How To Take The Perfect Bath

How To Take The Perfect Bath

In a bid to take charge of our own wellbeing many of us have made a personal promise to try and disconnect from technology when possible. Trouble is, phones are often found perched next to us, whether it’s the desk, sofa, dinner table or bed, making it tough not to scroll idly through feeds. Bathrooms however, are proving to be gadget free sanctuaries, which may be the reason that bathing is undergoing a renaissance as more of us opt to sit in the tub, rather than take a shower.

A quick glance at Instagram reveals thousands of #bathart #bathing #bath hashtags. Here is where you’ll find images of tubs teaming with floating lemon slices and colourful petals. Candles and crystals adorn bath ledges and just out of shot will be layers of Egyptian cotton towels, twinkling apothecary bottles and a burgeoning jungle of rubber plants. These shots are inviting; they epitomise cosy and self-indulgent, and unlike complicated eyeliner trends or tricky yoga poses, they are pretty easy to recreate.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, bathing has gained momentum because we’re obsessed with experiences rather than ‘things’. This, coupled with the rise of global wellness and the self-care movement means that the bathroom is no longer just a place to just to get clean, but rather a haven where we can linger until an arduous work day recedes into the world of unimportance. According to a 2018 study by the Innovation Group, J. Walter Thompson, the recent fixation on bathing represents a sea change. “Even five years ago, the bath might have been seen as a form of indulgence. Now it’s recognized as a form of therapy, a tool in maintaining a healthy mental outlook,” explains Lucie Greene, a trend forecaster. Bear the below in mind, and supercharging your soak has never been more rewarding…

Body brush first

It’s wise to prep your skin for optimal soaking by buffing with a dry body brush first. This with help to slough away dead skin cells but also helps to encourage lymph flow and enhance circulation. Try Temple Spa Give It The Brush Off. Start brushing at the feet and work up the legs, using gentle, sweeping movements towards the heart.

Reach for non-toxic candles

Burning some scented candles indoors releases airborne particles that can be as damaging as outdoor pollution, disrupting the skin’s barrier function and increasing sensitivity. Reach for Neom Organics Treatment Candles. Formulated with just essentials oils and pure vegetable wax, their delicate fragrance gently soothes the mind, body and soul without polluting your set up.

What to add…

Tailor your bath to your needs. Bath oils containing lavender, chamomile or frankincense hit the sweet spot for deep relaxation and can be found in Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil and Soapsmith Lavender Hill Bath Soak. Better You Magnesium Oil Original Flakes are the perfect antidote to a strenuous gym session or fitness class as it eases tension in the muscles. While This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak is the perfect choice for those who tend to get restless during the night, thanks to ho wood and vetiver oil.

What to do…

This may sound obvious, but for some of us just ‘laying there’ isn’t as easy as it sounds especially if you struggle to mentally wind down after a busy day. Instead, reach for a book that you can get lost in. Once you start to feel relaxed, you can begin to close your eyes and meditate or practice taking long, slow and deep breathes. You’re not likely to feel fully zen until you’re totally unplugged, so don’t forget to leave your phone outside, after you’ve taken a snap of your spa like surroundings of course.

The perfect temperature is…

Anywhere between 37-39°C because it’s the ideal temperature for muscle relaxation, yet isn’t hot enough for you to sweat and lose too much water, which can cause dizziness once you stand up. Room temperature also matters. Don’t have it colder than 24°C, else you’ll stress the body once you depart from the bath.

How long should you stay in it?

The pleasure lies in the moment so linger until you feel calm, relaxed and ready to either fall into bed or curl up on the sofa.


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