Weekend Read 5 November 2022

Weekend Read 5 November 2022

November.  Well here we are, the penultimate month of the year and as I welcome you to another Weekend Read, I would just like to say that we must continue to keep things real, as we always have done.  There are many connotations to that statement, but ultimately it allows us to share the things that really matter and that embraces not only the products we endorse and recommend, but the values and independence we uphold in order to serve each other with understanding and respect.

If I am applying respect to our chosen products, then it needs to be said that research, development, intent and efficacy are the four key words that really matter here.  If I am applying that same word, respect, to life itself, then surely we have to stand in our own truth in all that we say and all that we do.  In its most simplistic form, the correct intent defines who and what we are, which is basically why it has always been my choice to stand outside the health and beauty industry, even though we are health and beauty.  The paradoxical nature of which never ceases to amuse me. 

So as we go our own way, I am going to open this section of the Weekend Read by telling you that I want to talk about Ionicell again.  It remains of the utmost importance that we continually recognise the efficacy of supplementation and the positive role that such supplements play in each of our lives.  Furthermore, a product can only become a bestseller if it lives up to promise, but real promise, not some gratuitous paid-for promise or award, which of course isn’t a promise. As I see it, it is a dereliction of duty and responsibility to each of us as consumers, which I find insulting and disingenuous, in equal measure.

Right, with that said I think it is best if we now talk about Ionicell, and I will do so without any further diversification.  A bestselling product, yes it is, and it has always been that way since we launched it as a next-generation hair, skin and nails formulation.  Its efficacy, unquestionable for the majority of us, although I must always caveat that statement by saying that not every supplement will work for everybody.  Clinically validated, yes it is and the White Paper is linked on the Ionicell product page.  Has it achieved critical acclaim, yes it has, within our own community, which is what matters the most.  Do I take it, yes I do.  Can men take it, yes they can.

I absolutely know that I wrote about an Ionicell offer a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t a stand-alone offer, so because I feel the need to do so, I am doing a straightforward offer on Ionicell and I will do so by reducing the price of Ionicell from £20 to £17 across the weekend, or whilst stock lasts.  And that’s all I want to say, other than it remains a given that we must share wherever we can, most especially given the current and sensitive global economic climate. 
Ionicell £17 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 6 November)

Let’s continue and we will do so with another one of those Fulvic offers.  This time it is Fulvic Acid Mist, which was of course formulated by Shabir to offer a potent and invigorating treatment for hair loss and thinning hair.  It is another one of those next-generation formulations, which is powered by the patented complex, Ioniplex, the attributes of which are covered by the same White Paper as mentioned above.  But Fulvic Mist is not only for hair loss and thinning hair, it helps maintain the health of our scalp and our hair, which is really important as stress is known to play a detrimental role in hair health and wellbeing.

One more thing here, when we launched Fulvic Mist, I wrote at the time that I sprayed my skin with Fulvic Mist after cleansing.  I still do, it has become a ritualistic thing as of course it has the same wound-healing properties that each of the topical Fulvic products possess and that includes Fulvic Face Cream and Fulvic Body Lotion.  So with a multi-faceted topical approach to hair, skin and nails, with every full size Fulvic Acid Mist (120 ml) bought, we will automatically include the travel size Fulvic Acid Mist (60 ml), which is worth £12.50.  I am not putting a time limit on this offer, but it will remain available whilst stock lasts. 
Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml + Fulvic Acid Mist 60 ml Free; Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml; Fulvic Body Lotion £20 for 200 ml

And staying with Fulvic, it has been a very long time since I wrote about Fulvic Nail Cream.  I honestly don’t know why I haven’t written about it for so long because it was our bestselling Fulvic product, until Fulvic Face Cream came along and knocked it off the top slot.  But its efficacy remains and as such it addresses numerous nail issues, including fungal nails.  But it is mostly loved because it helps strengthen nails and being an all-singing-and-all-dancing formulation, it would seem to perform its magic on several skin issues too, as noted in the review section on the product page.  In celebration of its re-emergence, I am dropping the price of Fulvic Nail Cream from £12 to £9.  Can’t leave baby out in the cold.
Fulvic Nail Cream £9 for 30 ml (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 6 November, or whilst stock lasts)

Might as well continue by writing about another product which has been left out in the cold, and I feel so bad about this one.  This is the product we have listed since the beginning of time.  It was, and still is, one of those ‘marmite’ products because you either love or hate the fragrance, which is meant to smell like a beach.  The packaging is dreadful, but really dreadful, but it’s not about the packaging, it’s about the product inside that packaging, and inside you will find a body lotion which is loaded with seven natural oils and thirteen herbal extracts.

By now, most of you will realise that I am talking about Miracle Lotion, which really is a legend in its own lifetime.  It fell off the radar for a while because the formulation changed, but it wasn’t only the formulation, the packaging changed too and I found both unacceptable, so with a heavy heart I delisted it.  I think credit must be given to the brands who really do listen, and that is exactly what happened here as within a relatively short of space of time, Miracle Lotion reverted to its former glory.  But in the meantime, I had asked Shabir to formulate another body lotion, which is of course Fulvic Body Lotion.

Circumstantial, or otherwise, the net result is that I haven’t mentioned Miracle Lotion for the longest time and I need to address that.  So I will address it by dropping the price of Miracle Lotion from £16 to £12, whilst stock lasts, and it is my total pleasure to do so.  Arise.  Once more.
Miracle Lotion by Century Systems £12 for 237 ml

Back to health concerns as we take a look at Iron deficiency, which is thought to be the most common mineral deficiency in the world.  Most people link an Iron deficiency with anaemia, but it is possible to be Iron deficient without having anaemia and some of the symptoms include feeling lethargic, weak and fatigued, a lack of appetite, excessive hair shedding, restless legs, mild depression and vulnerability to infection, often due to a weakened immune system.  As a major nutrient, Iron is most needed by children and women, most especially menstruating women.  Men seem to have enough Iron.  Of course. 

I think it is important to take a look at Iron deficiencies in depth, which Shabir does in his article linked below.  In this article he explains why Iron is so important and the difference between anaemia and a straight deficiency.  Explaining the symptoms, he also talks about the foods that help boost iron levels and recommends a liquid Iron supplement, Ionic Iron, which he believes is currently best-in-class and it does not cause constipation or stomach discomfort as so many Iron supplements can.  And unlike traditional forms of liquid Iron supplements and medications, this formulation does not overload the body with Iron, which can be dangerous.  Keeping it safe.
VH Editorial: The Best Liquid Iron SupplementIonic Iron by Good Health Naturally £12.99 for 56 ml (drops from £14.99 for the interim)

It is a scientific fact that over any given time, we will all lose a certain amount of brain power.  It has also been scientifically proven that as we age, our Dopamine levels decline and this often results in a loss of concentration and wellbeing.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical found in the brain which is responsible for transmitting signals in between nerve cells within the brain.  Dopamine plays an essential role in helping to enhance memory and learning, but interestingly a lack of Dopamine affects our emotions too and is often associated with low mood, depression and a lack of motivation.

So I thought we should look at this because of the emotional side of the equation.  In recommending Life Extension’s Dopa-Mind, it should be noted that standardised extracts of wild green oats (Avina Sativa), present in this formulation, have traditionally been used to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, tension and hyperactivity.  In human studies this specialised extract of wild green oats showed a significant improvement in concentration and brain function.  And given that so many of us are experiencing brain fog at the moment, which is perfectly understandable, perhaps we should consider taking Dopa-Mind for a short period of time, say three months, to help clear our minds and support our emotional wellbeing.
VH Editorial: How To Improve Brain Function; Dopa-Mind by Life Extension £32 for 60 Tablets (drops from £35)

Right, let’s do some new products and I am going to begin by telling you that having just launched the Heated Eye Wand PRO, the nickel-free version of the Heated Eye Wand PRO has finally arrived.  It has all the same features as the Heated Eye Wand PRO, but the head of the wand is nickel-free and has been specifically created for those who have a nickel allergy.  I will just say that because of ongoing supply chain issues, this nickel-free wand has become a bit of a limited edition offering and I honestly don’t expect to receive further stock until early next year.  So yet another supply and demand issue, and in full transparency it’s happening all over the place.  Not just here.
Heated Eye Wand PRO Nickel-Free by Peep Club £75; Heated Eye Wand (original) by Peep Club £60; Heated Eye Wand PRO by Peep Club £75

Moving on, let’s talk about Soapsmith, and I want to talk about Soapsmith because they have just launched two new products, a bath soak and triple milled soap.  Sam Jameson, the founder of Soapsmith, has created a limited edition scent for the festive season, drawing her inspiration from Bergenhus in Norway.  Capturing the scents of the Norwegian Atlantic Ocean and the forest during Winter, both products have a top note of the ocean and festive fig syrup, with a middle note of ginger, lily and jasmine, with grounded amber resin and sandalwood to finish in the base.  I invite you to soak in the ocean.
Bergenhus Bath Soak by Soapsmith £30 for 500 grams; Bergenhus Triple Milled Soap £12

It goes without saying that not every product can possibly be a bestseller, but these two products have a dedicated fan-base, so let’s take a look at Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food and Basix Skin Defence Cream.  Starting with Foot Food, this is an intensive, highly effective moisturiser for dry, cracked and hard skin on the feet.  It is loaded with cooling Peppermint Oil and it contains 5% Urea, an ingredient which is proven to hydrate the driest of hard skin.  I am always writing about our feet, perhaps it is a specialised subject, but notwithstanding that, I think it is of vital importance to look after our feet throughout the year, not just in the summer months.

The second product, Basix Skin Defence Cream, has been specifically formulated to target dry skin conditions.  Containing Kigelia Africana, fruits of the African Sausage Tree, it helps to provide soothing relief for those with eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.  At this point I will refer you to Shabir’s article, linked below, where he takes an in-depth look at the properties of the African Sausage Tree as he throws the focus on eczema.  All that is left for me to say here is that I am dropping the price of Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food from £12.99 to £10 and Basix Skin Defence Cream drops from £16.99 to £12.  And if you want to know what a sausage tree looks like, it is the image on the editorial.
VH Editorial: How To Treat Eczema; Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food £10 for 50 ml; Basix Skin Defence Cream £12 for 50 ml (offers end at midnight GMT, Friday 11 November)

Having just thrown the focus on eczema, Shabir has also written a specific article about psoriasis and natural psoriasis creams. Of course he has included Basix Skin Defence Cream in that article and I thought it was important to differentiate between eczema and psoriasis and in so doing you will read that Shabir recommends Milk Thistle Complex for psoriasis.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is thought that psoriasis may be caused by excess heat in the body and/or a weakness in the liver.  Whatever it is, and there is no absolute on this, we always recommend that each of us should do a liver cleanse two or three times a year regardless. Let’s do it.
VH Editorial: Natural Psoriasis Creams; Milk Thistle Complex by HealthAid £12 for 60 Tablets (drops from £13.99 for the interim)

Having written at the top of this newsletter that we have to stay real, I just want to take a moment to write about Ilapothecary’s SOS Pearl Drops.  As a potent modern-day therapeutic rescue remedy, the SOS Drops have been formulated to help support us through moments of fear, anxiety and unease.  I think we are all pretty familiar with each of those scenarios, so here comes the SOS treat.  When you buy any product from the Ilapothecary range, we will automatically include a bottle of the SOS Pearl Drops, which has a value of £18.  We recommend taking SOS as an adjunct to supplementation and as you might have guessed, there is only one gift per customer.  In order to be equitable.
Ilapothecary; SOS Pearl Drops (whilst stock lasts)

Turning to the ever-evolving Christmas gift list, I have just added another product from Temple Spa.  I could say that it is all about the name of the product, Do Not Disturb, but actually the products included are rather special.  There are six of them and they include Quietude, Drift Away, Duvet, Peacetime, Repose and a Do Not Disturb hanging door cushion.  After some of the things I have written today, perhaps I should leave it permanently hanging on my door, but irrespective of that full details of each of the products can be found on the product page.  Do Not Disturb is £46, but it has a product value of £73.  Press the pause button.  Relax and restore.
Do Not Disturb by Temple Spa £46; Christmas Gifts

A skincare treat and this time it is from Green People.  So if you love the Green People products, and many of you do, please allow me tell you about Vita Min Fix, the 24-hour moisturiser containing a potent cocktail of ingredients to help boost skin hydration.  Ingredients include Olive, Jojoba, Seaweed and Avocado and Baicalin, which is clinically proven to help protect and extend cell life, an effective way to support skin health.  I am dropping the price of Vita Min Fix from £22 to £15, whilst stock lasts and a word of caution, please do not buy this if you have an allergy to essential oils as it is scented with Sandalwood and Rose Geranium.
Vita Min Fix by Green People £15 for 50 ml

One last thing and we are obviously on a bit of tea kick at the moment, because I have been writing about teas over the past few weeks.  So this is just to say that Pukka have released a new tea, it is their Winter Warmer Tea and it is a seasonal blend of festive flavours.  Orange Peel and Lemon Balm are blended with the spiced notes of Clove and Ginger.  As the warming sensation builds, sweet hints of Star Anise and Cinnamon create a moment of comfort and Pukka say that this tea will naturally lift your mood.  I cannot endorse that statement because I haven’t tried it, basically because it has only just arrived and I don’t like Cinnamon.  Over to you.
Winter Warmer Tea by Pukka Herbs £3.45 for 20 Tea Sachets

As we head into the Saturday only treat, I am doing something different this week as there are two parts to the treat.  The first part is that with every order placed today, irrespective of the price of that order, I am going to send you a sachet of Night Time Immunity Drink.  I wrote about this product last weekend and as I was watching your orders, I thought it would be good if we could all benefit from this therapeutic drink, particularly because it can help promote deep, restful sleep and rather a lot of us are waking up at 4 am.  Anyway, I rather like doing things collectively.  The warmth of belonging.  Product details below.
Night Time Immunity Drink by Tonic Health

And here is the second part, so with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include a gift with your order.  I can’t actually tell you what that gift will be as once again I have several different gifts to share with you.  All you really need to know at this point is that you will receive two Saturday only treats, the Night Time Immunity Drink as above, and an unknown gift, which I hope you enjoy.

The end bit.  At any given time in our lives I think it is really important to read the room, and if I’m reading the room right now I would say that there is a comfort in staying close and that comfort extends to being in a community of like-minded people.  We don’t need to pretend to each other, we don’t need to impress each other, we don’t need to be anything other than who we are.  And as I stand by everything I have written today and in the past, a theme tune and a thank you for giving me the strength and encouragement to fight the good fight.  And I’m far from finished.
I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers; The VH Playlist

Oh look, there's George and Ringo.

Sending love

Gill x


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