How To Improve Your Energy

How To Improve Your Energy

Where to start on an article about energy? I’m referring to the good vibes that flow on a sunny day when everything just clicks into place and turns out better than you might ever have hoped for. It’s something I’ve wanted to write about for a while because learning to harness good energy has had the most profoundly positive effect on my life and yet I’m conscious that it’s often referred to either in a spiritual or religious context (off putting for some) or in language that can sound “away with the fairies”.

And yet, good energy – the sort that makes everything better is something we can all create ourselves whether we are religious or not. Call it kindness or goodness if that makes it more palatable but once you’ve worked out how to create more of it and use it, I’m pretty sure the happiness and quality of your life will increase tenfold.

It’s nothing new either. One of Gill’s recent launches – ilapothecary is rooted in the idea of supporting and nurturing a life force energy. Chi is central to Traditional Chinese Medicine but a similar concept exists in many ancient cultures – in Hindi for example, it’s known as prana. This life force energy is what animates our physical beings and flows through and around us. When chi or prana flow through us unencumbered, it’s when we become the best possible versions of ourselves. The Chinese practice of acupuncture is primarily intended to the move the ‘chi’ that becomes stuck.

I wonder how many of you are aware of the energy you are giving off right now? Without so much as breathing a word, you will either be emitting a sense of peace, calm and other feel good positive vibes, the sort that inspire and energise anyone who comes near you or you will be repelling others with tension, anxiety, stress and anger. It’s the story of radiators versus drains and I know who I would rather be.

Every emotion carries with it an energy or a certain vibration. Anxiety attracts lower vibrations while positive thoughts attract higher ones. Scientists have discovered that our experience of a physical sensation is affected by how we perceive the person administering it. The way we read another person’s intentions changes our physical experience of the world. Many studies show that good intentions –even misguided ones – soothe pain and increase pleasure. The very talented designer, Deborah Ehrlich was encouraged by her master sculptor to have a feeling and to put that feeling into whatever piece she was creating.

Says Ehrlich: “If you approach something with the attention of lightness –  you don’t’ even have to talk about it- others will still feel what you put into it. It’s a transfer of energy.” I also give you the analogy of a favourite meal cooked by a parent with love. Doesn’t it just taste so much better?

When you have a brighter outlook on life and your future, it only makes sense that a bright future will follow. It’s the law of attraction: like always attracts like. So how can we get more ‘likes’ in our life?

Wake up with the right energy

Wake up, throw open the curtains and let sunshine flood into your room. Dig out your body brush – yes it really works and get your lymph going. Tell yourself that today good things are going to happen to you. Stop fearful thoughts in their tracks no matter what you are afraid might happen.

Improve your mood

Make time to go and laugh. Yes, a real belly full of it. Otherwise one of the easiest ways to shift your energy is to listen to music. Positive energy is contagious: the more you feel it, the more abundantly you will create it, give it, receive it.

Radiators all the way

I have a friend, Andrea who is like a Belisha beacon of beautiful energy, it’s so implicit in everything she does. Everyone is drawn to her and I can’t tell you how many people tell me stories about how they caught up with her and it made their day. You can’t expect to receive good energy if you’re not trying to dole it out by the bucket load.

Eat real food and don’t follow anything faddy

Eat fresh, unprocessed food that is cultivated with love. Ever eaten a ripe peach that literally tastes of sunshine? Exactly, there’s no going back.

You are responsible for you

You are in control of your life. Your energy is one of the most incredible things about you. Recognise that you’re equipped with the ability to change everything.

Work with the energy around you

If things aren’t going your way, take time to stop and listen. Wait for the right energy to return rather than fighting things.

Be consistent and make good habits

Yes life’s hurly-burly is inevitable but get back to good thoughts, deeds, actions, habits and uber organisation.

Use your energy wisely

Every time you choose to focus on a negative, you are depleting your reserves rather than re-charging your batteries. Also the more attention you place on something you don’t want in your life – backache or an argument – the more energy that thought absorbs. Focus on the things that make your life feel good.

Reading others

Being able to read other people’s energy is a game-changer and very useful when emotions might otherwise blur your clarity. This is one of the most helpful (and enjoyable) things I’ve learned to do in recent years and no, it does not involve being a psychic, but really listening and absorbing someone else’s body language. Does their overall energy feel warm? Calming? Uplifting? Or invigorating like a breath of fresh air?  Or is it cold, detached or needy? The more you practise this, the better you will become at choosing wisely who you should be spending time with.


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