How to create healthy, beautiful feet at home for the summer

How to create healthy, beautiful feet at home for the summer

If you feel your feet are awful and that nothing is ever going to improve them, take heart, help is at hand and I have some great tips and tricks to share with you that you can do at home, to really transform your feet. If you are willing to invest some time in looking after your feet, it will be well worth the effort!

It is surprisingly easy to really transform neglected feet and the results can be truly liberating. At this time of year we are all keen to expose our feet and give them a bit of freedom from socks, tights and closed-in heavy shoes and boots, worn during the winter months. Unfortunately, most of us don’t tend to give much attention to our feet in the winter months, so uncovering them for summer can be daunting or even verging on the traumatic! There are really some relatively easy ways to freshen up your feet and get them looking fit and healthy for summer, so there really is no need to feel embarrassed when you finally bring them out into the open!

Providing you have no real underlying foot issues or you suffer from foot conditions that need professional attention, then getting them in good shape can easily be achieved at home. However, if you are not sure whether you require professional help – and pain is the biggest indicator of this – or if you have noticed anything strange happening with the feet or nails, then do please seek the advice of a professional foot expert as soon as possible as a number of illnesses, stresses and traumas can manifest themselves in the feet, so it really is worth getting them checked out.

Let’s Get Started!

For the best results you must work on dry skin. This will give much better, longer lasting results.

Please note: – wet skin masks or ‘hides’ any hard skin to be treated by softening and weakening the tissue and can leave skin prone to splitting and cracking. This in turn can then lead to fissures and these tend to be both painful and difficult to heal and that is why we do everything on dry skin!

  • Cut or file nails straight across. The nail length should be flush with the top of the toe – no longer, and should definitely not overhang or be shaped.
  • Use a block or cube style buffer to scrape and buff away the dead cuticles and discolouration from the nails. Gently rub the buffer across the nail left to right, as well as around the sides of the nail, repeating as necessary until a small amount of dust appears on the nail.
  • Use the buffer also to gently reduce any hard skin build up from, the tips of the toes or the top of the toe joints. Rub this hard skin gently away in a backwards and forwards motion.
  • Foot file on dry skin filing towards the mid line of the foot and in the direction away from you. Concentrate on areas of thickening or callus such as the heels, the ball of the foot, under the joints of the big toe and the underside of the 5th toe. By aiming the file away from you and towards the mid line of the foot, you will reduce the chances of a hard ridge of skin being left (do not foot file more than once a week).You’ve now completed most of the hard work and can now start on the relaxing and pampering the feet stage …
  • Prepare a foot bowl of warm water and add a few pumps of Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Soak containing Emu Oil. Emu Oil is a great anti-inflammatory so is perfect for use on tired, puffy feet and/or joints that are stiff.
  • Dip the feet in briefly, once wet lift the feet out and apply Margaret Dabbs Exfoliating Foot Mousse – with active ingredients, dry Tea Tree Leaf, Pumice as well as Emu Oil – to one foot at a time. A tiny amount will suffice so use the small spatula supplied. Massage all over the feet and nails, concentrating on areas of callus and dry skin build up to remove any remaining dead skin tissues. It is brilliant too for thickened or discoloured nails by reducing thickness and removing the uppermost layers of discolouration. Continue massaging for around 5 minutes and then place the feet back into the bowl of foot soak. Soaking the feet in this lovely Lemon scented Soak is the easiest way to refresh and re-energise feet. You’ll also notice that the Emu Oil doesn’t leave a greasy film on the top of the skin but is actually absorbed easily by the skin, nourishing it, so feet look and feel silky smooth. The feet will now be looking quite different, the skin colour will have changed, skin will look plumper and they will be visibly improved whilst feeling refreshed and free.
  • Remove the feet from the water after 5 – 6 minutes and dab dry with a towel.
  • Once dry it is time to treat the feet and any dehydration with the Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil. Spray all over the feet and nails and gently massage into the skin. The skin will immediately become illuminated and brightened as the oil penetrates the skins dermal layers to replenish, feed and nourish the new skin cells with moisture.
  • After 2 minutes apply the Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Lotion to complete the treatment and to add further hydration to the skin. This lotion has a wonderful light, creamy texture which makes it really quick and easy to apply.

This home treatment will take no more than 15 – 20 minutes, but the results will last for weeks. If you apply the Lotion daily thereafter it will maintain the results and keep the feet looking fit and healthy.

Feet are so important to our everyday lives. How your feet feel really affects how you feel generally, so it pays to invest a little time everyday to look after them, so that they can guarantee to look after you.


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