Natural Deodorants

Natural Deodorants

Although the benefits of natural deodorants have been talked about for years, many of us are reluctant to change over with the most common misconception being that they are too weak and ineffective. Aluminium and parabens found in ‘regular’ deodorants may irritate skin especially if you have sensitive skin. Additionally, aluminium in deodorant sticks and sprays may block the pores and prevent sweating. Chemicals such as aluminium and parabens can also cause irritation and rashes whilst sprays can be toxic to the environment. Some of the best all natural deodorants include natural vegan deodorants, natural organic deodorants as well as natural spray deodorants, roll-on’s and natural deodorant sticks. Browse our catalogue of all natural deodorants, unscented natural deodorants, organic deodorants, deodorant creams, deodorant sticks as well as natural vegan deodorants available in stick, roll-on’s, creams & sprays.

Botanical Cream Deodorant

Aurelia’s Botanical Cream Deodorant is a wonderful cream-to-powder, Aluminium-free deodorant, Aurelia’s Botanical Cream Deodorant inhibits bacteria, delivers lasting freshness – and is lightly scented with Lavender and Bergamot. 
Aurelia London, Botanical Cream Deodorant

Rose Deodorant Roll On

A creamy, low alcohol and natural deodorant for women, Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Deodorant Roll On is formulated with gentle, nourishing ingredients. Alchemilla essence helps regulate perspiration, while Rose and Jojoba essential oils leave skin feeling cared for. 
Dr. Hauschka, Rose Deodorant Roll On

All Natural Deodorant For Girls 

Spots & Stripes All Natural Deodorant For Girls from award-winning skincare and haircare brand Spots & Stripes, is a completely natural, aluminium-free deodorant stick that is gentle enough for teenage skin but tough on smells and odours. Also available in a version for Boys.
Spots & Stripes, All Natural Deodorant For Girls

PitRok Natural Deodorant Spray

PitRok deodorant spray contains crystal, a natural antibacteriostatic agent, which stops the bacteria that cause underarm odour without blocking pores or irritating your skin. Formulated with Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Seed extract, this natural deodorant leaves your skin feeling refreshed all day.
PitRok, Natural Deodorant Spray

No. 8 Thyme & Prebiotics Deodorant

Formulated with prebiotics that restrict odour-causing bacteria, this Green People natural deodorant leaves skin with a fresh Thyme, Clove and Lemon scent and is suitable for those with eczema, psoriasis and acne. 
Green People, No. 8 Thyme & Prebiotics Deodorant

Salt Of The Earth Deodorant

Made purely from naturally antibacterial Potassium Alum, A. Vogel Salt Of The Earth Deodorant leaves a thin layer of mineral salts on the skin to keep you odour-free and is made without Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Alcohol, CFC's, Propellents, Parabens and Perfume.
A. Vogel, Salt Of The Earth Deodorant


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