Weekend Read 17 September 2022

Weekend Read 17 September 2022

As we come together once again, a profound stillness endured following the sad announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.  It was in that stillness that so many of us took a moment in time to reflect upon loss, the losses that are forever stamped on our hearts as we mourn all who have gone before us.  And, as a mark of respect, we fell silent for a period of time.

I had already written the Weekend Read, so with a few adjustments because of time sensitivity, which I am sure you will notice, these were and are my words:

I love the Autumn months.  Autumn is my favourite season of the year for so many different reasons, not least because it brings warmth, comfort and closeness as the nights begin to draw in.  As with every season, we are offered the opportunity to step into another mode, another way of being if you like, as we transition with nature.  And, if we allow it, that transition can be transformational. 

Of course we all have different belief systems, but I strongly believe that there are many evidence-based therapies which can help make a profound difference to our lives. By combining the principles of ancient wisdom with modern cognitive therapy, Tapping is one such therapy where cutting-edge science and next-generation manifestation techniques meet.  Tapping provides a powerful way to help banish negative thought loops which, in turn, can help reduce stress levels by silencing the dissenting ‘voices’ in our head.   

It is a given that energies can be guided negatively, often sub-consciously, but there always has to be a balance in life.  With acceptance and learning we can achieve that balance by tapping into positive energies, thereby creating a paradigm shift in our very being as we raise our energies into a plus positive state.  It’s an incredibly simple process, so with that said I am extending an invitation for each of you to experience ‘The Joy of Tapping’ with me tomorrow, Sunday 18 September, at 6 pm, which will be led by Poppy Delbridge, an expert in her field.  This thirty-minute session is absolutely free and I will write more about this, together with the required logistics, at the end of this newsletter.

I am passionate about emotional health and wellbeing, so I really hope that you can join me tomorrow, but that passion also extends to ensuring that we protect our health as best we can throughout the Autumn and Winter months and I will be writing about the products that help to achieve this over the coming weeks and months.  We all know immunity is important, it always has been, so we will be taking a responsible and pragmatic approach to immunity and the products which we believe are best-in-class for any given circumstance.

I suppose that the first supplement everybody thinks about when talking about immunity is Vitamin D, except this is not strictly a vitamin.  A vitamin is a compound that cannot be produced by the body and since Vitamin D is produced in the skin, as a result of exposure to sunlight, it is more accurately described as a hormone.  So although we are capable of producing Vitamin D, we rarely make sufficient levels, which is why it is important to supplement.

Vitamin D has always played a really important role in immunity health and ongoing studies have indicated that a Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to many health concerns, including optimal immune function, diabetes and depression.  In his article, linked below, Shabir takes an in-depth look at the importance of Vitamin D, together with the five reasons why a Vitamin D deficiency needs to be addressed.  And he addresses this by recommending two products, D3000 Spray and Vitamin D3 + K2 Liposomal Oral Sprays, the latter because we strongly believe in liposomal technology.  But I think you know that.
VH Editorial: Vitamin D Deficiency; D3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray by Better You £8.45 for 15 ml; Vitamin D3 + K2 Liposomal Oral Spray Strawberry + Rhubarb by Well Actually £15 for 30 ml (drops from £19.99 for the interim); Vitamin D3 + K2 Liposomal Oral Spray Lime Crush by Well Actually £15 for 30 ml (drops from £19.99 for the interim)

Staying on subject, many of you choose to take a D3 capsule, rather than using an oral spray, and I’m one of those people.  There is no right or wrong, they are all cutting-edge formulations, but for the record, and balance, Shabir prefers the sub-lingual approach.  Anyway, he has had his moment above, and now it’s my turn as I tell you that I take Life Extension’s Vitamin D3.  But before I drop the price of this product, which is currently £10, I have more to say, so please read on.

Three weeks ago I wrote about our own supplements and at the time I wrote that it was a very tight curation, but it was designed to be that way.  Outside of that, we have always turned to specific experts in order to supplement our own supplements, but we have always set the bar extraordinarily high and over the years we have recognised and supported many different brands.  This has always been dependent upon their ability to formulate products in accordance to the very latest research and development, including clinicals, and to formulate said supplementation using the correct therapeutic dosages as dictated by various clinicals and studies.

So let's talk about Life Extension. I have written extensively about their products for quite a few years, Shabir has written many articles recommending their products and I take several of their products.  These include Super Ubiquinol CoQ10, Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes and of course L-Ergothioneine, the latter of which I wish was our own, but it isn’t.  Anyway, I’m not going to be territorial about this because Life Extension is an exceptional brand and in recognition of their brilliance, I am discounting their entire range by 10% across the weekend.  As I write this, I know that one or two products are out of stock, but in the hope that they will be here soon, we will honour this offer regardless.
Life Extension (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 18 September)

As we head into specific health concerns, it would seem appropriate to write about a Life Extension product, so let’s now take a look at controlling Uric Acid.  Uric Acid is a waste product and it is produced when the body breaks down purines (chemical compounds) from food.  Most Uric Acid dissolves in blood and is taken to the kidneys for elimination, but this is not always efficient as certain foods, which include red meat and seafood, have high levels of purines, as do drinks which contain high levels of fructose, corn syrup and alcohol.

High Uric Acid levels can cause crystals to form, which can settle in the joints and this is one of the causal reasons of gout, a form of arthritis which can be extraordinarily painful. These crystals may also settle in the kidneys, resulting in the formation of kidney stones, and together these are the two most common concerns associated with high Uric Acid levels.  Shabir covers the rest in his article linked below, where he recommends the supplement Uric Acid Control, incorporating the fruit of Terminalia bellerica, which has been the subject of a double-blind clinical study as its high tannin content helps to control levels of Uric Acid, without side effects.
VH Editorial: How To Control Uric Acid; Uric Acid Control by Life Extension

A few weeks ago I wrote about fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion.  I now want to write about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a medical condition in its own right, which is characterised by persistent medically unexplained fatigue, which is not relieved by rest.  Other symptoms of CFS include muscle pain, muscle weakness, joint pain, bowel problems, unexplained headaches, poor sleep quality, an inability to concentrate and feelings of hot and cold, due to pure temperature control.  If this sounds familiar, trust me you are not alone, unexplained CFS seems to be reaching epidemic levels.  And nobody knows what to do.

And nobody knows what to do because scientists, in general, do not fully understand this illness, although there have been several theories indicating that CFS could be triggered by stress, hormonal imbalances, viral infections or a compromised immune system.  As it stands, there isn't a definitive prescribed solution and I’m not sure that there will be one in the foreseeable future.  It is at this point we turn to supplementation, because if supplementation can help relieve just one or two of the symptoms, then I feel we are doing something to support our health and wellbeing, so let’s take a look at this.

A group of scientists (not scientists per se) have discovered a unique set of compounds, called roburins, which are found in oak wood.  Two major human studies demonstrated the potential of roburins to help mitigate the symptoms of CFS, but I am going to leave it to Shabir to explain the science and the results of the studies, which are quite interesting.  CFS can be very debilitating emotionally and physically, which is why we are recommending Life Extension’s Energy Renew at this time.  Energy Renew has been formulated in compliance with scientific findings and in full recognition of the human studies carried out.  And that’s a wrap.  A warm clinically validated wrap.
VH Editorial: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Energy Renew by Life Extension

Moving on, last week was National Eczema Week and it is thought that eczema now affects 15 million people of all ages in the UK.  This inflammatory, dry skin condition, aka dermatitis, can cause unbearable, often constant itching that leads to ferocious scratching until the skin is red, raw and weeping.  Those words are Sarah’s, not mine, but with atopic eczema being the most common form of eczema, Sarah takes a look at the natural ways to soothe ‘the beastly itch’, in her article, linked below.
Natural Ways To Soothe Eczema by Sarah Stacey

I just want to add a couple of things here.  I used to suffer terribly with eczema, and although I seem to have grown out of it, I am still really careful about the products I use, because at any given moment it can return, and it sometimes does if I’m stressed or under pressure.  The big one for me is that I cannot, and will not, use fragranced skincare products and if you have eczema, or any inflammatory skin condition, I suggest you don’t either.  May I also suggest that if you are suffering from an inflammatory skin concern, then do think about taking a three-month course of Clear Skin Complex to help calm your skin.  It’s brilliant.  If you stay with it.
Clear Skin Complex by Viridian Nutrition £23.50 for 60 Capsules (drops from £26.95) (offer ends at midnight BST, Friday 23 September)

I know that I wrote about both of these products on the last Weekend Read, but if you need some guidance about topical products to help reduce skin inflammation, please try Neurophroline Serum, which can also be used on body rashes.  So although I wrote about Neurophroline two weeks ago, it was just a passing comment where I said it was one of my favourite serums.  So I want to back this up and I will do so by linking you to Shabir’s article below.  And following through, Fulvic Face Cream is a fragrance-free and wound healing formulation.  Both products were created to uphold the integrity and health of our skin.  It’s that simple.  Really.
VH Editorial: Stress Ages Our Skin; Neurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £19.50 for 30 ml; Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml

Right, let’s do some beauty treats and I’m going to start this section with two products from Temple Spa, namely Palm Balm and Sole Balm.  Palm Balm is a luxurious hand cream which absorbs quickly and contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Vitamin E.  Fragranced with Orange, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Peppermint, for the duration of this month, Palm Balm drops in price from £15 to £11.25.  Sole Balm is an extraordinarily nourishing and fast-absorbing foot balm for cracked heels and dry skin.  Loaded with Mediterranean essential oils, it also contains Peppermint Oil and Menthol to help soothe hot and overworked feet.  Sole Balm also drops in price from £19 to £14.25.
Palm Balm by Temple Spa £11.25 for 75 ml; Sole Balm by Temple Spa £14.25 for 100 ml

Let’s talk about Ameliorate and let’s talk about another one of those rather limited offers.  The Ameliorate Bundle includes their Transforming Body Lotion (200 ml) and their Smoothing Body Exfoliant (150 ml).  Both products are packed with powerful, exfoliating and conditioning ingredients and they provide care for bumpy skin, very dry skin, dehydrated skin, rough skin and ingrown hairs.  So with Shabir’s article on Keratosis Pilaris linked below, the Ameliorate Bundle has a product value of £42, but it now becomes £28 and all I am going to say here is that this offer is only available whilst stock lasts.  So if it doesn’t go into your basket, you will know that the offer is over.
VH Editorial: Treatment Of Keratosis Pilaris – Chicken Skin; Ameliorate Bundle £28 (whilst stock lasts)

As I write so often, we are all different and of course our skincare choices differ too.  So let’s take a look at Derma E’s Crepey Skin Repair Treatment and the story here is that it was formulated to hydrate and smooth the skin on your neck, chest and arms, but because it included Copper Peptides and an Anti-Crepe complex, I thought it would be wonderful to use it as a face cream too.  The rest is history, it is now one of Derma E’s bestselling skincare products and with full details on the product page, I am dropping the price of Crepey Skin Repair Treatment from £21 to £17.  Whilst stock lasts.
Crepey Skin Repair Treatment by Derma E £17 for 180 grams

On a roll.  Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser is the hero product of the range, it always has been and probably always will be.  With all information on the product page, I am dropping the price of Miracle Cleanser (120 ml) from £42 to £22 and once again this offer is only available whilst stock lasts.  Oh, and one more thing, it comes with a soft, bamboo muslin cloth. Neat.
Miracle Cleanser by Aurelia London £22 for 120 ml (whilst stock lasts)

One last thing, and we go back to supplements as we take a look at Super Stars, a new range of supplements for children aged between four and twelve.  There are five products in the range including Immune Support, Omega-3 and Vitamin C.  So focusing on Immune Support, this is a blackcurrant flavoured liquid containing an expert blend of Vitamin C, D3, Zinc and Elderberry.  I am guessing that Immune Support will be the bestselling product of this range, but whichever it is, I am dropping the price of all five products by 10%, for the interim, with all further details of each specific formulation on the product pages.
Super Stars by Natures Aid

As we come to the Saturday only treat, it is very clear to me that scalp health and hair loss is so very important to so many.  On the last Weekend Read I wrote about Hairjelly Protein Capsules and Derma E’s Styling Repair Hair Oil, so I thought I would continue through by referring you to Shabir’s article on dry scalps.  I know I don’t normally attach articles to the Saturday only treats, but I feel there is a great relevance in doing so this week as I tell you that with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include Fulvic Acid Mist (60 ml), which contains a concentrated blend of active ingredients to calm, soothe, heal and repair scalp inflammation.
VH Editorial: Dry Scalp Treatment; Fulvic Acid Mist

Rapid Tapping.  Ahead of tomorrow evening, I would just like to say that I totally trust and respect Poppy Delbridge.  Quite a few of you will have tapped with us before, so this is the third tapping session we will be doing together.  In the interim Poppy has written a book, her first book actually, it’s called 'Tapping In'.  She is a girl after my own heart and tells it as it is, which I find totally refreshing bearing in mind I could totally relate to the words she wrote in the first few paragraphs of her book.  It takes great courage to be honest with ourselves, but it is with courage, and help, that we are able to transform our lives. 

I think you will love Poppy, and before I give you the logistics for tomorrow night, I am going to link you to her book, where you will be able to read the first few paragraphs as a preview.  I particularly want you to read Poppy’s words about self-care 'fluff', which really made me smile. I love long baths and I adore candles, I will always write about them, but I am not going to tell you that your life will be transformed forever by sitting in a fragranced bath.  And neither will Poppy. 
Tapping In by Poppy Delbridge

All that is left is for me to share the registration details for the tapping session tomorrow evening.  It is called 'Tapping Into Joy' and in this thirty-minute session we will learn about tapping and how it can significantly help to reduce stress and anxiety.  A couple of really important things to say here and the first is that this is a safe space, just you, me and Poppy.  We will not be able to see each other, so please come as you are as we celebrate and acknowledge each of our lives, ahead of the shared moment of national reflection at 8 pm.

And just to note, Poppy and I have a friendship, a deep authentic friendship, which is not a commercial relationship.  I actually find it rather uncomfortable to even write those words, but I do so to protect both of us from unwanted missives from the few who fail to understand what unconditional giving means.  So with all of that said, I am so looking forward to 6 pm tomorrow and the registration details are below.
Tapping Into Joy With Poppy Delbridge

Finally, I believe in a world where light will guide us.    
I Believe by Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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