Temple Spa

Temple Spa

Temple Spa is a total lifestyle brand that seeks to beautifully fuse product, philosophy and spa. Liz and Mark Warom are the co-owners and founders of Temple Spa. Product gurus with a long history of managing some pretty major international brand names, this savvy couple were well placed and connected to finally create and establish their own brand-baby Temple Spa.

Having spent a year long sabbatical and research time mainly in the Mediterranean, they returned to the UK armed with a heap of energy and a strong raison d’etre for their new brand concept. Enthused by the culture, inspired by the landscape and strengthened by the diet of the Mediterranean, they prepared the script for a compelling skin-spa brand.

The Waroms gathered a best-of-breed team of industry experts. Swiss, Italian & British doctors of bio-chemistry & derma-science, herbalists, aromatherapists & naturopaths, along with cutting edge designers. Their idea for a top to toe, unisex, skin-spa range with a Mediterranean heartbeat and progressive, performance lead product, came to being in 2003, following a three year intensive development.

When you read the company philosophy statement, it really captures the essence of the brand – ‘your body is a living temple; honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full’ and that really resonated with me, so I hunted them down and researched vigorously before bringing the brand to VH. Visiting their beautiful head office near the beach in West Sussex, I loved what I found then and I love them even more now, especially when I see how many of you also adore the brand, and the good news is Temple Spa continues to launch really, really exciting products.

Never to be left standing still, the brand continues to re-invent itself, ensuring that formulae, packaging and style are continually reviewed, updated and developed. 95% of the range is made in England and the products really do what they say on the jar.

The soul of Temple Spa is about wellbeing, not hope in a bottle or believing that life’s problems can disappear at a mere whiff of an essential oil, but by offering a range of divine preparations and treatments, which are aimed at busy people, the over-stressed and those of us who love and expect the very best from a product.

With witty names, feel-good descriptions, textures like cashmere, stylish packaging and most importantly, products that give visible results, their non-ageist approach also means that anti-ageing ingredients are in simply everything, rather than having a separate range. I like that.

You kind of know they ‘get’ skin and they get life, as their problem-solution menu of targeted products also makes you glad you have the odd irksome condition.

Temple Spa is gaining a reputation as the brand of the moment and in my humble opinion is one of the UK’s rising stars. Found around the globe in luxurious spas, boutique hotels, first class airline cabins and of course VH, their brilliant products can confidently be purchased online because they absolutely deliver and that’s why I’m incredibly proud to stock them.

Cult products like Skin Truffle, their rejuvenating wonder cream (containing truffles, diamonds & gold) as well as In The Beginning a divine balm cleanser and Repose, an aromatherapy resting cream (yes, you will sleep like a baby) are just a few of their heroes that beg to be tried and this is just for starters. With over a hundred gorgeous, thoughtful preparations, the products aim to offer a remedy with a message of ‘it’s okay to take time out for you’. We all need time and space to nurture our health, to help regain energy, restore peace and calm, not only for your skin and body, but for our overall wellbeing.

As I often write on the newsletters, I will only ever endorse brands that I truly believe in and the products that I think will make a positive difference to each of you. But, it’s not only about the products, it’s also about the people behind the brand, the energy, the passion, the belief, the trust and the fact that they are achieving their life’s work. That’s what works for me, the entire package, and Temple Spa have all of that and more.

My life is richer with Liz and Mark being a part of it and I thank them for allowing VH to be part of their special journey. I have a feeling that their final destination will be in the warmth of the Meditteranean and that is something that I am really looking forward to … the ultimate Temple Spa retreat.


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