Weekend Read 23 March 2024

Weekend Read 23 March 2024

As I welcome you to another Weekend Read, I want to thank you once again for your ongoing support and loyalty as I continue to tell the story of DoSe.  The simplicity of concept is driven by the consumer-first approach which is so incredibly important to me because I am a consumer, we are all consumers, and over and above all else my own experiences have determined due process and purpose, a purpose which, in turn, is driven by understanding the importance of transparency, accountability and respect.

The story of DoSe will continue to unfold over the coming weeks and months, but for now let’s go straight in as we take a look at the impact that stress has on the health of our skin. And although I touched on this two weeks ago when I wrote about Peptide Rescue Serum, I would like to follow through with some words about the integration of products.  This is of course where health and beauty merge and emerge as one, because we have always believed that we must go directly to the root cause of any concern, and stress is such a huge concern for so many of us.

The root cause of stress obviously varies for each of us, but we are living in a stressful world which impacts our emotional wellbeing, so there is a very real need to address the symptoms of stress which include anxiety, low mood, fatigue and exhaustion.  Stress, whether physical, hormonal or emotional, causes the increase of cortisol, the stress hormone, by the adrenals and high cortisol levels are responsible for a myriad of concerns, so this is where we talk about Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, which helps us cope with the struggles of life.

In studies, Magnolia extracts have been shown to physically relax muscles and nerves as well as helping to reduce levels of cortisol and it is joined in this formulation by Phellodendron, an important herb containing a variety of compounds known to help elevate mood.  Other compounds include Rhodiola Rosea, which helps to increase tolerance to various stressors, L-Theanine which helps to promote relaxation and Pantothenic Acid (B5), which contributes to energy-yielding metabolism.

Magnolia Rhodiola Complex is our bestselling product for stress and anxiety and although I often write about its many attributes, I wanted to honour the concept of the integration of products by putting Magnolia Rhodiola Complex together with Peptide Rescue Serum, and in so doing the price of the two products together drops from £50 to £45, although you can buy each as stand-alone products.  Peptide Rescue Serum includes a very specific peptide from Wild Indigo, which has been clinically proven to reduce stress hormones and inflammatory compounds from skin, so as such it is ideal for reactive skin, including those prone to rosacea. 
Magnolia Rhodiola Complex + DoSe Peptide Rescue Serum £45; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £28 for 60 Capsules; DoSe Peptide Rescue Serum £22 for 30 ml (Magnolia Rhodiola Complex + Dose Peptide Rescue Serum offer ends at midnight, Sunday 24 March)

As I’ve written above, DoSe is an ongoing story but that story is infinite in concept and by way of demonstration you may wish to drop one or two drops of Peptide Rescue Serum into creams or lotions, which will help ease and support compromised skin concerns, not only on your face, but on your body too.  In its former incarnation, as Neurophroline Serum, a friend used it to take down an angry red rash on her arm, which was an allergic reaction to heat, and it took that rash down within an hour, which I thought was rather impressive, but of course I will only ever talk about impressive ingredients.  Life’s too short for mediocrity.

And there is nothing mediocre about Ergothoneine Serum, because after testing many iterations of this extraordinary compound, I think Ergothioneine Serum could possibly be one of the most significant and important topical products we have launched for skin health, alongside Fulvic Face Cream.  So, if we are talking about significant products, Fulvic Body Lotion is also one of those significant products and, as such, I am dropping the price of Fulvic Body Lotion down from £20 to £15, basically because of everything I have just written and basically because when dosed with Peptide Rescue Serum or Ergothioneine, it can also transmute into an anti-ageing hand cream.  Of significance.
DoSe Ergothioneine Serum £26 for 30 ml; Fulvic Face Cream £30 for 60 ml; Fulvic Body Lotion £15 for 200 ml (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 24 March)

I am going to stay with the Fulvic products, essentially because I believe that there are times when we need to give back to those of you who are so invested in the Fulvic haircare protocol, a protocol which addresses scalp and hair health. Specifically created to support thinning hair and hair loss, Fulvic Shampoo and Fulvic Conditioner are both formulated with Ioniplex®, an ionic mineral complex which helps protect and enhance cellular health.  As such Ioniplex® plays an important role in helping to transform scalp follicles, but it also helps alleviate and calm an itchy scalp, which is an incredibly common concern.

Whenever I write about scalp health and hair loss, I always caveat my words by saying that there is no such thing as an overnight fix for thinning hair or hair loss because it really can take several months before any improvement can be seen, and even then progress can be slow because everything in life is a process.  So, because the Fulvic haircare protocol is an investment, we have put together twin packs of the shampoo and the conditioner.  In both instances the price drops from £50 to £40, which I hope helps, and just to say that I also use the Fulvic Conditioner as a hair mask, because it really does make a positive difference to scalp and hair health.
Fulvic Shampoo Twin Pack £40 (Two x Fulvic Shampoo 240 ml Each); Fulvic Conditioner Twin Pack £40 (Two x Fulvic Conditioner 240 ml Each) (offers end at midnight GMT, Sunday 24 March)

We are now going to talk about Hay Fever, but I am not going to do much of the talking because Shabir’s article on Hay Fever, which I have linked below, is pretty comprehensive, but what I will say is that one of our bestselling products for Hay Fever is Aller-DMG.  Aller-DMG works to regulate histamine levels in the body, improving respiratory function and ensuring that the immune system does not over-react to allergens, such as pollen. Aller-DMG is also suitable for use against numerous other types of allergies, including food intolerances, skin reactions and pet dander.

As I drop the price of Aller-DMG down from £29 to £26 across the weekend, I also want to mention Triple Allergy Defense which can be used as an adjunct to Aller-DMG, or as a stand-alone product which is safe for children under the age of twelve with specific body weight dosages.  Triple Allergy Defense has been formulated by Dr Nenninger of Triple Flu Defense fame, which has helped, and continues to help, so many of us.  And very soon, the third formulation in the range, Bites Stings Ticks, will come into play.
VH Editorial: Hay Fever Relief For All The Family; Aller-DMG £26 for 60 Tablets; Triple Allergy Defense by Dr Nenninger £27 for 55 ml; Triple Flu Defense by Dr Nenninger (2023-2024) £30 for 30 ml; Bites Stings Ticks by Dr Nenninger £22 for 30 ml

There are certain products which we have recommended for several years, primarily because we believe they are best-in-class in their genre, and Super Cleanse For Colon is one such product. Super Cleanse For Colon is a natural remedy to help alleviate constipation, but it also serves to stimulate colon cleansing, which is optimal for health.  As food mixes with the digestive enzymes present in our bodies, a plaque-like substance, called mucoid plaque, adheres to the walls of the intestines resulting in the harbouring of bad bacteria and fungi, preventing the absorption of nutrients.

But it’s not only about preventing the absorption of nutrients because mucoid plaque slows the motility of the intestines which can result in fatigue, sluggish bowel movements and constipation. Constipation is a huge concern for many of us, but that aside, we believe that we should all be cleansing our colon two or three times a year, just because it makes sense to do so.  The lowdown here is that Super Cleanse For Colon contains fourteen herbs, you should not use it for more than thirty consecutive days and I’m dropping the price from £22 to £19 across the weekend.
Super Cleanse For Colon £19 for 100 Tablets (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 24 March)

And having done colon health, let’s now take a look at gut health as we talk about Daily Gut.  Daily Gut is an advanced four-in-one gut health powder delivering probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, superfoods and vitamins, formulated for optimal digestive health.  The health of the gut is also really important for our overall health and if our gut isn’t functioning correctly it can affect many aspects of our health and wellbeing, including the health of our skin. 

Daily Gut helps to increase the friendly bacteria required for a healthy and happy gut and this formulation also includes fibre-rich Baobab, soothing Lemon Balm and Ginger, which helps to encourage smooth digestion.  Daily Gut can either be mixed into cold water, smoothies or shakes, or alternatively it can be sprinkled over cold food, such as granola.  The one rule here is that it cannot be added to hot food or drinks as high temperatures damage live bacteria and I think that’s all I want to say, other than I am dropping the price of Daily Gut from £25.99 to £20 across the weekend.
Daily Gut by Jerms £20 for 180 grams (offer ends at midnight GMT, Sunday 24 March)

It would seem that we are on a roll because I am now going to offer you a 15% discount across all the Ingenious products, including the bestselling product, Ultimate Collagen+. Ultimate Collagen+ is a second-generation collagen supplement which has been scientifically formulated to help replenish the levels and collagen in our bodies.  There are many different viewpoints regarding collagen supplementation and it can be rather confusing, so I am linking Shabir’s article below, where he takes an in-depth look at this compound.
VH Editorial: How To Take Collagen Supplements; Ingenious Products

Next weekend is Easter weekend, so if you are escaping to the warmth, let’s look at a few products which you may wish to take with you, and if you are not going away, well some of these products just talk Spring and Summer to me.  This all seems rather appropriate as the clocks go forward next weekend, meaning that we will arrive in British Summer Time (BST).  At last.

And of course I am going to begin with Mrs White’s Unstung Hero because year after year, Unstung Hero is one of our bestselling seasonal products.  Its claim to fame began when it was used in a Vogue photo shoot, but its success was truly realised by its ability to render us ‘invisible’ to mosquitoes, ticks, black fly, wasps and bees.  DEET and chemical-free, Unstung Hero has a fresh Eau de Cologne fragrance, which is a refreshing change from most insect repellent sprays containing toxic chemicals.  And with all of that said, it can also be used as a room spray, home or abroad.
Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent by Roullier White £20 for 250 ml; Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Repellent by Roullier White £15 for 100 ml

I often write about foot products, and I write about them throughout the year because I believe that we should look after our feet, whatever the season.  Notwithstanding that, our feet will soon be seeing the light of day, so a mention here for Alida’s Foot File, which I have used for more years than I care to remember.  I’ve tested loads of foot files over the years and keeping it simple, I still think that this is the best foot file I have ever tested, including those electrical things, and that’s all I really want to say.
Foot File by Alida £13.99

Staying with beauty tools, the Tweezy Facial Hair Remover is a gentle and affordable solution to remove unwanted hair on our faces.  The Tweezy really came into its own during lockdown because we needed at-home solutions and The Tweezy was a great solution, because none of us really wanted to walk around with sprouting chin hairs, even if we weren’t going anywhere.  So, I’m mentioning it here, because we are heading into lighter moments, and not for one single moment do we want those chin hairs, or any other facial hair, to be seen in that light.  I would rather die.  Well, not literally, I’ve still got much to do.
The Tweezy £10

I began this newsletter by talking about DoSe, and I am going to end this newsletter by talking about DoSe.  It was never going to be enough just to launch a range of products, it had to be far more than that and although I will be writing more about this in the coming weeks and months, as I’ve mentioned above, it was crucially important to offer in-depth guidance on each of the ingredients and formulations, most specifically from a pharmaceutical and scientific viewpoint.

As such, most of the formulations have dedicated articles attached to them, including Squalane, which as Shabir writes, is a very interesting skincare ingredient.  In the world of chemistry, it is labelled as a hydrocarbon and skin-friendly hydrocarbons include petrolatum and mineral oils, which should really be avoided.  Squalane is the alternative choice, so as I link you to Shabir’s article below, there is often confusion about the difference between Squalane and Squalene, so he looks at that too.  And behold, he has recommended dosing Squalane Serum into Fulvic Body Lotion. Nothing more to say here.
VH Editorial: What Is Squalane Oil; DoSe Squalane Face Oil £15 for 30 ml

And into the Saturday only treat we go, so with every order placed for £35 and above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include Coola’s Dew Good Illuminating Serum SPF 30 (7 ml)*. Full product details listed below because very soon the sun will shine on all of us. Ever the optimist.
Dew Good Illuminating Serum SPF 30

As we come to the end of another Weekend Read, all I want to do here is leave you with a song, and although I know it is an obvious choice because of the recent sad passing of Steve Harley, I have always loved this song, mostly because rebels should never be pulled to the floor. Ooh, la la la.
Make Me Smile by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel; VH Playlist

With love

Gill x  


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