Weekend Read 25 May 2024

Weekend Read 25 May 2024

Hello on this Bank Holiday weekend, and as I welcome you to another Weekend Read, I think it is important every so often to have a conversation about the things which are really important to each of us, so today I want to have that conversation about the things I believe really matter, what we are doing, where we are going, why we do what we do, and at the end of all of this there is an offer for each of you.

Because I write weekly, we are able to stay close which enables a depth of belonging, from our side and from your side too.  Last weekend I wrote about being true to ourselves and being true to our values, and although we are all very different and we come from all walks of life, I honestly believe that like-minded people are drawn to each other. In so many ways, I feel that VH is representative of a community which looks after its own, because no matter what, we walk together.

This sense of togetherness spans more than two decades and although there have been many changes in the world, we haven’t changed our belief system, through the best of times and the worst of times.  We were all sorely tested during the pandemic, but we held onto each other and somehow we came out the other side, but the world changed and people changed, which has been tremendously difficult for so many of us.

Through all of this, we have a responsibility to look after your health and wellbeing because we know, and we have always known, that trust and discretion is a primary consideration when guidance is offered and help is sought.  I have often said that we could have taken VH in several directions, but we wanted to be different and we wanted to make a difference, so we have remained independent in every sense of that word to enable and share our own vision without outside funding or interference.

This year has been interesting, we are five months in and we have now launched DoSe supplementation and of course the DoSe skincare range.  I want to talk about supplementation first, because DoSe is far more than a branding exercise, it is a dedicated exploration of cutting-edge and pioneering ingredients, formulated with a strict adherence to the very latest research, studies and clinicals, delivered in correct therapeutic strengths.  Throughout the coming weeks and months, we will be launching several new supplements carrying the DoSe branding, each of which conform to a considered and thoughtful approach to innovative, next-generation supplementation.

We are bound by ingredient integrity and this is true for each of the DoSe products, but throwing the focus on skin health, I would just like to follow through on my words from last weekend about the DoSe serums and oils.  This is a curated capsule collection of the very best ingredients currently available to support the health of our skin, each of which have been formulated with a purposeful approach to longevity.  In this context, longevity refers to an absolute commitment to each formulation as we remain steadfast in our dedication to excellence.

Offering a series of solutions, our skincare needs are different, so our curation reflects an understanding of that difference, but it also reflects the need for integrity and honesty. This negates the need to create a series of unremarkable products because I am convinced that their only purpose to the consumer is one of confusion and disappointment.  I have always believed in the power of simplicity, so we are going to keep it that way.

In all of this, we remain fiercely loyal to the brands and products which are not our own, and there are many.  We innovate and create formulations to achieve best-in-class status in dedicated and specific genres, which is crucially important, but of course we continue to acknowledge and support the creativity and expertise of exceptional brands and products, most especially the brands struggling to be heard in a world where we are witnessing the ever-increasing dominance of the conglomerates.  

My words today are a reflection of our long-held vision, a vision which could only ever be achieved with the loyalty and support from each and every one of you, which is acknowledged with gratitude and love.  I have always believed we are more of a community than a business, but we are a business and because we are a heart-led business, sharing has always been at the forefront of all we do.  There are many forms of sharing, so today, in recognition of who and what we are together and as a thank you to each of you, we are offering a 15%* sitewide discount, which will end at midnight BST, Monday 27 May.    
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And look, I have reached the end of the Weekend Read without mentioning Ergothioneine.  Except I just have.
Let’s sing.  
Hi Ho Silver Lining by Jeff Beck; The VH Playlist

Summer sun, here we come.

With love

Gill x


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