red meat consumption. This study also determined that iron from Mankai was effective at treating iron deficiency anaemia to the same extent as common iron treatments but without the gastric upsets.

Is Mankai truly green?

Mankai is now being grown in Israel and in the US on a commercial scale in a closed sustainable environment. It requires a fraction of the amount of water to produce each gram of protein in comparison to other vegetarian sources of protein such as soya, kale and spinach, and it can be grown throughout the year.

Mankai is available as a fine milled powder and is currently already being used in several food applications including the baking and meat analogue industries. It provides highly quality and biologically available protein as well as vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients.

Where can you buy duckweed powder?

With more than 80 patents pending for duckweed, it is important to choose a high quality water lentil powder. Lentein is high quality duckweed powder grown in an aqua farm with minimal processing to provide the perfect balance of plant-based nutrition of clean protein with vitamins.  

Lentein is obtained from Non-GMO duckweed, free from soya and other allergens. It is not a pulse or a bean and so is free from lectins which can cause nausea, bloating, gas, stomach upset and diarrhoea. You can now buy Mankai Duckweed Powder to supplement your diet with extra protein and vitamins. This duckweed powder is fine milled and can be added into smoothies or to salads and soups.