How has cleansing evolved over the past few years?

Cleansing products have become so much more sophisticated, there are no longer just lotions or gels, there are a variety of different cleansers available now such as balms, oils, scrubs, and even water based cleansers. This selection has made consumers much more aware that this as an important step in their skincare routine. We live in a more polluted environment, lifestyles are more challenging for the skin and make-up is designed to be more long lasting so the need for more effective cleansers has risen. With the development of sophisticated textures, skincare companies have also placed more focus on active ingredients so your cleanser no longer just cleans but offers additional benefits for the skin such as anti-ageing, blemish busting and whitening. Cleansing is no longer seen as a quick chore but more of a luxurious ritual that leads to healthier skin. My Ultimate Cleanse is a great example of a modern sophisticated anti-ageing cleanser. I am an advocate of oil based cleansers as they clean without stripping your skin of its own essential natural oils ensuring they are ideal for all skin types. Cleansing oils have the ability to absorb through the skins natural sebum and oil pathways, melting into pores to lift out impurities for a deep but gentle cleanse, which is why my own Ultimate Cleanse is an oil based soufflé balm.

Can cleansing correctly result in luminosity and evenness of skin tone?

Cleansing is the first and most important step in your skincare regime.

Cleansing removes dirt, make-up, dead skin cells and excess sebum to reveal a fresher looking skin. A build-up of dead cells absorbs light leading to a dull looking complexion rather than reflecting light giving the skin instant luminosity. Dead cells, sebum, make-up and pollution get trapped in the surface of the skin blocking the pores and making the skin more prone to breakouts. If every pore is filled with dirt and sebum your skin will look dirty and grey whereas clear pores will make the skin look much brighter and fresh. Cleansing will also allow your skin to breathe and function more efficiently and allow for better absorption of serums and moisturisers for enhanced delivery and ultimately results.

How can you tell if you are cleansing effectively?

I often give my clients a two week cleansing challenge to encourage them to focus on a good daily cleanse which is perfect for creating a clearer and healthier looking skin in a matter of weeks. Those who have not been cleansing properly have dull, dry more congested skin as they are not removing any of the debris that sits on the skins surface. A client who does not cleanse properly will not be getting maximum benefits out of their other skincare products so is generally unhappy with their skin. A well cleansed skin has a clear luminosity- I sometimes think it looks ‘glass like’ as it reflects light promoting a real radiance and glow, the skin also tends to be in a better state of health so is less reactive. A neglected skin can build up small bumps under the surface where sebum and dirt have become trapped.

How do I achieve a professional cleanse at home?

Incorporate some massage into your cleansing regime to aid penetration into your pores. Spend 1-2 minutes working with your cleanser in upwards circular movements to clean deep into the pores, focus on any congested areas with smaller circular motions using your fingertips gently on the surface of the skin as this will help loosen any blackheads and blockages. Use your fingertips and knuckles, rolling and kneading from the centre of the face outwards towards your lymph nodes to give yourself a detoxifying at home massage. I designed my Facialift massager to mimics my signature facial massage so that you can give yourself a professional face massage at home.

Leave your cleanser on for five minutes in the bath, the steam will open your pores for a deep cleansing treat you can also use a cloth soaked in warm water pressed against the face for extra infusion. Try cocktailing your cleanser and exfoliator together for a skin renewing and decongesting cleanse once a week.

Remove your cleanser with a cloth or mitts specifically designed for the job. My Professional Cleansing Mitts are designed to fit snugly over the fingers which make removing your cleanser really effective. They are dual textured with a soft weave for gentle removal around the eyes and a textured side for gentle exfoliation. I also added a layer of sponge to retain the heat and moisture of the water for a professional facial finish every time you cleanse.


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