Weekend Read 20 August 2022

Weekend Read 20 August 2022

As I welcome you to another Weekend Read, we are really upping the ante as we continue talking about the things, and people, that affect so many of us.  So, once again, thank you for your overwhelming response to my comments about friendship last weekend, which resonated with so many of you, most especially those who truly believed they were alone in experiencing varying undermining tactics from purported friends.  Please trust me when I tell you that you are not alone on this or any of the other subjects I have been writing about.  And trust is a big thing.  Which is why we must stay true to ourselves in all that we are and all that we do. 

Right, let’s talk about health concerns and I’m going to start by talking about cholesterol levels, not least because high cholesterol levels are linked to cardiovascular disease, which is the number one cause of death in the Western Hemisphere.  The main issue here is that high cholesterol does not produce any symptoms until significant damage has been done, which is why it is important to have your blood tested regularly, but it is also important to understand cholesterol.

There are two types of cholesterol, LDL, which is ‘bad cholesterol’ and HDL, which is ‘good cholesterol’.  LDL is produced naturally by the body and if too much LDL is circulating in our blood it can clog arteries through the build-up of plaque, which directly increases the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.  It therefore follows that we must lower our LDL levels and raise our HDL levels.  Numerous studies have indicated that reducing trans-fat and having a balanced diet can help to lower cholesterol levels, alongside regular physical activity, but we also need to look at supplementation.

CholestSafe has been formulated to help lower high cholesterol levels naturally.  Combining the actions of various ingredients, including Red Yeast Rice, Phytosterols and Coenzyme Q10, Red Yeast Rice contains a small amount of lovastatin, together with numerous other compounds, which have been clinically evaluated and shown to help reduce cholesterol levels, without any side effects.  It’s interesting to note that peak levels of cholesterol production occur between the hours of 4 am and 6 am, so with that said, I am taking the price of CholestSafe down from £26 to £22, but I’m not quite finished.  Because we also need to talk about oats.

There are over 100 scientific studies showing the positive benefits that oat beta glucans have for those with high cholesterol levels.  Oats contain more soluble fibre than most other grains, and they are proven to support the lowering of cholesterol levels.  Alongside, they also improve digestive health and help to reduce blood sugar levels.  As such, we recommend OatWell Powder, which you can sprinkle on breakfast cereals, muesli and yoghurt.  And because I like to be neat, I am taking the price of OatWell Powder down from £11.79 to £9.50 as I refer you to Shabir’s article on the lowering of cholesterol levels.
VH Editorial: How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally; CholestSafe £22 for 90 Capsules; OatWell Powder by LifePlan £9.50 for 150 grams (offers end at midnight BST, Friday 26 August)

I often write about urinary tract infections.  It is such a common health concern which can be incredibly painful, mostly because so many of us experience an intense burning sensation when trying to urinate.  As you can imagine, the market is flooded with Cranberry supplementation, so it is worth explaining that Cranberries contain fructose, a carbohydrate called mannose, and also a group of very specific antioxidants called proanthocyanidins (PAC’s).  Recurring urinary tract infections can result in damage to the bladder walls, encouraging bacteria to attach to the walls of the bladder where they proliferate and cause an infection.

PAC’s have the ability to block the receptors existing on the bladder walls, thus improving the bladder’s ability to flush away bacteria, helping to prevent infections.  It therefore follows that supplementation containing high levels of PAC’s are going to be the most efficient.  Containing one of the highest contents of PAC’s available on the market, Cysticlean contains PAC’s derived from North American Red Cranberries, so that’s the differential which separates Cysticlean from the crowd.  Pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that Cysticlean has an anti-adhesive effect on E.coli, the bacteria responsible for the majority of urinary tract infections.

It needs to be said that the above-mentioned clinicals are based upon a three to six month usage, and it also needs to be said that Cysticlean is suitable for men, most especially those with prostate enlargement.  In this instance, as the prostate enlarges, it begins to press down on the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the tip of the penis, causing the classic symptoms of the urge to urinate frequently.  The complications of not emptying the bladder sufficiently are recurring urinary tract infections.  Shabir does the facts, and I am taking the price of Cysticlean down from £26.95 to £21.95.  For the interim.
VH Editorial: Is Drinking Cranberry Juice A Myth; Cysticlean 240 mg PAC £21.95 for 30 Capsules

Staying with health concerns, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is caused by the pooling of blood in a vein, which triggers the blood clotting mechanism.  The formation of a blood clot, known as a thrombus, usually occurs in a deep leg vein between the ankle and the upper calf and it can be a very serious condition.  DVT is another health concern that can occur suddenly without any noticeable symptoms, but it is worth clarifying some of the symptoms for awareness.  These include experiencing pain whilst walking or standing, red or discoloured skin on the leg, pronounced veins, tired legs and swelling in one or both legs. 

Being a circulatory issue, it is important to be active in order to help move blood around the body, but we would also suggest taking Diosmin Plus if you are concerned.  Diosmin Plus contains two of the most common herbs, Ginger and Pine Bark, that have a long history of use for circulatory problems such as DVT and Raynaud’s Syndrome, but it also addresses many other issues too, such as preventing and treating haemorrhoids.  Another solution is the rather fabulous Airogym Exerciser, a pocket-sized inflatable exercise cushion which is such fun.  It’s great for exercising those leg muscles regardless, and if you are doing long haul, take it on the plane with you.  So clever, yet so simple. 
VH Editorial: Reducing The Risk Of Deep Vein Thrombosis; Preventing And Treating Haemorrhoids; Diosmin Plus £23 for 60 Capsules (price drop from £28; offer ends at midnight BST, Friday 26 August); Airogym Exerciser £9.99

Let’s migrate down to our feet.  And as we throw the focus on sweaty feet, it needs to be said that many people suffer from an overactive sweat problem, which can lead to excess perspiration in any part of the body, including our feet.  It may not be as embarrassing as other sweat issues, but nevertheless it is a concern that needs to be addressed because sweaty feet can lead to foot odour and Athlete’s Foot.  So straight in with a product and that product is Soothing Foot Powder by Margaret Dabbs.  Containing antibacterials, including Lemon Myrtle and Tea Tree Oil, it helps prevent fungal infections as well as diminishing foot odour. 

A mention here too for the Foot Cleansing Wipes which will instantly cool and refresh tired, hot and sweaty feet.  And if we are talking about Margaret’s wonderful products, which we are, then I will tell you that I have lost my Crystal Nail File and I’m bereft.  It’s my most favourite nail file, so as I take another one from the shelf, let me say that if you buy any of the three products I’ve just mentioned, we will automatically include the travel size Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (45 ml) with your order.  And in order to be equitable, there is only one gift per customer.  And I haven’t taken one.  Honestly.
VH Editorial: Sweaty Feet; Soothing Foot Powder £15 for 50 grams; Foot Cleansing Wipes £12 for 20 Wipes; Crystal Nail File £15; All From Margaret Dabbs London

Life works in mysterious ways.  And I promise you that I seriously thought I was hallucinating last Monday morning.  If you have been reading these newsletters over the past few weeks, you will have noticed that I have been writing about nostalgic products such as Papier Poudre.  There is such a joy in nostalgia and I wanted to follow through last weekend with 4711 Eau de Cologne, the inimitable 4711.  But I didn’t, and the reason why I didn’t was because there are long-term manufacturing issues with the 4711 Eau de Cologne Cooling Stick, so I thought I would wait. 

And then on Monday morning, I started to see orders coming through for 4711, notably the Watch Bottle.  I thought I was experiencing peak madness, because I knew I hadn’t written about it, but later that morning I realised it had made a press appearance.  Out of the blue.  So having decided not to write about 4711, here I am writing about it.  Maybe a 4711 angel has descended upon us, so let us welcome that angel and indulge our nostalgic senses once again, if only by having a 4711 bath, courtesy of the 4711 Eau de Cologne Cream Soap.  But then there is the epic Watch Bottle.  And that’s as epic as they come.
4711 Eau de Cologne Watch Bottle £6.10 for 25 ml; 4711 Eau de Cologne Cream Soap £3.10 for 100 grams; 4711 Eau de Cologne Tissue Wipes £3.10 For Ten Refreshing Tissues

KateMoth.  I don’t think there is too much left to say following the launch of Kate last weekend.  Except to say thank you for all your emails about Kate, which made me laugh all over again, and also to say that she went flying all over the place, which of course resulted in a wait list.  I honestly thought we had enough to share with each of you, but obviously so many of you wanted to join me in having a KateMoth wardrobe.  So with apologies for the wait, both versions of the Super Mothel are now back in stock. 
KateMoth – Moth Deterrent £11; KateMoth – Moth Deterrent Drawer Liners £18 For Six Liners

Let’s have a Fulvic moment.  Given that I wrote about many of the Fulvic products last weekend, I am just writing about one product this week, and that product is Fulvic Face Cream.  When we launched Fulvic Face Cream, I seriously didn’t know what would happen, but I knew that I wanted Shabir to formulate a moisturiser that ticked all my boxes, and I had several boxes that needed to be ticked, not least that he was not allowed to put any fragrance into the formulation, and it had to feel luxuriously rich.  I set the bar high because I have sensitive skin.  The rest is history.

Fulvic Face Cream is now our bestselling moisturiser and let me tell you it has some pretty stiff competition.  Powered by Ioniplex, which I have been writing extensively about, it is wound healing and it also boosts lipid levels, restoring elasticity and relieving the discomfort of dry, tight skin.  I don’t think I need to continue writing about its attributes other than to say it is suitable for all skin types.  I absolutely know you have guessed what I’m about to do, so here it is, with every tube of Fulvic Face Cream bought, we will automatically include a tube of the travel size Fulvic Face Cream (30 ml) which is worth £15, with a maximum limit of six gifts per customer.
Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml + Fulvic Face Cream 30 ml (worth £15) (whilst stock lasts)

But I’m not quite finished.  I understand that investing in skincare is a big ask, most especially if you are trying a product for the first time.  I honestly don’t know what will happen here, so I thought it would be worth saying that if you want to try Fulvic Face Cream, but you don’t want to buy the regular size, then you can buy the travel size.  As I’ve written above the cost of the 30 ml size is £15, but I am reducing the price down to £10 if you want to trial it.  This could be interesting.  Then again, it might not be.  I’ll let you know.  But in any event, it allows me to determine what you want most from our brands. 
Fulvic Face Cream £10 for 30 ml

And on the subject of letting you know, I wrote about Vitamin C last weekend as I launched a new product, Vitamin C 24-Hour Liposomal Hydrogel Formula.  I was wondering whether you would prefer taking a liposomal Vitamin C in a liquid format or a pill format as per this new supplement.  I sat on the fence because I didn’t want to sway your preference.  But you have spoken, as it were, and by quite a large majority your preference was for the pill format.  It has only been a week, so perhaps the outcome will change in time, but nevertheless I dropped the price of Vitamin C 24-Hour Liposomal Hydrogel Format from £25 to £22, and I will keep it there for the interim.
Vitamin C 24-Hour Liposomal Hydrogel Formula by Life Extension £22 for 60 Tablets

Essential fatty acids seem to be mentioned everywhere, but just what are essential acids.  These are the opening words of Shabir’s article where he does the in-depth on EFA’s.  This is not a new article as such, but it may as well be because it is a total re-write bringing us all up to date with the latest research and developments.  It really is of the utmost importance that we all understand why we need certain supplementation, so it’s over to Shabir for the facts and recommendations.  And on the subject of recommendations, I am dropping the price of each of the products in the Bare Biology range by 15%, and I am taking the price of Echiomega down from £13.99 to £12.
VH Editorial: What Are Essential Fatty Acids; Bare Biology (15% discount across all products); Echiomega (Vegan) £12 for 60 Capsules (offers end at midnight BST, Friday 26 August)

Let’s talk about iS Clinical.  I don’t think I need to tell any of you that I have been using iS Clinical products for over twenty years.  I’m not running through the history, because there is much to say, but I have had some amazing moments with the boys, Bryan Johns and Alec Call.  Those amazing moments include them allowing me to do the global launch of Sheald Recovery Balm and it also includes the time they had to carry me across a cobbled courtyard in LA because I was wearing ridiculously high heels and I couldn’t walk.  Such fun, the entire restaurant was watching as we made our entrance and when we sat down I realised that Courtney Cox was staring at us from the next table.

My five minutes of fame, but it’s the products I really need to talk about.  Of course I can’t run through every single product, so all I want to do here is to thank you for your amazing support of the newest iS Clinical launch, Cleansing Complex Polish, which sits rather magnificently next to Warming Honey Cleanser, one of my all-time favourite treatments, and Active Serum, which is the hero serum of the range. 

Right after all of those words, we get to the moment when I tell you that with any order placed for any iS Clinical product, with the exclusion of Sheald Recovery Balm (15 grams), I will include that very product, Sheald Recovery Balm (15 grams), which is worth £26, with your order.  This comes with love and kisses from me and the boys.  Just one more thing, LiProtect SPF 35 is now back in stock after a rather long absence.  Only one gift per customer, whilst stock lasts.
iS Clinical

The final fling before the Saturday only treat and all I am going to do here is to link you to Shabir’s article on collagen supplementation and take the price of Ultimate Collagen+ down from £60 to £50. That’s it.  Done.
VH Editorial: How To Take Collagen Supplements; Ultimate Collagen+ by Ingenious Beauty £50 for 90 Capsules (offer ends at midnight BST, Friday 26 August)

And here is the Saturday only treat.  With every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include Biobelle’s Light Up Botanical Fibre Face mask, which has been formulated with Almond Oil and Vitamin.  Full product details linked below.
Light Up Botanical Fibre Face Mask by Biobelle

As we come to the end of another Weekend Read, I just want to say that I cannot imagine writing a newsletter which is lacking in emotional understanding.  It is so very important that we support each other however we can, and whilst we have the products to address individual health concerns, it is very often the words we share which help to comfort and heal. I have always taken your lead on this and will continue to do so.  Most especially after I received an email last weekend telling me that my words on mental health and friendships were tedious.  Tedious.

We are each entitled to our own opinion, and I accept that, but tedious.  Try telling that to somebody who is struggling to survive.  And try telling that to somebody who has been abused and bullied to within an inch of their lives.  And rather a lot of us have been.  We are a health site.  We talk about health and wellbeing.  And we talk about trauma.  If you are fortunate enough not to have been affected by the pandemic, lockdowns, bereavement, redundancy and the cost-of-living crisis, to name just a few difficulties, then you are indeed blessed.  For the rest of us, we seek solace and understanding in and of each other.  Because where there is life, there is hope.  Abundant hope.

As we continue to give to each other, this song was given to me earlier this week.  As it was given to me, I will give it to you, with a special mention for all the boys in the VH family, some of whom were amongst the very first to send emails discussing friendship last weekend. Let’s sing.  And thank you.
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman by Carol King; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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