Trinny & Shabir Live: The Best Supplements

Trinny & Shabir Live: The Best Supplements

If you find the world of supplements overwhelming then watching this 20 minute video will help. Shabir and Trinny explore the best supplements and explain what they’re good for and why you might benefit from taking them…

You can take up to 20 supplements a day if you have optimal digestion. But, can’t you get all your necessary nutrients from food? It’s tricky to get the  dose of vitamins and minerals from your diet that you get from supplements every day.

Sage Complex by VH

Good for menopause

Containing a blend of natural herbs, which mimic the effects of oestrogen to help fool the body into thinking it has sufficient hormones, this is ideal for anyone going through peri-menopause and menopause. It helps alleviate hot flushes, excessive sweating and other concerns going through the menopause. You could potentially start taking sage from 35 to 40 years to keep your hormones balanced.

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Magnolia Rhodiola Complex by VH

Good for stress

This is a quick acting anti-stress supplement, which helps your body deal with cortisol (stress hormone). It helps make your body more tolerant to stress and also physically relaxes your muscles without causing drowsiness. Whether you’re having a stressful time at work or battling with mood swings and anxiety, this is a supplement worth exploring.

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Florassist Mood by Life Extension

Good for mood

Another supplement to help ease stress and anxiety and boost to your mood. Research has shown that probiotics in our gut can affect our mood. This particular probiotic blend has been shown to have a positive influence on the biochemical signalling between your gut and your nervous system.

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Ionicell for Women by Mineral BioSciences

Good for hair, skin and nails

Containing Ioniplex®, a Fulvic ionic mineral that can contain up to 65 essential, macro and trace minerals, this supplement has been clinically proven to improve help our bodies generate collagen and re-hydrate cells, as well as strengthen our hair and nails.

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Superior Hair by Food Science

Good for hair loss

By helping to balance your hormones, this supplement helps prevent and treat hair loss in both men and women. The single biggest factor of hair loss is an imbalance of the female hormones, which leads to male hormone dominance. Superior Hair is more effective than other products because it contains nutrients not only to prevent hair loss but also encourages new hair growth.

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Biotin 5000ug by Solgar

Good for hair growth

Biotin’s role is to nourish your hair follicles and manufacture keratin. It is a water-soluble B vitamin and is renowned for its hair and nail strengthening powers. It won’t encourage hair to grow anywhere else except your scalp because this is where DHT works.

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Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes by Life Extension

Good for supporting digestion

From the age of 25 we produce less digestive enzymes, which help your body breakdown food so you can extract plenty of nutrients from your food. This is a supplement everyone can take just before a main meal.

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Mega Probiotics ND by Food Science

Good for gut health

We’re born with a microbiome that’s pretty good, but our lifestyle and diet exposes our gut to bad bacteria. This supplement contains eight of the most researched strains and puts good bacteria back in to help balance your gut.

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Skin Restoring Ceramides by Life Extension

Good for healthy skin

Ceramides are the particles in between skin cells, which acts as a shield to prevent the skin from dehydrating. They also provide the skin with its natural oil, restoring its elasticity. This supplement helps to boost your ceramides and as a result smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

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Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength by VH

Good for healthy eyes, joints and skin

With 225mg of hyaluronic acid, this supplement has many benefits. It helps to maintain healthy youthful skin, supple & arthritic-free joints and alleviate dry eye syndrome.

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Alive Once Daily Multivitamin Ultra Potency by Natures Way

Good for daily vitamin and mineral boost

This is a concentrated balance of what your body needs. It provides you with vegetable and berry extracts, as well as the necessary hit of vitamins and minerals. It’s a good supplement for everyone that wants to boost and maintain their overall health.

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It can take at least four weeks to see or feel any benefit from supplements, so you did need to persevere.


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