Trinny & Shabir Live: Post-Summer Concerns

Trinny & Shabir Live: Post-Summer Concerns

With summer drawing to a close and autumn just beginning, Shabir joined Trinny Woodall in the bathroom to discuss the causes, symptoms and treatments available for some of the most common post-summer health and beauty concerns.

How to ease dry, dehydrated skin

Your skin has been exposed to the sun and the heat, as well as the salt or chlorine in the water. This can breakdown the ceramides in your skin, which keep your skin hydrated and prevent external aggressors. Ceramides are rich in omega 7 and can be food in seeds and sea buckthorn. Supplementing your omega 7 count will help boost your ceramides and lipids to rehydrate your skin, it will also soothe dry eye syndrome and vaginal dryness. Look to Pharma Nord Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn, £19.95 to top-up your levels and for a skin-specific supplement, try Skin Restoring Phytocermides, £25, from Life Extension.

For topical relief, look to 100% Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil, £20, by GoW. It’s incredibly sought-after and expensive as you can only extract a small amount of oil from the seeds. Prickly Pear has the highest amount of vitamin E of any other natural oil and it’s 60% rich in linoleic acid, which penetrates your skin quickly and helps restore your skin’s elasticity. It works well on all skin types and concerns.

How to reduce post-holiday bloating

A bloated stomach and slow, sluggish bowel movement can affect your energy levels and mood. Post-holiday bloating can be caused by many factors, including flying, different water and food, as well as the stresses of different temperatures. Shabir recommends taking Super Enhanced Digestive Enzymes, £23.25, with food as these help your body to break down food.

Taking a good quality probiotic supplement, such as Mega Probiotic ND, £19.50, by Food Science, will also help support your digestion, as well as boost your immune system.

First and foremost though, it is important to chew your food properly. Shabir recommends chewing 12-to-15 times. Foods such as ginger and turmeric help to boost your digestion too – pure ginger tea is particularly good. Increasing your intake of green vegetables when your return from holiday as these are highly nutritious, rich in live enzymes, which help break down your food, and they help to rebalance your acidity levels. Shabir’s choice of greens is moringa as it has impressive levels of protein, calcium, fibre and magnesium. Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder, £13.99, can be taken with water and juice or sprinkled onto food. You should notice improved energy levels over time after taking at least two teaspoons a day.

Why post-holiday bathing could improve your health

Over half of UK Brits could be deficient in magnesium, which is a mineral that affects our energy levels, sleep pattern and mood. Magnesium Oil Original Flakes, £9.95, by Better You help to boost your magnesium levels, as well as relaxing your muscles and smooth and soothe your skin.

How to beat the post-holiday blues

We’ve all experienced a dip in our mood after a week or so on holiday. Magnolia helps to block the stress hormone, cortisol and boosts your serotonin (happy hormone) levels. Taking one Magnolia Rhodiola Complex, £26, in the morning and one in the evening helps reduce stress and anxiety and leave you feeling more relaxed.

If you struggle to maintain your energy when your get back to work after your holiday it is worth taking Benenox – Overnight Recharge, £12.49, which sustains your glucose levels and smoothes out your sleep pattern, preventing you from waking up throughout the night.

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