Weekend Read 1 June 2024

Weekend Read 1 June 2024

Well, here we are, the Bank Holiday has been and gone, it is 1 June and we head into the summer months with all that it brings, so with that said I am dedicating this Weekend Read to the products which shine throughout the summer months.  Some of them are bestselling heroes, others are less well-known, yet they are heroic nonetheless.  We will also be taking a look at summer health concerns, and although some of these concerns are not confined to the summer months, they are mostly prevalent at this time of the year.

If this was a magazine, I suppose we could call this the travel edition, so away we go and I am going to start with supplementation because prevention is far better than cure, and although there are of course certain supplements we always recommend for travel, which I will talk about soon, the importance of taking a probiotic can never be under-estimated.  Most of us take a probiotic and most of us take Mega Probio to support digestive tract health and function, so let’s take a look at why probiotics are so important to take if you are travelling abroad.

An imbalance of beneficial bacteria can result in lowering our immune response, making us vulnerable to infections such as travellers’ tummy, bugs and food poisoning, often caused by contaminated water.  Specifically referencing food poisoning, antibiotics are often prescribed and whilst they perform a role in destroying harmful bacteria, they are not without side effects and they can disrupt the balance of the good bacteria in our gut.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t take antibiotics, they serve a purpose, but probiotics will most definitely play a role in replacing the good bacteria which may be lost by taking antibiotics.

In terms of efficacy, probiotics should be taken seven days before travelling, for the duration of your stay and for seven days upon your return. Staying on subject, two or three weeks ago I wrote about the importance of taking Daily Immunity throughout the year and in this instance our recommendation is much the same as taking a probiotic, adhering to the same dosage format.  All I need to do now is to drop the price of Mega Probio from £24 to £21 and to drop the price of Daily Immunity from £29 to £26.  And I’ve just done that.
Mega Probio £21 for 60 Capsules; Daily Immunity £26 for 60 Capsules (offers end at midnight BST, Sunday 2 June)

Being pragmatic, I will always take a cautious approach and it is all we can do to take preventative steps for our health and wellbeing, but of course we need to be prepared for all eventualities and Enterosgel is a brilliant remedy to help treat severe indigestion, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and food poisoning.  Enterosgel works like a clever sponge as it passes through the gut, absorbing harmful substances in the gut within twelve to twenty-four hours.  With over thirty years of clinical research, Enterosgel is a safe and effective treatment for all ages, including children.  Let’s drop the price of Enterosgel from £22.39 to £20 to support and reflect its importance.
Enterosgel £20 for Ten Sachets (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 June)

Dehydration can be a big issue for many of us, which is often accompanied by feeling tired and weak, so we are now going to take a look at Electrolytes.  Electrolytes are minerals in our bodies and they include Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride, each of which play a critical role in regulating hydration levels, nerve function, muscle function and maintaining correct pH levels, and one of the main causes of an Electrolyte imbalance is dehydration.  Predominantly our bodies work in a water-based environment, so it is important to maintain Electrolyte levels in order to stay hydrated, and thirst isn’t always a reliable indicator of dehydration.

There are any number of Electrolyte drinks, powders and supplements available, but we believe that this new product from Viridian is best-in-class for dehydration.  Electrolyte Fix Liquid contains Electrolytes sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah and are in an ionic form, which means that they are bioavailable to the body, unlike many Electrolyte products available. This difference is really important and Electrolyte Fix Liquid contains a variety of other minerals found in this salt-water lake, aside from the four essential Electrolytes, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride.  Perfect for hot weather, Electrolyte Fix Liquid can be taken neat or it can be diluted into cold drinks for an Electrolyte boost.
VH Editorial: Recharge Your Body With The Benefit Of Electrolyte Liquids; Electrolyte Fix Liquid by Viridian Nutrition £13.85 for 100 ml

I often write about Diosmin Plus, but in this context, I want to talk about Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a condition when a blood clot forms in one or more deeper veins in the body.  Often affecting the legs, the most common features are swelling and leg pain, however it should be noted that many people with DVT do not have any symptoms.  The biggest concern with the formation of a blood clot in the deep veins is the risk of the clot dislodging and shooting to the lungs, which can be fatal if the clot is large enough.  Generally, DVTs form as a result of inactivity, and although the probability of a DVT forming on a plane journey is very low, we need to take a look.

Traditionally used for improving the symptoms of varicose veins, spider veins and haemorrhoids, Diosmin Plus contains a very specific herbal extract, Diosmin 95 as well as Red Vine Leaf extract, which contributes to good blood flow in the legs. Enhancing healthy blood flow in arteries, veins and capillaries, it is estimated that over a third of the adult population in the UK have some form of circulatory issue, so it may be prudent to offset potential issues by supplementing with Diosmin Plus, but a word of caution here because Diosmin Plus must not be taken if you are taking prescribed blood thinning medication and is not a treatment for DVT. 
VH Editorial: A Natural Remedy For Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Haemorrhoids And Poor Circulation; Diosmin Plus £25 for 60 Capsules (drops in price from £28; offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 June)

The other thing to note here is that it is recommended to move around the cabin of a plane if you can, most especially if you are travelling long-haul, and I have been writing and recommending this useful gadget for many years.  Invented by an ex-British Airways long-haul captain, the Airogym Exerciser is a pocket-sized inflatable cushion which is easy to use whilst you are seated on a plane.  It has been shown to increase blood flow quickly and effectively, but actually why restrict the Airogym Exerciser to long-haul travel, because you may want to exercise your legs if you sit in front of your computer for hours on end without moving.  I am that person and I developed a DVT.  It was far from cute.
Airogym Exerciser £11.99

Prickly Heat next, also known as miliara or heat rash, Prickly Heat is a skin condition that occurs in hot, humid weather conditions when small particles of sweat block the sweat glands causing a rash to appear on the body.  The rash can develop anywhere on the body and it is composed of tiny spots and bumps that are surrounded by an area of red inflamed and itchy skin.  It is the trapped sweat that causes localised irritation and it is deeply uncomfortable, although it is not only exposure to the sun that triggers Prickly Heat, as it is thought that in some instances this can be caused by a photochemical reaction, releasing compounds that cause excessive sweating.

Stinging Nettle Urtica Drops can be really useful for the prevention and treatment of Prickly Heat, although it is most commonly used to provide relief for hay fever and other allergies.  It helps to inhibit the release of histamine, which is responsible for the rash, but it also displays powerful diuretic properties which help to eliminate the compounds responsible for the inflammation of the sweat glands.  Topically, Thyme Out cools, comforts and offers relief from itching, but it also works extraordinarily well on all types of skin rashes. Thyme Out falls into the bestselling hero category and as such I am dropping its price from £18 to £16. 
Stinging Nettle Urtica Drops by A Vogel £11.99 for 50 ml; Thyme Out £16 for 200 ml (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 June)

Referencing photochemical reactions, iS Clinical’s Extreme Protect SPF 40 deals with this concern rather brilliantly.  Offering high UVA/UVB protection, it was ahead of its time when it launched and I honestly believe that this advanced formulation is still ahead of its time.  Featuring Extremozyme technology, it arrives in a botanically based water-resistant formulation, which helps protect the skin against sun and environmental damage.  It is free from oils and perfumes and although I have used other SPF formulations, essentially for testing purposes, Extreme Protect is the only SPF that I really want on my face, being that I have super-sensitive skin.  And I love iS Clinical.
Extreme Protect SPF 40 Translucent by iS Clinical £85 for 100 grams

My love of iS Clinical products is extremely well documented and I cannot write about travel without mentioning Sheald Recovery Balm, because I will not travel without it.  This powerful reparative cream was formulated to accelerate wound healing in post-procedure skin, reducing inflammation and helping to limit scarring, for which there is no equal, but it can also be used on open cuts, grazes, scar tissue and dehydrated, aggravated skin.  A powerful antimicrobial, Sheald Recovery Balm incorporates cell signalling technology that encourages skin recovery and repair and unsurprisingly it is endorsed and used by leading surgeons all over the world.
Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £79 for 60 grams; Sheald Recovery Balm by iS Clinical £30 for 15 grams

Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent also falls into the bestselling hero category and it has done for many years.  There is something here about repeat messaging because there are certain products which I could write about every single week, and sometimes I do just that.  So, let me just say once again that Unstung Hero is a revolutionary DEET and chemical free formulation, it has a fresh lemon tea fragrance, it deters mosquitoes, ticks, black fly, wasp and bees and it can also be used as an effective room spray.  Famously used in a Vogue shoot. That’s the wrap.
Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent £20 for 250 ml; Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent £15 for 100 ml (Aluminium Bottle)

In the realm of clever products, this is a very clever product, so please allow me to introduce you to Moskinto, because if you are itching after a bite, this is the product that you will need because this is a patch that stops the itching and swelling of insect bites.  Just stick the Moskinto patch directly onto your skin over the bite for rapid relief, and in most instances this relief will be experienced in under twenty minutes.  In other words it is a plaster, a latex-free plaster, and being medicine and chemical-free its function is purely mechanical, making it suitable for children over the age of three.  A brilliant innovation.
Moskinto (The Intelligent Patch) £6.95 for 24 Plasters

Let’s do a really common concern and we are going to throw the focus on cold sores, summer cold sores because it is thought that seven out of ten people in the UK carry the herpes simplex virus and cold sores are a condition caused by an infection of this virus.  The best way to prevent and treat a cold sore is to take L-Lysine, essentially because numerous studies have indicated that lysine supplementation can help to speed the recovery from cold sores and help prevent recurrencies.  Lysine has anti-viral properties, but it also serves to block the uptake of arginine, an amino acid that promotes viral growth.
L-Lysine HCI by Lamberts £14.95 for 120 Tablets

Topically, we always recommend Lysine Lip Balm because although there are any number of cold sore treatment creams and balms available for the treatment and prevention of cold sores, we don’t believe that any of them come close to the efficacy of Lysine Lip Balm.  Containing two key ingredients, Monolaurin from coconut and Lysine, both ingredients display anti-viral properties.  Zinc Oxide is also included in this formulation because it is known to speed the healing process, also offering some UV protection, essentially because UV rays can often trigger the cold sores virus.  We also recommend it for cracked corners of the mouth, medically referred to as Angular Cheilitis. 
VH Editorial: Cracked Corners Of Mouth; Lysine Lip Balm by Good Health Naturally £5.95 for 5 grams

In the continuation of topical products, a mention once again for DoSe Peptide Rescue Serum and although I wrote a few weeks ago that this serum really helps take down the inflammation, citing Prickly Heat at that time, I will cite it once again because Wild Indigo (Neurophroline) has been clinically proven to take down the cortisol levels in skin by up to 70%, it protects against environmental stressors and also protects against oxidative damage caused by pollution.  Formulated with Resveratrol, Apple Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, you can use it as a stand-alone or you can dose it into your chosen moisturiser or SPF. 
DoSe Peptide Rescue Serum £22 for 30 ml 

I can’t write a travel newsletter without mentioning the next two products.  The first is deCrease, an innovative technology that decreases your clothes with a simple spray, getting rid of creases without the use of an iron.  This formulation absorbs in the inner core of the fibres and relaxes the yarns in order for the polymer chains to pull back into its original, crease-free shape, so all you have to do is spray your cloths and hang them up.  One caveat, and it’s an important caveat because you can’t use deCrease on silk because silk water-spots, as does rayon actually.
deCrease Travel Iron Free £9.99 for 250 ml

From the same stable, Bollo Group, deStain Instant Stain Removal Wipes remove those awkward spillages that always seem to happen, most especially when you are wearing white. Working on common stains, they do of course make a perfect travel companion, although they are not specifically for travel as the dreaded spill can happen anywhere.  Easy does it as you can simply pop a sachet into your bag or a pocket and it will help rescue you, and your clothes, from most common stains.  Launched as Swoosh Stain Removal Wipes last year, they have had a name change, but the product remains the same. 
deStain Instant Stain Removal Wipes £8.50 for Ten Individual Wipes

Nearly there, and although travel candles were intended for travel, not many people actually use them for travel, but I do because I have a thing about the fragrance of a hotel room and I always travel with candles.  So whether you use travel candles for travelling, or you use them at home, it doesn’t really matter because I am dropping the price of Neom’s Real Luxury Scented Candle, which is a beautiful fragrance, from £20 to £12, and at the same time I will drop the price of another Neom travel candle, Cosy Nights, also down to £12, because although it is meant for the winter months, it contains Sandalwood which has an earthy fragrance, so all is good.
Real Luxury Scented Travel Candle by Neom £12; Cosy Nights Travel Candle by Neom £12 (Limited Edition Offers)

And because we nearly always have a final fling, let us have that fling with Spacemasks because they are perfect to take away with you.  They are also perfect to use when travelling because they serve to relax your eyes, whatever the flight time, although you may wish to use two or three if you are travelling long-haul.  Actually, I think Virgin used to sell Spacemasks on long-haul flights, but I’m not sure whether they still do.  Anyway, a fling is a fling, there are three different fragrances to choose from, but whichever you choose, the price drops from £18.50 to £16, with a strong recommendation to stash.
Spacemasks Original £16 for Five Spacemasks; Spacemasks Orange & Grapefruit Scented £16 for Five Spacemasks; Spacemasks Chamomile Scented £16 for Five Spacemasks (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 June)

Into the Saturday only treat we go, and with every order placed for £35 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include Faith In Nature’s Grapefruit & Orange Body Wash (100 ml)*, because I’ve just mentioned Grapefruit and Orange above and sometimes it's good to be neat. Full product details listed below.
Grapefruit & Orange Body Wash

Finally, we are at the end of this Weekend Read, but I will continue writing about summer products next weekend, together with some more summer health concerns, but the other thing to say here is that following through from last weekend, I read an article which was discussing the attributes of true passion projects.  I could really relate to the words written and although I stated that we were a business last weekend, I think if anybody asks me in the future, I will tell them that VH is a project, a passion project.  I feel that’s a better fit.  Let’s sing.  I love this song.
There She Goes by The La’s; The VH Playlist

Wishing each of you a restful weekend.

With love

Gill x


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