Weekend Read 12 June 2021

Weekend Read 12 June 2021

As I welcome you to another Weekend Read, I think it is all we can do to seize the moment.  Carpe Diem.  Our lives continue to be turbulent, but through it all we have each other and with that comes a collective strength and belief that a better tomorrow will surely come.  Life itself is cyclical, but through it all I truly believe that light will prevail over dark in the end.  And I really don’t care how many times I write that, and I write it a lot, because I have a rock solid belief system that we are living in global revelatory times, where the truth will eventually prevail over all else.  It just takes time.  For the revelation and revolution.  To unfold.  And unfold it will.  As it must.

So Carpe Diem it is and we have to try to take the joy and happiness wherever we can, which for me means the words we share.  And the products we share.  In this moment.  For it is all we can ever do to help make a positive difference to each other with respect, love and integrity.  And to also uphold the fundamental values that guide and steer us in all that we do and all that we are.  There is an enormous comfort in walking with like-minded people and so before anything else, I would just like to thank the many of you who take the time to email your own words of encouragement and support.  They touch me deeply.  And always will.

And we will begin this week’s journey with a Fulvic treat.  Because it makes me happy to share.  And it makes me happy that so many of you trust and believe, as I do, that this core supplement makes an enormous difference to our health and wellbeing.  This is not the week that I will seek to challenge the liquid supplement, Fulvic Acid Elixir, against the capsule supplement, Ionicell, because I am about to give Fulvic Acid Elixir an unfair advantage.  And that advantage is that with every bottle of Fulvic Acid Elixir (480 ml) bought, we will automatically include the 240 ml bottle of Fulvic Acid Elixir, which is worth £15. 

So in other words, you will receive 720 ml of Fulvic Acid Elixir for £30 and Ionicell waits in the wings.  For the moment.  Anyway, look, it is all I can do to link Shabir’s article on Fulvic Acid Elixir, once again, but quite honestly most of you know what it does, so all I am doing here is being neat.  This offer goes across the weekend, ending tomorrow, Sunday 13 June at midnight BST, whilst stock lasts.  All you need do is click on the link below and as you do so just imagine what Shabir is thinking.  And smile.  With me.
VH Editorial: The Elixir of Life; Fulvic Acid Elixir Treat £30 (Includes Fulvic Acid Elixir 480 ml + Fulvic Acid Elixir 240 ml)

I normally do news and updates towards the end of each Weekend Read, but I am changing everything around today and the first update I have for you is that Derma E’s Crepey Skin Repair Treatment is now back in stock.  Finally.  Except we seem to have created a bit of a global famine and I’m being told we can’t have any more until an unconfirmed date in July.  Please don’t shoot the messenger, so if it runs out again, another wait list will start to grow alongside many other wait lists, because the restrictions across so many products continue.  And will, I think, be prevalent throughout this year.  As raw ingredient and packaging issues are ongoing.  And serious.
Crepey Skin Repair Treatment by Derma E £20 for 180 grams

Thankfully no famine yet on the Heated Eye Wand.  And I say thankfully because your feedback continues to be extraordinarily positive for many, many reasons.  If, for example, you suffer from styes, then I am being reliably informed that it is a ‘stye-healer’, which is all rather brilliant as long as you remember to sterilise after each use.  And if you have upper lip lines which need relaxing, the wand will help relax them.  One wand at a time, we are taking down eye puff and helping to lessen the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.  Seeking the calm.  Together.  With each and every Peep Club product.
Heated Eye Wand by Peep Club £60; Instant Eye Relief Spray by Peep Club £15 for 17 ml; Soothing Coconut Eye Balm by Peep Club £20 for 120 ml; Cleansing Lash Foam by Peep Club £20 for 50 ml (Wait List); Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads (Eight Pads + One Laundry Bag) by Peep Club £15 (Wait List)

After my words last week about Sheald Recovery Balm, many of you asked if Sheald could be used on old scarring.  The answer is yes it can, but we have to manage our expectations and know that it will take time for the scar to lessen in appearance.  Daily use is recommended for optimum results, but patience will be required, most especially if the scarring is several years old.  But I trust in iS Clinical and on from Sheald Recovery Balm, once a facial scar has healed, I recommend using Reparative Moisture Emulsion to uphold the process.  This only happens to be my favourite moisturiser of all time.  Alongside Fulvic Face Cream.  Obviously.  And I use both.
Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £20 for 15 grams; Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £52 for 60 grams; Reparative Moisture Emulsion by iS Clinical £78 for 50 ml; Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml

Moving on.  And I have a new supplement to tell you about.  It is called Cognifuel Think Drink.  So what exactly is a Think Drink.  A Think Drink helps to enhance cognition, while simultaneously helping to combat fatigue, in other words, it is a Nootropic.  Cognitive function can be compromised by fatigue, so Cognifuel addresses that issue with research-driven botanicals, which are blended with 22 vitamins and minerals to help with focus and concentration.  It also helps improve immunity and is beneficial for our stress levels too.

Receiving the Shabir stamp of approval, the Think Drink has a flavour of Blueberry & Pomegranate and as this is a new launch, I don’t have to think too hard about what I am going to do next.  The price of Cognifuel Think Drink is £34.99, but I am going to reduce the price down to £30 for launch.  And I will keep this launch price in place until midnight BST on Friday 18 June.  Which is 7 hours and 45 minutes before the next Weekend Read is released.  Could this be a whole new thing.  Week-long treats.  I’m laughing.  But I’m sure Shabir isn’t.  Which will make me want to do it even more.  Habit forming.  Of course.
Cognifuel Think Drink – Blueberry & Pomegranate £30 for 320 grams

In terms of equality, it is now my turn to put my stamp of approval on something.  Regardless of the fact that I do this all the time, I do have certain soft spots for brands that we have launched.  And Ameliorate falls straight into that category.  So an Ameliorate treat as follows.  When you spend £24 and above on any Ameliorate products, we will automatically include Ameliorate’s Intensive Hand Treatment (75 ml), which is worth £16.  We only have a limited volume, so I’m sorry but there is only one gift per customer and once they have gone, they have gone.  I suppose it will be Transforming Body Lotion for most of you.  The hero product.

Rolling on.  And having done one treat on a VH brand (Fulvic), I may as well do another.  So a Garden of Wisdom (For VH) treat is coming your way in the shape of C-Deep Vitamin C Serum.  Essentially, all you really need to know is that C-Deep penetrates the skin deeper than traditional Vitamin C Serums.  It is also more suitable if you have sensitive skin.  There are not many Vitamin C formulations that my touchy-touchy skin can tolerate, but it tolerates C-Deep, which is somewhat of a miracle.  Shabir does the lowdown in his article and I take the price of C-Deep down from £18 to £15.  Across the weekend.  What fun.  I’m having.
VH Editorial: Is Tetrahexydecyl Ascorbate The Best Vitamin C Serum; C-Deep Vitamin C Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £15 for 30 ml (offer ends Sunday 13 June at midnight BST)

Let’s continue this Weekend Read with some summer issues, the first of which is sweaty feet.  Many people suffer from an overactive sweat problem, which can lead to excess perspiration in several parts of the body, but we are throwing the focus here on feet.  Or rather Shabir is, so if you get sweaty feet, then do please read his short article on this health concern where he offers some helpful tips and follows through a product recommendation.  That product is Soothing Foot Powder by Margaret Dabbs.  It is one of her bestselling products.  Because it works.  Very well.  The summer powders.  Foot Powder and Beach Powder.  In all their magnificent glory.
VH Editorial: Sweaty Feet; Soothing Foot Powder by Margaret Dabbs London £15 for 50 grams; Beach Powder £9.99 for 100 grams; Beach Powder Shimmer £9.99 for 100 grams

The second summer issue to discuss is Lyme Disease and this is the subject of this week’s Health Notes from Sarah who is on her annual summer mission about this health concern.  And such is the concern about Lyme Disease that Sarah’s article is the same as it was last year and the message will be repeated in years to come.  So please do take the time to read all about this as it is important.  And as we do each year, we recommend investing in the Tick Remover Card.  Safety and peace of mind.  For animals.  And humans.
Lyme Disease Alert by Sarah Stacey; Tick Remover Card £4.49

And the third summer issue is Prickly Heat.  Also known as heat rash, it develops into an uncomfortable itchy rash, often appearing across the chest and on our arms.  Shabir wrote an article about Prickly Heat quite a long time ago, so I am linking that below, but would just caveat it by saying that whilst the holiday season is just around the corner, as he has written, that holiday season may, or may not be extended to foreign travel.  But the sun still shines in the UK.  And it could well be a rather hot summer.  Anyway four product recommendations in Shabir’s article and a fifth from me.  Neurophroline Serum will also help take down inflammation.  Rather rapidly.  In fact.
VH Editorial: Preventing Prickly Heat; Nettle Leaf Extract by Solgar Vitamins £19.75 for 60 Capsules; Thyme Out £18 for 200 ml; Neurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £18 for 30 ml

On from that, another new product launch.  And it’s UV Face (& Scalp) Mist SPF50 by Ultrasun.  This mist delivers very high UVA and UVB protection in a lightweight, quick-drying transparent spray.  It can be worn on top of, or beneath make-up and is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.  And if we are talking about the scalp, hair loss or thinning hair leaves our scalps more exposed, which is not a good thing as it could well exacerbate this very loss or thinning, say Ultrasun.  They also say that this spray will not make your hair greasy if you are spraying it along a parting or your hair line.  I say, sure spray the spray, but do wear a hat.  And make that a big hat.  With even bigger sunglasses.  Because that’s what we do.  The cover-up.
UV Face (& Scalp) Mist SPF50 by Ultrason £18 for 75 ml

A new product launch from Temple Spa.  And it comes in a tin.  A fabulous tin.  So please let me introduce you to Mani-Pedi-Cures, the tin of tools which contains hand and foot care essentials.  It includes five of Temple Spa’s bestselling products, so here is the rundown.  Sugar Buff, the sugar exfoliator that removes dead skin cells; From Strength To Strength, a highly nutritious intensive daily treatment for nails and cuticles; Palm Balm, the luxurious skincare treatment; Sole Balm, a nourishing foot cream to soothe and cool and finally Temple Spa’s Glass Nail File.  The tin excites me, the products are of course sublime.  Gift.  Yourself.  And others.  Is what I think.
Mani-Pedi-Cures by Temple Spa £30

Health.  The liver is one of the most essential organs in the body and is critical to the optimal function of all aspects and processes carried out within our body.  The liver is involved in the digestive process, the assimilation of nutrients, the removal of metabolic waste-products and it helps maintain healthy glucose and cholesterol levels.  At this point I will refer you to Shabir’s article about cleansing the liver, together with the reasons why he believes that Milk Thistle is beneficial.  And with that his recommended product, Advanced Milk Thistle, drops in price from £35 to £32 across the weekend.  And beyond.
VH Editorial: Detox Your Liver With Milk Thistle; Advanced Milk Thistle by Life Extension £32 for 120 Softgels (Offer ends Friday 18 June at midnight BST)

Wellbeing.  More feedback as I put my feet up on my desk and abdicate to Jessica Diner who wrote the following words in Vogue.  ‘The sequel to acupuncturist Ross J. Barr’s wildly popular Healing Patches (which, by the way, are incredible for any muscle aches and pains), the Calm Patches do what they say on the packet; they calm, they soothe, and they relieve.  Apply onto temples, rub them into the skin to release the active herbs and let them do the rest; ideal for when you’re feeling frustrated, tired, foggy or irritable, or for those relaxing moments when you just want to enhance your zen’.  My love.  My thanks.  My respect.  For the unpaid-for support.   It matters.
Calm Patches by Ross J. Barr £15 for Ten Patches; Healing Patches by Ross J. Barr £15 for Five Patches

Fragrance.  And when she got there, the cupboard was bare.  I am of course referring to my words of last week when I wrote about The Atomiser from Aromatherapy Associates.  I wrote that at £120, The Atomiser was a considered purchase and that I hoped not too many of you would consider it so that I could take one off the shelf.  Except of course that didn’t happen, the demand was far higher than I anticipated, we went out of stock for a moment in time, but they are back now and one has got my name on it.  In bold letters. 

Furthermore, I must have been having a moment, because I told you there were four new Pure Essential Oil fragrances to use with The Atomiser, when in fact there are five.  And I can’t even blame Shabir, which is most unfortunate.  Anyway, a belated welcome to Forest Therapy Pure Essential Oil Blend.  This is the oil that brings the outside in and it truly does transport you into the emotionally healing power of nature’s forests.  It is quite divine actually and if you want a truly therapeutic experience, then use it in conjunction with Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil.  Forest Therapy.  Known and revered as Shinrin-Yoku.  In Japanese.   
The Atomiser by Aromatherapy Associates £120; Forest Therapy Pure Essential Oil by Aromatherapy Associates £25 for 10 ml; Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil by Aromatherapy Associates £49 for 55 ml

More bare shelves as Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent went flying out the door last weekend.  And again, as I wrote last week, this is the product that collapsed our site last year when it made an appearance on This Morning, and with another appearance, this time on the Weekend Read, it didn’t actually collapse our site, but the ordering went slightly out of control.  Rather like my head.  Maybe it’s because I wrote that I use it as a room spray.  Maybe it’s because its fresh Eau de Cologne fragrance renders you invisible to mosquitoes, ticks, wasps and bees.  Or maybe it’s because I suggested you use it in The Atomiser.  But with that said, we are now stocked for the entire summer.  Maybe.
Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent £20 for 250 ml

Epic product time.  There are some products that have the word ‘epic’ written all over them.  And Weleda’s Birch Cellulite Oil is not only epic, but iconic too.  We all know that there is not a living product that will get rid of cellulite, despite the most ridiculous claims, but we are not making claims here.  What we are doing is saying that this clever natural body oil will help tone and firm the skin and with massage, it will help stimulate circulation.  Most will of course use it on the legs, but it can be used all over the body.  It has a citrus fragrance and it becomes the penultimate treat of this Weekend Read as I take the price down from £25.95 to £22.  For nearly a week.  Behold.
Birch Cellulite Oil by Weleda £22 for 100 ml (Offer ends Friday 18 June at midnight BST)

And of course the final treat is the Saturday only treat.  And to celebrate the new product launch from Temple Spa (above), with every order placed for £30 and above (excluding p&p) we will include a tube of Breakfast Smoothie (15 ml) from Temple Spa.  Breakfast Smoothie is a nutritious mask that cleanses and polishes in one.  It was formulated for the moments when your skin would love a facial, but there’s just no time.  It’s non-abrasive and it also helps remove dead skin cells.  So that’s a wrap.

Not too many words from me on this section this week.  Following on from my podium moment of last week, I just want to reiterate that campaigning is in my blood.  And if that campaign exposes the corporates and the people who have committed the most heinous of acts, then sobeit.  It is in that very exposure that lessons are taught and lessons are learned.  There is no bitterness, that much I promise you.  I am so far from being bitter, essentially because it is not a good look, but what I will say is that one day, this campaign will make a profound difference to each and every one of us.  So let us sing together.  Until that moment arrives.

And this week we are going to sing One by U2.  Because We Get To Carry Each Other.  Carry Each Other.
One by U2

With love.  With respect.

Gill x 



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