Weekend Read 9 July 2022

Weekend Read 9 July 2022

As I have always believed, music bonds us and I just want to thank those of you who reached out after I wrote about the Paul McCartney concert last weekend.  I will return to this at the end of this newsletter, but I would just like to talk about other bonds that tie us.  Each of you are at the very core of our being and it is a tribute to your ongoing trust and belief that we are as we are today.  And, somewhat miraculously, we are still here, but that’s another story. 

I am so incredibly grateful to those who continually email us with words of support, love and understanding. Being emotional in nature, these words mean so much, not only to me, but to all of us at VH.  I have always known that there is no room in my life for complacency and as such I will continue to stand by the words I write and the products we endorse, as we continually seek to help make a positive difference to our health and wellbeing.  The world is brutal, yet through it all we are able to retain a sense of honour and commitment to each other because of the strength of our relationship together.  There can be no greater accolade, or reward, and for this I thank you.

Of course, no matter what, the challenge of life itself can be so incredibly draining and often leaves our energy levels depleted, to the point where we struggle to maintain our equilibrium.  I think to some extent we are all so worn out after the difficulties of the past two or three years, we need to take a look at this.  I am not going to tell you that this can be resolved overnight, because it absolutely can’t, there are far too many connotations attached to a lack in energy.  However, supplementation can help mitigate a degree of this lack, which is why Shabir formulated Daily Energy, to help overcome extreme tiredness.

Daily Energy contains a blend of adaptogens combined with natural energy boosters.  These include Ashwagandha, Maca, Siberian Ginseng and Suma.  Adaptogens help increase the state of non-specific resistance in stress and decrease sensitivity to stressors, which ultimately results in stress protection.  Many studies have indicated that adaptogens are really helpful in decreasing symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion, most especially when used in conjunction with other therapies, which is where I am going next.  So as Shabir does the lowdown on enhancing energy, I am taking the price down of Daily Energy from £20 to £15, across the weekend.
VH Editorial: Enhancing Energy; Daily Energy £15 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 10 July)

I have always believed in the rituals of bathing, together with the significance and power of water.  My absolute bible on this is a book called Spiritual Bathing, which illustrates healing rituals and traditions from around the world.  This is not a new book, I think I have had it for more than twenty years, but whenever I go through it, which is very often, it never fails to fascinate me and brings a sense of calm, which is so often needed, as it explains age-old bathing traditions, often aligned with religious beliefs. 

Forest Therapy, or Shinrin-yoku in Japanese, has gained great momentum over the past few years as a therapeutic treatment.  The term Shinrin-yoku can be defined as making contact with, and taking in, the atmosphere of the forest.  The simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees can help enhance health and wellbeing in a myriad of ways.  But of course it is not always possible to go and sit in a forest, so the next best thing, actually it is a very good thing in its own right, is to be helped by the immersive experience that can be gained from Forest Therapy.  And as such I hugely recommend Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil by Aromatherapy Associates.
Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil by Aromatherapy Associates £49 for 55 ml

On from this, I would like to offer an alternative product which also encompasses the benefits of Forest Therapy. That product is Weleda’s wonderful Pine Reviving Bath Milk, which is inspired by the tranquillity of a Siberian Pine forest.  Loaded with the essential oils of Silver Fir and Siberian Pine, it is often used in the cold winter months, but quite honestly I am not going to label this as a winter product because it helps uplift mood and stress and that’s the most important thing here.  Another important thing is that I am taking down the price of Pine Reviving Bath Milk from £15.75 to £13 in celebration of therapeutic bathing.  It’s a thing.  So let’s do it.
Pine Reviving Bath Milk by Weleda £13 for 200 ml (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 10 July)

Continuing on the lack of energy theme, this does of course relate significantly to a lack of sleep; it’s a vicious circle, and cycle.  Sleep supplementation is a notoriously difficult subject matter because not every supplement will work for everybody, so I want to throw the focus on a supplement that helps address lack of sleep and jet lag.  That supplement is Herbal Sleep PM. Herbal Sleep PM contains Honokiol, the active compound found in Magnolia bark, which works to help relax the body and also reduces the level of the stress hormone, cortisol.  It is joined by Apigenin and Lemon Balm, the latter of which helps to enhance alpha waves, which relax the mind.

Jet lag is characterised by a number of symptoms which include nausea, diarrhoea, depression, loss of appetite, fatigue and headaches.  Some of those symptoms are not only attributed to jet lag, but are also common in cases of sleep deprivation.  I would also like to say that this supplement was formulated in America, which is why it says ‘Melatonin-Free’ on the packaging.  Melatonin is of course banned in the UK, although it is available via prescription.  Anyway, back to Herbal Sleep PM, and as the price drops from £20 to £17, it might also be prudent to supplement the supplement with a tincture, and you may wish to try Valeriana Tincture by A. Vogel.  It’s good stuff.
Herbal Sleep PM by Life Extension £17 for 30 Capsules; Valeriana Tincture by A. Vogel £9 for 50 ml (drops from £10.85) (offers end at midnight BST, Sunday 10 July)

If I could make a product compulsory, which of course I can’t, Spacemasks would be right up there on that list.  So let me just say this.  Spacemasks are epic.  If we are talking about lack of sleep, which we are, then try placing a Spacemask over your eyes when you go to bed.  If you are travelling, most especially long haul, a Spacemask will help alleviate the strain of tired eyes and if you are stressed, Spacemasks will help soothe your very being.  Of course they are perfect to use in conjunction with therapeutic bathing, as long as you don’t fall asleep in the bath.  That’s the lowdown and with every box of Spacemasks bought, we will automatically include one free Spacemask.  So that’s six Spacemasks for the price of five, whilst stock lasts.
Spacemasks £16.50 For Five Spacemasks (+ one free Spacemask whilst stock lasts)

Back to health concerns we go as I now want to talk about ear infections and earache.  There are many common causes for ear infections and earache, which Shabir covers in his article linked below, where he recommends Organic Ear Oil.  This is a natural ear oil containing herbal oils and extracts which are known to help support healthy ears.  Formulated with Garlic oil, Mullein extract, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender and Olive Oils, Organic Ear Oil will help calm sensitivity, as it soothes and comforts the ears.  It also helps to prevent wax build-up with regular use.  Another one of those solution-led products that does what its meant to do.  Rather well.
VH Editorial: Ear Infections & Earache; Organic Ear Oil by Wally’s Natural £13.95 for 30 ml

Two new products to tell you about this week and the first is Sun Squad Sensitive Skin SPF 30 For Face from Spots & Stripes.  Many of you will recall when we launched Awesome Arnica Balm and although these products have been specifically formulated for teenagers, I see no reason whatsoever why they can’t be used by all ages.  So please allow me tell you about Sun Squad Sensitive Skin SPF 30. 

This 100% mineral sunscreen will help protect sensitive faces against sun damage, without blocking pores and causing blemishes.  It uses non-nano Zinc Oxide, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Jojoba and Green Tea, which soothes, hydrates and repairs.  It will blend in seamlessly, leaving a dewy glow and no whiteness.  It also offers broad-spectrum protection, is water-resistant and fragrance-free.  It also happens to come in a yellow and white striped tube, so it is a happy tube for happy faces.  And that’s all we need to know really, other than it goes without saying that it is advisable to wear a hat in the sun.  The bigger the better.  I think.
Sun Squad Sensitive Skin SPF 30 by Spots & Stripes £25 for 50 ml; Awesome Arnica Balm by Spots & Stripes £16 for 50 grams

The second new product is from Hope’s Relief, the award-winning Australian brand that throws the focus on skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.  Dry Itchy Skin Gel Lotion, which is loaded with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn and Calendula, instantly provides a cooling and calming sensation to the outer skin layer to help relieve itchy skin.  It will also help to improve wound healing, so with that said Dry Itchy Skin Gel Lotion drops in price from £16.99 to £14.99 to celebrate its launch and it will stay that way throughout July. 
Dry Itchy Skin Gel Lotion by Hope’s Relief £14.99 for 110 grams

In his article, Tips To Prevent Chin Acne, linked below, Shabir takes a look at this entire subject, which is so often associated with hormonal changes in the body.  It honestly doesn’t matter what age you are because we have seen a significant increase in adults suffering from acne on the chin, so in other words this is not a teenage phenomenon, far from it.  I will leave you to read the article, but I will just say that Shabir mentions four products, one of which is Garden of Wisdom’s Azelaic Acid (PAD).  And having mentioned it, I am dropping the price of Azelaic Acid (PAD) from £14 to £11 across the weekend.  I’ll drop the price of Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier too, which is also recommended, from £19.95 to £17.
VH Editorial: Tips To Prevent Chin Acne; Azelaic Acid (PAD) by Garden of Wisdom for VH £11 for 30 ml; Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier by Clinisoothe+ £17 for 250 ml (offers end at midnight BST, Sunday 10 July)

I often write about supplements which, for one reason or another, do not receive the recognition or attention they deserve.  One such supplement is Selenium, a trace mineral which was considered irrelevant until about three decades ago when scientists discovered that it is actually crucial in helping to protect the body against a wide range of health concerns.  The discovery occurred as a result of studies indicting its role in regulating metabolism, cell manufacture and neutralising damaging free radicals, thus helping to protect the body against infection.

It is now a given that Selenium plays a role in the proper functioning of the immune system, but it has also been found that Selenium helps re-active Vitamins C and E back to their active state, an important process which Shabir explains in his article.  The benefits of Selenium are in fact many-fold as it will also help to protect the circulatory system and several important studies, which Shabir also refers to, have shown that there is a body of evidence illustrating the protective effect of Selenium against cell mutation.  A quiet little hero.
VH Editorial: Benefits of Selenium Supplements; Super Selenium Complex by Life Extension £12 for 100 Capsules

I now need to share something with you. Because of ongoing raw ingredient issues, our stock levels are depleting rapidly of Hyaluronic Acid High Strength Capsules.  It’s touch and go whether or not we go into famine territory, but please understand if you receive two of the travel size containers, instead of the one you are used to.  It equates to the same thing as there are fifteen capsules in each container.  I know it’s not particularly neat, but we have to do what we have to do.  Please say a prayer for HA.  With me.  Thank you.  And amen.
Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 for 30 Capsules

I like the simple things in life, and what I’m about to write is extraordinarily simple, and it goes like this.  If you buy any product from Ameliorate, we will automatically include their bestselling product, Transforming Body Lotion (50 ml) as a gift.  And if you buy any product from the Dermelect range, we will automatically include Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment (50 ml), also as a gift and whilst stock lasts.  I happen to think that Runway Ready is fabulous, and so does Lara.  Must be a family thing.
Ameliorate; Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

I have written quite a lot about various lip products over the past few weeks, but I do so because we are all different and we all like different products.  Many of you may remember Annee de Mamiel’s lip balm and after a long absence, it is back and it has been re-formulated.  So, Lip Treatment (Rx) is intensely packed with nutritious waxes and oils.  It will help boost the suppleness, smoothness and natural colour of your lips and it does so because its ingredients include Rose and Pomegranate, which will give your lips a natural rose tone.  And on subject, the hero product of the range, Altitude Oil, is now also back in stock.  A travel essential.  For many.
Lip Treatment (Rx) by de Mamiel £28 for 15 grams; Altitude Oil by de Mamiel £30 for 10 ml

Let’s talk about iS Clinical, and let’s talk about a serum.  Active Serum, which was formulated right at the beginning of the iS Clinical journey, is such a hero serum.  I know it’s expensive, its always been expensive, but of course it is loaded with the highest quality actives, and there is a difference in the strength of actives, as I’ve written many times.  The story behind Active Serum is that Bryan Johns, co-founder, created it for all who have compromised skin conditions, including surface acne and hyperpigmentation.  It has been endorsed as one of the most important products in the field of skincare.  And of course I’ll endorse that too.  With absolute importance.   
Active Serum by iS Clinical £72 for 15 ml; Active Serum by iS Clinical £120 for 30 ml

Right, a couple of treats and we are done.  Having written about Hyaluronic Acid above, let’s balance things out with Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  This serum is of course one of the bestselling serums from Garden of Wisdom.  Using low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, which is really important, not all HA Serums are created equally, but we know that.  So all I really need to do here is to tell you that whilst stock lasts, we are doing the GOW oversize thing again and you will receive 45 ml for the price of 30 ml.  Which is £10.
Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £10 for 45 ml

If we are talking about hero products, as we were, I may as well continue with Aurelia’s hero product, Miracle Cleanser.  So many of you use this cleanser and as such I don’t really need to say very much, other than it fuses probiotic and peptide technologies with BioOrganic plant and flower essences to help hydrate and soothe dull skin. The only other thing to say is that the introductory size of Miracle Cleanser (50 ml) comes with a bamboo muslin cloth and whilst stock lasts, I am taking the price of Miracle Cleanser down from £22 to £12.  And that’s the end of that as we head into the Saturday only treat.
Miracle Cleanser by Aurelia London £12 for 50 ml

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Temple Spa’s AAAHHH Instant Cooling Balm.  Your response was amazing and so many of you sent emails applauding the effectiveness of this product.  I’m not really surprised because this is the cooling gel that will help reduce puffiness on tired feet and limbs.  I really adore sharing fabulous products and this is fabulous, so this is the Saturday only treat and with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically send you a 15 ml tube of AAAHHH.  Full product details below.
AAAHHH Instant Cooling Balm by Temple Spa

I wrote at the top of this newsletter that I wanted to follow through on my words about the Paul McCartney concert last weekend.  And I do.  But actually I am not writing the words, I am sharing the words from an email I received last weekend.  The reason I am sharing these particular words, and the chosen song, is that they highlight the loneliness so many of us feel.  I have always believed that we need to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings in order that we may heal.  So this:

‘Paul McCartney at Glastonbury moved me so much, I found myself frequently in tears. The genius of this man, along with his innate empathy and compassion, always affects me deeply, and that incredible performance was one for the ages. I'm truly glad that our lives coincided with his, and I'm ever grateful that the poetry of his lyrics along with the artistry of his music tells me I'm not alone in feeling and thinking the way I do. I wish Eleanor Rigby and Penny Lane had been included, but they remain in my head, forever talking to the human condition and wrapping me in the most comforting nostalgia. I doubt we'll see his like again.’
Eleanor Rigby by Paul McCartney

With love

Gill x


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