Weekend Read 30 October 2021

Weekend Read 30 October 2021

If you live in the UK, as so many of us do, you will know that the clocks go back tomorrow, Sunday 31 October at 2 am.  As the evenings draw in, we are heading into the winter months and although we are in a very different place from last winter, the pandemic is still with us, and given that I will never under-estimate the huge concerns and fears so many have, can we please try to remain pragmatic as we continue to walk together.  None of us know what the coming weeks and months will bring, so it is all we can do to uphold our trust and belief that we are each doing the very best we can.  Given the circumstances.

And on the subject of belief, I may as well start with a product that Shabir strongly believes in, and his belief is evidence-based, because he takes it himself.  That product is Superior Joints.  I think it would be incredibly easy to keep introducing new products into any given sector of health, but there is little point when you believe that the product recommended is, in our opinion, best-in-class.  And so it is with Superior Joints, with Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM), this formulation will help provide pain relief for many concerns, including arthritis, joint pain and shoulder pain.

I am forever grateful for Shabir’s editorials for many different reasons, firstly because it means that I don’t have to write reams about each product, but more than that it is so important to be able to back-up our recommendations with facts in order that you may make an educated decision about the supplements you choose to take.  And so I am linking one such article below, together with a study published in May 2009 about the benefits of NEM.  With that done, I am taking the price of Superior Joints down to £25 from £30 across the weekend.  Long live flexibility.  Is what I say.
VH Editorial: Read This If You Are Taking Glucosamine And Suffer From Painful Joints; Superior Joints £25 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight GMT Sunday 31 October)

Following through, it would be rather remiss of me not to mention Ross J Barr’s Healing Patches if we are talking about easing aches and pains.  So I’m mentioning them because they can be used very effectively in conjunction with Superior Joints, although you can of course use them as a stand-alone, as so many do.  So let’s give it the treatment and follow through by reducing the price of the Healing Patches from £15 to £10, also across the weekend.  And if I’m talking about patches, let’s also apply that to the Calm Patches, by also taking down the price from £15 to £10.  Spreading and sharing.  Healing.  And Calm.  In a turbulent world.
Healing Patches by Ross J Barr £10 for Five Patches; Calm Patches by Ross J Barr £10 for Ten Patches (offers end at midnight GMT Sunday 31 October)

Let it be known that wait lists disturb my equilibrium.  They always have and they always will, so it is with a huge sense of relief that I can now tell you that we have received the second consignment of Triple Flu Defense+.  And thank goodness for that because this is the homeopathic remedy which is formulated each year to help combat current infective viruses and helps to reduce the severity of the symptoms of infection.  I totally swear by these drops, as so many of us do, so with that said, I hereby announce that the wait list has been demolished.  For the moment.  And the normal caveat, in that I am not referring to the Covid-19 virus here.  Needs to be said.  So I’ve said it.
Triple Flu Defense+ (2021-2022) by Dr Nenninger £27 for 30 ml

A few weeks ago I received an email with a request.  And that request was asking me to be more upbeat with the words I write each week.  It went on to state that it was depressing to keep reading about subjects like stress, anxiety and hair loss.  Of course we are all allowed an opinion, but can I just say that we are predominantly a health site, and within that remit I am extraordinarily aware of the mental strain and anxiety that accompanies so many concerns, including hair loss and stress, both of which affect so many.

What I would find even more depressing was if I ignored these health concerns, as if they didn’t exist.  But they do exist and they predominantly exist because of the trauma so many of us have lived through over the recent past.  And I’m not finished yet, because our very existence is based upon the need to share, not only with our recommended products, but with a depth of compassion for those who feel so alone in their struggle to understand the complexities of any given circumstance.  I can only do what I can do, but the one thing I will never do is pretend to be happy if I’m not, or pretend that the world is kind and wonderful.  Because, for the most part, it’s not.

So of course you all know what I’m going to do now.  I’m going to throw the focus on hair loss and stress, and we’ll begin with thinning hair and hair loss.  I think the best I can do here is to refer you to another one of those Trinny & Shabir videos, where they discuss this concern together.  It is accompanied by an article written by Shabir, where he recommends several different products and I’ll mention those in a minute.  But before I do, I really need to manage expectations here because there is no such thing as an overnight fix, and although some see improvement earlier than six months, we do think that it can take that long for this form of supplementation to kick in.

I am fully aware of the implications by suggesting you take certain supplements for six months or more, not least the financial implications.  So with that said, I am now going to do a triple-whammy by dropping the price of three of the supplements mentioned in Shabir’s article, as follows.  Superior Hair drops from £30 to £25, Florisene For Women drops from £19.50 to £15 and Ionicell drops from £20 to £17.  So that’s two of our bestselling supplements dropping in price in one sentence.  I would love to extend this across the weekend, but I don’t think our stock levels will allow me to do that, so this offer will end at midnight BST tonight.  If we have enough.
Superior Hair £25 for 90 Capsules; Florisene For Women by Lamberts £15 for 90 Tablets; Ionicell For Women £17 for 60 Vegicaps (Offers end at midnight BST Saturday 30 October)

It always bothers Shabir when I do several bestselling treats on one newsletter.  And the reason he gets bothered is because it is of course difficult to keep this up and he worries that I won’t have anything to write about next week, or the week after.  I completely understand, but I have to follow my instincts and do whatever I need to do in and of that moment.  And with that said, I wrote above that I was going to talk about stress, so I’m doing that by reducing the price of yet another bestselling product, Magnolia Rhodiola Complex down from £28 to £24 across the weekend, or whilst stock lasts. 

I’ll worry about next week’s Weekend Read next week.  And I could be staring at a blank screen because I may have nothing left to give or say.  Actually, I can tell you right now that I have a new product launch to do next weekend, so that’s one or two paragraphs.  And if there is nothing else to tell you about, we’ll discuss my views about the underbelly of society, which should be interesting, bearing in mind I could write a book on the subject.  Anyway, back to it and the article and product link for Magnolia Rhodiola Complex are below.
VH Editorial: How To Combat Stress Effectively; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £24 for 60 Capsules (Offer ends at midnight GMT Sunday 31 October)

Let’s do beauty.  And I will begin by telling you about a new product launch from Ameliorate.  Well, it’s not exactly new because I am talking here about the bestselling Transforming Body Lotion, but what is new is the fragrance.  Soft Oriental has fragrant notes of Freesia, Bergamot, Lavender and Tonka Wood and such it is another one of those Limited Edition products.  I don’t think I really need to write about the qualities of Transforming Body Lotion, because we all know that this was primarily formulated to tackle Keratosis Pilaris.  The rest is history.
Transforming Body Lotion – Soft Oriental £24 for 200 ml

Icon Night Cream from Sarah Chapman features a revolutionary targeted drone delivery system, alongside a pioneering Vitamin A complex and peptide formula.  It has been blended to hydrate, plump and brighten skin and it can be used as first defence against fine lines and dullness.  So here’s the thing, it is pretty expensive, £98 for 30 ml, but if you spend £80 or more on any of the Sarah Chapman products, on one order, we will send you a complimentary Icon Night (5 ml), which has a value of £19.50.  This could be the moment you decide you need the Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer.  I need one too actually, Lara stole mine.
Sarah Chapman; Pro-Hydro-Mist Steamer by Sarah Chapman £119

A few weeks ago I did a Saturday only treat and we received so much feedback about the gift, that I feel compelled to write about it again.  The product I am referring to is the Fusswohl Moisturising Foot Mask.  At the time I didn’t actually list the product on our site because we buy certain products purely to give away.  You wouldn’t know the price of this gift because it was a gift, so I will tell you now that the price should be £4.99, but we have just managed to get another consignment, albeit quite limited in number, so whilst stock lasts, I will offer the Moisturising Foot Mask to you for £2.  I predict this will be over by about 10 am.  Shabir thinks 11 am.  Lara thinks 9 am.
Fusswohl Moisturising Foot Mask £2

Rolling on, as we seem to do each week when I write about beauty, I have a limited volume of Aurelia’s Cell Revitalise Day Moisture to share with you.  Fusing probiotic and peptide technologies, this lightly whipped formulation includes botanicals such as omega-rich Baobab, Borage Oil and Mongongo Oil.  I know that I’ve just written about a Sarah Chapman night time treat, so for balance this is a day cream.  And with that said, I am reducing the price of Aurelia’s Cell Revitalise Day Moisture from £32 to £19.50.  Until we run out.  When it will be over.
Cell Revitalise Day Moisture by Aurelia London £19.50 for 30 ml

Two more health concerns before we go into the Saturday only treat.  The first is Adrenal Stress, and although I haven’t written about it for a while, it is well documented that stress, whether physical, emotional or environmental, can stimulate a cascade of hormone production by the adrenals, which includes adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.  Adrenal Stress is complex, so I will refer you to Shabir’s article on the subject, where he recommends Magnolia Rhodiola Complex.  Two similar health concerns, one product, but do also take a look at Ross J Barr’s Adrenal Calm Formula because it’s another excellent formulation.  As I take the price down from £32 to £29.
VH Editorial: Adrenal Stress; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £24 for 60 Capsules; Adrenal Calm Formula by Ross J Barr £29 for 60 Capsules (Offers end at midnight GMT Sunday 31 October)

Finally, let’s talk about headaches and migraines.  And we need to talk about this because the incidences of headaches and migraines have almost reached epidemic proportions.  Of course stress plays its role, but it is thought that over 50% of those suffering from migraines have a magnesium deficiency.  Often described as the anti-stress mineral, magnesium has the ability to relax muscles and nerves.  Shabir’s short article is linked below, together with his recommended magnesium supplement, Neuro-Mag.  One final fling here, as I take down the price of Neuro-Mag from £32.95 to £28.  I feel a brain throb coming on fast.  Not mine.  Shabir’s.
VH Editorial: Preventing Headaches and Migraines; Neuro-Mag by Life Extension £28 for 90 Capsules

You know how I get a touch over-excited when a plan comes together, well a plan has come together with this week’s Saturday only treat.  With every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include the 50 ml size of Ameliorate’s Smoothing Body Exfoliant*.  This is the highly-effective cream that delivers instant relief from rough, dry and bumpy areas and can be used as either a stand-alone, or as a prep for Transforming Body Lotion, which I have written about above.  Full product details listed below.
Smoothing Body Exfoliant by Ameliorate £18 for 150 ml

As we come to the end of another Weekend Read, I will leave you with this song.  It is Reason To Believe by Rod Stewart.  Nothing more.  To give.
Reason To Believe by Rod Stewart; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x 


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