Gill meets Bryan Johns

Gill meets Bryan Johns

It has taken seven years to bring Youth Serum to market; why has it taken so long?

We pay very careful attention to market needs. People are becoming more and more intelligent in the realm of skincare and really appreciate products that actually produce changes in the skin. We not only work closely with clinical professionals, we align ourselves with a great many celebrity makeup artists. Makeup artists in particular have been instrumental in helping to bring to our attention the needs of the women in particular. The proper texture, absorption, and performance qualities of a product are extremely important when developing new products. In the case of Youth Serum, we literally started with a “wish list” of desired benefits to guide the creation of the formula.

The Youth Serum wish list included; rapid tightening and smoothing, allow for easy makeup application, long-term wrinkle reduction, application day or night, and the ability to apply on top of other products or makeup and still retain the tightening effect. In this very technologically advanced formula, we integrated important new pharmaceutical grade ingredients (the most pure and powerful available), rare and exclusive botanical enzymes, and a safe, targeted growth-factor that deals only with increasing collagen – into Youth Serum; resulting in an elegant very high-performance skincare product.

Youth Serum is being hailed in America as one of the most advanced skincare breakthroughs of its time; can you explain why it is achieving such dramatic headlines?

Well, we are of course humbled by the headlines. The popularity of Youth Serum has been “off the charts” in the U.S. Not only did we smash our projections by more than triple; most people that have purchased Youth Serum have continued to repurchase. This phenomenon is a big indicator of satisfaction, and demonstrates simply that the product works.

Youth Serum has undergone clinical trials, can you please extrapolate on the trials and the results.

As we were interested in measuring both short and long-term benefits of Youth Serum, we not only implemented visual assessment and clinical surface analysis; we also engaged a very prestigious independent clinical testing facility to perform an unbiased, very sophisticated clinical study to measure collagen synthesis utilizing aged human fibroblast cells (the cells that make collagen).

In the case of Youth Serum, we particularly wanted to measure its ability to increase the synthesis of collagen 1 (mainly comprising the support structure of your skin). Not only did Youth Serum outperform two leading anti-aging products claiming collagen synthesis, we outperformed them handily.

The use of Human Growth Factors, seen in many cosmeceutical products, has attracted much controversy; can you please explain this.

The growth factor used in Youth Serum is a short peptide chain comprised of three amino acids (“tri” peptide) complexed (bound) with Copper. It is a naturally occurring biologic molecule within the skin and other human tissues that is used for collagen repair and synthesis. The job of collagen repair is its specific job and several scientific studies demonstrate that is does not “upregulate” (or “increase”) the growth of undesired tissue, such as cancer or blood vessels. Being a short peptide chain, it is actually a growth factor analog that is used in normal signalling in human skin. There are a variety of other growth factor combinations found in other products that are mainly either “epidermal” growth factor (which has been associated with epithelial overgrowth in some studies, or combinations of all growth factors found in humans, which Innovative Skincare considers undesirable for a number of reasons.

Youth Serum illustrates that a superior anti-ageing performance can be achieved safely and effectively using Non-Human Growth Factor technology. Again, can you please explain?

This molecule is actually bio-identical to the same molecule found in, and utilized by human skin. Thus it is completely natural and in fact could even be considered better than natural since it is bio-identical to human without any genetic flaws.

The importance of Copper in Youth Serum?

Copper is a co-factor (“helper molecule” that assists in biochemical transformations) used in collagen synthesis by the human body. Therefore, its inclusion provide advantages in collagen synthesis..

What is patented extremozyme technology, included in the formulation?

This is the ground-breaking technology involving Extremozymes© ( or “extremophylic” enzymes), which are found in organisms that thrive in the harshest locations in the world. They flourish in extreme environments such as hydrothermal vents, deep ocean trenches, and polar ice, by means of internal mechanisms that protect and repair their DNA. We have been able to select and bioengineer these enzymes to help protect our own DNA from damage; representing a significant scientific advancement in skincare.

How do you recommend using Youth Serum and approximately how long will it take to see results?

I would recommend using Youth Serum in the daytime, or anytime you want an immediate “lift”. The beauty of this product is that you can even apply it over another product or pat it on over makeup and you will feel your skin tightening. You should notice a smoother, tighter skin texture within minutes of application. Personally I am more impressed with Youth Serum’s long term benefits; your skin will continue to look more and more youthful the longer you use the product.

The future?

One of the most important things that we do as a company is our charitable iS Cancer Care program, which is designed help those suffering from side effects from chemo and radio therapies. We began our program in the U.S. in 2003 and we have since expanded into several major cancer treatment centers across the U.S. and around the world. We look forward to launching our programs in several other countries this year. We don’t measure our success traditionally by measuring “the bottom line”, as we are a passion driven company. We strive to help as many people as we can, and we have been able to help make a difference to those suffering with cancer. We started out to conquer wrinkles, acne, and other diseases of the skin – yet found ourselves serendipitously entwined with cancer. A large portion of our profits are directed back into our charitable programs; which we continue to expand.

On the scientific front, we have some very impressive projects in our R & D (Research and Development) pipeline, which are in various stages of clinical testing. We have been working on perfecting and harnessing “innovative” botanical extracts that we have re-discovered during our travels to central and South America. Enzymes and acids sourced from plants that have been used in some cases more than a thousand years to treat a number of diseases and maladies. We are always looking to encourage the health of the skin while protecting us from future damage. We have a very busy lab here in our Los Angeles facility, as we passionately endeavour to “create the magic”. We can look forward to launching a few phenomenal products in 2015!!
Youth Serum


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