The Weekend Read 23 January 2021

The Weekend Read 23 January 2021

At the end of the last Weekend Read, I wrote that my resolve is strengthened by your love and support in all that we are and all that we do.  So as I welcome you to another Weekend Read, perhaps we can take a moment to bathe in the collective energy that we create together.  It is in this collective energy that we are able to push through the darkness as we light candles together, as we sing together and as we share the core values of what and who we are together in a truly authentic way.   And then there are the products.  The authentic products.  Let’s do it:

I want to begin this week by talking about dancing hormones.  At the best of times our hormones can party like there is no tomorrow, but their activity is further heightened by the very real stress so many are going through at the moment.  In other words, our hormones are, for the most part, out of control.  We have always recommended Sage Complex for both peri-menopause and menopause, but Sage Complex is more than that, much more.

Predominantly, and most importantly, Sage Complex is a great hormone balancer, so it will really help control mood swings and irritability as well as addressing hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.  And with this being the lead supplement of the week, I will do two things here.  The first is to refer you to the product page, where you will discover that Shabir has written five different articles on this supplement, including his articles on supplements and vitamins to take in your 40s and 50s, which in and of themselves serve to guide you through these two decades of life.

The second thing is that to help take back control, we have to dampen the enthusiasm of our hormones; we will not let them get away with it.  Of course, and as I always write, please allow time for all forms of supplementation to kick-in, we are not doing an overnight fix here.  But what I will do is take the price down of Sage Complex from £25 to £20 for today only, Saturday 23 January, ending at midnight GMT or whilst stock lasts.  Anyway, enough is enough.  Our hormones will not dictate who and what we are.  And they never will.  Strength in solutions.
Sage Complex £20 for 90 Capsules

Most unfortunately for Shabir, such is my complete and utter love and respect for Fulvic Acid Elixir, I need to share once again.  I do this often, that much I know, but I do so because of the extraordinarily high volume of testimonials we receive about the outstanding efficacy of Fulvic Acid Elixir.  And of course, with further acknowledgement of its efficacy for dogs, extended now to cats, I really can’t help myself.  I have written many times that if I had one wish, it would be that we all take Fulvic Acid Elixir as a base supplement as amongst all its many attributes, it helps make cells more permeable to other nutrients, helping to prevent deficiencies in our bodies.

In another one of my shelf-searching moments, I discovered a stash of the 240 ml size of Fulvic Acid Elixir.  I’m pretty convinced that Shabir hid them from me, for what purpose I am yet to fathom, but never mind that, I am doing this treat for the love of Fulvic and for all those who have yet to try it.  So let’s keep this short, sweet and to the point. 

We don’t sell this size, therefore you cannot buy it.  The full price for Fulvic Acid Elixir is £30 for 480 ml, which would mean that the 240 ml size should be £15.  Except I have now made it £10 for today only, Saturday 23 January.  The stock is limited, therefore in order to share as much as we can, I need to keep this offer to only one per customer.  And if it ends before midnight tonight, it ends.  If that happens, you will not be able to put it into your basket, but I am hoping we have enough for each of you.  I’ve also linked Shabir’s article below.  He has his uses.  It would seem.
VH Editorial: The Elixir Of Life; Fulvic Acid Elixir £10 for 240 ml

I love launching new products, I think most of you know that, and this week we have two new products to launch, and I’m equally excited, for different reasons, about both of them.  I am going to start with a new product launch from Aduna.  It falls into the superfood category and it’s Hibiscus Powder.  Hibiscus is a medicinal plant rich in nutrients, polyphenols and antioxidants. 

Hibiscus Powder is a 100% natural and organic, sustainably-sourced superfood made from dried Sabdariffa flowers and although we probably know Hibiscus best as a tea, this ancient botanical has been traditionally used in African medicine to help treat numerous health concerns, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, fevers, sore throats and digestive issues.  And because it’s a superfood, it is incredibly easy to introduce into our diets, which can only be a good thing for many different reasons, including our gut health.

Deep pink in colour, it has a tangy flavour which is similar to rhubarb.  I love rhubarb, just in case anybody needs to know that, so I invite you to do what I do, which is to blend one or two teaspoons of Hibiscus Powder into a smoothie.  Alternatively you can of course add it to yoghurts, porridge or anything else you may dream up, such as a Hibiscus cocktail.  Staying on the healthy side, for an instant healthy drink, stir 1-2 teaspoons into a water bottle.  And shake.  A deep and abiding Hibiscus habit has begun and I invite you to join me.  Blending.  Together.
Hibiscus Superfood Powder by Aduna £13.99 for 275 grams

Right, onto the second new launch and it’s all about oral health.  In fact it’s all about a revolutionary new, but not new, mouthwash.  Not new in that it has been used and endorsed by many of the UK’s leading dentists and orthodontists for some time, but new because it has now become available directly to us, the consumers.  And so please allow me to introduce Clinisept+ Mouthwash.  The name will sound familiar, and that would be because it is from the same stable as Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier, the amazing product that helps balance several compromised skin conditions.

Clinisept+ Mouthwash is an oral cleanser and hygienic rinse that delivers professional levels of antimicrobial protection against the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay.  It does this without stinging or causing irritation.  The technology behind this product represents a step change in oral hygiene, because unlike traditional mouthwash chemistries, it provides an optimum combination of cleansing efficacy with complete oral compatibility, making it ideal for each of us, with a particular emphasis on sensitive teeth and gums.

And just maybe, on a personal level, my own dentist and hygienist will be thrilled with me for using this mouthwash.  I have a love:hate relationship with dentists, which I’ve written about before, but primarily it all stemmed from when some vile creature of a dentist slapped me for screaming when I was six years old and I’ve never forgotten it.  Anyway, I have had a lot of cosmetic dental work done over the years and during that time and ongoing in the now, my dentist banned me from using some of the leading brands in this genre because they often contained chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, colouring and flavouring. 

So having said that, I am of course now using it as a mouthwash, but I also dip one of those long-handled gum brushes into the solution and do a specific gum brush too.  Clinisept+ Mouthwash also provides an ideal environment for recovering teeth or gums following dental procedures and that would include implants.  I wish it had been available when I was having treatment because it also helps speed up recovery times.  That aside, I’m holding out for five gold stars for efficient cleaning when I next visit my hygienist.  Essentially because I just wish they would stop trying to show me my teeth in a close-up mirror.  At which point I jump out of the chair and leave.  Rapidly.
Clinisept+ Mouthwash £6.49 for 400 ml; Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier £14.95 for 100 ml; Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier £19.95 for 250 ml

When I wrote the VH Awards in December, I gave the Excellence In Beauty Award to Dr Colette Haydon, founder of LixirSkin, because she deserved it.  In full transparency Colette is a close friend and I have known her for a very long time.  I have to be honest and say that I do think twice before giving an accolade to somebody who is exceptionally close to me, lest I am accused of favouritism.  But that thought doesn’t last long, probably a nano-second, because brilliance deserves recognition and LixirSkin is of course right up there in the brands that I respect and admire.  And there are not that many on my list.

If I may, I want to go back to when we launched the brand together as the modus operandi was to simplify our skin regimens, as we launched with just six products.  Three of those products are still the core products we recommend and they are Vitamin C Paste, which is the hero, Electrogel Cleanser and Universal Emulsion.  Drilling down, Vitamin C Paste is a quick morning mask, protecting and correcting in one; Universal Emulsion is a day moisturiser, but also a night cream and serum base and Electrogel Cleanser is an evening cleanser and detoxifying mask in one.

So a treat.  And it comes in the shape of the Good Skin Trio, which includes all the above three products.  If you were to buy these products separately, the price would be £87, but for a moment in time and whilst stock lasts, it becomes £70, which gives a saving of £17.  This comes with love from me and Colette, who often declares that there is no such thing as a cream which is good for a bit of your skin and not the other.  That quote refers not only to Universal Emulsion, but to many other products too.  And bearing in mind the experience Colette has in formulating products, she really knows what she is talking about.  And I agree with her. 
Good Skin Trio £70 (Vitamin C Paste 50 ml; Universal Emulsion 50 ml; Electrogel Cleanser 100 ml)

In this week’s Health Notes, Sarah talks to Dr Maya Shahsavari, a frontline NHS doctor, formerly a refugee, about how she copes with distressing sights and long hours to best help the most vulnerable patients.  In Seven Secrets of Wellbeing, Dr Shahsavari explains how her spiritual practice has been a huge help dealing with the devastating effects of Covid-19.  Do take time to read this if you can.
Seven Secrets of Wellbeing by Sarah Stacey

Referring back to the last Weekend Read, I wrote about the benefits of dry brushing and of course dry brushing is brilliant for so many different reasons, but I want to throw the focus on circulation.  Because I am prone to bad circulation, dry brushing has become an essential part of my daily regimen, but as ever we take the ‘inside out’ approach to most things and in this case, the supplement we recommend would be Diosmin Plus, which is also recommended for varicose veins, spider veins and haemorrhoids.

These are all common circulatory disorders directly associated with poor circulation, but other concerns include leg ulcers, tired and heavy legs, restless leg syndrome, mental fog and a lack of energy.  Describing Diosmin Plus as a must-take supplement for all circulatory disorders, I will refer you to Shabir’s article, linked below, which gives the lowdown on some of these concerns.  Two more things.  For the duration of the weekend, and ending at midnight GMT tomorrow, I am taking the price of Diosmin Plus down from £26 to £22, whilst stock lasts. 

And the second thing.  We got inundated with orders for Giving It The Brush Off after I wrote that I had used many different dry brushes, but Giving It The Brush Off is the one I love the most.  So the inevitable happened and we went out of stock, but thankfully it is now back in stock, so it would appear that we are collectively brushing.  Which can only be a very good thing.  In my humble opinion.  At the end of this pandemic, I think I might write a list of the things that really made a difference.  This will be on the list.  And one day the pandemic will be over.  Let it be soon.  Please.
VH Editorial: A Natural Remedy For Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Haemorrhoids And Poor Circulation; Diosmin Plus £22 for 60 Capsules; Giving It The Brush Off by Temple Spa £16

In the hope that Shabir’s eyes have rolled right up to the heavens and he doesn’t see this, I want to talk about Basix Skin Defence Cream Foot Food.  This was formulated for the treatment of seriously dry feet and cracked heels and I think it’s pretty fabulous.  It is an intensive foot moisturiser that helps stimulate and invigorate dry, tired feet and it also helps reduce callouses and thickened skin.  For the love of the product, and you, I am taking the price down from £15.95 to £12.95 for today only, Saturday 23 January, while stocks last.  Spread.
Basix Skin Defence Foot Food £12.95 for 50 ml

Let’s end the product section with the Saturday only treat.  I might well be going a bit soft in the head, but anything that helps bring a smile to each of our faces is good with me.  So on that note, and after we received a whole load of emails about the Biobelle fibre face masks, I am doing another one.  This one is Rose All Day mask, which is loaded with an AHA flower complex and Rose Water.  We will include this mask with every order placed today for £25 and over (excluding p&p), whilst stocks last.  That caveat is always there, because there are times that the Saturday treats just don’t make it until midnight GMT.  That’s the way it rolls.

As we come to the end of this Weekend Read, I once again thank you for your emails of love and support.  And as we listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons last weekend, so many of you said that it had made you cry, which can only be a good thing.  Crying is a cathartic release of our emotions, which are so often bottled up inside each of us.  I am now reading reports about the rise of narcissistic abuse in lockdown, which is both appalling and heart-breaking, not least because so many find it incredibly difficult to either leave the abuser or cut them out of our lives.

In the coming weeks, Sarah and I will cover this, but let me say one thing right now.  We all know that we are living in a broken world, as I referred to last week.  The need to heal together has never been greater and surely as we emerge from the darkness, we have to do so with the conviction and strength that we will fight the fight for a better world, upholding our truth and values.  We can do this.  We will do this.

The song of the week.  Dancing In The Dark.  Nothing more to say, other than I used to wish I was Courtney Cox.  Watch the video.  And dance with me.  With sheer abandonment.
Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen

With love.

Gill x



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