Weekend Read 3 July 2021

Weekend Read 3 July 2021

Well here we are, it’s July and as the days, weeks and months roll by, the importance of strengthening our love and support for and of each other increases as does the understanding that none of us are an island and we need each other to get through.  And whatever it is that we need to get through, we will do that thing together knowing that we must seek positive-based solutions to the issues that confront us.  Of course life will always throw up varying problems, it always has, but these issues and concerns have obviously been heightened considerably, so the need to address them remains of paramount importance.

And as we address the issues, we do so knowing that our health and wellbeing will give us the strength and fortitude we each need to help us overcome.  And of course we do this in differing ways, which I will continue to write about in these weekly newsletters.  But for now I am going to write about our immunity.  Basically because whatever the status quo, I don’t believe any of us can be complacent about the importance of protecting our immunity, as best we can.  And in so doing, I am now going to write about Daily Immunity.  In July.

Since March 2020, I must have written several thousand words about immunity, offering advice and recommendations on the products that work best in this respect, together with several hundred caveats stating in full transparency that none of these products would prevent you from getting the Covid-19 virus.  That of course remains, but whereas in years prior to 2020 we have always recommended taking immunity supplementation from the first day of Autumn until the first day of Spring, that now changes and we are recommending that we should begin building our immune system for the Winter months.  Starting now.  If you are not already doing so.

So what to take.  Well, Daily Immunity is our bestselling immunity supplement and in certain respects I suppose we could call it the ‘umbrella supplement’ because it is loaded with hard-hitting ingredients to help prime our immune systems.  Shabir made sure of that because he formulated it.  He has also written six articles about it, which you can read on the product page, but I am linking the most comprehensive of those below.  Which of course saves me from writing any more about Daily Immunity, except to tell you that I am taking the price of Daily Immunity down from £26 to £21 until next Friday 9 July at midnight BST. 
VH Editorial: A Daily Supplement That Supercharges Your Immunity; Daily Immunity £21 for 60 Capsules

And on from that, another Shabir-formulated-product and it’s Superior Hair.  Another bestselling product because this is the supplement that encourages new hair growth, helps prevent hair loss and nourishes the hair follicles.  The single biggest factor of hair loss was always known to be the imbalance of the female hormones, which led to male hormone dominance, but over the past year or so it has become increasingly apparent that stress is currently dominating hair loss issues.  Hair loss has, and always will be, a hugely emotive subject for so many of us.  And it’s all we can do to help support the issue by offering a solution. 

In full acknowledgement of the above, I am doing three things.  The first is that I am reducing the price of Superior Hair down from £30 to £25. The second is that we strongly believe that the extraordinarily potent Fulvic Acid Mist, which is powered by Ioniplex, will help renew cell life and keratin function in our scalp, follicles and hair.  It also works rather magically, as so many of you know, to help improve nail strength and added to that, we also recommend spraying it on sparse brows and lashes.  And it’s safe to do so.  When so many dedicated products aren’t.  No names.  And a slight deviation.  But I will now take down the price of Fulvic Acid Mist from £25 to £20.

And the third thing, because we are counting, is that menopausal hair loss is another huge issue, so with all of that covered, I will link Shabir’s article on that below and will tell you that as with Daily Immunity, I am extending these offers until next Friday 9 July at midnight BST.  Shabir will have a fit.  But never mind that because there are more fits to come for him in celebration of his birthday tomorrow.  And I haven’t made him a birthday cake.  Because I haven’t had time.  So Happy Birthday Shabir.  As we wave and sing Menopause Rhapsody to him.  I’m sorry, I can’t help myself.  This song just kills me.  Any excuse.  To laugh.  And head bang.  Together. 
Menopause Rhapsody; VH Editorial: Menopausal Hair Loss; Superior Hair £25 for 90 Capsules; Fulvic Acid Mist £20 for 120 ml

It is at this point that I think Shabir will now have a triple fit.  I mean I can’t really ask you to sing Menopause Rhapsody without mentioning Sage Complex, which is also a bestselling supplement for all peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.  So that’s three bestselling supplements, one after the other.  And three treats, one after another.  As I take the price of Sage Complex down from £25 to £22, also ending next Friday 9 July at midnight BST.  With five articles on the product page for you to read, I think I should end this right now as I fully expect Shabir will try and ban me from writing weekly bulletins.  Perhaps he would like to write them instead. Touché.
Sage Complex £22 for 90 Capsules

Moving on, let’s do some updates.  And I will begin my telling you that in a hugely unexpected development, Derma E’s Crepey Skin Repair Treatment is now back in stock.  I was told that we wouldn’t receive it until the end of July at the earliest, but here we are at the beginning of July.  So another celebration and if you relate to one of the lines in Menopause Rhapsody, ‘I’m All Cracked And Dry’, this may help.  Face, body, mind and soul.  The Crepey Skin phenomenon.  Continues. 
Crepey Skin Repair Treatment by Derma E £20 for 180 grams

Also continuing, the global demand for iS Clinical’s LiProtect SPF 35.  The wait list was long, very long and I’m not surprised because whenever iS Clinical launch a new product, it is a big deal.  And that’s because the launches are carefully considered and they are often in research and development for three years, or longer.  Over the past few weeks we have been receiving very small volumes of LiProtect to help cover off the wait list, but we are now fully back in stock, which is a relief.  Because this is another brilliant product from iS Clinical.  In a very long line of them.  And we all need to put this on our lips.  Truly we do.  If we can.
LiProtect SPF 35 from iS Clinical £20 for 5 grams

And just to add to that, having written on the last Weekend Read that we were still struggling with the supply and demand of the small size of Sheald Recovery Balm, we received a rather large consignment late on Friday afternoon.  That would be the Friday afternoon before last Saturday’s Weekend Read, so I couldn’t change my words, but nonetheless is was a huge relief, most especially because I am still receiving a virtual avalanche of emails praising the efficacy of Sheald for wound healing.  And on from that, an equal volume of praise for all that Fulvic Acid Nail Cream does.  And it does a lot.  As per my words of the last few weeks.  Specifically.
Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £20 for 15 grams; Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £52 for 60 grams; Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml

Let’s do some beauty products.  Garden of Wisdom products actually.  And I’ll start with Salicylic Acid and Shabir’s article on blackheads.  In fact it is a complete lowdown on blackheads, the cause, the treatment and the recommendation of Salicylic Acid 2% Serum for the removal of blackheads and how to use it.  And although not mentioned in the article, I am going to link this serum with Pore Cleaning Powder because I think these two products should be used in conjunction with each other.  Love that pink powder.  I think it’s epic and because of that Salicylic Acid 2% Serum reduces in price from £10 to £8 and Pore Cleaning Powder comes down to £9 from £12. Across the weekend.
VH Editorial: Using Salicylic Acid For Blackheads; Salicylic Acid 2% Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £8 for 30 ml; Pore Cleaning Powder by Garden of Wisdom for VH £9 for 50 grams (Offers End Sunday 4 July At Midnight BST)

A new supplement.  And it’s called Cytokine Suppress with EGCG.  Both Shabir and I believe that Cytokine Suppress is a crucial supplement because its primary function is to deal with inflammation management.  Inflammation is a natural process that affects every cell and organ in the body, but as we age it becomes increasingly important to help maintain a balanced inflammatory response and it is best done at a deep molecular level.  Cytokine Suppress has been shown to be highly effective in helping to shut down low-grade and chronic inflammation, both of which accelerate the ageing process, which often results in health concerns.

So what exactly is Cytokine Suppress and how does it work.  It works by providing two natural food ingredients, both having the ability to help promote an inflammatory immune response.  The first is the humble Mung Bean and its potent benefit is delivered by molecules found primarily in the seed coat of the Mung Bean.  And the second is EGCG (epigallocate-chin-3-gallate), the major beneficial component in Green Tea.  Acting together these compounds help regulate healthy levels of a protein molecule known as HMGB1.  And it is this molecule that is responsible for controlling the signalling compounds, known as cytokines, that cause inflammation.

A lot has been written about cytokines recently, but in an attempt to keep things as straightforward as we can, I will refer you to Shabir’s article in Inflammaging, which he recently updated to include the launch of this important new supplement.  And it’s all done in the name of research and development.  The ongoing scientific research and development.  That backs up the words that we write.  And the products we recommend.  That’s all I wish to say.  Really.
VH Editorial: Inflammaging; Cytokine Suppress with EGCG by Life Extension £26 for 30 Capsules

An interesting fact.  Aduna’s Super-Cacao Powder is the first cacao powder with a heart health claim approved by the European Food Safety Authority.  It is known as the happy heart bean and all I am going to do here is to tell you that it makes a fabulous smoothie and that Shabir has done the lowdown on the health benefits of Super-Cacao, so I don’t need to.  What I do need to do is to tell you that across the weekend, I am taking the price down from £9.99 to £7.99, whilst stock lasts.  As we blend.  With a banana.  Perhaps.
VH Editorial: The Benefits Of Raw Cacao Powder; Super-Cacao Powder by Aduna £7.99 for 275 grams (Offers End Sunday 4 July At Midnight BST)

In this week’s Health Notes Sarah writes about Dry Eye Syndrome.  As so many of you know, Dry Eye Syndrome is a common problem and I have of course been writing about it for several weeks and how the Heated Eye Wand has performed brilliantly in helping to resolve dry eye issues.  In this article Sarah states that the pandemic has significantly increased the number of sufferers, as we spend more hours locked to our screens.  Offering solutions, other than the wand, she also includes Shabir’s article on the symptoms of dry eyes.  So for ease, I’m linking both below.  And of course the link for the Heated Eye Wand.  Because I can.
Get Dry Eyes Blinking Better by Sarah Stacey; VH Editorial: Symptoms Of Dry EyesHeated Eye Wand by Peep Club £60

Following on from that, an update on the Peep Club products.  We have just about managed to keep most of the products in stock, with the exception of the Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads and I do feel a famine looming on the Instant Eye Relief Spray too.  I do have scheduled dates for their delivery, but anything can happen as we all know.  With that said, I hope that all wait lists will be conquered by mid-July, or before.  And one more thing, I know the Soothing Coconut Eye Balm was created specifically for the eye area, but I self-massage my legs and feet with it.  Straight from the fridge.  One product.  Numerous uses.  And applications. 
Heated Eye Wand by Peep Club £60; Instant Eye Relief Spray by Peep Club £15 for 17 ml; Soothing Coconut Eye Balm by Peep Club £20 for 120 ml; Cleansing Lash Foam by Peep Club £20 for 50 ml; Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads (Eight Pads + One Laundry Bag) by Peep Club £15 (Wait List - Still)

Another update and this time it is all about Lixirskin, The Lab Edit, Universal Body Oil and Universal Body Grains.  The Lab Edit, as most of you will have read last week, was created as an exploration of products, outside the Lixirskin range.  It enables the release of a series of triumphant products created by Dr Colette Haydon in her lab.  And just to reiterate, I also wrote that conceptually there was no permanence and that each of the products released would be limited editions, with some more limited than others.  And so we released Universal Body Grains.  In celebration of the launch of The Lab Edit.  And then the inevitable happened.  There were none left.

Having also written that The Lab Edit defies rules, there remains this wonderful scenario of freedom, which means you can make it up as you go along.  And so that’s exactly what Colette and I have done.  And although I know I wrote that the offer was limited, there is limited and limited and so Colette has gone back into the lab to make some more Universal Body Grains.  Because they are made in the lab, this can take time as they don’t roll off a factory conveyer belt, but they are being made with love and gratitude in recognition of your support.  As we extend the offer of gifting you Universal Body Grains, which will accompany each order for Universal Body Oil.
Universal Body Oil £39 for 100 ml (Includes Universal Body Grains 150 grams whilst stock lasts)

I’m actually wondering what would happen if Colette invited Shabir into her lab so they could create something together.  Another thought to ponder upon, but before I go off into a dream state, which happens often, I have one more treat for you.  Short and sweet.  Because we had a very limited volume of Aurelia’s Resurfacing Serum last weekend, I am taking our own Super Bakuchiol Serum and reducing the price from £15 to £12 across the weekend.  I am also linking Shabir’s article which explains why Bakuchiol is the natural alternative to Retinol.  The studies referred to are only applicable if the patented Bakuchiol material, Sytenol A, is used.  And we used it.  That’s all.
VH Editorial: Bakuchiol, A Natural Alternative To Retinol; Super Bakuchiol Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £12 for 30 ml

And into the Saturday only treat we go.  So with every order placed for £30 and above today, excluding p&p, we will include a bottle of the Miracle Leave-In Conditioner (59.1 ml) by It’s A Ten Haircare.  Formulated for dull and damaged hair, it smooths, detangles, eliminates frizz and helps prevent split ends.  It will also help make your hair shine and it also happens to be a massive bestseller in America.  I hope you enjoy using it and you can of course see the entire range of It’s A Ten products on the link below.
It's A Ten Haircare

A few more things to say.  And I will begin by thanking Poppy Delbridge for guiding so many of us through a Rapid Tapping session last Sunday evening.  It is always a very special moment of time as we come together to tap.  This profound therapy continues to help so many of you and once more my love and gratitude to Poppy for sharing her often life-changing work with so many of us.  Just also to say here that each Monday at 11.11 am, Poppy does a free guided tap on Instagram, which should last eleven minutes, but often stretches to about twenty minutes.  Together with Poppy I invite you to join this on the link below.  I have also linked Poppy’s website for a more in-depth explanation about Rapid Tapping.
Rapid Tapping On Instagram; Rapid Tapping Website

And finally, the Saturday song.  I know this means that there are two songs on this Weekend Read, but I don’t think it matters.  What matters is that music continues to heal and because music plays such an important role in my life, I will continue sharing with you.  And this week’s song is no exception.  It is a deep reflection of my opening words in that none of us are an island.  It is a Lennon/McCartney composition and as such it first appeared on the Sgt. Pepper album.  But this is the version that I have always loved.  So please let me share, as the late, great Joe Cocker performs With A Little Help From My Friends.  Live at Woodstock.  1969.
With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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