Weekend Read 1 April 2023

Weekend Read 1 April 2023

And so we are in April and however tempted I am to write a completely fictional newsletter because it is April Fools’ Day I thought better of it, although it would have been fun.  Instead, and not wanting to give myself a headache on a Saturday morning in the event that my weird sense of humour was misunderstood, let’s go straight in and we are going to begin with another one of our bestselling products, and that product is Mega Probiotic ND.

Bearing in mind that I have been writing about changes over the past few weeks, I will just tell you that we are not changing the formulation of Mega Probiotic, although it will carry the DoSe by VH branding in the fullness of time.  And although nothing is ever set in stone, unless ongoing research dictates otherwise, it remains as it is, an excellent broad-spectrum probiotic for optimum gut health.

Containing eight probiotic strains, Mega Probiotic is an all-natural, non-dairy, acid-resistant probiotic supplement, helping to support digestive tract health, healthy colon cell growth and immune function.  It also helps to optimise intestinal motility as an imbalance of beneficial bacteria can result in fungal infections in the body, as well as urinary tract infections.  Anyway, the thing is that most of us take it as a core supplement and in recognition of that fact, I am dropping the price of Mega Probiotic down from £22 to £19 across the weekend.  I will also tell you that Shabir has written fifteen different articles regarding the efficacy of Mega P, all of which are listed on the product page.
VH Editorial: Probiotics: The Most Important Supplement For The Whole Family; Mega Probiotic ND £19 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 April)

With a new, and rather exciting supplement launching within the next two or three weeks, I will confirm that having tweaked the formulation with the addition of Vitamin C and Copper recently, we will not be making any more changes in the foreseeable future to Superior Joints.  It continues to be best-in-class, in our opinion, for providing pain relief for arthritis, knee pain, muscle pain, backache and shoulder pain.

If Superior Joints was to marry another product, that product would be Ross J. Barr’s Healing Patches, a topical solution for all forms of pain, including menstrual pain.  But we are not talking about menstrual pain right now, we are essentially talking about joint pain and so this is what we are going to do.  We are going to drop the price of Superior Joints from £30 to £27 and we will also include a single Healing Patch in order that you may experience the efficacy of the Healing Patches, if you haven’t already done so.  There is only one gift per customer because it is another one of those limited offers, which will only be available whilst stock lasts.
VH Editorial: Painful Joints; Superior Joints £27 for 60 Capsules + One Free Healing Patch; Healing Patches by Ross J. Barr £15 for Five Patches

Let’s take a moment here to talk about DoSe, most specifically the name because many of you have asked me about it.  We knew we wanted to change the branding of our own products and to be perfectly honest, and historically, we didn’t bother about the branding too much, all we did was put our initials, VH, on the packaging and it sufficed, until it didn’t.  It no longer suffices because of all the changes that we will be making throughout the year, and into the future, but besides all of that, there is a method in my madness.  And it goes something like this.

I knew I wanted to use a play on Shabir’s initials in the branding, most specifically because he has created and formulated all of our products, so as I was toying around with it in my head, and then it came to me.  It actually came to me at about 5 am on a Saturday morning when I was in the shower, so I ran out of the shower and wrote it down, just in case I had a memory lapse.  So, although his initials are back to front, it didn’t really matter as such, because all we needed to do was trademark the name, with the specific bolding of Shabir’s initials to differentiate and acknowledge.  But the story doesn’t end there.

Having ran out of the shower, albeit at 5 am, I had forgotten that I still had conditioner on my hair, and make that Fulvic Conditioner.  Early Saturday mornings are part of my Weekend Read schedule, so now you know the background, let’s do a Fulvic Shampoo and Fulvic Conditioner treat, mostly because the conditioner was on my hair for at least two hours. Additionally, if you ever wondered why we haven’t created a Fulvic hair mask, we don’t really need to, because Fulvic conditioner does it all, and it’s done it all for over fifteen years for so many of us, as has Fulvic Shampoo.  I don’t have hair loss thankfully, but I do owe the health of my hair and scalp to Fulvic.

Being forever grateful for the extensive research on Ioniplex, the ionic mineral complex that powers all of our Fulvic products, let’s honour that research and I will do so by dropping the price of both the Fulvic Shampoo and Fulvic Conditioner from £25 to £20 respectively.  All of the Fulvic products are formulated using natural ingredients and as such they differ from batch to batch, so I just wanted to mention it because this batch seems to be slightly thicker in consistency, but that’s the way it goes.  What I will also mention is that I will drop in the travel size Fulvic Mist (60 ml) too when you purchase either of the products, which is worth £12.50. 
Fulvic Acid Shampoo £20 for 240 ml + Free Fulvic Acid Mist 60 ml (one gift per customer on this product); Fulvic Acid Conditioner £20 for 240 ml + Free Fulvic Acid Mist 60 ml (one gift per customer on this product) (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 2 April)

I am more than aware that I did an offer on Fulvic Acid Mist last weekend, but that was across different products and I think it is only fair that I recognise and acknowledge your ongoing support across all of the Fulvic products.  That’s all I want to say really, although I will tell you that we are hoping to release another product in the Fulvic range within the next couple of months.  These things take time to bring to market, so all I will say here is that I have been testing this new product for approximately six months and if you love Fulvic Face Cream, which so many of us do, you will love this too.  And it’s not an eye cream.  I don’t use eye creams.  Actually.
Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml

Right, let’s do an ingredient focus and that ingredient is Siberian Ginseng.  Siberian Ginseng is botanically different from true Ginseng species, namely Korean and American Ginseng, and its multiple benefits have been known for centuries in Chinese medicine for its use as a tonic.  It was studied in the late 1950’s by Russian scientists, as an alternative to traditional Ginseng and the word ‘adaptogen’ was coined from this research as it refers to a substance which promotes adaptation by the body to varying stressors, physical, emotive or environmental. 

Siberian Ginseng contains ginsenosides, referred to as eleutherosides, which enable Ginseng to balance and counter-balance the effects of stress, but by far it is revered for its ability to increase energy.  Cellular energy requires the production of the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) molecule, which is manufactured within every cell of the body.  The primary glands for secreting energising hormones and enzymes are the adrenals, so although the adrenals secrete those hormones and enzymes, Siberian Ginseng plays a role in helping to stimulate those enzymes in order that the symptoms of low energy and fatigue can be addressed.

Siberian Ginseng is widely available in various forms, including tablets, capsules, tinctures, pure root and in tea bags, but because the therapeutic effect is between two and three grams per day, Shabir tends to favour tablets or capsules, which you can read about in his article linked below.  Sibergin (otherwise known as rocket fuel) offers 500 mg of Siberian Ginseng derived from 2500 mg of standardised Ginseng herb and contains the full spectrum of ginsenosides found in the herb.  This extract tends to work within a few days, with best effects experienced within a month.  That’s the lowdown, and all that’s left is for me to drop the price of Sibergin from £17.49 to £15.
VH Editorial: The Benefits Of Siberian Ginseng; Sibergin by HealthAid £15 for 30 Capsules (offer ends at midnight BST, Monday 3 April)

Let’s do some new product launches and as so many of you know, I have a thing about ancient rituals, they totally fascinate me, most especially bathing rituals.  I have long respected Japanese bathing rituals and many years ago I wrote about a medicinal bathing powder called Yunohana, which is extracted from the vapours of the Kasatsu hot springs and now it’s back, alongside three other Japanese bathing powders. So please allow me to introduce them to you because they really are quite special and therapeutic bathing has always played a tremendously important role across many cultures, including ceremonial religious rituals, which I also totally respect.

So, let’s start with Yunohana that consists of hot-spring crystals with trace minerals which, when dissolved into a hot bath, will assist the body’s natural lymphatic drainage.  It will also help reduce sensitivity to cold by helping to promote blood circulation, but more than that, Yunohana has a long history of helping to provide relief from nerve pain, rheumatism, arthritis, lower back pain and skin sensitivities.  This is pure Yunohana powder and as such there are no other ingredients included in this formulation and just to add, it is customary in Japan to take a bath every night, rather than showering, to help soak away the fatigue from the day.
Yunohana Natural Hot Spring Bath Powder by Tribe Skincare £18 for 120 grams

Three more Japanese Bath Powders to tell you about and I’ll begin with a medicinal bathing powder, Japanese Bath Powder with Liquorice, Aomori Hiba Oil & Squalane, which is specifically used for those with compromised skin conditions, including eczema, dry and sensitive skin.  Helping to reduce the redness of skin, Liquorice helps to regenerate the elastin of skin, Aomori Hiba Oil effectively fights bacteria as it has repellent properties, and Squalane is an anti-inflammatory with powerful anti-aging properties.  This could become a bit of a hero bathing treatment in the months when many of us are bitten to pieces as it will help calm the skin after an insect invasion.
Japanese Bath Powder With Liquorice, Aomori Hiba Oil & Squalane by Tribe Skincare £18 for 200 grams

Japanese Bath Powder with Koyamaki (Japanese umbrella-pine), Sugi (Japanese cedar) & Hanoki (Kiso cypress) is a bathing solution for those who are recovering from illness, or for those who feel slightly under the weather.  As such it is considered a bath tonic to be used as and when needed.  Finally, and back to skincare, Japanese Bathing Powder with Hokkaido Acacia Honey, Lemon extract and pure Sunflower oil from Nakafurano, is a soothing medicinal bath treatment for those who are prone to acne whilst also helping to boost metabolism, which in and of itself is no small thing.
Japanese Bath Powder with Koyamaki, Sugi & Hanoki by Tribe Skincare £18 for 200 grams; Japanese Bath Powder with Hokkaido Acacia Honey, Lemon Extract & Pure Sunflower Oil by Tribe Skincare £18 for 200 grams

Before we move on, I would just like to say that you only need two or three teaspoons of the bathing powders in each bath, and to get the full benefits, please use individually, although of course you may wish to alternate bathing experiences.  I would also like to point out that the jars are quite small, but the powders are solidly packed, which is all that really matters here.  Well, that and the efficacy of medicinal bathing, which I fully endorse.

And now we do move on and we do so with another new product launch.  This time it is from Ilapothecary and after the huge success of Beat The Blues Room Spray, a second room spray to add to the collection.  Dream Space Room Spray is a blend of essential oils known to help create a peaceful space, helping to promote restful sleep.  Those oils include Midnight Jasmine, known to have a relaxing effect on the mind and the oil of tranquillity, Vetiver, which helps promote peaceful sleep.  They are joined by Spikenard and Patchouli, both of which are thought to be helpful for those who struggle with restlessness and sleep deprivation.

I have written about many sleep-inducing products over the past few weeks, but because we must always have a choice, I am launching Dream Space Room Spray because it offers that choice.  As such, we launch at an introductory price of £26, which I will hold until midnight BST, Friday 7 April, when the price will revert to the RRP, which is £31.  Another experience to experience.  Perhaps.
Dream Space Room Spray by ilapothecary £26 for 50 ml

We are deeply into this Weekend Read, so please bear with me because there are a few more things I need to write about and I’ll start by saying that we are hitting into the SPF months, so to kickstart the season, as it were, with any Coola product bought, we will automatically include their Makeup Setting Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 (10 ml) as a gift.  There is only one gift per customer on this, because it is a very limited offer, and if it fails to go into your basket, then the offer is over and I’m sorry.  More SPF stories on their way.  Very soon. Peak excitement.

And now, because it is April, we have a new monthly offer for you from Temple Spa.  This offer will last throughout the month and for those of you who love Temple Spa’s Truffle products, get your fingers on your keyboard as I reveal the offers.  It’s all quite simple really, there are three products that form this offer and they are Skin Truffle, Truffle Noir and Truffle De-Light.  Each have a retail price of £90, which now drops to £50, meaning that you save £40 on each of the products mentioned.  Nothing to add, except to say that if you are a Truffle aficionado you may wish to stash your chosen product because I’m not limiting this offer.
Skin Truffle £50 for 50 ml; Truffle Noir £50 for 50 ml; Truffle De-Light £50 for 50 ml All by Temple Spa

I love final fling moments, I don’t do them every week, but I’m having a moment today and so let’s just do it and we are going to do it with Derma E’s Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches.  These gel patches are an ideal antidote for tired and puffy eyes as they cool, hydrate and brighten the eye area.  I know I stated that I don’t use a daily eye cream, but I do use these as and when I need to, and the need is quite often for those of us who sit in front of our computer screens day and night.  With that said, I am dropping the price of these gel patches from £24 to £15, whilst stock lasts.  And that’s the end of this section.
Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches by Derma E £15 for 60 Gel Patches

So, now it’s time for the Saturday only treat and with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically send you a tube of Ameliorate’s Nourishing Body Wash (60 ml)* which has been specifically formulated to help treat dry, rough and bumpy skin.  I’ll leave the product details below, so you can read all about it.
Nourishing Body Wash by Ameliorate

As we come to the end of another Weekend Read, I wish each of you a restful and a peaceful weekend.  And with a nod to rocket fuel supplementation (Sibergin), this song, which is a bit obvious, but never mind that.  Let’s sing.       
Rocket Man by Elton John; The VH Playlist

With love

Gill x


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