The Boxing Day Launch

The Boxing Day Launch

Monday 26 December, it’s Boxing Day and although I am launching a new product today, it has been sixteen days since I sent out the last Weekend Read which, in the scheme of things, is a long time to remain silent.  As I write this, it seems so very long ago that newsletters were sent out monthly, but in fact it was just under three years ago.  So much has changed and I think we mostly feel the comfort and warmth of the closeness we share each week.  As a heart-led business, I certainly know what our priorities are and where they need to be placed, so we will continue to uphold that understanding between us as best we can.

Today, I absolutely know that many who are reading this will be alone, and as I’ve written before, you can be surrounded by people and still feel alone.  So in some small way, I hope that my words may reach you and bring a modicum of comfort in the knowledge that many reading this will be in the same situation as you find yourself.  Our emotions are heightened at this time of year, but it really is the small things that can make such a difference to so many, like being remembered when it matters the most.  A lifeline for some.

Through all of this, it is often said that the greatest adversities present the greatest opportunities, which is certainly true for so many of us.  However difficult this is, and it is, there is one thing that I absolutely know and that is that nobody can face any of these challenges on their own, most especially health and wellbeing issues.  Health and wellbeing are at the very core of who and what we are together and our platform is our stage, a sharing stage where we say what we have to say, and we do what we have to do.  Without conforming to any narrative, which would bore me rigid.  Actually.

So, the sharing stage and today we have two people singing and dancing on the stage with us.  Both of these girls are standing either side of me and they both appeared on the VH Awards, coincidentally or otherwise.  And because you have already seen the image at the top of this newsletter, you will absolutely know that one of those girls is Harriet Inglis, founder of Spacemasks, because today we are exclusively launching a new edition of Spacemasks.  Essence of orange and grapefruit Spacemasks to be precise. They are gloriously fabulous.  In their orange box.  For Interstellar Relaxation.

Of course it is completely crazy to do a product launch on Boxing Day, but we have done it anyway.  My choice of song to accompany this section of the newsletter would be Born To Be Wild, Harriet’s is different, which we will get to in a minute.  It is nearly six years since we launched Spacemasks together and over those years we have done some pretty wild things, which I don’t feel the need to write about.  But what I will tell you is that Harriet delivered the very first Spacemasks personally and we did a dance of joy and happiness around all of the boxes.  In the VH car park.  It was a moment.  And I think she got lost on her way home. 

There are many things I could say, but let me just say this.  Spacemasks are iconic, Harriet has never, ever forgotten where we started, which is more than I can say about many, and I adore her.  I adore her wit, her integrity and her creativity.  Harriet’s choice of song is Let’s Go Crazy by Prince, and just perhaps we are all a little bit crazy, but quite honestly we must celebrate our mad moments, they form wonderful memories. So as I invite you to jump up and down (on your bed perhaps) and sing with us, you may like to order some Spacemasks too, and if you do then I will include a free Spacemask (original) with each order.  Whilst stock lasts.
Orange & Grapefruit Spacemasks; Let’s Go Crazy by Prince; Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf

With Harriet on one side of me, the amazing Poppy Delbridge is on the other side of me.  If we are to share, we have to share with trust and discernment and in line with our ethos, I couldn’t and wouldn’t endorse any form of therapy if I didn’t believe in it myself.  Rapid Tapping has the potential to change lives by using powerful tapping techniques to help overcome experiences which can leave us stuck in the past.  These experiences no longer serve us and if we are willing to let them go, we can be empowered to help create the life we deserve to live.  In time.

As many of you will remember, Poppy led our very first collective tapping session during the pandemic.  These tapping sessions are absolutely free, they are an incredibly valuable resource and I talk from experience because outside of these sessions I tap on a daily basis.  And as I write this, I want to share some further news with you and that news is that Poppy will be leading a Vision Tap to kick off the New Year.  This will take place on Tuesday 3 January 2023 at 7 pm GMT and I will leave the registration details below.

In full transparency, as ever this Vision Tap is free, but I do need to tell you that Poppy will also be talking about The Tapping In Club.  The Tapping In Club is a new private club and it is a high-investment community hub, which may interest some of you.  I do need to caveat this by saying that Poppy and I don’t have a commercial relationship, it is not who we are together.  It was my choice to invite you to tap and I made that choice knowing the full contents of this session.  Over and above all else, collective tapping raises our energetic levels and I wanted us to bring in the New Year with a loving and sharing experience.  To set the tone for 2023.
Vision For 2023 with Poppy Delbridge

Finally, another song.  I have always been a dreamer.  I have long held a vision of creating a sharing platform with like-minded people.  To a certain extent we have achieved that, but I know there is so much more we can do together, so on a personal note I am tapping for the wisdom, strength and opportunity to serve as best we can in order that we may continue singing our song together. Maintaining values.  Core values.  With respect, gratitude and love. 
Dreamin’ Man by Neil Young; The VH Playlist

Gill x


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