Time-Saving Body Cheats

Time-Saving Body Cheats

Following on from our Summer Hair Short-Cuts which featured here in July, some time-saving body cheats – and a few of Beauty Bible’s best make-up tricks, to give you an instant, glamorous glow, in the blink of a (waterproof mascara-ed) eye…


For silky skin, become a scrubber. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: we are constantly impressed by the power of body scrubs to buff away even that stubborn chicken-y skin on the derrière, knees, heels and elbows; a couple of sessions with an oil-based scrub packed with either salt or sugar can transform dull, sluggish skin faster than you’d imagine possible.

Discover skin tints. Unlike self-tanners, body tints are temporary (they shower off, and don’t have the characteristic biscuit-y smell of most fake tans). We’re all converts at Beauty Bible Towers, because they work brilliantly to instantly deliver a can’t-tell-it-from-real bronze tint to bronze pasty limbs, and to even out strap/bikini marks. (A tip: we find that no matter how moisturising the formula claims to be, truly seamless results are achieved by applying body lotion first.)

Feel like a lemon. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze out a little juice, and sit down to read a magazine with your elbows propped in the two halves. The natural fruit acids will bleach the skin (which tends to be darker), while leaving elbows silky-soft.

When you fake it, go for instant colour. Why wait the hour – or more – for a tan to develop? The best fake tans, today, give an instant golden glow as well as the longer-term, lasts-a-few-days bronzed effect. (Helps you to see where you’re applying it, too – great for fake tan novices.) 

Cool down – fast. Warm weather can make you over-heat (especially if, like me, you’re an English rose type…) To feel cucumber-cool in a flash, either run your wrists under cold water, or tie a wet bandana around your neck.

Have a peppermint bath. If you’re feeling overheated, you could also try a tepid bath into which you’ve swished 10 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Reapply your top coat. OK, so this sounds like more work (rather than a short-cut) – but in reality, adding a layer of glossy polish extends the life of your manicure or pedicure, protecting it against the polish-dulling effects of chlorine and sand.

Stand up straight. It’s still the fastest way to take off five pounds and look better in your swimsuit.


Get your brows dyed. (And maybe your lashes.) Visit a reputable local beauty salon (and have a good scout around to check you’re happy with their standard of cleanliness), then book in for a dyeing session before your holiday. With tinted lashes and brows, your features will be accented, 24/7, without the need for make-up. (As a blonde, Jo know this makes all the difference – though less necessary for brunettes like Sarah.)

Forget foundation. It simply melts, in hot weather. The time-saving option is to switch to a tinted moisturiser – and if you use one with a built-in SPF15 (or more), then your face is protected, too.

Spot-apply concealer. Jus use concealer to cover a blotch or blemish – you may need a darker shade than you wear in winter, to match your sun-kissed skintone. If dark circles are a problem, go for a light-reflective concealer to minimise them.

Rethink eyeshadow, because it creases or runs in the heat. Instead, make-up artists suggest using khol pencil, because not only doesn’t it matter if it smudges – that’s the desired look! Just add a coat of waterproof mascara, in black and hey, presto: sultry eyes.

Give yourself an instant manicure. File your nails, then add a coat of quick-dry polish. Once nails are touch-dry, place a drop of oil on each nail and massage into the cuticles, to ‘set’ polish instantly, nourishing your cuticles all-in-one. (Even olive oil or suntan oil will do the job!)

Forget blusher. Heat naturally makes your colour rise, so blusher should be superfluous to requirements. If you feel particularly pale, rub a touch of your lipstick into your cheeks, for a hint of colour.

Or discover three-in-one products. Save space in your luggage (and the bother of using a separate blush, lipstick and even eyeshadow) by choosing a product that does triple duty on eyes, lips and cheeks.

Blot, don’t powder. If you start to shine, don’t reach for your powder puff, which will just make skin look cake-y. Oil-blotting sheets are invaluable for lifting off shine from the T-Zone without disturbing your make-up but a bargain alternative is to peel apart the two layers of a tissue, and press one of them onto areas that are gleaming, then lift off again.

HOT TIP Don’t touch your face when you come out of the pool or the sea – even the most water-resistant make-up will smudge when rubbed. Try to let your face ‘air-dry’.

And have a gorgeous summer, from Beauty Bible…!


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