Weekend Read 1 July 2023

Weekend Read 1 July 2023

A new month, a new energy and as I welcome you to another Weekend Read, we are going to talk about letting go of the things that no longer serve us, if we can.  It is no easy thing, that much I know, but we need to put things into perspective if we are to help overcome the issues that damage us, so much of which is out of our control.  We cannot give away our own innate power and the thing here is that when we know the truth, and we are the truth, we are able to stand as one against intimidation, which increasingly seems to have become a societal default setting.  And it’s everywhere we look.

I received an email last weekend and within the body of that email was a response to an article written in The Telegraph from a reader. Verbatim on toxic masculinity: ‘In my career to date it is toxic femininity that has blighted my life and made me walk out of jobs. I’m sick of women thinking they can get away with bullying, aggression and disgraceful behaviour because they’re ‘power women’ or whatever rubbish I’ve had to put up with. There are far, far more toxic women than men out there hiding behind a veneer of ‘ambition’ and ‘girl boss’ rhetoric’.

I receive so many emails about intimidation, so let me just say this. I have never understood the need to platform egotistical rhetoric because the overriding message is one of superiority, indicating that we are less than.  We are not less than, far from it, so please can we always remember that we are doing the very best we can in any given moment.  Mental health issues often stem from toxic relationships, which is why it is so important to talk about these issues and to share experiences whenever and wherever we need to.  And that's a given.   

Let's do the products and we will start with Limitless Plus.  Limitless Plus is an extraordinary supplement which has been formulated to help improve several functions carried out by the brain, including focus, memory and the ability to recall information.  Limitless Plus is a natural nootropic and by definition a true nootropic must be able to enhance memory and the ability to assimilate and process information, protect the brain tissues from chemicals and toxins, help brain function, even at times of extreme stress, such as exams and work deadlines.

Primarily helping to fend off age-related cognitive decline, natural nootropics have been proven to be safe and effective and they work by helping to boost neurotransmitters in the brain.  Conversely, synthetic nootropics are synthesised in a laboratory and lack long-term studies and once again there is a difference between synthetic and natural supplementation. In this instance the safety of synthetic nootropics may be rather questionable, based on evidenced research.

Limitless Plus combines two of the safest herbal extracts, Numatoes and Neumentix.  Numatoes is an extract derived from the non-GMO tomato plant and the tomato fruit is loaded with a broad range of vitamins for brain function as well as potent antioxidants, including the extensively studied antioxidant, Lycopene.  Neumentix is an extract derived from non-GMO spearmint, which contains over fifty different types of polyphenols, including Rosmarinic acid, which helps improve brain function.  There is much more to say, but I’ll let Shabir say it in his article linked below as I drop the price of Limitless Plus down from £32 to £29, across the weekend. 
VH Editorial: Nootropics For Sharper Brain Function; Limitless Plus £29 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight BST Sunday 2 July)

The simple things in life always give me great pleasure, so let’s do something simple and it goes like this.  Without feeling the need to write about each individual product, I am applying a 20% discount across each of the Ingenious products.  Their bestselling product is Ultimate Collagen+, a second generation collagen supplement and that’s all I want to say really.  And I’ve said it.
VH Editorial: How To Take Collagen Supplements; Ingenious Products (offer ends at midnight BST Sunday 2 July)

Continuing a theme.  Last weekend I wrote about two targeted and specific probiotics, so I want to follow through with two more this weekend.  So, let’s begin with a probiotic which can help prevent gum disease and that probiotic is Florassist Oral Hygiene.  Containing specific probiotic strains which have been shown to compete against the pathogenic bacteria which reside in the pockets of gum tissue, this probiotic was specifically formulated to help counter gum disease, including gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums.

The whole issue with gum disease is that the infecting bacteria move to other parts of the body, also causing inflammation, and this is why gum disease is often linked to heart disease and numerous other health concerns.  Periodontal disease is a really common concern, and although I don’t want to blind you with science,  the two specific probiotic strains used in this formulation are S. salivarius BLIS M18 and Immuno LP20.  Linking an article on gum disease below, we recommend using Clinisept+ Mouthwash as an adjunct to Florassist Oral Hygiene, although it can be used as a stand-alone.  And rather a lot of us have Clinisept+ Mouthwash in our bathrooms.  A staple.
VH Editorial: A Probiotic Supplement To Prevent & Treat Gum Disease; Florassist Oral Hygiene by Life Extension £18 for 30 Lozenges; Clinisept+ Mouthwash £7.95 for 400 ml

Shabir recommended this probiotic for low mood on the most recent What’s The Solution, but I’m going to refer to it once again because Florassist Mood Improve is the supplement we always recommend if you are on prescribed medication and unable to take Magnolia Rhodiola Complex because it contraindicates with such medication.  There are many communication pathways between the gut and the brain, so it is unsurprising that the gut influences our emotions.  The vagus nerve passes through the chest and abdomen connecting the nerves from key organs to the stem of the brain, and this is considered to be one of the pathways.

Another pathway for altering mood is the ability of these probiotics to produce neuroactive compounds that communicate with the cells in the brain which produce the mood elevating and nerve calming serotonin.  Used in human studies, Florassist Mood Improve showed a 50% plus decrease in low mood scores and a 55% improvement in anxiety scores.  And I think that’s a rather good solution given that low mood and anxiety issues affect so many of us.  Let us overcome, as best we can.
VH Editorial: A Probiotic Supplement To Relieve Anxiety; Florassist Mood Improve by Life Extension £26 for 30 Capsules; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £28 for 60 Capsules

Staying on subject, I have a new product to tell you about.  Jerms Daily Gut is an advanced four-in-one powder that delivers probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, organic superfoods and vitamins for optimal digestive health.  Over the years, and today, I have written extensively about the importance of gut health, which is why if your gut isn’t functioning at its best, it impacts your overall health and wellbeing.  So, let’s take a look at this new product.

With each spoonful of Daily Gut powder, billions of live friendly bacteria and natural prebiotics help increase the good bacteria needed for a healthy and happy gut.  This formulation also includes fibre-rich Baobab, soothing Lemon Balm and Ginger to encourage smooth digestion.  Additionally, Flaxseed protein and Calcium are included which contribute to the normal function of digestive enzymes, helping to reduce bloating issues.  Simple to use, mix one tablespoon with any cold drink, or sprinkle over cold food.  Wait, surely this is another moment for The Perfect Whisk to make an appearance.  Still besotted.
Daily Gut by Jerms £23.99 for 180 grams (Introductory launch price held for the interim; RRP £25.99); The Perfect Whisk by PerfectTed £13

And because we are in new product territory, let’s do another new product and it's Diarrhoea Relief Liquid Sticks by Doctor Gut.  I suppose it was only a matter of time before somebody came out with that brand name, and of course I started to laugh, essentially because I think I have a weird sense of humour.  Notwithstanding that, Doctor Gut have a range of products which are actually really good, so let me throw the focus on one of them, Diarrhoea Relief Liquid Sticks because with the holiday season underway, you may be interested in these, mostly because they have been registered as medical devices.

Diarrhoea Relief Liquid Sticks are a liquid medical device to help provide relief from the symptoms of diarrhoea and are indicated for the oral treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea, together with painful symptoms related to gastrointestinal disorders.  The key ingredient used is Diosmectite, a natural clay which has been clinically tested and shown to support a fast recovery from both acute and chronic diarrhoea.  I could do the science, but if you want the finer details, you will find a full explanation on the product page, which was not written by me.  Momentary respite.
Diarrhoea Relief Liquid Sticks by Dr Gut £10.99 for Ten Liquid Sticks; All Dr Gut Products

Continuing with new products, Bare Biology have just released Beam & Balance, which is a D3 and K2 Oral Spray formulated to support your immune system and healthy bones, teeth and muscles.  This oral spray provides 4000iu of vegan Vitamin D3 balanced with 100 ug of K2 per three sprays.  With no added sugars or thickeners, this is a super pure and plant-based supplement.  Beam & Balance is in a base of MCT oil, which helps the absorption of D3 and K2 as they are fat soluble, which means that you don’t have to take this supplement with food.  Launching at an introductory price of £17.95 across the weekend, it will revert to its RRP of £19.95 thereafter.
Beam & Balance by Bare Biology £17.95 for 25 ml (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 July)

One more product to go in the new section category and it’s Optimel Manuka+ Eyelid Cream, which is a low-pH emollient eyelid cream for dry eyelids.  It is made with 16.5% pharmaceutical-grade manuka honey, which has antibacterial and humectant properties that help alleviate dry eye symptoms.  Dry eye is one of the most widespread eye conditions in the world and it can dry out the skin around your eyes too.  Formulated to help protect dry, flaky skin, it may also be used to help soothe blepharitis and is suitable for compromised skin as it helps to restore the skin’s acid mantle, which is crucial for barrier function and antimicrobial activity.
Optimel Manuka+ Eyelid Cream £20 for 15 grams

Right, let’s throw the focus on seasonal concerns.  I wrote about prickly heat and summer cold sores last weekend, so let’s continue with another very common concern, sweaty feet and how to cope with them.  Shabir does the lowdown on this, but essentially whilst sweaty feet may not be as embarrassing as other types of sweat issues, it is nevertheless a concern that needs to be addressed because sweaty feet can often lead to foot odour and for some, Athlete’s foot.  

Recommending two products in his article, Clinisept+ Podiatry Spray and Soothing Foot Powder by Margaret Dabbs, I want to throw the focus on Soothing Foot Powder because it is one of our bestselling foot products and Shabir likes it rather a lot.  The key benefits of Soothing Foot Powder include reducing, protecting and preventing bacterial and fungal infections, helps control sweating, neutralises odours, soothes itchy, irritated skin and it helps feet feeling fresh and scented.  Another key benefit is that I am dropping the price of Soothing Foot Powder from £17 to £15 across the weekend.
VH Editorial: How To Cope With Sweaty Feet; Soothing Foot Powder by Margaret Dabbs £15 for 50 grams (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 July)

As so many of you know, each month I write about a special offer from Temple Spa and with today being the 1 July, I have a new offer for you, which will last throughout the month.  The product is Life Defence SPF50 High Protecting Moisturiser and it creates a barrier against pollution, UV radiation and blue light.  Its ingredients include Rocket Extract, HA, Vitamin E and Ginseng Root Extract and the normal retail price of this product is £42 for 50 ml, but if you buy two x Life Defence SPF 50 the price becomes £50, which means that you save £34.  I’ve made it easy, the link automatically puts two products into your basket at the discounted price.  And that’s that.
Life Defence SPF 50 High Protecting Moisturiser (50 ml each) x Two £50

Let’s do skincare and let’s do a serum.  Shabir calls Niacinamide a Herculean multitasker because it helps to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, melasma, skin prone to acne and hyperpigmentation as well as uneven skin tone.  There is plenty of research to back up its skincare benefits, but most specifically it helps improve skin structure and it helps to prevent redness, blotchiness and skin sensitivities.  So, with an in-depth look at Niacinamide in an article linked below, we have another one of those oversized treats.  So, if you buy Niacinamide Serum, you will receive 45 ml for the price of 30 ml, which is £12.  And just also to say that Avocado BioFerment it includes in this formulation to help nourish our skin.
VH Editorial: Should You Introduce Niacinamide Serum Into Your Skincare Routine; Niacinamide Serum by Garden of Wisdom for VH £12 for 45 ml (whilst stock lasts)

One final fling, and it’s a skincare fling, or to be more precise it’s a Lixirskin fling.  So, whilst stock lasts, if you buy any product from Lixirskin, we will automatically include Vitamin C Paste (30 ml).  Vitamin C Paste is of course the hero product of the range and it has remained that way since we first launched the brand.  I suppose many of you will choose Vitamin C Paste to get more Vitamin C Paste.  That’s almost a prediction, but not quite because I think Colette’s Facial might trump it.  Might.  Or it could be Good Skin Shaker Super Dew – Tinted.
Lixirskin (This is a limited edition offer and there is only one gift per customer) (If the gift fails to go into your basket, that means that the offer is over)

And into the Saturday only treat we go and because coconuts always remind me of summer and Virgin Pina Colada’s, with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include Faith In Nature’s Coconut Body Wash (100 ml)*.  Full product details listed below.
Coconut Body Wash by Faith In Nature

Finally, I'm sure that many of you watched Elton John at Glastonbury last Sunday evening, so this song from his Captain Fantastic album, which strikes a chord.
Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Elton John; The VH Playlist

With love and wishing each of you a restful weekend.

Gill x