Weekend Read 26 August 2023

Weekend Read 26 August 2023

Well, here we are, another Bank Holiday weekend as we prepare for September and a new term, as it were.  The past eight months have been interesting, to say the least, as we have launched several new products and brands and will continue to do so over the next four months.  Our discussions have been varied, but they remain of great importance if we are to offer that sense of belonging that helps to comfort and support so many of us, whatever that looks like.  And then there are times when we just have to cut through the rhetoric in order to determine the truth and what that means to each of us.

Life can change in any given moment, that much is obvious, and if we follow that through, research and development can change everything, and it does.  There is a learning in all things and within that learning a process, a process that allows us to make advancements in any given area of our lives, should we choose to do so.  It is within the acceptance of these processes that we gain a greater understanding of the knowledge and teachings that come before us.  If we listen.  And there is such a power in listening.

In context, we have to make those advancements if we are to continue to explore the possibilities that are available to us through the products that offer solutions for our health concerns and of course the ingredients used within those products.  Some of these ingredients are very well-known, such as Magnesium.  We have been talking about the importance of Magnesium for the longest time and its attributes are considerable, defined as such in numerous studies and clinical trials.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and it is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions carried out within the body.  It is found in our teeth, bones and red blood cells, and it is estimated that half is found in bone and the rest in the soft tissues of our bodies.  The body maintains approximately one percent of its Magnesium within blood, making blood tests notoriously difficult to identify a deficiency, although it is estimated that we are mostly Magnesium deficient, and that estimate is currently running at approximately 70% of the adult population.

Magnesium activates more enzyme systems in the body than Iron and Zinc combined, which is an important factor as our bodies become less efficient at absorbing Magnesium as we age, due in part to declining levels of digestive enzymes.  Magnesium supplementation is often overlooked, which is somewhat surprising as it has so many benefits, which are identified by Shabir in an article linked below, some of which include addressing low energy, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues, cramps, headaches, anxiety and skin health, which may surprise you but Magnesium is necessary for the elasticity and dermal protection of skin and it also helps to address compromised skin conditions.

If we are to fully understand Magnesium supplementation, it is important to say that different forms of Magnesium have varied therapeutic actions within the body, which means that any given Magnesium supplement may in fact only contain a specific form of Magnesium, such as Magnesium Glycinate, Malate or Citrate.  Of course they each have a function, but we wanted a Magnesium supplement that provided the full spectrum of Magnesium’s health benefits, with the correct therapeutic dosages, and so Shabir formulated Magnesium Complex, which contains eight forms of Magnesium.  An advancement.  A thoroughly researched advancement.
VH Editorial: Magnesium Supplements: Benefits, Deficiencies & Side Effects; Magnesium Complex £19 for 60 Capsules (drops from £22 across the long weekend, offer ends at midnight BST Monday 28 August)

I would like to stay with the benefits of Magnesium because Magnesium is known to help relax muscles and it is thought that sleep deprivation may also be linked to a Magnesium deficiency.  Several studies have indicated that Magnesium can benefit sleep quality by decreasing the release of cortisol, the stress hormone that is responsible for sleep deprivation.  So having written about supplementation, I would like to talk about topical Magnesium and we do so by talking about BetterYou’s collection of Magnesium bathing flakes, which I fully endorse.  And use.

Magnesium flakes are dry flakes of Magnesium Chloride, therapeutically formulated to be absorbed transdermally through the skin into the bloodstream where it helps facilitate sleep through chemical pathways in the brain. An added benefit is that when you take a warm bath, your body temperature increases and as it gradually cools, melatonin, the sleep hormone, is released.  Bathing in Magnesium is most definitely a thing, and it has been a thing for a very long time, so let’s celebrate by lowering the price of each of the Magnesium Flake products by 25%.  With a special emphasis on Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes.
The Magnesium Flake Collection by BetterYou

Cataracts.  Although cataracts commonly occur in the elderly, cataract formation is present in all adults over the age of thirty.  A cataract develops when proteins aggregate in the lens of the eye with a progressive loss of transparency and as the protein becomes oxidised, it hardens and loses its transparency.  Cataracts can easily be corrected by surgery, which is safe and effective, however the purpose here is to talk about how we can help prevent cataracts developing, concentrating on two factors, reducing the damage causing compounds and increasing the level of antioxidants available to the eye.

I am going to refer you to Shabir’s article, which gives a far greater understanding, however we do know that those who have cataracts have been found to have low levels of glutathione peroxidise and superoxide dismutase.  These antioxidant enzymes are manufactured by the body to protect itself from free radical damage, but on from that there is a wide acceptance by scientists that diets rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin C may significantly reduce the risk of cataract formation, which is why we will always recommend a good food-state multi-nutrient with a high antioxidant value, known as the ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

Daily Multivitamins One-A-Day is an example of a food-state multi-nutrient with a very high ORAC value, which would be our first recommendation for this health concern.  Additionally researchers at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Centre on Ageing have found that increasing carbohydrate intake through the diet increased the risk of developing cataracts.  Carbohydrates are converted by the enzyme alpha-amylase into sugar molecules and as these sugars interact with proteins, glycation occurs, which is impossible to stop.  Carnosine is a thoroughly researched amino acid, which can help protect against glycation.  And that’s important, it’s all important.
VH Editorial: Preventing Cataracts; Carnosine by Life Extension £37 for 60 Capsules; Daily Multivitamins One-A-Day £27 for 60 Tablets (drops from £30 across the long weekend, offer ends at midnight BST Monday 28 August)

Last weekend I wrote about three products from Lamberts and I would just like to follow through by mentioning another product from them which Shabir often recommends.  That product is GTF Chromium, an essential trace mineral which provides 200 mcg of chromium picolinate to help maintain normal blood glucose levels. It is thought that it may also help to prevent sugar spikes after each meal and with over fifty years of research, it is now recognised that a chromium deficiency can directly contribute to high sugar levels.  Shabir does the lowdown.
VH Editorial: Refined Sugar Ages Our Body; GTF Chromium by Lamberts Healthcare £11.95 for 100 Tablets

Staying with the products I mentioned last weekend, Viridian’s Clove & Oregano Complex is one of those supplements which can help varying health concerns.  Last weekend I wrote about its efficacy for intestinal parasites, which we all have, but it is also a brilliant supplement to take for another really common problem, fungal toe nails.  All I really need to do here is refer you to a short article, linked below, and to say that it is joined by Fulvic Acid Nail Cream, the multi-tasking (read the reviews) Fulvic Acid Nail Cream which now drops in price from £14 to £12.
VH Editorial: Fungal Toenails Treatment; Clove & Oregano Complex by Viridian Nutrition £22.40 for 60 Capsules; Fulvic Acid Nail Cream £12 for 30 ml (offer ends at midnight BST Monday 28 August)

Heart health.  It has been recognised for some time that certain nutrients play a key role in protecting our heart tissue, these include Ubiquinol, the active form of Co-Enzyme Q10, Magnesium and L-Carnitine, but ongoing research has shown D-Ribose to be the missing link in that nutrient protocol.  D-Ribose is one of the key building blocks to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which is present in every cell of our bodies.  Under normal circumstances, the liver and the adrenals produce sufficient D-Ribose to carry out their function of making compounds required for hormone production, but most other tissues, including the heart, do not produce sufficient D-Ribose.

This depletion is linked to stress and the ageing process and whilst it doesn’t affect everybody, we should be aware that the heart muscle tissue is a very specific type of muscle tissue.  D-Ribose works to provide fuel for the heart muscle tissue to function correctly and it is thought that approximately 20-25% of the population display early signs of cardiac dysfunction due to the stiffening of the heart tissue, most especially those with high blood pressure where the heart uses a lot of energy to pump blood around the body.  And with many cardiologists now recommending D-Ribose for cardiovascular concerns, let’s look at the facts.  Linked below.
VH Editorial: Protect Your Heart With D-Ribose Powder; D-Ribose Magnesium by Viridian Nutrition £29.85 for 180 grams

A few weeks ago I wrote about the oversized mushroom powder pouches from DIRTEA and now another mushroom powder pouch has been added to that collection.  Joining Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps and Chaga, Tremella Mushroom Powder is high in polysaccharides and antioxidants.  The Tremella mushroom is also known as ‘the beauty mushroom’ so with that said the Tremella Mushroom Powder Pouch has a value of £199.96, but it drops to £149.97.  The other pouches drop from £159.96 to £119.99 and each of the other powders have a price drop too.  Being neat.
DIRTEA Products

Collagen supplementation.  This is going to be short and sweet because all I need to do here is share Shabir’s article and to tell you that we are offering a 15% discount across each of the INGENIOUS products.  Their bestselling product is of course INGENIOUS Beauty, so that’s that.  Easy.
VH Editorial: How To Take Collagen Supplements; INGENIOUS Products

In mode with LixirSkin.  Founded by Dr Colette Haydon, LixirSkin is one of those skincare brands that has received many accolades and it has a huge following, which it thoroughly deserves.  I think it is really important to recognise brand loyalty, most especially in the over-crowded space that is skincare.  But in that skincare jungle, there are those brands that really stand out and LixirSkin is one of those brands.  So, in recognition of dedication, when you buy any LixirSkin product, we will automatically include Universal Emulsion (30 ml) with your order.  This is a limited edition offer and there is only one gift per customer in order that we may share as widely as we can.
LixirSkin Products (if the gift fails to go into your basket, that means that the offer is over)

We have always, and will always, keep our skincare curation tight.  I honestly don’t see the need to list hundreds of skincare brands because I am really happy with the brands that we list and I believe that they reflect and represent the very best products that are currently available.  Within that we each have a choice and of course our choices vary, so let me just say that Dermelect Cosmeceuticals also has a dedicated following and as such I am offering a 15% discount across the brand this weekend.  For the record I use Bounceback Forehead Line Treatment as a primer for make-up and Smooth Upper Lip because I don’t want vertical lip lines.  Thank you.
Dermelect Cosmeceuticals (offer ends at midnight BST Monday 28 August)

Right, moving on, let’s return to the Fulvic products and this is where I tell you that we have wanted a small sample size of Fulvic Body Lotion for nearly a year.  You would think it would be easy, but there is no such thing as easy it would seem and I am now being told we won’t have those samples for at least another six months for logistical reasons, which I am failing to understand.  I totally love Fulvic Body Lotion, so I just wanted to be able to share that love with all of you, but my hands are tied and it is out of my control.  Except it’s not totally out of my control because I am now lowering the price of Fulvic Body Lotion from £20 to £17 across the weekend.
Fulvic Body Lotion £17 for 200 ml (offer ends at midnight BST Monday 28 August)

I would just like to say here that I often talk about dosing products with serums, but there really is no need to dose Fulvic Body Lotion because it incorporates two breakthrough skincare technologies that deliver intense hydration to dry and ageing skin.  But, but, but, if you wanted to dose then I would recommend dosing with Neurophroline Serum because in studies it has been shown to take down cortisol levels, therefore acting as an anti-inflammatory to help calm and soothe skin.  Neurophroline is such an amazing ingredient, so let’s do the oversized version of Neurophroline Serum where you will receive 45 ml for the price of 30 ml.
VH Editorial: Stress Ages Our Skin; Neurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £20 for 45 ml (whilst stock lasts)

Let’s end with another serum and it’s a serum that Shabir formulated for himself because he has a whole big thing about eye products.  I don’t, but nevertheless Eye Contour Serum remains a bestselling serum and it contains caffeine and other actives to help reduce eye puffiness, eye bags, dark circles and fine lines.  I am never going to tell you that any serum, or cream, will totally eliminate puffiness and eye bags because they just can’t, but what I will say is that if you are concerned about the overall appearance of your eye area, then do try Eye Contour Serum which drops in price from £20 to £15.  Whilst stock lasts.
Eye Contour Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £15 for 30 ml

Into the Saturday only treat* we go and with every order placed for £35 or above, excluding p&p, we will automatically send you an Aurelia product to try. It’s Aurelia’s Revitalise & Glow Serum (4 ml) which is loaded with potent botanicals and full product details are listed below if you want to read all about it.
Revitalise & Glow Serum by Aurelia London

All that remains is for me to wish each of you a restful long weekend.  Let’s sing a summer song.
Summer Of ’69 by Bryan Adams; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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