Weekend Read 6 February 2021

Weekend Read 6 February 2021

Having just lived through what seems to have been the longest month ever, February is upon us and if there is anything to be thankful for, it is that this is the shortest month of the year and soon it will be Spring.  Not wanting to wish any of our lives away, I think we are allowed to dream of lighter moments and all that it will bring, including daffodils and tulips.  Life is of course cyclical in many respects and knowing this, we must continue to be optimistic for a better tomorrow.  Knowing, deep within, that we will get there.

And as we hold that thought together, perhaps we can also do some creative visualisation too.  I have always believed there is a great power in re-invention, both of ourselves and of the world.  It is in this thinking that we can perhaps gain the strength to fight against adversity, as we seek the light.  We have to trust that it is often in our darkest moments, a glimmer of light is shown.  And it is with that glimmer that we are given the opportunity to re-invent and re-evaluate all that we are and all that we can be.  If we seek, we find.  The change.

I think it is perhaps the power of the positive changes that serve us best and one thing is increasingly obvious, and that is we are more aware than ever about the importance of trying to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.  So this week I want to lead by writing about multi-vitamins, which so many of you take.  Of course it is a multi-vitamin jungle out there.  But my thoughts on that at the end of the section. 

In Shabir’s words: ‘Unfortunately the vast majority of multi-vitamins contain synthetic vitamins or semi-synthetic nutrients, with some using mega doses that can actually do more harm than good.  I always recommend ‘food-state’ multi-vitamins because these contain nutrients that are found close enough to their structure in foods, rather than being synthetic, or semi-synthetic in nature, both of which are poorly utilised by the body.  The body gets its nutrients from food, so why not take a multi-nutrient that closely resembles, or is actually chemically identical, to that found in food’.

To gain further insights about multi-vitamins, I have linked Shabir’s article below, but essentially the multi-vitamin he nearly always recommends is Alive Ultra Potency Multi-Vitamin.  It provides vitamins, minerals, green foods, fruit extracts and much more, all derived from whole foods for ease of absorption and utilisation by the body.  So with Shabir’s thoughts and recommendations written about, it is my turn now, and of course you all know what I’m about to do.

Alive Ultra Potency Multi-Vitamin is normally £29 for 60 Tablets, but for today only, Saturday 6 February, I am taking the price down to £24.  This offer will end at midnight GMT tonight, or whilst stock lasts.  And with the relevant article linked below, Shabir has in fact written five other articles on this subject matter, all of which you will find on the product page.  With that said, I am holding myself back from writing a complete thesis on what I call ‘High Street Vitamins’.  The urge is great.  But I think I will stop there.  Anyway, you are all pretty adept at reading between the lines.  In fact.
VH Editorial: Are All Multi-Vitamins The Same; Alive Ultra Potency Multi-Vitamin £24 for 60 Tablets (The discount will show up on the checkout page)

We have long advocated the use of Apple Cider Vinegar, but for so many the taste was prohibitive until we launched the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies.  Since that time, these gummies have elevated themselves to become one of our bestselling supplements.  So two things.  Shabir’s archived article on the health and beauty benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar is linked below.  And the second thing is that I am taking the price of the gummies down from £18.95 to £14.95.  This offer will go across the weekend, ending tomorrow, Sunday 7 February at midnight GMT.  Should they last that long.  Time to stash.  Perhaps.
VH Editorial: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar; Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies by Goli Nutrition £14.95 for 60 Gummies

Might as well do another treat, and why not make it another Fulvic Treat.  It pleases me to be able to do so and in my never-ending quest for full Fulvic compliance, I have been writing forever about the importance of scalp health.  Shabir has written many articles too, including the article I have linked below, Dry Scalp Treatment.

So in another one of those short, sweet moments, I bequeath an offer unto you for our Fulvic Acid Shampoo and Fulvic Acid Conditioner.  Together they cost £50, but across this weekend, I am taking that price down to £40, ending at midnight GMT tomorrow, Sunday 7 February.  I have written so many times that Fulvic has, over the years, totally transformed my hair, so I won’t dwell on that, other than to say, I invite you to join me.  And to also tell you that in my decadent shower moments, I use the shampoo as a body wash and the conditioner as a body conditioner.  In other words, I have a daily decadent habit.  As Shabir has just found out.  Don’t really care.  Actually.  And one more thing, this offer is only valid by using the link below.
VH Editorial: Dry Scalp Treatment; Fulvic Acid Shampoo + Fulvic Acid Conditioner £40 (Both 240 ml)

Right let’s do a couple of new products and I will start with a new tool from Margaret Dabbs, which will be accompanied with a gift, whilst stock lasts.  I suppose the launch of the Professional Curved Toe Nail Cutter is pretty much ‘of the moment’ bearing in mind we are home-pedicuring.  These easy to use stainless steel nail clippers are designed to help maintain sharpness and precision for effortless toe-nail cutting.  The blades are slightly curved for easy nail shaping and the grip is such that it provides smooth, controlled cutting of even the most thickened and difficult nails.  There are clippers, and then there are the Margaret Dabbs clippers.  There is a difference.

The gift.  Well, I am going to extend this across the entire Margaret Dabbs (MD) range of products, so if you buy any MD product worth £15 and above, we will automatically include her Vegan Repairing Nail & Cuticle Pen (15 ml), which is worth £12.  And in case you need to know, her brilliant Crystal Nail File is my favourite nail file in the entire whole big world of nail files.  Amen to that.  And perfectly shaped nails.
Professional Curved Toe Nail Cutter by Margaret Dabbs London £22; Crystal Nail File by Margaret Dabbs London £15; Margaret Dabbs London

Another new product.  This time from Better You who have just released their Children’s Health Oral Spray.  A specifically formulated nutritional spray, it delivers seven key nutrients including Vitamins C, A, B12 and D, Folic Acid, Iodine and Vitamin K2.  It has been developed to support areas such as bone development, energy requirements and cognitive span.  It has a natural Raspberry flavour and it is suitable and safe for use from the age of one.
Children’s Health Oral Spray £11.95 for 25 ml (Introductory Offer)

In this week’s Health Notes, Sarah writes about working from home, but most specifically about working from home on a sofa with a laptop.  Unsurprisingly this is throwing up all kinds of issues, including back pain, which can be agonising as so many of your know.  In consultation with Chiropractor Dominic Cheetham, Sarah writes about postural problems with some recommendations to help ease the pain.  Taking a Magnesium bath is amongst the solutions, but I’ll add one of my own, if I may, because the Healing Patches continue to work like magic for all forms of pain.  Perhaps I should re-name them as the Pandemic Patches.  We live in the moment.
Couch Slouch = Couch Ouch by Sarah Stacey; Magnesium Oil Original Flakes by Better You £9.95 for 1 kg; Healing Patches by Ross J Barr £15 for Five Patches

Here comes another key bashing event and before I write one word about the product, let me just say that we have a limited amount of stock and once they are gone, they really are gone and you will not be able to add it to your basket.  So, the product I am talking about is Temple Spa’s Truffle De Luxe, which in other words is their Body Luxe Collection.  The products included are Trufflelicious (150 ml), a luxurious shower cream and Body Truffle (50 ml) which offers total body radiance. 

The products will arrive in a rather smart washbag, which will be useful once we are allowed to travel again, although I use mine as a make-up bag.  That said, the retail price for Truffle De Luxe is £40, except I’m just about to take it down to £24.  And I suppose all hell is about to break loose on my ordering screen.  In preparation I am now going to grab Temple Spa’s rather marvellous Breath of Life and start inhaling, lest I should have a panic attack. 

I really, really recommend Breath of Life because it helps you breathe more easily.  Which can only be a good thing for so many different reasons.  Yet another immaculate product from Temple Spa.  In a whole long line of them.  
Truffle De Luxe by Temple Spa £24; Breath of Life by Temple Spa £12 for 10 ml

On the subject of breathing, I wrote about The Cisca Saltpipe a few weeks ago and its ability to help ease respiratory disorders such as asthma, allergies, sinus problems and bronchitis.  Such is its efficacy for these health concerns, the inevitable happened and we sold out.  As I write this, another delivery is scheduled to arrive within the next couple of days, so by the time you read this, hopefully there will no longer be a wait list and we will be back in stock.
The Cisca Saltpipe £29.95

In full transparency, I just want to say a few words here about our stock levels and deliveries.  Since the advent of Covid-19, and as I have written several times, there are many issues with the supply and demand of raw ingredients.  This has been compounded by the total and utter chaos at our borders since 1 January.  At the moment many consignments are taking approximately three weeks to clear customs, which accounts for the many delays we are experiencing.  This, unfortunately, includes the Atlantic Seaweed Bath.  So please bear with.  We have a huge volume arriving.  But I don’t know when and I’m not even attempting to predict.  My apologies. 
Atlantic Seaweed Bath £12

It has been several weeks since we launched Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier.  This is the product that bridges the gap between skincare and skin health with its unique formulation to help soothe and calm the skin, balance redness and help to promote rapid skin recovery.  As with any new product, most particularly skincare products, it takes time for the feedback to come through.  And when that feedback does come through, and when so many of you are saying the same thing, it is then time to share.

And I will share this.  For so many who have compromised skin conditions, Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier has, I am being told, been a skin saviour, especially for those who have spent excessive amounts of money on expensive products that promise the earth, yet fail to deliver.  I think this is true across many products, so when a product delivers on promise and it costs £14.95, we all sit up and take notice.  I am not against more expensive skincare, far from it, but perhaps the search for a solution to certain problematic skin issues can begin and end with Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier.
Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier £14.95 for 100 ml; Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier £19.95 for 250 ml

Before we head into the Saturday only treat, let me tell you that my latest campaign to ensure that we are all achieving optimal oral health by using a safe mouthwash, is doing rather well.  There are now several thousand of us all using Clinisept+ Mouthwash and perhaps after this little message, many more will join in.  And on the subject of campaigns, I predicted a famine after I wrote about Sambucol’s Liquid Original Formula being the subject of a trial being carried out to investigate whether Elderberry could be an effective treatment in the fight against Covid-19.  The famine happened because the efficacy of Elderberries is well documented.  So as I write this, it is now back in stock.  For the moment.
Clinisept+ Mouthwash £6.49 for 400 ml; Sambucol Liquid Original Formula £8.99 for 120 ml

I think many of you may like this week’s Saturday only treat.  For the past two weeks I have been writing about Aduna’s Hibiscus Superfood Powder, which I am taking on a daily basis by mixing it into various smoothie concoctions.  I have linked the product below and keeping everything neat and in line, with every order placed today, Saturday 6 February, for £30 and over (excluding p&p), we will include a packet of Aduna’s Hibiscus, Rosehip & Aloe Vera Organic Super-Tea (15 Tea Pyramids), whilst stock lasts.  Sip.
Hibiscus Superfood Powder by Aduna £13.99 for 275 grams

I opened this Weekend Read with words of hope, as I have done since the beginning of this pandemic.  My emotions are often on the line when I write these words, but as I said last week, I honestly believe that crying can be incredibly cathartic and on that a few things.  It remains paramount that we help support each other, and as I so often write, it is the small things that seem to matter the most. 

It is because of my inherent awareness of trauma, including financial trauma, that I will continue to support you as best I can.  I am also intrinsically aware of the rise in abusive behaviour, which is beyond all comprehension, yet it is rife.  And I am sick and tired of the people who preach kindness, mostly on social media it needs to be said, yet their disingenuous words disguise their true character.  They think they will get away with it.  Let me tell you, they won’t.  Truth will prevail.  It always does.  In the end.

Finally, and for the third week in a row, I am going to link you to a Bruce Springsteen song.  I do this with purpose and reason.  It is a love song in essence, and it is a song that I have listened to over many years, but most especially when I have had a traumatic moment when I can barely breathe.  It makes me cry.  It always makes me cry, because the words are profound.  And they have meaning.  So perhaps we can dedicate this song to each other.  And just perhaps we can do so with cathartic tears of release rolling down our faces.  Knowing that we are not alone.  And knowing that we will wait for each other.  Should we fall behind.
If I Should Fall Behind by Bruce Springsteen

No more words.

With love

Gill x



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