Gill meets Julius Eulberg

Gill meets Julius Eulberg

When was Julisis founded and what was your first ever product?

Julisis was founded in 2002 and we launched in 2003, so it is our 10th anniversary this year. Gold Elexir Day and Silver Elexir Night were the first products and they were designed to deeply bind moisture in skin, prolonging a youthful, healthy appearance.

What is your background?

I am an alchemist by nature. When other kids played with cars and dolls, I caused minor explosions with my chemistry lab kit, so the mixing and combining of things was really inherited. Blending two substances and making a better third fascinated me, this is the instrinsic nature of alchemy. Of course today our alchemy laboratory works under the strictest pharmaceutical standards guaranteeing freshness, efficacy and purity.

What was your inspiration in the creation of Julisis?

For me it was realizing that most organic products are not really changing your skin; too many are heavy and oily and on the other end of the spectrum you have the chemically loaded “general, high end” products that I believe are harmful to your health. I truly think that there are too many senseless products on the market. When creating the Julisis products, it was essential in the creation process to achieve visibly pleasing results, to be ultra-modern and to use light textures when creating formulas based on the ancient knowledge of herbology and alchemy. My alchemistical gene was developed and expanded by studying the extensive knowledge of famed Alchemist and Doctor Paracelsus and I was particularly interested to learn about the special alchemy of liquid gold and liquid silver and their amazing properties for the body. I like to think we are the inventors of ‘eco chic’.

What is the philosophy behind the brand?

It is an easy logical system, suitable for men and women, delivering an honest product, without false promises and it works visibly after one or two applications, combining the most exquisite and highest organic grade raw ingredients to create that special “Julisis glow”. Our formulas are deeply healing and they help prolong the youthful appearance of skin. I believe that you should never put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth as it is all absorbed by your body. All our formulations are highly energetic, but most importantly they work and they deliver visible results fast.

You state that your products are based on ancient alchemistic knowledge and they are linked to the planets, stones and our organs. Can you explain why?

Yes, it goes back to Paracelsus’ ‘studies of signatures’, for example the herbal extract of Leonurus cardiaca, Motherwort or Lion’s Tail is associated with the sun, and even in western medicine it is used as a heart tonic. It matches red ruby (contained in Gold Elexir Day) and white night jasmine links to the moon and is connected with white pearl, which in turn links to the detoxification of the kidneys (contained in Silver Elexir Night) We believe that alchemy helps to fortify the single ingredients and deliver visibly desired results fast; the entire product range supports the body’s natural biorhythm.

You use Liquid Gold in your morning preparations; what are the reasons for this and how does gold benefit our skin?

Skin, our largest organ, goes through cycles just like all our other bodily organs. The gold in the day-time preparations activates, protects and strengthens skin.

Liquid Silver is used in the evening preparations; again, what are the reasons for this and how does silver benefit our skin?

Silver, in the night-time preparations helps to detox, firm and balance skin overnight, supporting the natural biorhythmic cycles of our body. Our alchemy silver is the finest silver available with the highest frequency and it basically captures the essence of the silver, which is also part of our natural intracellular metabolism. Skin renewal and detoxification processes are most active in the night, therefore the silver works as an activle principle. Our clients report a much more refined complexion after using our silver products each night. There are of course skincare products available from companies who have tried to emulate our products, but they use the rough matter of gold and silver and in reality, on a molecular level, the particles are much too big and they sit on the skin doing nothing, as they cannot penetrate skin cells.

Together with many people I have an allergy to essential oils and yet I can use your products even though they contain essential oils. Obviously I am thrilled, but can you explain why I am not reacting as I do with other skincare brands?

We are especially proud to have a 0% allergy rate in ten years. Due to the alchemistic production, we are able to eliminate known allergens in the various fermentation processes. The botanical raw material mostly comes from a pristine medicinal plant garden in the Italian Alps. Harvest and cultivation has been carried out under strict biodynamic agricultural principles for over 100 years. Therefore we really are beyond organic and I believe we have a purity that is unheard of in skincare.

Your hero product and why?

Since the age of 15, I wanted to create the best eye cream in the world and the triple combination of diamond, iron and copper essences makes our Eyemulsion stand out as a powerful tool. It helps improve fine lines, lightens dark circles and cools puffy eyes. The formulation is so fine (in between a lotion and a cream) that you can re-apply during the day should you wish to refresh and it even penetrates eye make-up. It is also a great emergency helper for chapped lips and for rosacea-prone skin. I do not board an aeroplane without the Eyemulsion in my bag!

What are you currently working on?

For the past 18 months I have been working on a mood enhancing fine fragrance project. I hope to release the information regarding this in the near future.

Your message for the people who will using your products?

Be ready for a very different feeling – your skin will start to breathe again. All our formulas need to be used depending on your skin condition at any given moment, so if you feel very dry, use more and if your skin feels more oily, then use very sparingly. The goal is to have balanced, stable and healthy skin. All our preparations are completely absorbed by the skin and they perform more like skin nutrition than “cream” in the common sense. Overall, I want to inspire a mindful, conscious lifestlyle and urge you to inhale the precious flower essences for a truly uplifting experience and I hope that you enjoy the healthy JULISIS glow!


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