Weekend Read 27 January 2024

Weekend Read 27 January 2024

Hello on another Saturday morning and as we come together on the last Saturday of the month, I am going to continue the celebration of product wisdom and excellence, and so we are going straight in as we celebrate the brilliance of Ionicell.  We launched Ionicell as a next-generation hair, skin and nails formulation many years ago, and to date I really don’t think that anything comes close to the efficacy of this product in its genre.

It is another one of our bestselling supplements and although there are clinicals supporting the power of Ioniplex, the Fulvic ionic mineral used in this formulation, the anecdotal evidence is of equal importance.  That anecdotal evidence continues to demonstrate the ability of Ionicell to make a positive difference to our hair, skin and nails and at this point I will refer you to the reviews of this product, which saves me writing volumes about its numerous benefits. 

Often taken in conjunction with HA, Ionicell is the capsule version of Fulvic Elixir, but I think most of you know that.  We felt it was important to offer a choice between the liquid and the capsules and although I take both, there really is no need for you to do the same, although I know some of you do.   With the White Paper on Ioniplex linked on the product page, I am taking the price of Ionicell down from £22 to £19 across the weekend.  We are having a happy moment.
Ionicell £19 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 28 January)

A moment here to talk about HA, having mentioned it above.  There are those supplements, HA being one of them, which we believe play a crucial role in the ageing process and it plays a crucial role because the HA levels in our body decline with age, so it makes total sense to supplement those declining levels.  A bestselling product can only ever be a bestselling product if it serves a purpose and HA definitely serves a purpose, as does NAD+ Generator, incorporating RiaGev®, which has been clinically proven to increase the levels of NAD in our bodies, the levels of which also decline with age.
Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 for 30 Capsules; NAD+ Generator £32 for 30 Capsules

So there we have it, some more words on HA, which as I wrote last weekend I have been writing about for more than two decades.  And because we are on a roll, Mega Probio is another supplement I have been writing about for more than two decades, and as with HA, Mega Probio was also featured in The Sunday Times as being one of the best broad-spectrum probiotics on the market.  And that still stands.

It has had a slight name change from Mega Probiotic ND and as with most of our other bestselling supplements, it has had several tweaks to its formulation as new and important research comes to the fore.  But the essence of the product has never changed, so in celebration of constancy, which I also wrote about last weekend, I am dropping the price of Mega Probio from £23 to £20, also across the weekend.  And just to say that Shabir has written sixteen articles about Mega Probio, one of which I have linked below and the rest can be found on the product page.
VH Editorial: The Most Important Supplement For The Whole FamilyMega Probio £20 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 28 January)

In time, Mega Probio will also carry the DoSe branding and at this point I still don’t know which of our existing supplements will be the first to be re-branded.  But what I do know is that we have just received another consignment of DoSe Liposomal Vitamin C, which is just as well as a wait list was looming, so we have just about managed to avoid that situation, for which I am grateful. 

DoSe Liposomal Vitamin C is formulated with Quali-C™, a high quality, pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin C, which makes a statement about intent and purpose.  The intent is to offer the very best form of Liposomal Vitamin C currently available, and Quali-C™ is the world’s first branded Vitamin C, and the purpose is to demonstrate the efficacy and absorption of liposomal supplementation, which we will continue to demonstrate over the coming weeks and months.  And with that said, I am dropping the price of DoSe Liposomal Vitamin C from £35 to £30, which in and of itself is a statement of intent about an unfolding journey which has only just begun.
VH Editorial: The Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin; DoSe Liposomal Vitamin C £30 for 240 ml (48 days supply) (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 28 January)

Referring once again to the last Weekend Read (WR), I tend to write the WR at the beginning of each week, so I had already written the last Weekend Read before Shabir did the ‘live’ with Trinny last Wednesday.  There were a couple of things that were spoken about during their discussion, so I would just like to follow through on those, the first of which is about bladder control and incontinence, which is a really common concern.

There have been three separate studies which have demonstrated the effectiveness of water soluble pumpkin extract with reference to alleviating urinary incontinence.  The pumpkin seed has a long history of use for healthy bladder function, but more recently Japanese scientists have patented a method to obtain the water-soluble constituents of the pumpkin seeds, which are absorbed far more efficiently into the bloodstream, with the results from human studies showing that the maximum benefits occur after six to eight weeks of continued use.

Whilst the studies referred to were carried out on women, Water-Soluble Pumpkin Seed Extract is equally suitable for men, especially those wishing to help prevent prostate enlargement, or for those who already suffer from prostate enlargement.  Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) often causes urinary frequency, so supplementing with pumpkin seed extract offers a natural solution to urinary issues.  Shabir does the lowdown.
VH Editorial: Treating An Overactive Bladder; Water-Soluble Pumpkin Seed Extract by Life Extension £20 for 60 Capsules

I would also like to follow through on vaginal dryness, and although I did write about this last weekend, recommending Omega 7 as an effective solution, I didn’t write about Yes VM, which Shabir recommended on the discussion.  Yes VM is a water-based and long-lasting natural vaginal moisturising gel.  Formulated to match the typical vaginal environment, it lubricates the vaginal vault and can provide relief from the symptoms of vaginal dryness in less than an hour, with relief lasting up to three days.

I think it is important to talk about these issues because vaginal dryness can cause itching, burning, dryness and pain during intercourse, which can significantly affect women at any stage of life, but is most common for women during the menopausal years and beyond.  Many women struggle with sex and intimacy with the onset of vaginal dryness, so although Omega 7 is an effective solution, we always recommend using a natural topical product for optimum results.  Yes VM is that topical product because there are no skin-damaging or concerning chemicals which are typically found in vaginal moisturisers.  And that matters.
Yes VM – Natural Vaginal Moisturiser £11.99 for 100 ml; Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil by Sibu £21 for 60 Softgels

One last thing here, if you have watched the Trinny & Shabir video, just take a look at Shabir’s face when Trinny mentioned sex toys.  I don’t think she actually mentioned vibrators as such, but I will because we do list a range of vibrators on our site and that range is called Smile Makers.  Smile Makers were inspired by the belief that beauty starts with a smile and when you are smiling on the inside, you smile on the outside.  Enhancing sexual wellbeing, the bestselling vibrator is The Billionaire.  I can’t think why.
The Billionaire by Smile Makers £49.95; The French Lover by Smile Makers £49.95; The Firefighter by Smile Makers £49.95; The Tennis Pro by Smile Makers £49.95

Right, let’s move on and this is where we talk about Aduna’s Super-Cacao Powder.  Aduna’s unique blend contains cacao powder from cacao beans that have been specifically selected for their high-flavanol content and it is a better source of antioxidant flavanols than raw cacao powder.  Cacao flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, contributing to normal blood flow, but it is also rich in mood-boosting compounds, protein, fibre and antioxidants.

Aduna’s Super-Cacao is the first cacao powder with a heart health claim approved by the European Food Safety Authority, so as Shabir investigates the benefits of raw cacao powder in his article linked below, I will take the price of Super-Cacao Powder down from £9.99 to £7.99 until the end of the month, which means that the offer will end at midnight, Wednesday 31 January.
VH Editorial: The Benefits Of Raw Cacao Powder; Super-Cacao Powder by Aduna £7.99 for 275 grams

On a roll with dropping prices, I will also drop the price of each of the Nuzest products by 20%.  Each of the Nuzest products use plant-based ingredients offering potent solutions for optimal health and vitality.  Their range includes a selection of Clean Lean Protein products and the Kids Good Stuff products are amongst our bestselling products for children.  As above, this discount will run until midnight, Wednesday 31 January.
Nuzest Products

I wrote about these next two products at the beginning of the month, so this is just to say that the offer on Windows Of The Soul by Temple Spa will also end at midnight, Wednesday 31 January as will the Symprove offer.  For clarity, Windows Of The Soul has dropped in price from £35 to £25 and Symprove has dropped in price from £79.99 to £63.99.  And that’s a wrap.
Windows Of the Soul by Temple Spa £25 for 15 ml; Symprove Daily Essential Original £63.99; Symprove Daily Essential Mango & Passion Fruit £63.99; Symprove Daily Essential Strawberry & Raspberry £63.99

Let’s talk.  It is more than obvious that we are taking VH on a new and exciting journey this year, yet through all of this it remains of the greatest importance that we continue to listen to each of you.  I have always made that a priority, essentially because I have always believed that we have been granted a platform to share and if we are sharing that platform, then that given platform needs to reflect your voice as well as ours.

If we are to make a difference, then let us be that difference together and I truly believe we can make that difference to each other’s lives.  I know who and what we are, and I know our limitations in that we are never going to take market share, we are never going to be mass market, but does that really matter when your ethos is an ethos shared.  I don’t think it does, but what does matter is that we remain true to ourselves, true to our values and true to each other.  And that most definitely is not a mass market ethos.  Far from it.

Anyway, I’ve said what I wanted to say and with all of that said, I listened to the many who asked if we would drop the price of the Fulvic Travel Trio, after I wrote about the Fulvic Hair Trio last weekend.  So, yes we will and the price of the Fulvic Travel Trio drops from £25 to £15 across the weekend, or whilst stock lasts.  And an amen to all of that. 
Fulvic Travel Trio £15 (Fulvic Shampoo 60 ml; Fulvic Conditioner 60 ml; Fulvic Mist 60 ml)

Just a couple more things to share and I know I write a lot about Soapsmith, but I really do love their products, so with every order made for any of the Soapsmith products, we will automatically include their Bergenhus Soap (120 grams).  Bergenhus Soap is a limited edition soap which is released each year during the festive season, and as such it has sold out.  It may be a festive soap, but the fragrance is divine and it talks winter to me.  And we are in the midst of winter.  Only one gift per customer in order to be equitable, whilst stock lasts.
Soapsmith Products

Finally, Aurelia’s Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask is a rich and whipped cream face mask, which helps to purify and replenish the skin.  So, if you are in the mood to try a face mask, we have a limited number of Aurelia’s Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask (20 ml), which has a listed value of £22, but I’m dropping that to £12 because I feel like it.  I don’t suppose this offer will last that long, so if it fails to go into your basket, that will mean the offer is over.  Full product details listed below.
Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask by Aurelia London

Into the Saturday only treat, and with every order placed for £35 and over, excluding p&p, we will automatically send you Fulvic Face Cream (30 ml) which is worth £15.  With a smile on my face.  My Fulvic Face Cream face.    
Fulvic Face Cream

No more words needed, just this song to sing.
When You’re Smiling by Frank Sinatra; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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