Weekend Read 22 May 2021

Weekend Read 22 May 2021

Hello, hello.  It’s Saturday morning in London and we have so much to talk about today.  Actually we always have rather a lot to talk about, so with that said, please hold my hand as I take you straight into a new brand launch.  And it’s a love story.  Of great magnitude.  When I first discovered this brand, my heart started to pound with excitement and my head almost exploded with anticipation and desire.  And it all begins with a wand.  A magic wand.  Heated.  For the love of life itself, another immaculate product has been bestowed onto us.     

With a strap line of ‘A Treat, Not Just A Treatment For Dry Eyes’, please allow me to introduce you to Modern Eyecare from Peep Club.  And of course their hero product, the Heated Eye Wand.  And what an innovation it is.  It has three settings, heat, massage and red LED and it can be used in several different ways, dependent on need, but primarily it serves to help treat dry eyes and, using different settings, twice a day, it will help treat fine lines and puffiness as it soothes, hydrates and smooths.  Let’s delve.

And we will begin by talking about dry eyes, which affects so many of us. To treat dry eyes, you should only use two of the three modes, heat and massage. The wand head can be set between 37c and 45c and will heat up in under sixty seconds.  The warm compress helps to gently unblock the tiny glands that line your upper and lower lid, which is a leading cause of dry eye symptoms, such as redness, itchiness and a tired, heavy feeling.  This helps to produce better quality tears so that your eyes have an opportunity to be naturally hydrated throughout the day.  And it’s brilliance extends to those of us who sit and stare at our screens incessantly.

In a separate mode, the wand performs another star act as it helps treat fine lines and puffiness.  In fact, many of you might only use this mode.  What a moment as the wand transforms itself with red LED technology, accompanying the heat and massage settings.  The massage feature helps increase circulation to promote lymphatic drainage, which goes rather a long way in helping to get rid of the dreaded puff.  And then there is the red LED, which works to help promote collagen and elastin to smooth and rejuvenate.  I am such a believer in LED therapy.  It really is transformational.  As, of course, is the Heated Eye Wand.

I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, heap untold praise upon a product if I had any doubt about its efficacy.  And there is no doubt.  That would be because I sent several wands out for testing, because we are each different and I didn’t want to test alone.  The feedback was unequivocal.  Absolute love was declared.  And it’s rather a good thing that I haven’t asked for the wands to be returned after the testing process, because I don’t think any of the testers would part with it.  Most especially my contact lens wearer tester, who told me that her eyes had never felt so comfortable.  Bliss.  Was found.  In a hand-held device. 

So in a wrap on the wand, I will just say that although it is a dedicated product for our eyes, never let it be said that we should restrict ourselves.  Why would we when the wand can also be used on upper lip lines and, in fact, to help relax all lines and creases.  In full transparency, I will tell you that Shabir wasn’t one of the testers, but he is besotted with eye products, all eye products, so I am absolutely convinced that he has secreted a wand into his bathroom.  He wouldn’t want to miss out.  On anything.  Trust me.  Wish upon a wand.  Is what I say.
Heated Eye Wand by Peep Club £60

I think I have just written myself into a slight conundrum.  That conundrum would be because I am about to tell you about the other launch products in the range and in their own right, and in differing ways, they are each heroic.  And none more so than the Instant Relief Eye Spray.  This gentle, but powerful, mist has been clinically proven to relieve dry eye symptoms.  It also happens to be the perfect pick-me-up for tired eyes after a day (or night) spent in front of screens. 

This is the spray that treats not only the eye itself, but also the delicate eyelid and under-eye skin too.  The two active ingredients in this formulation are Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate, the hardworking sister of Hyaluronic Acid.  Let it be known, that the Instant Relief Eye Spray is sitting alongside me as I am writing this and in the moments when, of which there are many, I take comfort in calming my eyes.  You can use this several times a day if you need to and it is perfectly safe and suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.  It can also be sprayed on top of make-up.  Spray on closed eyelids.  For the experience.
Instant Eye Relief Spray by Peep Club £15 for 17 ml

Two more Peep Club products to go.  The first of which was developed to soothe, protect and nourish your entire eye area, including eyelashes.  It is Soothing Coconut Eye Balm.  Raw virgin coconut oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, works to soften dry skin under the eyes and its natural antibacterial properties help fight lash-damaging bacteria.  Lauric Acid helps strengthen lashes and Chamomile is added to soothe and calm any inflammation or redness.  But the real hero ingredient is Cureberry, which is a powerful antioxidant that works on a cellular level to protect against free radical damage, which would include blue light from screens.

Soothing Coconut Eye Balm can also be used as an eyelid and lash cleanser, or as a treatment by itself around the eye area.  It is a white balm that melts to a clear oil, although if you live in a warm environment, then you may wish to keep it in the fridge.  I do.  You may also wish to use this in conjunction with the Heated Eye Wand, giving more slip to the treatment.  And then it becomes a treatment all of its own.  Finally, Cleansing Lash Foam.  A dedicated product loaded with antibacterial ingredients specifically formulated to help relieve Blepharitis, inflammation of the eyelids and of course dry eye symptoms.  Awesome brand.  Awesome products.  Amen.
Soothing Coconut Eye Balm by Peep Club £20 for 120 ml; Cleansing Lash Foam by Peep Club £20 for 50 ml

On from that, and having just mentioned that Sodium Hyaluronate is the sister product to Hyaluronic Acid, a treat.  If I keep it very short and to the point, then I guess Shabir’s equilibrium won’t take too much of a hit.  It may well do later, but for now if you buy the travel size of High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, which are £17.50, then we will automatically throw in Garden of Wisdom’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum (30 ml), which is worth £10.  This is a Saturday only offer, it will end at midnight BST tonight, Saturday 22 May, or whilst stock lasts, and there is only one gift per customer. There, there Shabir, not too painful, unless a riot ensues.  Which may well happen.
High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Capsules £17.50 for 15 Capsules (Including Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £10 for 30 ml)

And on the subject of riots, we had several last weekend, so I will work my way through them starting, of course, with Ross J. Barr’s Calm Patches.  What a moment for the Calm Patches.  What a moment for Ross.  And what a moment for each of us.  To create a dream product is one thing, but to receive recognition of your dream is quite another.  And that recognition was achieved within moments of launch.  Another emotional moment.  In a long line of them. 

A few things to say around this.  The patches were formulated to help bring a sense of calm on so many different levels.  We are living in a fractured world and I seriously don’t believe that any of us are immune to world events, or the varying circumstances surrounding us.  I truly believe that the Calm Patches serve a dedicated purpose in helping to soothe frustration, anxiety, anger and agitation, as I wrote last week.  Interestingly, the liver is the seat of anger, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and if you haven’t already done so, then do try placing a patch on the top of your foot, between the big and second toe to help subdue liver heat.  As we heal.
Calm Patches by Ross J. Barr £15 for Ten Patches

I will often put products together as their combined efficacy can, in so many instances, make a hugely positive difference to our health and wellbeing.  And as ever, I think you can all guess which product I would pair with the Calm Patches.  It is of course Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, our bestselling product for anxiety.  With so many of you reporting that you mostly feel anxious in the stillness of the evening, often leading to panic attacks, may I respectfully suggest that you try taking Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, if you don’t already do so, and in conjunction, place the Calm Patches on your chosen pulse points at around 6 pm.  Pressing each patch for chill.  As needed.  And desired.

With that said, I am taking the price of Magnolia Rhodiola Complex down from £28 to £24 across the weekend, or whilst stock lasts.  I am not linking a specific article below, but if you go to the product page you will see that Shabir has written seven different articles about Magnolia Rhodiola Complex.  I’m holding out for the eighth article, but no pressure Shabir.  None.  This offer ends at midnight BST tomorrow, Sunday 23 May.  And in relation to absolutely nothing at all, it is also the Monaco Grand Prix tomorrow.  And I’m very excited. 
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £24 for 60 Capsules

Another new product launch.  With a story.  I do so love a good story.  And you may be able to relate if you watch Dragon’s Den.  Over the years there have been many health and beauty products seeking investment from the Dragons, which I find interesting, but to date nothing that I’ve seen has really caught my eye.  Except when Stephanie Kelsey made her pitch to the Dragons.  She had barely spoken a word, before she was intercepted by Sara Davies who said words to the effect that if the product was what she thought it was, then it was genius.  And I started talking (perhaps shouting) to the television, in full agreement.  The product is Beach Powder. 

Such is its brilliance, that even if we were in the depths of winter, I would not have held back and would still have written about this product, if only in recognition that such a product actually exists.  But then it is so often the simple things in life that are the best and the only thing to query is why nobody has thought of this before.  But the moment belongs to Stephanie and Beach Powder.  And it comes with a strong brand message.  Say goodbye to sandy skin with Beach Powder.  Make sand disappear.  And if you love the beach and don’t want to take the sand home with you, you really do have to try this.

Beach Powder removes sand from the skin effortlessly.  All you need do is sprinkle it onto sandy-skin, brush with your hands and the sand comes off as if by magic, leaving skin totally sand-free and silky-smooth.  It has a delicate vanilla scent, it is talc-free and it is all-natural.  It is safe for adults, children and babies, even in the nappy area.  With the ability to end your beach days smoothly, Beach Powder is available in its original format or Beach Powder Shimmer, for a touch of beach glamour. 

I will end this section by saying that Sara Davies and Touker Suleyman made a joint investment in Beach Powder.  If I was a Dragon (ahem), I would have done the same.  Except I’m clearly not, so all that remains is for each of us to congratulate Stephanie Kelsey on her remarkable achievement and my personal thanks to Stephanie for allowing us to go to the beach with her.  A complete privilege.
Beach Powder £9.99 for 100 grams; Beach Powder Shimmer £9.99 for 100 grams

In this week’s Health Notes, Sarah writes about eating to suit your body clock.  With full lockdown hopefully behind us, our habits may well change from eating earlier in the evening, most especially if you were working from home too.  So as freedom beckons, it could well be that we will be eating later, and probably heavier, which can put a load on digestion, leading to disturbed sleep amongst other issues.  There are a few product recommendations in Sarah’s article, one of which is Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes.  So because I take it, as do so many of my friends, I am reducing the price to £20 from £23.25 across the weekend.  I’m stashed.  Lest a famine occurs. 
Eat To Suit Your Body Clock by Sarah Stacey; Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes by Life Extension £20 for 60 Capsules (Offer ends midnight BST Sunday 23 May)

So on from that, there is of course an iS Clinical famine of varying proportions.  And as I wrote last week, these are global famines.  It begun with LiProtect and it is continuing with Extreme Protect 40, all three shades.  If you are wondering why, then please read my words on last Saturday’s Weekend Read.  But of course it is far more than my words, it is the efficacy of the products and the intent of the brand that matters most.  So please bear with me as we try to fulfil as many orders as we can, in what I hope will be a timely manner.  I will update next week.  Promise.
LiProtect SPF 35 by iS Clinical £20 for 5 grams; Extreme Protect SPF 40 Translucent by iS Clinical £66 for 100 grams; Extreme Protect SPF 40 PerfecTint Beige by iS Clinical £66 for 100 grams; Extreme Protect SPF 40 PerfecTint Bronze by iS Clinical £66 for 100 grams

Poor Shabir.  You know I wrote last week that I was playing a game with him about his ordering ability on Crepey Skin Repair Treatment.  Well, we received a huge delivery, but it still wasn’t enough.  The wait list still exists.  And I’m still laughing.  Mostly because it is seriously out of control.  And the more out of control it gets, the more I laugh.  I mean I just don’t understand why he hasn’t thought of buying out Derma E.  Pondering.  
Crepey Skin Repair Treatment by Derma E £20 for 180 grams

Let’s do the Saturday only treat. And in the continuation of a theme, with every order placed for £30 and above (excluding p&p), we will include Temple Spa’s Be Calm – Soothing Face Mask (15 ml).  Be Calm is a tonic for stressed skin and it is recommended that you keep this mask on for ten minutes, after which time your skin will feel smooth, firm and plumped.  Full size listing below, should you feel the need.
Be Calm – Soothing Face Mask by Temple Spa £28 for 65 ml

And so we come to this week’s song.  I have chosen this song for several different reasons, but primarily because we mostly all come together on a Saturday.  It has of course now become a ritualistic happening each week and it is in this space that we share the thoughts and feelings that are so important to us.  I know and understand that not all the products I write about are exclusive to us, but what is exclusive, I believe, is that sense of belonging and the respect we have for each other.  And, of course, the trust.

It is in that trust that we stand as one and we must never under-estimate the power of collectiveness.  For all the trauma and for all the angst, each of us know that we are never really alone, although of course it can so often feel that way.  And so let us sing.  The song is ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, which echoes just about everything there is to say about the strength of our relationship.  With each other. 
Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

With love and gratitude to each of you.

Gill x  



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