Weekend Read 10 December 2022

Weekend Read 10 December 2022

Saturday 10 December and with this being the final Weekend Read of the year, the very first thing I want to do is to thank you for your loyalty and support throughout the year.  It hasn’t been an easy year, in fact it has been tremendously difficult as we continue to face adversity on many different levels, yet with a sense of purpose and belief we are able to stand together in strength in order to help overcome the negativity that is so pervasive in this world.

Not for one moment am I under-estimating the struggles so many face, I am more than aware of such and with a mission of helping to make a positive difference wherever we can, we must uphold the reality and transparency that is so very important if we are to trust.  Nobody has ever said that any of this is easy, it isn’t, but in full recognition of circumstance, I feel it is our duty and responsibility to support and help as best we can, not only with the products we recommend, but with words of understanding and compassion between us.

With all of that said, there is much to be thankful for and I remain thankful that we are able to continue doing the things we do together, because I can’t imagine a world without love, belonging and sharing.  And it is at this point that I will tell you that I am not going to write about any specific products today because I don’t feel the need to do so.  Having written the VH Awards last weekend, which was probably the longest Weekend Read of the year, for balance this is the shortest Weekend Read of the year, and there is a reason for this.

If we are to share, which we will do in a moment or two, then we have to share in a way that is beneficial to all, which includes many of the niche brands we recognise and support.  It is impossible for me to write about every single brand we list on our site, but these brands are listed for varying reasons, mostly because of their efficacy. We have to be discerning with the products we list and as I have so often written, we are not in a competition to list endless brands, because there is no prize to be won and I cannot, and will not, list brands and products if we don’t believe in them ourselves.

So beneficial sharing, and we are going to do this by offering you a sitewide discount of 15%*, which will run through until midnight GMT tomorrow, Sunday 11 December.  Beneficial sharing embraces and offers an opportunity to not only try new products, if you so wish, but in a two-dimensional way it also allows brand and reader support which is mutually beneficial.  And although that is the primary reason I am offering this, it must also be said that you can use this discount however you wish to use it, as it will be the last big fling of the year.  To be neat, the discount will show up on your order confirmation, but not on each individual product page. 

As ever, there are exceptions to the above, four to be precise, and the first is that the 15% discount cannot be used on E-Gift Cards, on any of the Temple Spa products or on any sale items.  And in line with my words of last week about Smooth Upper Lip by Dermelect, I cannot discount that either as once again demand exceeded supply, and although it is now back in stock, with so many of you only just receiving this award-winning product, VH award-winning naturally, I don’t think that would be fair or equitable.  Hopefully, I have just averted a riot.
Shop The Discount

Just a few more things to say, and although nothing is ever set in stone, the next Weekend Read will be on Saturday 7 January, all things being equal.  However, I will not be totally silent because I am doing a product launch between now and then, and heaven only knows what on earth is possessing me to do this, but I will release this on Monday 26 December, which is in fact Boxing Day.  This is what happens when two of us decide to do something crazy and this has crazy written all over it.  But it won’t really surprise you who my partner-in-crime is, and I promise you it’s not Shabir.  He’ll probably sleep his way through it.

Although this is not a normal Weekend Read, the Saturday only treat still stands.  So with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include a pillow spray with your order, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (5 ml) by This Works**.  I have listed the product below so you can read all about it, and I’m thinking that it would be good to use it in one hit together with two capsules of Sleep Tight if you feel sleep deprived.  And there we are, I said I wasn’t writing about specific products and I just did.  Never mind.  I love breaking rules, including my own.
Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works; Sleep Tight

So, having written hundreds and thousands of words this year, all that really remains is for me to wish each of you the very best of everything, together with Shabir, Lara, the entire VH team and Ziggy Stardust Sinclair, who must never be forgotten.  Once again, the holiday season will be difficult for many and my love and thoughts are with those of you who struggle at this time of year.  Two years ago I sent out another message on Boxing Day, it wasn’t about products, we were in lockdown and I felt that we all needed to connect, and so we did.  So just perhaps, it’s not so crazy to send out an email on Boxing Day, as it could have a dual purpose.

Let me leave you with this song.  It is Unknown Legend by Neil Young.  And I dedicate this to all niche brands, who really do have legendary products, yet they are rarely recognised for their pioneering brilliance.
Unknown Legend by Neil Young; The VH Playlist

With gratitude and love.

Gill x  


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