Enhancing Energy

Enhancing Energy

Everyone has phases of low energy especially when they are feeling slightly run down and cannot cope with the pace of life. Often, we use the terms tired, fatigue and exhaustion interchangeably for what we are experiencing and yet in medical terms they are very distinct.

Tiredness differs from fatigue in that although you may not feel it, the body still has some energy in reserve which it can tap into in the case of an emergency. The symptoms of tiredness include weakness of the muscles, heaviness, forgetfulness, impatience often leading to irritability. Tiredness is very common especially if you have had a hard day at work, or if you are simply feeling a bit under the weather and have not had the time to relax and recuperate. Most of the time, this can be addressed by resting for a few hours allowing the body to recover.

However, if you are constantly tired, even after resting, then this may be indicative of what is termed “adrenal stress”. The adrenal glands are chiefly responsible for releasing hormones when under stress. Stress in this case can be physical stress or hormonal as is the case when we age and our hormone production declines. In both cases, the adrenals over-produce cortisol, the stress hormone. Whilst the adrenal glands are busy producing cortisol, they do not produce sufficient of the energising hormones and enzymes resulting in constant tiredness.

To counter this, I would recommend the use of Sibergin by Healthaid. This supplement contains a high strength of Siberian ginseng which stimulates the adrenals to produce their energising enzymes and hormones with results often experienced within a few days. Additionally Siberian ginseng also works to enhance mental agility and concentration.

At times of stress, the adrenals place a huge demand on the supply of nutrients which are absolutely essential for their optimal function. To ensure that the body is not depleted of these nutrients, I would recommend the use of a good food state multinutrient supplement such as Alive Once Daily Multivitamin. This supplement provides whole food concentrates to ensure maximum absorption and utilisation by the body. 

Finally, and this is one that most people forget about, the body requires good fats for the production of healthy cells, hormone regulation, transport of vitamins and minerals in and out of cells and for energy production. These good fats are termed as essential fatty acids and cannot be manufactured by the body. They have to be obtained either through our diet or by way of supplementation. The two types of essential fatty acids that are vital for the body are omega 3’s and omega 6’s. It is well accepted that we get sufficient omega 6’s through our diet from vegetable oils, eggs, poultry, cereals and nuts. It also now well recognised that we tend to be deficient in omega 3’s. The cleanest and best source of omega 3’s is Neubria Krill Oil and I would recommend a dose of two capsules daily.