Trinny & Shabir Live: The Lymphatic System

Trinny & Shabir Live: The Lymphatic System

With the weather finally feeling like winter and the festive season just about to start, more of us are looking to boost our immune system and fend off infections. The lymphatic system is often associated with dry body brushing and cellulite, but it is very important when it comes to fighting off infections and viruses. Shabir explains why it’s essential that we all look after and support our lymphatic system…

What is your lymphatic system?

When it comes to cleansing our bodies a lot of people think of  cleansing the liver and the gut, but very few people talk about the lymph. Yet, it’s a very important system and without it we would be full of toxins and infections.

It’s a huge network of tiny vessels running under the skin, running side by side to your veins. The lymphatic vessels are essentially your body’s drainage system to get rid of waste and infected bacteria, and ultimately support your liver.

Lymph nodes are the size of a pea and help to decipher the good from the bad. You have around 600 lymph nodes in your body.The lymph system channels the toxins to the thoracic duct, at the back of your neck, and from there they’re dumped into the bloodstream and taken to the liver to be destroyed.

How do you know if your lymphatic system is working properly?

If you’re running constant infections, such as colds and flus, or battle with swelling (oedema) then it would be wise to cleanse your lymphatic system. Unlike your veins which has the support of your heart to keep it pumping around your body, your lymphatic system has to deal with two litres of fluid every day and it has work against gravity.

Body brushing can help support your lymphatic system if you brush upwards and you can use it dry or wet in the shower. Breathing properly from your stomach rather than just from your chest will also help. Too many of us are shallow breathers, but when you breathe in deeply you move your diaphragm and create a lot of movement to boost the lymph nodes under your arms and around your torso.

How can you cleanse your lymphatic system?

If you’re still getting infections after incorporating these into your daily routine, it might be worth considering a cleanse. Cleavers by Viridian is a month long cleanse, which requires you to take one to three capsules per day with food. Cleavers is a weed, more commonly known as sticky weed, and makes sure your lymphatic vessels are toned. It also has the ability to emulsify fats and break them down into smaller molecules. A lymphatic massage is also worth considering to help boost.

How else can you fight infections?

At this time of year you may also want to support your immune system to fight infections. There are many factors that affect our immune system. Dehydration is one of the key issues that prevents your immune system from working as efficiently because your body isn’t able to carry nutrients around properly. Drinking enough water every day is just as important in the colder months as it is in the summer.

Likewise, not being sedentary and moving more also helps and taking a supplement such as Daily Immunity, which is packed full of probiotics, vitamins and herbs to fight infections. Daily Immunity works to ensure your immune system is functioning to its optimal potential.

How can we tackle acidity during the festive season?

Everyone suffers from acid reflux at some point or another, and 25% of the adult population battles with it. The key symptoms are indigestion, uncomfortable aches in your stomach, dry mouth and bad breath.

The main cause from hyperacidity is actually a lack of acidity. You need your acids to breakdown your food effectively. Ageing of the sphincter between the stomach and oesophagus is another causal factor. 

When it comes to treating an acidic stomach, you should start by chewing your food more – at least 15 times. Your diet is important. Avoid heavy, fatty foods that put pressure on your digestive system and don’t eat too much fibre. Pasta and carbohydrates are fine in small amounts – a fistful.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar helps to reduce acid reflux by restoring your stomach’s acidity levels and help to breakdown food. Three teaspoons a day also helps to cleanse your gut and ease constipation.

Introducing a hydrochloric acid supplement, such as Betaine HCI by Lamberts, will help to increase your stomach acid and contains an enzyme that helps to breakdown protein. You need to take one before every meal.

Once the stomach has digested its initial contents, taking Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes will further help to break down all food groups to ensure healthy movement through the gut.

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