Weekend Read 20 April 2024

Weekend Read 20 April 2024

Well, that was the weekend that was and I am of course talking about last weekend where HA more or less dominated the proceedings, but then HA tells a story in and of itself, and it is our story.  In writing to the Addicts this week, I wrote that our story is a shared story, a story where we have always recognised the importance of cutting-edge and pioneering products, which in and of themselves demonstrate and allow evidenced proof of efficacy, which is crucially important, because there really is nothing more important than our health and wellbeing.

Our ethos is one of responsibility, accountability and trust, so using HA in this scenario, we consider Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength to be best-in-class, because if we didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t write that.  And if I couldn’t write that, then there would be little point in writing anything at all, because I would not and could not offer any form of guidance if I didn’t trust the research and clinicals which determine the difference pioneering supplementation can make.  I don’t do mediocrity, I don’t care about market share, and I won’t play games with our health and wellbeing.  And, in so many words, that is our story.
Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength £35 for 30 Capsules

In continuation of our story, there are instances when a pioneering compound really does blow everything else out of the water in its genre, and the patented extract, RiaGev®, does just that, which is why we used RiaGev® in the formulation of NAD+ Generator.  To put this into context, NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) has been one of the most talked about compounds in recent years in terms of its ability to help slow the ageing process, yet clinicals have shown that RiaGev® significantly outperforms NMN, so if research moves on, we move on.

Scientists discovered NAD+ in 1906, and it is a compound which is found in the cells of virtually every organism, where it displays two main functions.  The first is to produce energy from nutrients and the second is its role as an enzyme for metabolic processes, cell function, DNA repair and numerous other processes.  NAD or NAD+ is an acronym for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, and it is the second most abundant molecule in the body after water yet, as with HA, our levels of NAD+ decline with age, and low levels of NAD+ have been linked to numerous age-related disorders and diseases. 

It is known that NAD+ enhances the functions of eight cellular anti-ageing mechanisms, which Shabir discusses in his article, linked below, so it makes perfect sense to supplement with NAD+, but it has to be clinically evaluated, and RiaGev® is clinically evaluated.  The issue here is that the precursors of NAD+, notably Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) and NMN, need to be broken down into Nicotinamide and Ribose to manufacture NAD+, but NMN is a very large molecule that cannot enter the cells and has to be converted into NR, which is then broken down further into Nicotinamide and Ribose, so NR and NMN are an inefficient way of increasing NAD+ levels, as is NADH.

The science is complex, but in conforming to the science we are able to benefit from next-generation supplementation which acknowledges, and underlines, the importance of efficacy.  A few weeks ago I wrote that NAD+ Generator was as important as HA and that I really couldn’t separate the two if we were referencing skin health.  But of course we are not only talking about skin health, we are talking about many other factors and with the emphasis on healthy ageing, with every order placed for NAD+ Generator across this weekend, we will automatically include the Travel Size of HA Capsules (15 capsules), which is worth £17.50.  No separation required.
VH Editorial: Are NAD Supplements Beneficial; NAD+ Generator (30 Capsules) + Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength (15 Capsules) £32 (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 21 April)

A word here to say that HA now carries the DoSe branding.  Many of you will have received the Travel Size HA with the DoSe branding last weekend, but the full-size HA now carries that branding.  In a perfect world, the branding would have changed on both sizes at the same time, but the world isn’t perfect and I always knew that it would be difficult to align those changes, so I’m living with it.  Just about.

And with that said, Sleep Tight Plus has just been delivered and it has been delivered with the DoSe branding.  So, notwithstanding the fact that the change of branding will probably occur at some time this weekend, let’s talk about Sleep Tight Plus because sleep deprivation is extremely common and insufficient sleep can have a detrimental effect on our health.  Let’s take a look.

One of the most important factors here is that sleep deprivation has a major impact on the stress hormone cortisol and excess cortisol levels have been linked to numerous concerns within our bodies, including inflammation.  In this instance cortisol blocks the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, with emotive stress being just one of the causal factors, so we need to lower our levels of cortisol and Sleep Tight Plus has been formulated with natural ingredients to help address that concern.

Magnolia officinalis has a long traditional use in the treatment of menstrual cramps, abdominal bloating, nausea and indigestion, but Japanese researchers have determined that ‘honokiol’, one of the active compounds in magnolia bark, has potent anti-stress and cortisol balancing effects.  It is this cortisol balancing effect that may be beneficial in helping to achieve restful sleep and the magnolia extract used in this specific formulation contains 50% honokiol.  Magnolia officinalis is joined by Passionflower, Ashwagandha, Avena Sativa, Theanine, Hops extract and Valerian, each having specific properties to help support and promote relaxation, aiding sleep.

I think we are all aware of the important role Magnesium plays in our body, and it is included here for its ability to help relax nerve and muscle function.  Such is the importance of Magnesium, both orally and topically, if you buy Sleep Tight Plus across this weekend, we will automatically include Magnesium Sleep Body Spray (100 ml) by Better You, which is worth £13.50, with your order.  This is a limited edition offer and there is only one gift per customer whilst stock lasts in order that we may share as widely as we can.  If the Body Spray fails to go into your basket, that will mean the offer is over.
VH Editorial: Are You Getting Sufficient Sleep; Sleep Tight Plus (60 Capsules) + Magnesium Sleep Body Spray by Better You (100 ml) £26 (whilst stock lasts)

I am about to write about another one of those common health concerns, but before I do that, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Ionicell and because there should be balance in all things, I am now writing about Fulvic Elixir, which is the liquid version of Ionicell.  I have always thought it is important to offer the choice, albeit I take both, but you really don’t need to.  Anyway, if you do take Fulvic Elixir and if you buy it across this weekend, I will automatically include the Travel Size Fulvic Elixir (240 ml), with every order placed, which is worth £15.  And that’s a wrap.  A Fulvic wrap.
VH Editorial: Fulvic Acid – The Elixir Of Life; Fulvic Elixir (480 ml) + Fulvic Elixir (240 ml) £30 (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 21 April)

The health concern I have referred to above is Bacterial vaginosis (BV), a very common vaginal infection, which is twice as prevalent than thrush.  It occurs due to an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the vagina disrupting the natural balance between good and bad bacteria.  BV is often mistaken for thrush, and the cause is linked directly to a change in the pH of the vagina.  A healthy vagina is acidic in nature due to the presence of lactobacilli, the good bacteria that produce lactic acid to help maintain the acidic environment in the vagina.  This acidic environment prevents other bacteria from flourishing.

Having established that a change of pH can cause harmful bacteria to thrive if lactobacilli is in short supply, this can be attributable to several reasons including frequent douching, which can disturb the vagina’s health balance of bacteria and antibiotic treatment.  The symptoms of BV vary, but the vaginal discharge is usually thin, watery, copious in amount and is greyish-white.  Often this discharge has a fishy smell and although not common, there may also be some itching and discomfort. 

There are several remedies available to treat BV, which Shabir talks about in his article linked below, but most of the remedies mentioned will only provide temporary relief, so we need to look at a solution to reduce the bad bacteria that cause the infection and increase the friendly bacteria to restore the microbiome in the vagina.  Balance Activ BV treatments are the solutions and they are available in gel or pessaries, both of which have been clinically proven to provide relief from vaginosis symptoms and, rather interestingly, they are as effective as antibiotics. 

These natural treatment products contain lactic acid and glycogen, which help enhance the growth of the good bacteria, whilst helping to restore the natural pH of the vagina.  The Balance Activ BV Gel and the Balance Activ BV Treatment are really easy to use, and it is recommended that they should be used for seven consecutive evenings.  If you are still experiencing the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis after seven days, it would be advisable to consult your GP as there may be other causes at play here. 
VH Editorial: Bacterial Vaginosis; Balance Activ BV Vaginal Pessaries £13.99 for Seven Pessaries; Balance Activ BV Treatment Vaginal Gel £11.99 for Seven Single Use Tubes

A new product launch and it’s from Dirtea.  Dirtea Matcha combines pure ceremonial-grade Matcha with functional mushrooms and adaptogens which has been formulated to provide long-lasting energy throughout the day, without the caffeine crash.  Blended with Tremella for skin health, Reishi to help calm and relax and Lion’s Mane for focus, this blend also contains Moringa, which is plant-rich in iron, antioxidants and protein.  The price of Dirtea Matcha is £59.99, but I’m dropping that to £53.  For the interim.
Matcha Super Blend by Dirtea £53 for 180 grams (30 servings)

I am about to have a moment, I know that I have several moments, but I really am sick and tired of the nonsense that is written about skincare.  A couple of weeks ago I asked a rhetorical question about whether luxurious skincare has to have a price tag of £200 or more in order for it to be labelled luxurious, because I don’t believe for one moment that it does.  Conversely, it is nonsensical for skincare to be labelled as ‘budget skincare’, because what does that actually mean, because if it means that it is lesser than, that is totally ridiculous. 

If somebody would like to tell me that Ergothioneine, or any of the DoSe serums are lesser than because of their price point, perhaps you could let me know.  What I do know is that at some time going forward Ergothioneine will begin to appear as an important ingredient in ‘luxurious’ skincare, because that’s the way it rolls in the beauty industry.  I could carry on because there is much to say, but leaving that for another time all I want to do here is to demonstrate the efficacy of the ingredients we have used across the DoSe serums and oils, which translated means that I am offering you a 10% discount across each of the DoSe serums and oils. And this moment will last across this weekend.
DoSe Serums And Oils (offer ends at midnight BST, Sunday 21 April)

Right, let me now tell you about a new SPF, and it’s the Scent-Free Mineral Sun Cream SPF30 from Green People.  This non-nano Zinc Oxide cream is 100% mineral based, it is suitable for all skin types and it is non-greasy, non-whitening and water-repellent.  So often, mineral sunscreens leave a white residue on skin, but this formulation doesn’t do that.  It sits alongside their SPF15 Sun Cream with Natural Insect Repellent, which rather cleverly offers protection against mosquitoes and midges for up to four hours.  Both products are £30 and both products drop to £25.  For the interim.
Scent-Free Mineral Sun Cream SPF30 from Green People £25 for 50 ml; SPF15 Sun Cream With Natural Insect Repellent £25 for 100 ml

Rolling on with Weleda, but most specifically their Skin Food range of products.  There are eight products in the Skin Food range, including the original Skin Food, Skin Food Body Butter, Skin Food Nourishing Night Cream and Skin Food Lip Balm.  I am going to keep this very simple and just say that we are offering a 20% discount on each of the Skin Food products across this weekend.  And that’s that.
Weleda Skin Food Products

One final fling, and let’s make it all about Spacemasks.  Having written about sleep deprivation and the need to relax, Spacemasks gently warm your eye area helping to remove tension, allowing you to unwind and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.  There are three different fragrances in the range, the original which are fragranced with Jasmine, Orange & Grapefruit and Chamomile.  Whichever fragrance you choose, we will automatically include an original Spacemask with your order, across the weekend.
Spacemasks £18.50 For Five Masks (offer ends at midnight BST, Saturday 21 April)

And into the Saturday only treat we go and following on from last weekend when we gifted Fulvic Shampoo (60 ml)*, with every order placed for £35 or above, excluding p&p, we will automatically include Fulvic Conditioner (60 ml) for balance.  As I wrote last weekend, I know that many of you collect these to take away with you, so here is another one to add to the collection.  Product details below.
Fulvic Conditioner

Before I leave you, I will just say that our delivery of Superior Joints has been delayed, which means that we now have a wait list.  I am far from happy about this because I know that so many of you depend on Superior Joints, but the situation is out of my control.  I am being told that we will receive our delivery towards the end of the month, but I am pushing as hard as I can for it to arrive sooner because Superior Joints is legendary, it always has been.  I am so sorry. 

And as I’m writing these words, I am suddenly remembering the words of a song. ‘Bring it back, bring it back.  Don’t Take It Away From Me’.  The song is Love Of My Life.  Performed by the legendary Freddie Mercury.
Love Of My Life by Queen; The VH Playlist

Wishing each of you a restful weekend.

Warmest love.

Gill x


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