Weekend Read 4 November 2023

Weekend Read 4 November 2023

Well, here we are on a Saturday morning in November and let’s go straight in because I have news, and that news is about Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength.  Actually, there are two items of news here, the first is that HA was on a wait list until earlier this week, but it is now back in stock, and the second is that Shabir has tweaked the formulation of HA once again.  This comes after the recent addition of BioPerine®, a patented extract containing peperine, which supercharged the entire formulation.

The addition of BioPerine® enhanced the efficacy considerably, but now there is more.  It is well-known that both Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C are required for the manufacture of collagen, as well as offering protection against oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress causes the ageing of skin and other structures within the body, so whilst we understand the importance of Vitamin C, most of us still assume that we receive sufficient Vitamin C in our diet, but in ongoing research, scientists have confirmed that many of us have sub-optimal levels of Vitamin C.

In order to ensure that the potential of Hyaluronic Acid is maximised, Shabir has added Vitamin C as Magnesium Ascorbate, which is stomach-friendly and a highly absorbable form of Vitamin C.  In so doing, the combined nutrients become available to help our skin, joints and other structures within our bodies.  This is an important advancement and there is little doubt in my mind that this advancement takes HA to yet another level of efficacy, further endorsing its role as best-in-class in its genre.  And that is what really matters here.  There is no room for complacency or mediocrity.  There never has been.
VH Editorial: Benefits Of HA Supplements; Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 for 30 Capsules

Last weekend I wrote about some of the supplements that Shabir takes and at that time I didn’t feel the need to write about the supplements that I take.  There were several reasons for this, but primarily it was because I am always very vocal about the supplements that I take and of course with HA being one of them, I didn’t want to increase the wait list, lest my head would thump the entire weekend.  And I promise you, it would have thumped very hard because I don’t do famines very well, most especially HA famines. 

Being so vocal, you will of course know that I also take NAD+ Generator.  This is one of the most important new supplements we have launched this year and we launched it after extensive research and clinicals determined that RiaGev®, which uniquely combines Bioenergy Ribose with Vitamin B3 in the form of nicotimide, enhances NAD+ levels.  NAD+ levels decline with age and when levels of NAD+ decrease, our bodies do not function well, which can lead to lower energy levels and the lowering of our metabolic rate. 

Without sufficient NAD+, our bodies are unable to function properly and a lack of NAD+ has been linked to numerous age-related disorders and diseases.  With its ability to help enhance the function of eight cellular anti-ageing mechanisms, it is considered that RiaGev® may help to prevent accelerated ageing as it helps slow the ageing process.  It is certainly more efficient than NMN, which is somewhat academic anyway because NMN has been banned as a supplement, but notwithstanding that, we believe NAD+ to be the next-generation longevity supplement, for all the reasons explained in Shabir’s article, linked below.

As so many of you know, campaigning is in my blood and over the years I have led campaigns about the importance of D3, Fulvic and many other forms of supplementation which I truly believe make a positive difference to each of us.  NAD+ Generator joins that list and I think it is of equal importance to that of HA, albeit in a very different way.  Demonstrating my unequivocal belief in both supplements, when you buy NAD+ Generator, we will automatically include the travel size version of Hyaluronic Acid Capsules (15 capsules), which is worth £17.50, whilst stock lasts.  And before you ask, yes, it is the new HA formulation.
VH Editorial: Are NAD Supplements Beneficial; NAD+ Generator (30 Capsules) + Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength (15 Capsules) £32 (offer ends at midnight GMT Sunday 5 November) (only one gift per customer in order that we may share widely)

Staying with the supplements that I take, I have taken digestive enzymes for the longest time and quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to be without them.  Enzymes are necessary for all functions carried out within our bodies and they act as catalysts to quicken any process that they are involved in.  Currently, more than 3000 enzymes have been identified and digestive enzymes are often recommended for bloating, which could be associated with hormonal insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances and high stress levels.

With our digestive system at the centre of all the above, the effects of improper digestion are widespread but, as ever, our levels of digestive enzymes decrease with age, so it is important to supplement to counter the effects of improper digestion which can result in feelings of lethargy, alongside bloating, rumbling, gas and wind.  I particularly like Digest Complete because the enzymes in this formulation have been shown to be three times stronger and over six times faster than most other enzyme supplementation.  Furthermore, Digest Complete offers gentle support for sensitive stomachs, which is important.  As is banning the bloat.  Efficiently.
VH Editorial: Digestive Enzymes For Bloating, Gas Or Indigestion; Digest Complete by Enzymedica £25 for 90 Capsules (drops from £28.88) (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 5 November)

I would now like to take a look at a common health concern and because not that many people write about gout, it doesn’t mean that this condition isn’t widespread, because it is.  Gout is a type of arthritis that causes stiff, swollen and painful joints and most typically, two thirds of people who have been diagnosed with gout will experience it as excruciating pain in the big toe.  The symptoms of gout are due to excess uric acid crystals that form around the joints and it is the body’s inflammatory response to these crystals that cause the pain.

Being that an increase in uric acid is the main causal factor here, Shabir takes a look at the instances where uric acid is produced in very high concentrations.  He also looks at some of the foods which should be avoided if you have gout and he talks about the supplement which he believes is beneficial for all those who suffer from gout.  That supplement is Tart Cherry, Nettle and Turmeric, with a particular emphasis on Tart Cherries which contain two powerful compounds, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, both of which help to slow down the enzymes that often contribute to pain normally associated with arthritis and gout. 
VH Editorial: Relieving Gout Naturally; Tart Cherry, Nettle and Turmeric by Terranova £19 for 50 grams (drops from £22.05) (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 5 November)

Right, let’s do three new product launches from Nutriburst.  Most of you will recognise the name because I have been writing about Nutriburst’s Ashwagandha KSM-66® Gummies for quite a while and now there are three new products in the range, all of which are sugar-free.  So, let’s begin with Collagen Revive, which is a multi-nutrient formulation including Grape Seed, Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C to help support the production of collagen.  Secondly, Nutrigreens is a green supplement blend of twenty-two fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms which have been combined with essential vitamins, including Zinc, vitamin D and vitamins B6 and B12. 

Finally, Zen Flow is a female-focused formulation to help support hormonal balance, reduce stress and PMS symptoms.  Combining Lemon Balm and Dong Quai extracts with vitamin B6, which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.  Each of these products can be taken as a stand-alone or taken as an adjunct to ongoing supplementation for specific concerns.  Either way, by way of introduction I am dropping the price of all Nutriburst’s gummies by 20% and I will include Ashwagandha KSM-66® in that discounted scenario.  For the interim.
Nutriburst Gummies

Last weekend I wrote about the role and importance of Co-Enzyme Q10, most especially for those who take statins to help lower cholesterol levels.  So, today I think we should look at how to lower cholesterol naturally and we do so by throwing the focus on CholestSafe.  CholestSafe combines the actions of Red Yeast Rice together with other nutrients, to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  Red Yeast Rice contains a small amount of lovastatin, together with many other compounds, which have been clinically evaluated and shown to reduce elevated cholesterol levels without any side effects.

I will leave Shabir to do the in-depth on cholesterol, which he does in his article linked below, but it should be noted that CholestSafe also contains Guggul and Artichoke, which help support the liver.  The liver is the primary gland that manufactures and destroys cholesterol and it should also be noted that the dosage is important here because the majority of cholesterol production occurs during the early hours of the morning.  As such we recommend a dose of one capsule in the morning and two in the evening.

One more thing to say here and that is to say that there are more than one hundred scientific studies proving the positive benefits of oat beta glucans.  OatWell Powder helps to reduce cholesterol, improve digestive health and helps to reduce blood sugar peaks after a meal.  We therefore recommend using OatWell Powder as an adjunct to CholestSafe, or you may wish to take either OatWell Powder or OatWell Crispy Hearts as stand-alone products.  Whatever your choice, I am lowering the price of OatWell Powder from £13.59 to £12 and OatWell Crispy Hearts from £9.19 to £8. 
VH Editorial: How To Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally; CholestSafe £26 for 90 Capsules; OatWell Original Powder by Lifeplan £12 for 150 grams; OatWell Crispy Hearts by Lifeplan £8 for Seven x 30 gram Sachets (offers end at midnight GMT, Sunday 5 November)

Let’s do skincare, Aurelia skincare.  Aurelia’s Ultra Brightening 15% Vitamin C Serum has been formulated with Ascorbyl Glucoside, a water-soluble form of Vitamin C combined with glucose, which steadily breaks down to pure Vitamin C.  This serum has been blended with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid with a view to help minimise dark spots and pigmentation.  I have nothing to add here other than if you buy Ultra Brightening 15% Vitamin C Serum, we will automatically include Aurelia’s hero product, Miracle Cleanser (30 ml), which has a product RRP of £15.  Whilst stock lasts.
Ultra Brightening 15% Vitamin C Serum by Aurelia London £46 for 15 ml

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to the Pink Salt Shampoo and Conditioniser from Sea Magik, so now I would like to introduce you to their Magnesium + Argan Hair Treatment Duo, aka the Magnesium + Argan Shampoo (300 ml) and the Magnesium + Argan Oil Conditioner (300 ml).  Blending Magnesium, Organic Seaweed and Argan Oil, the mineral-rich shampoo is suitable for all hair types, but is specifically targeted for dry, damaged and coloured hair.  The conditioner has the same ingredients and is therefore rich in antioxidants and vitamins. 

You can buy the shampoo and the conditioner separately, but if you buy them as a duo pack the combined price drops from £24.98 to £16.75.  Just two more things to say here, if you are allergic to essential oils, then these products are not suitable for you (or me) and furthermore I am wondering why this specific formulation is called a conditioner and not a conditioniser.  Never mind, I just have a thing about semantics.
Magnesium + Argan Hair Treatment Duo by Sea Magik £16.75; Magnesium + Argan Shampoo by Sea Magik £11.99 for 300 ml; Magnesium + Argan Conditioner by Sea Magik £12.99 for 300 ml

Actually, as so many of you know, I have a thing about rather a lot of things and one of those things is looking after our feet throughout the year.  Sure, we all want nice feet during the warmer months when they are on show, but it is important to have healthy feet at all times, which is why I am dropping the price of Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food from £12.99 to £11.  This Foot Food is an intensive, highly effective moisturiser for dry, cracked and hard skin on the feet and that’s all I really need to say here, other than the formulation includes Peppermint Oil to help soothe and stimulate tired feet.  And tired feet are a thing.  They always have been.
Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food £11 for 50 ml (whilst stock lasts)

As the nights close in, there is something truly wonderful about the flickering of candles in the dark, most especially when we surround ourselves with candles in our bathrooms as we bathe.  So, let’s take a moment to talk about candles and as we do so I will tell you that I have always loved RoseRage and GodSmell by RoadScents, so I’m dropping the price of both of these candles down to £25 from £35.  And whilst I am at it, I wrote about Restitude from TEMPLESPA a few weeks ago, so if you are looking for a bathing experience to help soothe your tired body, Restitude does that really well.  And so does Drift Away, which transforms itself into a beautiful milk bath.
RoseRage Candle by RoadScents £25 for 220 grams; GodSmell by RoadScents £25 for 220 grams; Restitude Relax & Unwind Shower & Bath Luxe by TEMPLESPA £20 for 300 ml; Drift Away Relaxing Bathing by TEMPLESPA £30 for 100 ml

And after bathing, this.  Well, it’s not compulsory, but Deep Sleep Body Whip from This Works is an overnight calming and comforting body butter which has been formulated with Magnesium and blended with Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert.  This is of course the award-winning Deep Sleep fragrance and it sits rather well with the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.  So, Deep Sleep Body Whip drops in price from £25 to £22 and on the subject of sleep, you may wish to try Nighttime (formerly called Sleep Drops) by Blooming Blends to help ease you to sleep.  Naturally.
Deep Sleep Body Whip by This Works £22 for 200 ml; Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works £21 for 75 ml; Sleep Club by This Works £13; Nighttime by Blooming Blends £22 for 30 ml (drops from £25.99 for the interim)

I have been writing about seasonal gifts for several weeks now, so I now want to do something that I do every year.  I have always believed that the value of any given gift is irrelevant, it is the thought that matters more than anything.  And so Spacemasks, which are the perfect antidote to long, stressful days.  Spacemasks gently warm your eye area and that warmth lasts approximately fifteen minutes, allowing time to unwind.  You can use Spacemasks anywhere and at any time, such as in the bath, on a plane, or as a sleep aid, helping to prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Each box of Spacemasks contains five masks, so my suggestion here is that you open the box and gift five individual Spacemasks to five different people, actually make that six individual Spacemasks and six different people because with every box of Spacemasks sold across this weekend, I will automatically throw in a single Spacemask.  There are three variations of Spacemasks, each with a different fragrance, listed below, but for the purposes of the gift, you will receive the original Spacemask.  Voila to that and voila to the Little Book of Life Admin too.
Spacemasks Original £16.50 for Five Masks; Spacemasks Chamomile Scented £16.50 for Five Masks; Spacemasks Orange and Grapefruit Scented £16.50 for Five Masks; The Little Book Of Life Admin by Spacemasks £12.50

Actually, it occurs to me that you may also wish to gift one of the Deep Sleep Pillow Sprays too, because there are five sprays in each box Sleep Club box. So, with all of that said, it is time for the Saturday only treat, so with every order placed for £35 or more, excluding p&p, we will automatically include an unspecified gift*.  Unspecified because we have many different gifts from many different brands, so I hope you enjoy the product you receive.

Finally, I was singing this song in my head as I was writing this newsletter.  The song is Reason To Believe by Rod Stewart and I know it is already on the VH Playlist, but this time I am using the version of Rod Stewart and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. There must always be a reason to believe.  There must always be hope and there must always be a place for each of us.
Reason To Believe by Rod Stewart and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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