Weekend Read 12 February 2022

Peep Club Humidifier on white podium against pink background with clouds

Weekend Read 12 February 2022

The ongoing story of life.  And the life of times of our continuing stance to help support each other through the many differing concerns about our health and wellbeing.  So as I welcome you to this Weekend Read, I would like to run you through some of the products we believe will help make a difference to you, together with all the latest news and updates and two new product launches, so I’m starting with one of them.

It comes from Peep Club.  For those of you who regularly read these newsletters, you will remember how excited I was to launch Peep Club’s Heated Eye Wand and its associated products.  We launched the Heated Eye Wand on a health platform because it was primarily created to help soothe and hydrate dry, tired eyes, with a particular emphasis on those who suffered from Dry Eye Syndrome, which is remarkably common. In addition, the other side of the equation was that the Heated Eye Wand could be used to help promote lymphatic drainage as its gentle massage mode helped to take down eye-puff if required.  And we required.

With that said, please allow me to introduce you to Peep Club’s Hydrating Portable Humidifier, which has been designed to help keep your eyes hydrated whether they are open or closed.  What a clever little thing this is, and it is one of those products that I didn’t think I would need, until I used it and realised that I didn’t want to live without it.  And so it has taken up residence in my home because this neat bottle-shaped humidifier has dual treatment and treat functions, and I think both are important.  Not only that, it makes me smile when I look at it.  And I look at it rather a lot because it sits beside me when I’m working.

So let’s take a look at what it does.  The gentle mist works to replace moisture in the air, which helps your eyes stay hydrated in-between blinks and combats drying conditions, such as central heating, air-conditioning and of course computer screens.  Research has indicated that many of us don’t fully close our eyes during sleep, waking up with that dry, gritty, itchy feeling, which is why it is also recommended to place it by the side of your bed to help keep the exposed eye surface hydrated.  And before you ask, it is so quiet, it won’t keep you awake unlike many traditional humidifiers.  

That’s the treatment side of the equation, but the treat side is that the benefits of this Hydrating Portable Humidifier can also extend to our skin, which also suffers from drying conditions, including those mentioned above.  Held at arm’s length, I have taken to giving my skin a blast of mist on a regular basis, once an hour, every hour, because I can.  I actually find it tremendously calming and with my eyes closed it centres me as I breathe in the mist, which I highly recommend, most especially just before you go to sleep.  Do it for the count of sixty.  Or more, as it is habit forming.  Good habit forming.

The logistics.  Each Hydrating Portable Humidifier comes with a USB cable charger, compatible with a USB plug from your geographic region.  It has a capacity for up to 300 ml of water, you can use tap water, but it is recommended that purified water be used if you can.  A flashing red light at the on/off button indicates that the humidifier needs to be charged and I now think I have covered everything.  Except to say thank you to Nicola and Natasha, co-founders of Peep Club for letting me launch this and for their ongoing brilliance and professional expertise in trail-blazing the products that truly help make a difference to so many of us.  And, crucially, to the health of our eyes.
Hydrating Portable Humidifier by Peep Club £55; Heated Eye Wand by Peep Club £60

And I’ll follow through with the second launch.  It comes from Spots & Stripes and just in case you don’t know this brand, it was created by Charlotte-Anne Fidler and it is specifically formulated for teenage skin, although quite honestly each of the products can be used by all ages because their formulations stand up to the test.  And so many don’t.  Their bestselling product, to date, is their All-Natural Deodorant, but that could all change as I introduce you to Awesome Arnica Balm, a little tube of magic made in the English countryside.

This is one of those ‘do-everything’ balms which is loaded with anti-inflammatory oils together with Arnica and Calendula, which both help to speed-up healing and will also help reduce bruising.  Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Lavender and Rosemary also make an appearance to support the main function of this balm, but it has many other uses too, such as relief for aching or sprained muscles and it works really well for period pains and headaches.  In other words, just rub it in wherever and whenever it is needed.  And I’m guessing that quite a lot of people will feel the need.
Awesome Arnica Balm by Spots & Stripes £16 for 50 grams; All-Natural Deodorant For Girls £19 for 65 grams; All-Natural Deodorant For Boys £19 for 65 grams; Spots & Stripes (All products)

Into and onto the next section and this is where I am going to do a series of treats across our own brands.  I can only ever do this when our stock levels allow me to, bearing in mind that we are still struggling with ongoing raw ingredient issues and the dramatic increase in costs, both relative to ingredients and so many other factors, too numerous to mention.  The one thing that remains is my determination to share wherever I can in consideration of this difficult world we are living in.  And not for one moment will I under-estimate what is happening in the real world.  It matters too much.

So I’m going to start with Daily Immunity, which is our bestselling supplement to help support the immune system.  Of course immunity has become a huge factor over the past two years, but strengthening our immunity has always been so very important, which is why Shabir formulated this supplement rather a long time ago.  Each of the ingredients were carefully curated for their researched efficacy, culminating in a formulation which we believe will help protect and support the immune system.  Daily Immunity is as important now as it has ever been, and will continue to be so over the coming months, if not throughout the year. 

I think it is worthwhile linking Shabir’s article again, which I do so below, and taking into account my words written above, I am dropping the price of Daily Immunity down from £26 to £15 across the weekend.  And no, I haven’t lost my mind and we are not over-loaded with stock.  There are just times when I feel it is important to demonstrate the importance of efficacy and responsibility.  And writing about health issues must always come with knowledge, understanding, awareness and responsibility.  Nothing to add.  Although I’m tempted to. 
VH Editorial: A Daily Supplement That Supercharges Your Immunity; Daily Immunity £15 for 60 Capsules (Offer ends midnight GMT, Sunday 13 February)

Fulvic comes next and as you will have realised I am working my way through all the Fulvic products, one by one, as part of my ongoing mission to celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding properties of Fulvic Acid.  And so I have reached Fulvic Acid Mist, which is of course powered by the patented complex, Ioniplex.  Although Shabir specifically formulated this mist as a potent treatment for hair loss and thinning hair, it has a myriad of uses and for many years I have been misting my skin with it after cleansing as the multi-peptides in the formulation definitely help to keep my skin supple. 

But let me go back to its intended use, which is for hair loss and thinning hair.  Working hard to help renew cell life and keratin function in our scalp, follicles and hair, humic-free Fulvic Acid is combined with Butchers Broom, Hyaluronic Acid, Honeysuckle Flower extract and Marine Collagen to support the recovery from a variety of detrimental hair and scalp conditions, not least the increased incidence of hair loss over the past couple of years, often linked to Covid-related-stress.   One more thing, Fulvic Acid Mist is obviously hormone-free, so it can be used safely to help fortify sparse eyebrows and eyelashes.

For all further information, I will refer you to the product page, because all I really want say now is that with every Fulvic Acid Mist (120 ml) bought, we will automatically include the 60 ml size of Fulvic Acid Mist, which is worth £12.50.  This offer will go across the weekend, if our stock lasts that long.  I think it will, but I have to caveat it because there are no certainties in this life.  And that includes my predictions.
Fulvic Acid Mist £25 for 120 ml + Free Fulvic Acid Mist 60 ml (Offer ends midnight GMT, Sunday 13 February or whilst stock lasts)

Over to Garden of Wisdom we go.  And our two Vitamin C products, C-Deep Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid, the latter of which we launched first.  Receiving huge and widespread acclaim, Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid was our bestselling beauty product for a very long time.  It was challenged by the arrival of C-Deep, which contains Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, a form of Vitamin C that has been modified to be soluble in oil or lipids and enters the skin faster and deeper than any other form of Vitamin C.  It is also non-irritable, so it can be used by those who have a sensitivity to Vitamin C, and I’m one of those people.

As things stand, our stats change daily, so I thought it could be quite interesting to put them side by side and we’ll see what happens at the end of the year when I do the VH Awards.  I know that we are only in February, but I have to allow time to get a meaningful perspective, so with that explained, with every bottle of C-Deep Serum sold today, we will automatically include a free tube of Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid, which is worth £10.  I think I know what the result will be, but nevertheless these things fascinate me.  So let it roll.  And our stock levels are limited.  We don’t have a Vitamin C tree.  Unfortunately.
VH Editorial: Is Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate The Best Vitamin C Serum; C-Deep Vitamin C Serum £18 for 30 ml + Free Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid (Offer ends midnight GMT, Saturday 12 February or whilst stock lasts)

I think I have a slight problem.  It’s not a huge problem, but at this time of the year I always write about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) because the days of February are often so bleak, except on several days this month, the sky has often been blue.  I will of course add that I do live in London, so my statement may not be wholly accurate, dependent upon where you live.  So taking all of that into account, I am linking Shabir’s article on SAD below because it remains of great importance and furthermore I am going to take the price of Magnolia Rhodiola Complex down from £28 to £23, because there is an ongoing epidemic of stress and anxiety, related or otherwise. 
VH Editorial: Seasonal Affective Disorder; Magnolia Rhodiola Complex £23 for 60 Capsules (Offer ends midnight GMT, Sunday 13 February)

A word from Ross J. Barr on Viridian’s Clove & Oregano Complex.  ‘I think this is wonderful post-Covid.  I’ve recommended it to a few patients to help clear the residue left behind after a virus, especially the phlegm and damp.  I also think it is one of my favourite products for the family’.  Thank you, I said in response.  I’ll share your words of wisdom.
Clove & Oregano Complex by Viridian Nutrition £17.10 for 60 Capsules

In this week’s Health Notes, Sarah writes about sensitive skin and the launch of Oodee.  As is so often the case, Sarah and I write similar words independently of each other, and she is well aware of the history behind the mission to raise awareness for those of us with sensitive skin.  In fact Sarah and I have campaigned together on several issues spanning nearly twenty years, all of which we feel very strongly about.  We continue to stand side by side and talk about the things that really matter to so many of us in order that we are able to make considered choices, based upon extensive research.
New Products For Sensitive Skin by Sarah Stacey

Given those considered choices, and with so many of you loving and using the Derma E products, another skincare treat.  Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid is one of those comforting products that makes you feel happy.  Happy because it works through the night to hydrate and smooth your skin with the additional help of Vitamins C and E and Aloe Vera.  And happy because I am dropping the price of this overnight treatment from £28 to £18, whilst stock lasts, which may not be very long.  You will know this limited offer is over if the product fails to go into your basket.  Not too sure what time that will be.  And I’m not guessing either.
Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid by Derma E £18 for 56 grams

I am obviously in treat mode today, so one more, before the Saturday only treat, and it comes from a brand that I have always loved.  That brand is Soapsmith and the product is Bloomsbury Hand Wash.  Formulated as an ode to the gorgeous-smelling flower beds in London’s Bloomsbury Square Gardens, the scent of Roses, Honeysuckle, Primroses and Peonies will help lift your mood and quite honestly it can be used in the shower if you wish.  If you haven’t experienced any of the Soapsmith products, I am giving you the opportunity to do so now as I drop the price of Bloomsbury Hand Wash from £18 to £10.  And just to add, Bloomsbury Bath Soak is the stuff dreams are made of.  Fragrant, floating dreams.
Bloomsbury Hand Wash £10 for 300 ml (whilst stock lasts); Bloomsbury Bath Soak £30 for 500 ml

This week’s Saturday only treat is Biobelle’s Fresh Pop Botanical Fibre Facial Mask*, which we will include with every order placed for £30 and above, excluding p&p.  This mask is loaded with Cucumber and Kiwi extracts, which means that it can’t go anywhere near my skin because of my Kiwi allergy.  Because if it did, Shabir would be writing the next Weekend Read, not me.  Actually, that could be interesting.  As my head spins with thoughts of abdication.

So with one more blast from the Hydrating Portable Humidifier across my skin, we have come to the end of another Weekend Read, and all that is left is for me to wish each of you a restful and peaceful weekend.

With love

Gill x


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