The Benefits Of Tongue Scraping

The Benefits Of Tongue Scraping

We clean our body, wash our face, and brush our teeth as part of our hygiene routine and yet most of us do not carry out tongue scraping. Have you heard of tongue scraping? What is tongue scraping?

Tongue scraping is a simple process of running a tool across the tongue that removes bacteria, food particles and any coating from the tongue. The art of tongue cleaning has existed for centuries from Roman times. In Ayurveda, the tongue reflects the health and wellbeing of the heart, kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, and stomach so regular inspection of the tongue is a good gauge to one’s overall health.

How do you know that you need to clean your tongue?

Each one of us is exposed to toxins from the environment, from the food we eat, and from the metabolism of food which creates by-products and toxins. When these toxins are not eliminated effectively, they accumulate in the body and can affect our healthy including immunity.

A thin bile-looking white coating on the tongue, known as ‘Ama’, is the classic sign of accumulation of metabolic toxins accumulating in the body. Other signs of toxin accumulation include mental fog, generalised body aches, body odour, halitosis, constipation, fatigue, and bloating.

Tongue scraping benefits

As mentioned previously, our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins which tend to accumulate in the body. Tongue scraping is one measure that may be taken to clear up toxins from building up.

The back of the tongue provides a hospitable environment for anaerobic bacteria to thrive in because this area is drier than other parts of the mouth and is not subject to the activities. It tends to be poorly cleansed and harbours numerous particles including food residues and dead cells which the bacteria feed on. These same bacteria are implicated in periodontal concerns such as plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. It is also important to remember that periodontal disease is linked to heart health, and this endorses the need for tongue cleaning.

Scraping one’s tongue may help remove the white film that encourages bacterial growth, remove harmful bacteria, enhance taste, improve bad breath, and may reduce cavities when carried out regularly. It is especially beneficial for a ‘coated tongue’ which may be due to dry mouth, not brushing teeth consistently, candida or yeast infections and certain medications. One other benefit of tongue scraping is that often it improves skin concerns by the removal of toxins from being ingested.

How to clean your tongue

It is not that difficult to introduce tongue scraping into your daily routine:

  • Use a tongue scraper daily.
  • Hold the two ends of the tongue cleaner
  • Extend your tongue and place the tongue cleaner on the tongue as far back as is comfortable
  • Gently pull the tongue cleaner forwards to remove any coating
  • Rinse the cleaner and repeat three or four times
  • Brush and floss as you would daily

Whilst there many shapes and styles of tongue scrapers on the market, copper tongue scrapers are thought to be the best such as Urban Veda Tongue Cleaner.

Copper is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial which means that it helps to eradicate the bad bacteria in the mouth. Additionally, unlike some other tongue scrapers, bacteria cannot grow on it after rinsing the tongue cleaner.