Hay Fever Relief For The Family

Hay Fever Relief For The Family

Hay fever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis, can severely affect the quality of an individual’s life. Occurring mostly during spring and summer, the symptoms of hay fever include a runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes leaving the person often drained of energy and generally feeling a bit under the weather.

The causes of hay fever are widely known. Hay fever is an allergic response to pollen and other airborne allergens such as fungal spores, and the reaction is further heightened by pollution. When airborne allergens such as pollen enter the body, the immune system produces just the right amount of histamine, which sends signals to complex structure of blood cells and chemicals that help to protect the body. In the case of hay fever, the body produces far too much histamine than is required resulting in the inflammation of the tissues leading to a stuffy nose, watery eyes, wheezing and even headaches.

Many people resort to conventional treatments which include anti-histamine tablets, which are not without side effects. Fortunately, there are some good supplements that can help people to cope with hay fever and I normally recommend the use of Aller-DMG by DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont

For adults and children over 12 years, I would recommend the use of Aller-DMG by Food Science of Vermont, take two tablets daily. Containing well researched nutrients, Aller-DMG works to regulate histamine levels in the body, improve respiratory function and ensure that the immune system does not over-react to allergens such as pollen thus helping to reduce the misery of the symptoms of hayfever. Aller-DMG is equally suitable for use against numerous other types of allergies including food intolerances, skin reactions and pet dander.

If taking pills is an issue, for children over 12, Weleda Hayfever Relief Oral Spray is a hay fever natural remedy to take care of spring sniffles and sneezes and also to relieve itchy, watery, and red eyes and blocked noses that are caused by airborne allergens. 

In children, hay fever is sometimes as much a result of the exposure to pollen as it is genetic. If either parent has suffered or is still suffering from hay fever, then the chances that their children will be prone to suffer from hay fever. 

If you wish to have a remedy that covers the whole family including children, then I would recommend the use of Triple Allergy Defense, a homeopathic remedy that helps to combat all types of allergies including hay fever, dust and mould allergies.

Pollen grains from trees, grass and weeds are tiny and these irritants may also be responsible for causing breathing difficulties which often accompany hay fever. Fortunately there is help at hand. The benefits of salt were noticed in the 1940’s when abandoned salt mines were often used as bomb shelters. Those who sought safety in these mines noticed an improvement in respiratory function, particularly easing shortness of breath. The Cisca Saltpipe, with salt from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine, is a handy inhaler that brings the benefits of salt mine therapy to your home. Its salty microclimate calms the cells of the respiratory system and induces their natural self-cleansing mechanism.

Other supportive products for managing the symptoms of hay fever include A Vogel Eye Drops which contain eyebright to moisturise and refresh dry, tired and irritated eyes. The problem of itchy, irritated and watery eyes is exacerbated in contact lens wearers since dust and pollen can get trapped beneath the surface of the lenses. These eye drops are suitable for those wearing contact lenses.  A soothing eye compress may also be beneficial to support those with itchy, watery & irritated eyes caused by allergies like hay fever. Hay Fever Eye Compress.


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