Weekend Read 15 October 2022

Weekend Read 15 October 2022

Before anything, can we please debrief from last weekend.  In no particular order, and for all those who are interested, we will be tapping together again very soon.  I think this will take place in November and as soon as I have a specific date, I will of course let you know, but in line with all that has gone before, this will be another opportunity for us to come together, but this time on a deeper level as we explore and experience the uplifting benefits of this evidence-based therapy, with Poppy Delbridge guiding us.  Wonderful Poppy, she is most definitely one of us and her gift is, in fact, our gift.  And it’s an unconditional gift.

My thanks also to all those who sent emails of support regarding my stance on the health and beauty industries, which I feel is so very important.  I am not one to roll over and I honestly don’t care what I write because nobody can ever argue with the truth, except of course the truth is so often hidden, aided and abetted with super injunctions and cloaked with NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) because it’s easier that way.  Or is it.  I’ll leave that open to debate.  And just perhaps the ‘be kind’ brigade would also like to debate just what being ‘kind’ actually means.  Most especially when I am sitting on damning evidence determining otherwise.

So with that said, let us to continue to honour each other and we’ll do that by taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing in order to gain the strength and compassion in order that we may protect the very core of who and what we are.  And as words comfort, so too the products that continue to help make a positive difference to each of us on so many different levels.  And we are going to look at some of those products today.

Because so many of you know me really well, you will absolutely know that balance is really important to me.  And having written about Fulvic Acid Elixir last weekend, I am about to write about Ionicell this weekend in order to achieve and embrace that balance.  As I wrote last weekend, they are one of the same, but it’s a matter of choice between taking liquid supplementation or capsules.  It really is too close to call which is most preferred, but I really don’t think that matters too much because the most important thing here is efficacy, so everything I said about Fulvic Elixir, stands for Ionicell too.  As do the clinicals.

So as I referred you to Shabir’s editorial on The Elixir of Life last weekend, this weekend I am going to refer you to the White Paper on the Ionicell product page, which gives an in-depth analysis on Ioniplex, the clinically validated Fulvic ionic mineral complex.  But of course that’s not all, and as things stand I need to uphold the balance I have just written about as, once again, Fulvic meets Fulvic. 

Referencing the health/beauty crossover, as I so often do, Fulvic Body Lotion is the product I asked Shabir to formulate for us.  If I was going to launch a product into a pretty saturated market, then it more or less had to perform a miracle on dry skin, but most especially on parched ‘crocodile legs’, which I believe it does.  With its wound-healing properties and its two breakthrough skincare technologies, it has been highly acclaimed by so many of you, and in recognition of that support I am putting Fulvic Body Lotion together with Ionicell, as they become one and, as such, their combined price drops from £40 down to £30, which is a saving of £10.
Ionicell 60 Capsules + Fulvic Body Lotion 200 ml £30 (whilst stock lasts)

As ever, I just need to caveat the above by saying that I cannot split this offer, and I suppose it can be played in two different ways, either Ionicell drops from £20 to £10, or Fulvic Body Lotion drops from £20 to £10.  Whichever way, they are both bestselling products, and if we are on the subject of bestselling products, I am also dropping the price of Mega Probiotic ND from £22 to £18 across the weekend.  That’s the thing with bestselling products, I don’t need to write very much, but of course if you want the in-depth on Mega P, Shabir has written twelve articles about it, which are listed on the product page.  And it makes my life easier. 
Mega Probiotic ND £18 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 16 October)

At this point I would just like to say that my life was certainly not easy last weekend, in fact it couldn’t have been more problematic if it tried.  I honestly don’t know what happened, but in full transparency everything that could go wrong with the offers and treats I wrote about last Saturday went wrong.  We still haven’t got to the bottom of it, but the backend of our site developed a life of its own and disobeyed all set instructions, which created chaos.  Most of you were unaware of it, but the offer which was most affected was Repose by Temple Spa.

It should have been so simple, because it was a straightforward offer.  With every jar of Repose Relaxing Night Cream bought, we said we would automatically include a second jar free, except the gift was omitted on many order confirmations.  It goes without saying that all gifts will be honoured, and in fact I wrote that we will honour all gifts until the end of October, which obviously still stands.  So just to be clear, this gift is worth £42, it did go out of stock, which I thought it would, but it is back in stock now and just know from me, that whatever our site decides to do, I absolutely know what it is meant to do and we will always override failures in technology.
Repose Relaxing Night Cream by Temple Spa £42 for 50 ml (+ Repose Relaxing Night Cream 50 ml free)

More about Temple Spa later in this newsletter, but for now I need to do a product launch, and it comes from Margaret Dabbs, so you know it is going to be rather interesting, and in fact there are two new products, but they come under one umbrella.  I am going to start with the PURE Overnight Hand Mask.  And it’s a rather fabulous  hand mask because this treatment mask is loaded with some hard-hitting ingredients, including Buriti Oil which will help soften fine lines.  Formulated to give immediate relief to dry, dehydrated skin, this hand mask is scented with Rose and Lemon.  And that’s the first part of the equation.

And here comes the next part as I introduce you to a pair of gloves.  The Luxury Treatment Gloves enhance the benefits of the PURE Overnight Hand Mask and are soft and gentle on the skin.  The plant-based fabric is made up of Bamboo, Eucalyptus and Hemp and as such they aid better absorption of the product into the skin.  With natural antimicrobial and UV protection properties, I will include a complimentary pair of the Luxury Treatment Gloves, worth £10, with every order of the PURE Overnight Hand Mask, whilst stock lasts.  Of course you can buy the gloves as a stand-alone for use with your own chosen product, if you so wish.  The gloves that keep on giving.
PURE Overnight Hand Mask by Margaret Dabbs London £30 for 35 ml + Free Luxury Treatment Gloves (whilst stock lasts); Luxury Treatment Gloves by Margaret Dabbs London £10

Back to health concerns we go and I want to talk about high blood pressure, which is often described as the ‘silent killer’ because unless you know what the symptoms of high blood pressure are, you would not necessarily know that you have high blood pressure.  In medical terms, high blood pressure is known as hypertension and I know that I have written about this very common health concern on several occasions, but I think it is important to reiterate that stress is one of the causal factors of high blood pressure and with that said I am going to refer you to Shabir’s article, linked below.

Taking a look at the symptoms and causes of high blood pressure, this article will also help you to understand your own blood pressure readings.  This is fundamental and if you are at all concerned then please seek immediate advice from a medical professional.  On the supplementation side of life, there are a number of herbs which are reported to be of benefit to heart health and these include Hawthorn and the Indian herb, Arjuna.  These herbs are often termed ‘cardiotonics’, meaning that they are a tonic for the heart, and as Shabir recommends Cardio Peak to help protect cardiovascular health, I am taking the price of Cardio Peak down from £32 to £27.
VH Editorial: High Blood Pressure; Cardio Peak With Standardized Hawthorn And Arjuna by Life Extension £27 for 120 Capsules (offer ends at midnight BST, Friday 21 October or whilst stock lasts)

Turning to stress once again, there is a growing body of evidence indicating that the foods we put into our bodies can affect our sense of wellbeing and mood.  I touched on this last weekend when I wrote about how refined sugar can age our bodies, so I want to carry through by talking about Good Green Vitality by Nuzest.  Good Green Vitality is a lifestyle supplement containing 75 ingredients and 24 essential vitamins and minerals.  Ingredients include Ashwagandha, Zinc, Rhodiola and Panaz Ginseng and just so you know, Good Green Vitality uses plant-based ingredients and it is Nuzest’s hero product. 

So having put Nuzest on the radar once again, other products in the range include Clean Lean Protein and Kids Good Stuff, which comes in two flavours, Chocolate and Strawberry.  Each of these products are formulated to be added to a smoothie or, if you prefer, they can be taken with water.  Whichever way you take them, I am doing a straight 15% discount across the brand, with this offer also ending at midnight BST, Friday 21 October.  And just to add, if any of these products flip into a pre-order status, we will of course still honour the price reduction for the duration of this offer.
Nuzest; Good Green Vitality

Let’s talk about Taurine.  Taurine is an essential amino acid that is vital for many of the processes carried out within our bodies.  Amino acids are required for cell function, cell regeneration, hormone production, enzyme production and as they aid in the formation of antibodies, they help support our immune system.  Taurine is often mis-understood and in his article Shabir reveals why Taurine has been given a bad rap, which is totally unjustified as Taurine provides numerous benefits for the protection of our health and wellbeing.

So putting the record straight, as we must, Shabir explains how Taurine can help with weight loss and obesity, cholesterol reduction, eye protection and Tinnitus, which is such a common concern.  And on the subject of Tinnitus, I am also going to link you to Shabir’s article on this subject, so that’s two articles linked below and two products which will drop in price.  Taurine drops from £14 to £11 and Plantago Tincture, which Shabir also recommends for Tinnitus, drops from £10.85 to £9, noting that these two products can be used in conjunction with each other without contra-indicating.  Offers are for the interim.
VH Editorial: The Multiple Benefits Of Taurine; Taurine by Life Extension £11 for 90 Capsules; VH Editorial: What Is Tinnitus; Plantago Tincture by A. Vogel £9 for 50 ml

Right, let’s talk about beauty products and I’m going to begin this section by referring, once again, to some of the new products which are being drip-fed onto the Christmas Gift section of our site.  I will begin by talking about the most-wanted Temple Spa gift as things currently stand, and although it did go out of stock momentarily, it is now back.  That product is ‘The Recharge Spa’ and I have a feeling that many of you are recharging now, which is perfectly understandable.  Containing six Temple Spa products (50 ml each), full details are on the product page, but the products include Zest For Life, Take Your Time and AAAHHH, the latter of which is loved by so many of you.
The Recharge Spa by Temple Spa £25

Staying with Temple Spa, Truffle Mousse Creamy-Luxe Shower Foam is an opulent offering delivering lavish extracts of silk, cashmere, truffles and champagne to your skin.  Fragranced with notes of Neroli, Peony, Jasmine and Sandalwood, you only need to use a small amount as this will puff up into a rather wonderful texture and it forms part of Temple Spa’s Truffle Collection, which in and of itself is rather decadent.  And if you feel so inclined, you could step out of the shower (or bath) and moisturise with Body Truffle.
Truffle Mousse by Temple Spa £20 for 150 ml; Body Truffle by Temple Spa £60 for 150 ml

A Moment Of Tranquil Sleep Deep Relax Collection from Aromatherapy Associates includes Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil (9 ml), Deep Relax Sleep Mist (10 ml), Deep Relax Candle (85 grams) and a luxurious navy velvet Eye Mask, all packed in a navy velvet cosmetic bag.  The latter two products are worth £20 each and the complete set has a value of just over £100.  Except it isn’t £100, it is £50.  But whilst stock lasts, I am dropping the price from £50 to £45 because I feel like I want to do that.  So I’ve done it.
A Moment Of Tranquil Sleep Deep Relax Collection by Aromatherapy Associates £45

Let’s have some more fun, as I am about to take the price down of an Aurelia product.  I know that so many of you really value these treats, so let’s do it as I drop the price of Aurelia’s Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser (30 ml) down from £32 to £18, whilst stock lasts.  Instead of writing reams about this product, I think I will just refer you to the product page for further information, but the bottom line here is that this moisturiser fuses probiotic and peptide technologies and includes ingredients such as Baobab, Borage Oil and Mongongo Oil, which are blended with abundant levels of natural Vitamin E.
Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser by Aurelia London £18 for 30 ml (whilst stock lasts)

Following through from last weekend when I wrote about Prickly Pear Seed Oil being a limited edition, I have another limited edition product for you from Garden of Wisdom.  I always sit and smile at my computer when I write about Neurophroline because it is one of those ingredients which has been heavily researched and it is a multi-tasking ingredient.  The reason I love it so much is because studies have indicated that it helps reduce cortisol production by almost 70% and inflammation is known to be the root cause of ageing skin.  Shabir does the lowdown, as I announce that whilst stock lasts, we will send you 45 ml of Neurophroline for the same price as 30 ml, which is £19.50.
VH Editorial: Stress Ages Our Skin; Neurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £19.50 for 45 ml

Let’s end this section of the newsletter by delving back into the Christmas Gift section, and of course Spacemasks are included because I think they make a wonderful gift.  I am going to write what I wrote last year about gifting and that is that intent and thought are everything, irrespective of the cost of the gift.  As such you may wish to split the box of Spacemasks and gift them individually.  There are five Spacemasks in each box and I’ll now make it six as I will include a free individual Spacemask with every box ordered.  Mindful.
Spacemasks £16.50 For Five Masks (+ One Free Spacemask whilst stock lasts); Christmas Gifts

Into the Saturday only treat and this week with every order placed for £30, excluding p&p, we will automatically send you a 15 ml jar of Repose by Temple Spa.  I know you must wonder why I am doing this when I have written about Repose above, but for those of you who haven’t tried this product, it will give you an opportunity to fall in love, or otherwise, bearing in mind that the Repose offer extends to the end of October.  For ease, the product details are listed below, again.
Repose Relaxing Night Cream by Temple Spa £42 for 50 ml (+ Repose Relaxing Night Cream 50 ml free)

Let us sing.  I love this song.  I know that I have written about it before, but for some unknown reason it is not appearing on the VH Playlist and I don’t understand why.  So I’m putting it back where it belongs.  Lights will guide us home.  And ignite your bones.  And I will try to fix you.
Fix You by Coldplay; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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