Weekend Read 27 November 2021

Weekend Read 27 November 2021

Well, well.  Here we are sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and as such I am changing things up this week for several different reasons, but primarily because this is the week where I just want to say a few things, before I even mention any products.  I want to talk about sustained healing, I want to talk about our lives, I want to talk about expressing ourselves, but most of all I want to talk about reality, our reality.

I suppose that in some way my words today are a reflection of this year, a year where we have shared so many different things together, but this is the way it should be, and it has always been that way.  In some respects, I feel that the world has gone completely mad around me and there are times when I think I am losing my head, but then I remind myself that I can’t lose my head, well not yet anyway.  I still have work to do.  And things to say.  Because there is one thing I will never do, and that is to hold back on the things that matter most to us.  But I think you know that.

Probably one of the most important things to say here is that I continue to follow your lead, which then determines the words that I write each week, and the actions that I take.  I know I have written this several times, but my gratitude is such that quite honestly we would not be here without each of you.  It is of course in and of that respect that we continue to build the trust, belief and hope we share together.  And just to also say that I will not, and cannot, sit back and watch as so many lives are destroyed by the actions of others.  I have to stand in the truth, both yours and mine.  And I’m not afraid to do that.  Because I detest injustice.  And condescension.

This leads me to talk about writing from experience, which I will always do.  Like so many of you, I have been to hell and back, mostly at the hands of others.  At this point I really don’t want to talk about specific incidents, but what matters here is that writing from experience helps so many who are struggling to cope and understand their own reality.  I do have to say that I have been accused by many of ‘manufacturing’ these stories as a marketing ploy.  Of course, these accusations cut deep, I’m hugely sensitive, but they are so very wrong, and it won’t stop me telling it as it is.  Ever.

Life is fragile, it always has been, but it is all we can do to take one day at a time in order to help overcome numerous difficulties.  It is for that very reason that I now write weekly because there is always something to say or something we really need to share in order to support ourselves, and each other.  We come from many different walks of life, but bereavement is bereavement, terminal illness is terminal illness, abuse is abuse and pain is pain, no matter what.  And healing is a process.

Music is one of the most profound forms of healing, which is why I continue to link music at the end of each Weekend Read.  In many ways it reflects each and every moment of our journey together throughout some really difficult times.  The collective VH Playlist is there for many different purposes, but mostly it serves to comfort and support when we need it the most.  I often find myself dipping in and out of it because of the connection to the many of you who so often respond with your own thoughts and feelings. And just so you know, the most-played song is We Shall Overcome by Bruce Springsteen.  The words are my overriding message and mission.

Given that our mission is to share on all things, can we just talk about box sets for a moment or two, because certain box sets have been the subject of hundreds of emails between us.  And long may that continue as the fourth season of Selling Sunset was released this week and the second series of Emily In Paris will be released on 22 December.  With that said, a recommendation from me.  This won’t be for everybody, but together with most of my friends, I am totally and utterly gripped by Dopesick.  It is streaming on Disney+, yet another subscription to add to the list, and it throws the focus on OxyContin and Big Pharma.  I think I will leave it there.  I want to live.

And with that said, I suppose I had better talk about products.  Except I’m not really going to talk about specific products as such.  What I do want to say before anything else is that I thoroughly dislike forced commercialism, and notwithstanding the fact that we released our Black Friday offers midweek, the main purpose of that was to be able to share some of our own products, all of which were formulated by Shabir.  So, I shall continue. 

And I will continue by telling you that I am throwing a 20% site discount across all of the products listed on our site, with one or two exceptions, which I will write about in a moment.  This offer will last the entire weekend and will end at midnight GMT tomorrow, Sunday 28 November.  In the midst of all the madness going on around us, please know from me that I am not doing this to gain market share, or any of the other shenanigans that are rife in the health and beauty industry, so a few more words on this. 

In reality, I can forget all about market share because Shabir and I remain independent of funding or investment and I will not even try to compete in an industry that is now mostly governed by a few conglomerates.  So I have done a brain switch and in so doing, this 20% site discount has nothing whatsoever to do with this particular moment of time, but it has everything to do with the fact that I want to try and make life a little bit better over this weekend.  And of course it presents an opportunity to try products which may have previously been prohibitive because of the cost, which is hugely relevant here.

So logistically I do need to say a few things, so please, please read very carefully.  The 20% discount will not show up on each individual product page, but it will be displayed at the point of checkout.  I have deliberately put that in bold font because it is important, and I know what will happen if I don’t put the emphasis on that.  To the VH Addicts, please know that although I am offering a 20% site discount, you will receive an extra 10% on top of your existing 10% discount, so in effect it is an even playing field this weekend.  I hope you can accept and understand my decision.  Furthermore, I am unable to discount any of the Temple Spa products and I am also unable to discount the cost of becoming a VH Addict, which is a digital offering.

With the logistics done, I honestly don’t know what will happen this weekend.  I am guessing that many of you will stash some of our bestselling products, such as HA, Ionicell and Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, which thankfully is now back in stock, and I suppose that skincare will be pretty high on the agenda also, but all that remains to be seen.  What also remains to be seen is how our stock levels hold up, so unless something goes seriously wrong, we will honour all orders placed across the weekend, although if a famine of an unacceptable time frame should descend upon any given product, we will of course let you know.  Some of these things are out of our control.

So as we release this, and with a RoseRage candle burning by my side, I shall probably be hiding under my desk and if it gets really bad, I may need to run away and leave everything to Shabir. Can you imagine his face.  It’s almost worth fleeing.  Anyway, that is my last Shabir mention and I suppose I should really link you to two or three products.  And actually that is a tremendously easy thing to do because after my words about gifting and Spacemasks last weekend, I will put the link to Spacemasks below, as we continue to share the warmth, and on the health front, I’ll link you to Ionicell, which could well be the commencement of your 20% discounted journey.  Who can tell.
Spacemasks; Ionicell For Women; RoseRage Candle  

Two more things, one is of course the Saturday only treat.  I am a creature of habit, so although there is an awful lot going on, I will still honour this initiative today, so with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include one of those fabulous Biobelle Botanical Fiber (it’s American) Facial Masks*.  I honestly don’t know which one you will receive because we have a few to share, but whichever one you do receive, please enjoy using it.  All Biobelle masks linked below for product information.
Biobelle Masks

And finally I am sharing these words that were sent to me: ‘I’m sending you a beautiful piece of music that I play when, or if, life is just too painful’.  Perhaps we can play this together.  And if we cry, we cry.  The soul’s journey.  Angela, thank you. 
Ave Maria by Sumi Jo; The VH Playlist

With love and understanding.

Gill x


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