Getting Rid Of A Cold Quickly

Getting Rid Of A Cold Quickly

When you catch a cold, it is very natural to want to get rid of it fast. The average duration of a cold is between four and seven days and this all depends on the strength of our immune system and how quickly it can respond. The common cold is a group of upper respiratory concerns caused by viruses which is why antibiotics should not be prescribed since they will not work.

The most common viruses responsible for a cold are rhinovirus and corona virus although there are around two hundred types of viruses which may cause a common cold. Symptoms of a common cold include a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, sore throat, lethargy, mild cough and itching of the throat.

Natural remedies to get rid of a cold

Typically, the worst symptoms of a cold last for three days though you can feel congestion for up to seven days which can be draining. It makes sense to get rid of the cold quickly because who wants to live with these symptoms.

My first recommendation would be to use Viridian Nutrition’s Horseradish & Garlic Complex. This supplement contains horseradish extract, garlic, buffered vitamin C and zinc all known for their role in reducing the duration of a cold. Horse radish contains volatile oils which enhance circulation, aid digestion, reduce nasal congestion and helps warm the body. Garlic helps support the immune system and is known for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. In a small study, fresh garlic was shown to have antiviral properties including one virus known for causing the common cold. Using a dose of three capsules a day, Horseradish & Garlic Complex will help reduce the duration of a cold.

A sore throat and varying degrees of a cough often accompany the common cold. ChitoRhino ColdClear containing chitosan and zinc is an oral mist throat spray designed to reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms of a cold. Chitosan, plant derived as opposed to shellfish fibre, which soothes the whole of the upper respiratory tract helping to alleviate a sore throat, cough and other symptoms.

Can zinc help get rid of a common cold?

Zinc has 18 approved health claims, the highest number for a mineral. In comparison, calcium has only ten and iron has 12. In the latest study at the University of Helsinki involving nearly 200 subjects concluded that using a zinc lozenge shortened the duration by nearly three days. ChitoRhino ColdClear uses an oral form of zinc which is easily absorbed and additionally contains vitamins A,C and E all known for their varying roles in supporting the immune system. ChitoRhino ColdClear is pleasant tasting with a natural berry flavour.

In my opinion, Horseradish and Garlic Complex and ChitoRhino ColdClear are products that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet for when the need arises. However, in order to avoid or prevent a cold, we need our immune system to be working at its optimal level. To ensure this, I would recommend the use of Daily Immunity by VH. This supplement is a powerhouse of herbs, vitamins, mushroom extracts and friendly bacteria that will hopefully ensure that you are not plagued by common colds through the winter months. I tend to recommend Daily Immunity from autumn until spring with a break until the following autumn.

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