Repairing Sun-Damaged Skin

Repairing Sun-Damaged Skin

Moderate sun exposure not only makes you look and feel good, but it also helps encourage the production of vitamin D3, which is crucial for hundreds of processes within our bodies. However, many people simply over expose themselves to the sun resulting in dry, dehydrated and prematurely aged sagging skin which is simply not a healthy look.

It is really obvious that if you are going to expose yourself to the sun’s rays, then you do need to use a high sun protection cream and to re-apply as frequently as necessary. Research into skin and suncare products has been growing exponentially over the last decade and there are some very good suncare products on the market. My favourite sunscreen is Extreme Protect SPF30 by Innovative Skincare. This encompasses the very latest in research and utilises very specific enzymes that have been shown to survive extreme temperatures and conditions. These enzymes, called Extremozyme, give help to the skin, its cells, our genetic material and of course all the compounds found within the cells. Extreme Protect SPF30 works to provide multiple levels of protection against UVA and UVB radiation containing a physical suncreen, zinc oxide, as well as a chemical sunscreen.

But Extreme Protect SPF30’s benefits do not just lie in its ability to protect against the ageing sun’s rays. It goes beyond simply protecting skin and actually helps to repair and re-build skin. Its unique formula contains potent antioxidants including Olive Leaf extract, Vitamin E and Centella Asiatica. Olive Leaf and Vitamin E protect our DNA and collagen from free radical damage due to sun exposure whilst Centella Asiatica has been studied extensively for its ability to enhance collagen manufacture, which is absolutely essential for sun damaged skin.

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant known to be hundreds of times more effective than many other antioxidant vitamins and minerals and this antioxidant has been proven to significantly enhance collagen production within skin. A study carried out in Canada involving women between the ages of 35 and 55 showed improvements in fine lines, an increase in dermis density of up to 78%, and visible improvement in the skin’s overall appearance.

As long as you consistently use Extreme Protect SPF30 and a good astaxanthin supplement, such as Astaxanthin with Phospholipids, you will see the benefits. How long this takes all depends upon the extent of the damage. The results will certainly not be overnight so patience is the key when trying to repair sun damaged skin.