Weekend Read 4 December 2021

Weekend Read 4 December 2021

As I welcome you to another Weekend Read, I would just like to follow through on a few things from last weekend if I may.  I will begin by saying that I was completely overwhelmed by your response and I’m not talking about products here, I’m talking about your love and support, which as you know means so much to me.  I think it speaks volumes about who and what we are together in a world which can tear us apart, leaving us reeling for so many different reasons, not least the very real struggle for survival given ongoing difficulties on so many different levels.

In some ways last weekend was a time of reflection and, in full transparency, it sent me into an emotional spin. I think many of you will be able to relate to this, because there is always a moment in time when you think you are finally being understood on a far wider scale than ever before.  And I truly believe that is what happened last weekend after I voiced my thoughts about market share, of which I doubt we have the tiniest percentage in either the health or beauty industry.  But of course we are not about market share, and as I wrote last week, we have never been about market share because I cannot, and will not, compete.  And it’s as simple as that.

And with that statement of simplicity, let’s do the products and I will begin with a treat from Lixirskin.  Why not.  So it’s called ‘Heroes’ and it is a limited edition offering.  As the name suggests it contains the Lixirskin heroes and there are four of them.  They are, in no particular order, Electrogel Cleanser, Vitamin C Paste, Universal Emulsion and Peel Express.  Each contains 30 ml of product and it has a value of £70, but whilst stock lasts, we are offering this collection to you for £45, which is a saving of 36%.  But that’s not all, each set comes with a Lixirskin Totebag and Headband. I get a bit over-excited about headbands.  I don’t really know why.
Heroes by Lixirskin £45 (Limited Edition)

I’m going to twist and turn between health and beauty this week, so with the temperatures rapidly dipping, let’s talk about poor circulation, throwing the emphasis on cold hands and feet.  Shabir does the lowdown and lists the possible causes for cold hands and feet, but it appears that this issue is more common in women, upon which I will not comment further.  But I could.  Anyway, do read Shabir’s article where he recommends Diosmin Plus and Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream, for all circulatory issues, including Raynaud’s Syndrome.  Two more things.  Diosmin Plus drops in price from £26 to £22 and perhaps do some dry skin brushing to help boost circulation.
VH Editorial: Cold Hands & Feet; Diosmin Plus £22 for 60 Capsules (offer ends midnight GMT Sunday 5 December); Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream £12.50 for 100 ml; Giving It The Brush Off by TEMPLESPA £18

And with that TEMPLESPA mention, one of those rare TEMPLESPA limited edition treats.  And it is Way To Go.  Way To Go is a gentle and non-drying Purifying Cleansing Wash which is particularly beneficial if you have acne-prone skin.  Containing Cinnamon and Pomegranate to help control excess sebum, Way To Go also includes Myrtle and Anise which act as mild antiseptics, helping to keep your skin hydrated.  So the treat arrives as I drop the price of Way To Go from £22 to £12.  And that will be whilst stock lasts. 
Way To Go by TEMPLESPA £12 for 150 ml

Back to the drop in temperatures, well it is December after all, and with the seasonal cold and flu season in full swing, I am now taking Triple Flu Defense+ every day.  I think most of you have this rather wonderful tincture, so I’ve made a new rule and I invite you to join me.  With this being one of our bestselling products at this time of year, it is, as many of you know, formulated to help combat infective viruses (and of course I’m not talking Covid here) and should be taken for symptom relief.  Except I’ve decided I’m not waiting for any symptoms to appear, so as a preventative measure, I’m taking thirty drops a day.  Merely a suggestion.  A pragmatic one perhaps.
Triple Flu Defense+ (2021-2022) by Dr Nenninger £27 for 30 ml

A couple of months ago we launched a new skincare brand into the UK, Dermelect.  I was so happy to be able to do this, most especially because we introduced their hero product, Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum, to each of you.  As I wrote at the time, this is the serum that sends acne running to the hills, but more than that, this highly concentrated multi-tasking exfoliating serum works hard while you are sleeping.  At the same time, we launched Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment to great acclaim.  Let’s continue that acclaim because with every Self-Esteem Beauty Serum bought, we will automatically include a 50 ml size of Runway Ready, which is worth £10.
Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum by Dermalect £36 for 30 ml (Including Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment 50 ml whilst stock lasts); Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment by Dermalect £20 for 103 ml

Gently does it.  Formulated to help jump-start sluggish colons, Super Cleanse For Colon remains one of our bestselling supplements in this genre, and has done for a very long time.  It contains thirteen powerful cleansing and nutritive herbs which help to stimulate colon cleansing, thereby helping to alleviate constipation.  We would always recommend Super Cleanse over harsh laxatives and quite honestly I think it is rather a good idea to do a colon cleanse two or three times a year.  So let’s do it and if we are doing it, let’s take the price of Super Cleanse For Colon down from £20 to £16 across the weekend.  In preparation for the predictable food onslaught.
Super Cleanse For Colon by Nature’s Secret £16 for 100 Tablets (offer ends midnight GMT Sunday 5 December)

An Ameliorate treat.  I think you may like this one because this features two of Ameliorate’s bestselling products, namely Transforming Body Lotion (200 ml) and Smoothing Exfoliant (150 ml).  So we have put them together, both are full size products, and together they have a value of £42.  Except whilst stock lasts, and I honestly don’t know what that will look like, I am taking the price down to £28 and I’m going to call it the Ameliorate Bundle.  I don’t think there is anything more I want to say here.  So I won’t.
Ameliorate Bundle £28 (Transforming Body Lotion 200 ml and Smoothing Exfoliant 150 ml)

We have hundreds, if not thousands, of little gems on our site, so I thought I would tell you about one of them.  It’s called MSM + Silver Topical Solution and it has been formulated to soothe dry, irritated and itchy eyes.  It also helps eradicate mild eye infections, ear wax and ear infections.  I do so love a multi-tasking product, so these sterile and non-toxic drops will act rather quickly to help ‘wash’ our eyes and help clean our ears.  I think I must be on a cleansing kick today, but the Hydrosol Silver present in this formulation is an antimicrobial, which boosts efficacy.  But then efficacy is key, and you may wish to discover the brilliance of these drops as I take the price down from £14.95 to £12 across the weekend.
MSM + Silver Topical Solution by Good Health Naturally £12 for 30 ml (offer ends midnight GMT Sunday 5 December)

On the subject of efficacy, Basix Skin Defence Cream has been formulated to target dry skin conditions and in so doing it helps provide soothing relief for eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.  Containing Kigelia Africana, the fruits of the African Sausage Tree, it needs to be said that these fruits display potent reparative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  I have often written that it is notoriously difficult to find a product that will work for everybody with compromised skin conditions, but we think this may help many of you, so I’ve taken the price down from £16.99 to £13.99.  And I’m also linking Shabir’s article on eczema below.
VH Editorial: How To Treat Eczema; Basix Skin Defence Cream £13.99 for 50 ml (whilst stock lasts)

I thought it might be useful to remind ourselves about joint supplementation, most especially at this time of the year.  Superior Joints is of course our bestselling supplement in this category and although many of you stashed this supplement last weekend, I just wanted to link you to Shabir’s article which takes an objective view on joint supplementation.  I think it is really important to remain objective in all that we do, so with that said, I hope you find the article interesting and a second bite of the cherry, as it were, as I take the price of Superior Joints down from £30 to £25 and that is joined by Curcumin Elite Turmeric Extract which drops from £29.50 to £26.
VH Editorial: An Overview Of Joint Supplements; Superior Joints £25 for 60 Capsules; Curcumin Elite Turmeric Extract £26 by Life Extension for 60 Capsules

I’m almost frightened to tell you about this next treat.  It comes from Aurelia and I have a deep and abiding memory of the Aurelia treat I did a few weeks ago where the offer was all over by about 9 am.  So forgive me for telling you that I am holding my breath, because I am.  I am all out of predictions, so let’s just do it and pray for longevity bearing in mind this is another one of those limited edition treats.  And it’s Aurelia’s Cell Repair Night Oil (30 ml), which is loaded with Kalahari and Mongongo Oils.  Further information on the product page, as all I really need to say here is that the price drops from £38 to £20.  And I’m moving on.
Cell Repair Night Oil by Aurelia London £20 for 30 ml     

I’m rolling out this article again because I think it is so relevant with everything that is happening around us.  The article is all about understanding tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion and quite honestly with the continuation of high levels of anxiety, it’s not surprising that we mostly feel worn out.  As you will read, there is a big difference between tiredness and fatigue and although Shabir takes a look at several causes of fatigue, I’ll add one to that list, the click-bait articles which send so many into a complete spin.  My recommendation is to ignore them if you can, they are not good for us, but Methyl B-12 and Super Ubiquinol CoEnzyme Q10 may help.  Price drops below.
VH Editorial: Understanding Tiredness, Fatigue and Exhaustion; Methyl B-12 £10 for 100 Tablets (drops from £12); Super Ubiquinol CoEnzyme Q10 by Life Extension £17 for 30 Softgels (drops from £20); (offers end midnight GMT Sunday 5 December)

A new supplement to tell you about.  It’s from Viridian and it’s Man 50+ Prostate Complex, an innovative prostate health supplement that combines well-researched ingredients, which include Nettle Leaf, Pumpkin Seed, Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Africanum.  With age, the prostate gland undergoes changes which may lead to certain health challenges.  The most common condition is the enlargement of the prostate which can cause problems with urination and other discomforts, most especially in men over 50.  Once again, full details on the product page as we launch by lowering the price from £32.40 to £29.
Man 50+ Prostate Complex by Viridian Nutrition £29 for 60 Capsules

Let’s talk about dogs.  And I’ll start by telling you that Ziggy Stardust Sinclair, our gorgeous Cavapoo, is now eight months old.  If he could talk, which clearly he can’t, he would tell you that his favourite shampoo is Faith In Nature’s Coconut Dog Shampoo.  As many of you will know, you have to be really careful with the curly hair of certain breeds and this shampoo spectacularly avoids knotty nightmares.  There are two other shampoos in the range, Lavender and Chamomile, so do check them out because they are also wonderful.  And perhaps you may also wish to take a look at Dog Calming Tablets by Lamberts.  And that’s a recommendation from Shabir.
Coconut Dog Shampoo by Faith In Nature £5.79 for 400 ml; Lavender Dog Shampoo by Faith In Nature £5.79 for 400 ml; Chamomile Dog Shampoo by Faith In Nature £5.79 for 400 ml; Dog Calming Tablets by Lamberts Healthcare £9.95 for 90 Tablets

I would just like to say one or two things after the last Weekend Read regarding products.  I think we more or less held it together on our stock levels, but I did write that if a famine of an unacceptable time frame should descend upon any given product, we would of course let you know.  Perhaps I was having a psychic moment, because that very thing did happen across some of the Roadscents products.  So just to say here that we will be contacting you individually if your order was affected and also to say that Roadscents are going through a re-branding process and I don’t expect more stock until at least February.  With the exception of the candles, which flicker on.
RoseRage Candle by Roadscents £35; GodSmell Candle by RoadScents £35

And just a word about Everything Cleanser from Non Gender Specific.  As many of you know, this went out of stock almost as soon as we launched it because of ongoing packaging issues, which is far from resolved across all industries.  Having placed a rather large order, this consignment did arrive in the UK two or three weeks ago, but has been declared lost.  It’s somewhere at Heathrow, but who knows where.  We arranged for an emergency consignment to be sent, which we received and we are now waiting for the second emergency consignment to arrive.  If you are on the wait list, please bear with.  Unless you fancy going to Heathrow to find it.  Because I don’t.
Everything Cleanser by Non Gender Specific £25 for 237 ml

Into the Saturday only treat we go, and this week there is no specified gift, but with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will send you a product* which I hope you enjoy using.

With the product section done, three more things to share.  So please allow me to link you to an article Sarah has written about Share A Meal and Teatime Treats, which you may also wish to share with others.  Share A Meal was founded to help support those who are lonely or unwell.  I would also like to tell you about the Ever After Garden, where over 25,000 illuminated roses are currently glowing in London’s Grosvenor Square.  When you lose someone that light doesn’t go out, and this garden will be filled with personal dedications.  The Garden is open daily, entry is free, but you may wish to dedicate a rose from £10, and I have put a link below for those who choose to do this.
Teatime Treats by Sarah Stacey; The Ever After Garden

And with a lump in my throat, can I just say that on behalf of each of us, I have dedicated a bed of roses.  This is from me personally for so many different reasons, but not least because together we have lost so many people we love.  But of course it’s not only people, so many have lost some of the things that matter most, such as self-esteem and hope, which have been taken away by the cruelty of others.  So as I write this, may our bed of roses shine brightly, most especially in defiance of the calculated manipulation witnessed and experienced upon us from the health and beauty industry.  Light will always prevail over dark.  In the end.  If we trust.  And believe.  And I believe.

The Saturday song. To be sung in conjunction with the above paragraph.  With a particular emphasis on the words ‘Who Do You Think You Are’.
Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri; The VH Playlist

Warmest love and hugs to each of you, with my ongoing gratitude for supporting us when we needed it the most.

Gill x


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