Weekend Read 25 September 2021

Weekend Read 25 September 2021

As I welcome you to the Weekend Read, I would like to continue talking about some of the issues that remain concerning for so many.  This doesn’t mean we can’t laugh, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, but conversely it doesn’t mean we have to hide our thoughts and concerns when it matters the most, or pretend we are happy in an attempt to save face in front of others. 

There is an unreal expectation placed upon too many people by those who just cannot, or will not, comprehend the magnitude of stress, pain and anxiety so many are experiencing.  So I feel it is our duty and responsibility to continue talking, not only to help ease the pain of our own emotions, but to also try and understand the physical manifestation of a subject I wrote about last week, managing the ongoing side effects from viral infections, which of course includes Long Covid.

So let us begin, and I will do so by sharing an email I received last Saturday after the publication of the Weekend Read. I wrote about the study of 3500 people carried out at University College London (UCL) where 205 symptoms of Long Covid were discovered.  In line with other studies, the most common symptoms by the sixth month were fatigue, shortness of breath, problems with memory and concentration, hair loss, changes to smell and taste and joint and muscle pain.  And so the email, below:

‘This week seemed particularly personally relevant, as I currently work part-time for UCL and one of the projects I have been involved with is the Long Covid recovery app.  What a lovely team of people.  There are so many Long Covid sufferers who feel forgotten, including a number of people I know, and indeed they had been until quite recently.  Unfortunately, some who contracted the virus very early and were told to stay at home, due to mild symptoms, have taken far longer to recover than those who were hospitalised.  So I am heartened that their work is gaining more traction and more attention’.

It is all I can do here to refer you to information released in August 2020 by UCL.  It outlines an innovative digital programme, developed by UCL researchers with Barts Health NHS Trust and UCL partners to treat the long-lasting effects of the Covid-19 infection.  Obviously the stats are now inaccurate, but I thought it would be helpful to link this.  At the same time I am also linking, once again, Shabir’s article ‘Managing Winter Infections’ together with the Trinny & Shabir video on the same subject.  I do hope it all helps.
Covid-19 Long Haulers; VH Editorial: Managing Winter Infections; Trinny & Shabir Live: Managing Winter Infections

The importance of strengthening our immune system does of course follow on from these words.  Each time I write about immunity, I have to caveat it by saying that no matter what you take, there is not a supplement that will prevent you from contracting the Covid-19 virus.  So it is all I can do by sharing with you the supplements that I am currently taking, and indeed these are the same as I took last year.  In no particular order they are Daily Immunity, Fulvic Acid Elixir, Vitamin D3 and YourZooki Vitamin C.  I do take other supplementation, but I want to keep it neat with my current core four, although of course everything, and anything, can change.

There is one other form of supplemention, which is Triple Flu Defense+.  These are the drops that I doled out to most of my friends last year, but I am waiting, rather impatiently, for the 2021-2022 version, which I am assured will be with us at the end of this month.  With only a few days left to go, I hope that information is accurate, but in the meantime let’s try and support you as best we can by reducing the price of Daily Immunity down from £26 to £22, Fulvic Acid Elixir down from £30 to £25, Vitamin D Zooki down from £23.99 to £20 and Liposomal Vitamin C down from £39.99 to £35.  And we’ll do this across the weekend.  If each of them last that long.
Daily Immunity £22 for 60 Capsules; Fulvic Acid Elixir £25 for 480 ml; Vitamin D Zooki by YourZooki £20 for 14 x 15 ml Sachets; Liposomal Vitamin C by YourZooki £35 for 30 x 15 ml Sachets (Offers end at midnight BST Sunday 26 September)

Unsurprisingly, we are heavily into health at the moment, although let me tell you, beauty is having some rather spectacular moments too, but more on that soon.  In this moment I would, once more, like to refer to the words I wrote last weekend being, not all supplementation is created equally.  I went on to write that there are instances when the realisation of their efficacy truly became apparent if you stopped taking that supplement.  I referenced Hyaluronic Acid as being one such supplement, so why not do another treat whilst I am in mode, as I reduce the price of Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength from £35 to £30.  For one day only.  Today.
VH Editorial: Hyaluronic Acid – The Anti-Ageing Nutrient; Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £30 for 30 Vegecaps (Offer ends at midnight BST Saturday 25 September)

Life goes on and so now I want to look at a couple of health concerns, which affect many.  The first is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is one of the many disorders listed under the general term ‘Repetitive Strain Injury’.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often develops over a number of years with no noticeable symptoms, but when these do appear, they include a burning or tingling sensation in the fingers, pain and numbness in the hand, an inability to grasp objects properly and a general weakness of the hands.  And I guess the incidence of RSI has risen quite considerably most recently because so many of us sit at our screens day and night. 

Anyway, I stole most of those words from Shabir’s article on the subject, but you can read the entire article, which I have linked below.  In this article Shabir fully explains the symptoms and the treatments as he recommends three products, Bromelain, Pure Magnesium Oil Spray and a little tool called Aculief, which he uses himself when he feels the need.  Which is quite often.  And why not take the price of Bromelain down from £28.45 to £25.  Across the weekend.  Consider it done.  And this offer ends at midnight BST Sunday 26 September.
VH Editorial: Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Bromelain by Viridian Nutrition £25 for 90 Capsules; Pure Magnesium Oil Spray £12 for 236 ml; Aculief £19.95

In the second concern, we take a look at dry scalps.  Each and every time I write about hair loss and thinning hair, the emails come flooding and last weekend was no exception.  I think the easiest thing I can do here is to refer you to the words I wrote about using haircare products that contain short-chain alcohols, as I link you to another one of Shabir’s articles, Dry Scalp Treatment, which of course covers the enemy, inflammation of the scalp.

A few things to say here.  I have held this article back for some time because Neubria’s Krill Oil has been out of stock for ages, but it is now back, thankfully.  As another wait list is overcome.  I really don’t need to say that much about Fulvic Acid Shampoo, because I did that last weekend.  And the third product mentioned in Shabir’s article, is of course another Fulvic hero, namely Fulvic Acid Mist.  But before you go adding it to your basket, do read all about the Saturday only treat at the end of this newsletter.  I really couldn’t make it more obvious what the treat is.  But we like it that way.  Well at least I do.
VH Editorial: Dry Scalp Treatment; Neubria Krill Oil For Omega 3 £29.99 for 60 Capsules; Fulvic Acid Shampoo £25 for 240 ml; Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml

Right, over to beauty we go.  And we go over with some news.  And the news is that we have completely sold out of Everything Cleanser by Non Gender Specific (NGS).  I had a feeling in my bones this would happen, so whilst some of you are experiencing this amazing cleansing treatment (well, I think it’s amazing), we now have a wait list.  When I initially launched the brand, I mentioned that Everything Cleanser had completely sold out in the US and that I had stolen all the existing stock for us.  Well they are still on a wait list in the US and now we have joined them. 

Obviously this form of synchronicity doesn’t fill me with joy, but it is out of my hands and as I’m writing this, I am waiting to find out how long it will remain out of stock.  So, I’m sorry, but all I can say is that you can of course join the wait list because I seriously don’t know if we will be rationed when it comes back in stock.  And in the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, you could fall in love with Everything Serum. And then there’s the mask.  And three more products to launch from NGS.  As soon as we can.
Everything Cleanser by NGS £25 for 237 ml (Wait List); Everything Serum by NGS £49 for 50 ml; Everything Mask by NGS £34 for 50 grams

And because we are all different, let me tell you Lara is pretty much hooked on Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum.  The thing is that she has compromised skin concerns, including breakouts.  I think it is true to say that when your skin is compromised, you are very wary about the products you put on your skin.  And such was the case with Lara, so she introduced the serum in baby steps, using it once every third day and went on from there.  And although it is taking time, it is most definitely working as she feels her skin is far brighter.

This is of course the serum that sells one every four minutes in America and it is also the serum that has received many accolades across the US press, including the wonderful quote, ‘this serum sends acne running for the hills’.  And, as most of you know, at the same time we launched Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep, we also launched Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment.  I’m nearly on my third tube.  Love is love.  One more thing, we will be launching more Dermelect products as soon as we can.  So more amazing products on their way.  Soon.
Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep by Dermelect Cosmeceuticals £36 for 30 ml; Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment by Dermelect Cosmeceuticals £20 for 103 ml

Might as well do another treat, but this treat is extraordinarily limited and it may well finish by this afternoon, but then again, it might not.  The treat is from Temple Spa and it’s a very simple treat.  If you spend £20 or more on any Temple Spa product, we will automatically send you Eye Therapist, which is worth £10.  I have a slight feeling that many of you will choose Drift Away, but I’m not always right.  I’ll tell you the outcome next week.  These things always fascinate me.  Rather a lot.
Temple Spa; Drift Away by Temple Spa £25 for 100 ml

Nearly at the end, but before we get there, two more things.  Oral hygiene is so important, so whilst I’m not going to write reams on the subject, I stand by everything I wrote about Clinisept Mouthwash+ when we launched it.  Beauty can be fickle, I’ve written that many times, but when you know that you are probably using one of the best mouthwashes ever created for oral hygiene, there is cause for celebration.  Free from alcohol, peroxide and Chlorhexidine, which are so often included in traditional mouthwashes, let’s rejoice and lower the price from £6.49 to £5.49.  For today only.  And if we run out, which we may, we will still honour all orders placed today.
Clinisept Mouthwash+ £5.49 for 400 ml (Offer ends at midnight BST Saturday 25 September)

So just before we head into the Saturday only treat, I need to talk about Weleda’s Pine Reviving Bath Milk.  I love forest fragrances, I adore milk baths and it smells divine. But of course I can't use it because I am allergic to essential oils.  So I'm wildly envious of those who will be able to use it. I suppose I'll just have to ask Shabir to formulate an alternative.  Actually, perhaps not because I am still waiting for Fulvic Bath.  One day.  In my dreams.  Another hero will come. 
Pine Reviving Bath Milk by Weleda £15.75 for 200 ml

And into the already known Saturday only treat we go.  Already known if you read my words about Dry Scalp Treatment, and it is of course the 60 ml size of Fulvic Acid Mist.  It is hard to hero-out any particular Fulvic product, so I won’t even attempt to do that, most especially since Fulvic Acid Nail Cream came into existence.  Anyway, the moment belongs to Fulvic Acid Mist and with every order placed for £30 and above (excluding p&p) we will include it.  Full size listed below.  Where you can read all about it.  If you need to.
Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml

Finally, this week’s song.  It is one of those songs that I have always loved.  It is, in many ways, timeless in relevance. No more words needed.
Blowin’ In The Wind by Bob Dylan

With love and gratitude.

Gill x 


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