Gill Meets John Frieda & Gail Federici

Gill Meets John Frieda & Gail Federici

Color Wow is the latest creation from internationally acclaimed hairstylist John Frieda and industry-renowned products innovator Gail Federici. John and Gail, co-founders of John’s original professional hair care company, have now gone on to form Federici Brands and ‘Root Cover Up’ is the first product to launch from the brand. As we launch this new and amazing innovation created for colour treated hair, I meet John Frieda & Gail Federici.


You sold the product brand ‘John Frieda’ ten years ago, so what have you been doing since that time?

John: Raising my family, seeking and investing in smart ventures and advising/consulting business colleagues, including the company that bought John Frieda Professional HairCare Inc.

Gail: I’ve spent some years in the music industry, which is going through turbulent change, but I’m always seeking niche opportunities, especially in the beauty and fashion industries. That’s what Federici Brands, the parent company of Color Wow, is all about.

What is your passion?

John: Gail and I founded HairRaising, an international initiative to support top children’s hospitals, like Great Ormond Street Hospital, through the salon and hair care industries.

Gail: Education and equal rights for women, especially in emerging cultures. History, politics and travel. Supporting Boston Children’s Hospital and their world-renowned clinics and specialists.

What is your life philosophy?

John: To put your heart and soul into whatever you do – the small things as well as the big things. Never compromise on quality. Do the best you can, but then let go of the outcome and trust that whatever happens is meant to be. And most importantly – never contradict Gail!

Gail: Think for yourself. Trust your gut and intelligence. Never stop learning. And never stop giving back.

The original John Frieda team have created ‘Color Wow’, which I think is a completely genius product for covering root re-growth. Can you tell me the inspiration behind ‘Color Wow’?

Gail: Color Wow is actually the first complete system to address all the problems associated with hair colour ….fading, brassiness, dullness, unwanted roots. The inspiration was the need to achieve perfect hair colour, every day.

Over the years, there have been many root cover-up products on the market, how is Color Wow different?

Gail: Other root cover products make big promises, but have always fallen frustratingly short. Color Wow Root Cover Up is a professional mineral powder that covers roots quickly and easily with no mess. But the real leap forward and evolution in this product is that it not only covers grey roots, but also dark roots in colour-treated and highlighted hair. So that means, if you you have blonde highlights in your hair, for example, and dark regrowth, our blonde Root Cover Up shade will camouflage your regrowth, so it looks like you have fresh highlights. There is nothing else that can deliver that result. The formula is oil-based and non-waxy and covers all roots seamlessly. It stays in place and looks completely natural.

Root Cover Up promises that you can colour your hair less often, you can achieve perfect results in under a minute and it lasts from shampoo to shampoo. Can you extrapolate on these statements?

Gail: There really is no other technology like Root Cover Up out there. More importantly, it’s part of the whole Color Wow system of new technologies to solve every problem related to colour treated hair. For example, up until now the newest thing in colour-protecting shampoos has been “sulphate free” formulations, but even these shampoos leave the cuticle open so colour leaches out and fades quickly. Our Color Wow Color Security Shampoo, which we will be launching in the New Year, is not just sulphate-free, it has LCD technology which keeps the cuticle as tight as possible during cleansing so moisture and pigment stay locked in.

What is the mission behind Root Cover Up?

Gail: No more “hide your hair under a hat” days….Root Cover Up is a life-changer for women who’ve had to suffer through weeks of ugly, tell-tale roots before their next colour appointment

Going forward, there will be more products from Color Wow. Can you reveal what they are?

Gail: Colour-treated hair is an important investment in terms of both time and money and it’s vulnerable to a larger set of problems than untreated hair. Aside from Colour Security Shampoo, we’re working on several care and styling innovations that protect and prolong hair colour AND give it that unmistakable ‘WOW’ factor.

Trends are constantly changing, how do you see the future for hair care?

Gail: Lots of companies will continue to copy one another, but true innovators will garner new technologies from unexpected industries and apply them to hair care. We’ll continue to develop customized formulas targeted to specific hair care problems.

How would you describe your legacy?

Gail: We think about things differently. We don’t focus on what competitors are doing. We’re more concerned with what we call UCN’s…. unmet consumer needs. That is where the opportunity for innovation lies, so that is where Federici Brands will be.


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