Weekend Read 26 November 2022

Weekend Read 26 November 2022

Onwards we go and before anything else, this is just to say that I am so looking forward to sharing thirty minutes with many of you tomorrow evening, Sunday 27 November, at 6 pm GMT when we will be doing another Rapid Tapping session, led by Poppy Delbridge.  The title of this event is ‘The Power of Intent’, because intent is extraordinarily powerful, and it can help create many possibilities with trust, acceptance and belief.  More on this at the end of this newsletter, together with the necessary registration details and a reminder that this is a free session, for the better good of all, and as such, and for clarity, this is not a commercial event and I’m very excited to tap with you once more.

So here we go again, and we are sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  As such everything I have to say, and all that I am about to offer, will be on this newsletter and we will not be mailing you with further offers on Cyber Monday.  I think it is important to be transparent about these things because we have to manage expectations in order to make considered choices, and I think that can be applied not only to products, but to life itself.  And before I write an entire thesis on that subject, which I easily could, I think it best if I hold back for now and walk you through the updates and offers as they currently stand.

It all began with our own-branded product promotions and with the exception of our offer on Hyaluronic Acid Capsules, all else still stands.  There was a certain inevitability that HA would go out of stock before the rest, so all I am going to do here is to list the four other offers, but I will do so with a caveat that some of these offers may disappear over the weekend if demand exceeds supply.  And looking at the current stats, that could well happen. 
Buy One Fulvic Acid Shampoo & Get One Free £25; Buy Fulvic Elixir (480 ml) And Get Fulvic Face Cream (60 ml) Free £30; Buy One Vitamin C 23% Serum And Get One Free £10; Buy One Anti-Aging Multi-Peptide Serum And Get A Free Bottle of Eye Contour Serum £21.50

Right, continuing to work our way through, we sent out an email on Thursday highlighting three offers from three brands.  Those brands were, and are, Ingenious Beauty, Zooki and Ameliorate, so let’s take them one by one and we’ll begin with Ingenious Beauty and their bestselling product.  That product is of course Ultimate Collagen+, a second-generation collagen supplement which we have been recommending for the longest time.  Shabir’s article on this supplement is linked below and whilst stock lasts, we are offering a 30% discount across all the Ingenious products and most specifically Ultimate Collagen+ drops in price from £60 to £42.
VH Editorial: How To Take Collagen Supplements; Ultimate Collagen+ £42 for 90 capsules; All Ingenious Beauty Products   

So Zooki, and we have supported the Zooki products since launch.  We believe in their efficacy and the extensive research and development they have undertaken and trust me Shabir has read every inch of the small print supporting such.  I am always fascinated to watch brands evolve and Zooki now offers a fully comprehensive range of liquid supplements delivering powerful active ingredients.  Glutathione, Vitamin C and Turmeric are included in the range and to celebrate the growth and efficacy of this brand, we are offering you a 20% discount across all of the Zooki products. With a stamp of approval from us.

And now Ameliorate, which gets another stamp of approval, most especially because we did the global launch of this brand many years ago.  We launched Ameliorate on a health platform, rather than a beauty platform, because it was specifically formulated to address Keratosis Pilaris, also known as Chicken Skin.  I am linking Shabir’s article below, which accompanied the launch, and with that said we are offering you a 25% discount across all Ameliorate products.  Additionally, if you spend £40 or over on any of the Ameliorate products on one order, we will automatically include Softening Bath Milk Oil (250 ml), which is worth £20, whilst stock lasts.  One gift per customer on this.
VH Editorial: Treatment of Keratosis Pilaris; Ameliorate

With that done, I will continue with the offers that are specific to this Weekend Read.  To reiterate my words of last week, each of these offers are only applicable for the timescale indicated and I will take all offers across Cyber Monday, unless a famine descends, which is out of our control.  Also, in line with the words that I wrote last week, we will do our very best to honour all orders placed within the given timescale, but please bear with us if any product flips over to a wait list, which is indicated with a pre-order status on the product page.  We will use our best endeavours to get these products to you as soon as we possibly can and if we can’t, we will let you know.

So let us begin, and I really do have to begin with iS Clinical which, as so many of you know, is one of the great loves of my life.  That love does of course extend to the co-founders, Bryan Johns and Alec Call, otherwise known as my LA boyfriends.  In an industry where trust is debatable and questionable, my boys come shining through and their values are aligned with my own, and always have been.  As one of the leading cosmeceutical brands in the world, I think it’s the third largest now, the ethos of iS Clinical remains as it always has been, mirrored significantly with their Cancer Care Programme, which is renowned throughout some of the most acclaimed cancer specialist centres in America.

I have shared so many amazing moments with Bryan and Alec spanning over two decades and many of those moments are not product related, but if I was to choose just one standout product moment, it would be when we launched Sheald Recovery Balm together. Formulated to accelerate wound healing in post-procedure skin, it also helps to reduce scarring and can be used to help alleviate compromised skin conditions, including rashes.  But the most important thing about Sheald is that it was the first-ever product of its genre that could be used on open wounds, and as such a global wait list descended upon us.  As, once again, we launched Sheald on a health platform.

To this day I honestly don’t believe that anything can touch the efficacy of Sheald Recovery Balm.  It is one of my forever products and so too is Reparative Moisture Emulsion.  In transparency, I do use other moisturisers, including Fulvic Face Cream of course, but I have used Reparative for over twenty years and because I am fiercely loyal, I will continue to do so.  I could go on and say that each of the iS Clinical cleansers are incredible, and that includes Warming Honey Cleanser, which is an amazing treatment cleanser, but space prohibits me, so let me just share this with you and what I want to share is that we are offering you a 20% discount across all the iS Clinical products.  This is a rare occurrence; I don’t think I have ever done this before.  But I’m doing it now.
iS Clinical (offer ends at midnight GMT, Monday 28 November)

Returning to supplementation, I am about to do the same as I did last weekend, but with a different product.  And although this product is most definitely one of our bestselling supplements, I didn’t include it in our Black Friday offering, but I will do so now.  That product is Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, which Shabir formulated for the relief of symptoms related to stress, anxiety and low mood, and its efficacy is absolute for the vast majority of those who take it.

Interestingly, I have just watched ‘Stutz’, which has recently been released on Netflix and was recommended to me by one of you.  It centres on Phil Stutz, a well-known psychotherapist, so although I thought it was a bit hard-going at certain points, stay with it if you can.  I think that each and every one of us will be able to relate to much of the wisdom spoken, such as there are three aspects of reality which nobody gets to avoid.  These are pain, uncertainty and constant work.  Anxiety most definitely falls within that definition, even if it is on a temporary basis, so no more words other than to say that I am taking the price of Magnolia Rhodiola Complex down from £28 to £23.
VH Editorial: How To Combat Stress Effectively; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £23 for 60 Capsules (offer ends at midnight GMT, Monday 28 November) (Caution: do not take if you are on prescribed anti-depressants as they will contra-indicate)

And on from that, having spoken about immunity last weekend, I will continue today by talking about Triple Flu Defense+, the homeopathic remedy specifically targeted for optimal effectiveness against seasonal viruses, which helps to reduce the severity of symptoms of infection, all of which are listed on the product page.  The formulation is adjusted each season as viruses mutate differently each year.  It remains one of our bestselling winter products and with another three months of winter ahead of us, please don’t let it be longer, I am dropping the price of Triple Flu Defense+ down from £28 to £23.  For the interim and whilst stock lasts.
Triple Flu Defense+ (2022-2023) £23 for 30 ml

Let’s do a new product launch, well actually there are three products in this launch, and they come from Gloves In A Bottle.  We offer several hand creams on our site, and we always have done.  As such I cannot say that there is a definitive hand cream which is better than the rest, because they each serve a purpose and we each like different things.  But what I will say is that I have been writing about Gloves In A Bottle for approximately twenty years and I always have a bottle on my desk, except now I have three new tubes on my desk, although the original bottle is still available.  It would be rather weird if it wasn’t, bearing in mind the name of the product.

Anyway, let’s talk about the basic formulation, essentially because Gloves In A Bottle/Tube works differently to most other hand creams.  As a hand shielding lotion, it bonds with the outermost layers of skin, which helps to eliminate moisture-robbing irritants.  Most hand creams simply layer artificial moisture over dry skin, without addressing the root cause, so perhaps we should actually refer to it as a Hand Shielding Lotion and not a hand cream, which then allows it to sit in a genre of its own.  And, quite honestly, I think it deserves that accolade.

So, the three tubes.  The first is the original formulation, nothing changes here, and it matches the original by appearing in a blue tube.  Gloves In A Bottle SPF 15, in yellow, helps to protect the skin from exposure to UV rays and Gloves In A Bottle Botanical is powered by five plants and unsurprisingly comes in a green tube.  I am not going to tell you which of the three I am loving the most right now, perhaps I’ll tell you another time, I really don’t want to sway your choice.  But what I will say is that I am dropping the price of all three products as listed below.  And anything can happen, most especially because it’s the VH Awards next weekend.  My lips are sealed.  Well semi-sealed after that statement.
Gloves In A Bottle Original £7.50 for 100 ml (drops from £8.50); Gloves In A Bottle SPF 15 £8.95 for 100 ml (drops from £9.95); Gloves In A Bottle Botanical £8.50 for 100 ml (drops from £9.50)

Returning to supplementation, it remains a total privilege to work so closely with Ross J. Barr (RJB), even though he has disturbed me at least five times as I’m writing this.  I had to tell him to go away, but what certainly won’t go away are his specific formulations for infertility, which have helped so many.  Ross specialises in infertility issues, but that’s only one part of the equation because his clinical work is quite astounding, and I speak from experience.  What is also outstanding is Stomach Support, which deals with stomach issues comprehensively and efficiently.  And with that said, I am offering you a 15% discount across all the RJB products.  Yes, all of them.
Ross J. Barr (offer ends at midnight GMT, Monday 28 November)

Back to skincare and I am now going to throw the spotlight on Sarah Chapman’s products.  Well six of them actually as we are offering a 20% discount on the following products: Ultimate Cleanse, Age Repair Concentrate, Dynamic Defence, Dynamic Defence Concentrate, Eye Recovery Eye Cream and Overnight Facial.  For ease, I will link the products underneath this, but just to make life a little sweeter, we will include a complimentary Eye Recovery Eye Cream (5 ml) with every order placed whilst stock lasts, which is worth £22.  So, if you order Eye Recovery, you will receive the full-size version and the travel size, which is quite neat.  Only one gift per customer on this.
Ultimate Cleanse; Age Repair Concentrate; Dynamic Defence; Dynamic Defence Concentrate; Eye Recovery Eye Cream; Overnight Facial All by Sarah Chapman (offers end at midnight GMT, Monday 28 November)

Restitude from Temple Spa is one of those seasonal limited-edition products, which is loved by so many of you.  Its full name is Restitude Relax & Unwind Shower and Bath Luxe, which speaks volumes, and it is loaded with Mediterranean essential oils, including Patchouli, Geranium and Sweet Orange.  So, in the spirit of giving, we will automatically include AAAHHH Instant Cooling Balm (15 ml) with each order of Restitude, whilst stock lasts.  And once again, only one gift per customer in order to be equitable.
Restitude Relax & Unwind Shower and Bath Luxe by Temple Spa £20 for 300 ml; AAAHHH Instant Cooling Balm by Temple Spa; Christmas Gifts

And as we are nearing the end of another Weekend Read, let me update you on Smooth Upper Lip Professional Perioral Anti-Ageing Treatment and having written last weekend that our stock would arrive within a couple of days, of course it didn’t, despite receiving formal notification from the courier company stating otherwise.  I won’t name them, but there is something seriously wrong with all delivery services at the moment, but notwithstanding that our stock has literally just arrived and we are in the process of clearing the wait list.  And it was rather a large wait list, essentially because we all seem to have a thing about vertical lip lines and lipstick bleeding into those lines.
Smooth Upper Lip Professional Perioral Anti-Ageing Treatment £45 for 15 ml by Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

The final fling and this is really easy, so with a few taps of the keyboard, I am offering you a 20% discount across all of the Aromatherapy Associates products.  With that said, I absolutely know that some products will flip onto pre-status order, so once again please bear with us if this happens.  And that’s the end of that.  Or the beginning of a riot.  I shall stay calm.  Throughout.
Aromatherapy Associates (offer ends at midnight GMT, Monday 28 November)

And into the Saturday only treat we go and with every order placed for £30 or over, excluding p&p we will send you a gift.  Once again, I cannot tell you what the specific gift will be, but whatever it may be, I hope you enjoy using it and if you choose to do so, you could always use it as a stocking filler gift, nobody will ever know.  I actually do know that some of you save these gifts up throughout the year for this very purpose and I think that’s wonderful.  Most especially because I think there will be quite a few Spacemasks flying around.  Epic.
Spacemasks £16.50 for Five Spacemasks + One free Spacemask For Gifting (whilst stock lasts)

A few things before we reach the end of another Weekend Read and I would like to extend my warmest love to Camilla Morton, who together with Anya Hindmarch, conceived and created The Ever After Garden in London’s Grosvenor Square. I wrote about this extensively last year, so all I am going to say here is that Camilla is one of us and together with Lara, we planted an illuminated VH rose on Tuesday evening in tribute to the people we have lost this year. If you wish to make a personal donation, as so many of you did last year, I am leaving the link below where you can read much more about the poignantly beautiful Ever After Garden and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.
The Ever After Garden

If I may, I would just like to return to Phil Stutz and synchronicity.  As humans we are not perfect, how could we ever be and Phil Stutz talks about this, together with our shadow side, and we all have a shadow side.  He also spoke about possibility and how the surest way to change behaviour is by using a tool to do so.  And as I listened to his words of wisdom, I smiled at the synchronicity of events, because my chosen tool is Rapid Tapping, and we will be tapping together tomorrow evening.  I strongly believe in the power of affirmations, and so it was given for each of us.

A few words about our Rapid Tapping session tomorrow evening and the first thing to say is that we won’t be able to see each other, so come as you are without the need to dress for the occasion.  Because we are all vulnerable, we will be tapping in a very safe and protected space, which will be created by Poppy.  I think that we can all relate to the title of the event, ‘The Power of Intent’ and it will mean different things for different people, but as a generalisation we will be tapping with purpose in order to move past the labels that are put onto us and in so doing clearing the limitations we place upon ourselves as we learn to accept who we really are. 

So, as I leave you with the registration details below, there is one thing that I know and that is that collective participation helps all of us.  There is a profound sense of belonging and upliftment when we tap in unison because we are not only tapping for ourselves, we are tapping for each other, so we must never under-estimate the power of the collective.   And as energy follows thought, there is an intense warmth in knowing that we are not alone in this world and we are not forgotten.  We will acknowledge this tomorrow evening.  As a collective.  Please click on the link below if you wish to join me, with Poppy taking the lead.
Tapping With Intent with Poppy Delbridge: Sunday 27 November at 6 pm GMT

Finally, I invited Camilla to dedicate a song, a song of remembrance for those we have lost and a song that truly epitomises the magical Ever After Garden.  And her song is Unforgettable by Nat King Cole.  Soul gifting.
Unforgettable by Nat King Cole; The VH Playlist

With love.

Gill x


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