Gill Meets Ken Paves

Gill Meets Ken Paves

You are arguably the most recognisable hair stylist in America; Oprah Winfrey has called you the ‘big Kahuna of Hollywood hair’. How did your journey begin?

I used to love working on my Mother and always wanted her to feel beautiful about herself – I realised I had a gift and wanted to do it for other people, too. I grew up in Michigan before, with the full support of my parents, going on to work for Oribe in Miami – I was earning $75 a week and working every single moment. But I loved it. I then went on to work in New York – firstly, in the fashion world, which led on to working with celebrities. I knew with hard work and passion that I could work successfully in the job I love.

On from that, you are dubbed by the media as ‘the hottest hairdresser in Hollywood’ and are Creative Consultant to Color Wow. Can you tell me a little about your role.

I’ve known John (Frieda) and Gail (Federici) for a number of years and they sent me the products to try. I happened to be travelling in Asia with Victoria and her team at the time and everyone was – literally – wow’d! These are incredible products and, when Gail asked if I might work with them as an ambassador, I was honoured.

Why Color Wow?

It’s incredibly innovative and filled a gap in the industry – something that doesn’t happen often.

Living in LA, you are used to the heat. What are your top three tips for coping with hair in the summer months?

Wash your hair less.
Allow it to air dry. People way over-use blow dryers.
Use Color Wow’s One Minute Transformation on dry, frizzy, fly-away hair. Smooth onto dry hair for instantly sleek, glossy, locks.

Root Cover-Up is our bestselling product in the Color Wow range; what has your experience been when using Root Cover-Up professionally?

It’s a lifesaver! It’s amazing pre red carpet/shoots, when my clients don’t have time to have their colour done. It’s quick, easy and looks so natural.

Your hero product from the range and why?

Definitely Root Cover Up, just because it really does liberate people to look their absolute best, every single day. But One Minute Transformation and Pop & Lock come close behind.

You are passionate about your work, what do you hope to achieve as Creative Consultant to Color Wow?

I hope to make the art of feeling beautiful easier for everyone to achieve for themselves at home.

What are your top three tips for making a woman look and feel fabulous?

From my perspective when I’m working with a client, it’s to listen to her to understand her hair type and texture and making sure she has the best possible products that her hair requires. She should celebrate what makes her unique and individual. I know it’s more than three, but….I also really urge women to properly care for their hair, and be brave when it comes to her style. I am also a firm believer that all women should have their hair cut short at least once in her life.

Your philanthropic achievements are pretty amazing and well documented; what was your most humbling moment?

Sitting across from people when I’ve needed help myself – we’re all the same, we just have different moments in life.

The future?

To evolve an industry that has awarded me the greatest success and help give as much back as I possibly can.


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